By how to write a rap text, you can publish a whole book, but I will try to set short and clearly. In principle, the text can be rudely divided into 2 components: rhyme and meaning, that is, about what the text itself is actually. Both, both, it is important to approximately equally, cannot be neglected with rhyme in the name of the meaning and vice versa. But in principle, if you go to extremes, you can do really strong text, but weakly (from the point of view of the method described by me below) stamped. An example of this is a pencil. Weak on the rhyme text, but gorgeous plots, good feed - Listen to Wonderful! But still, the text on 10 points without a 10-point rhyme will not work. If you take at a minimum (and this is the most basic), then the rhymes themselves, stamped words, must meet some requirements. Still, rap text is a kind of verse, and the center of verse is rhyme. That is, it is on her an emphasis, as a rule, the author rhymes is the most important thing in the word string. I am not a journalist, so I can not explain it on my fingers, I can only give a link to V.V. Mayakovsky - Read his article "How to make poems" - I have not read yet something , more accurately describing this moment. In the same article, I will try to briefly retell Mayakovsky, adding a bit by visual examples.

I'll start with what. Why is this whole thing from rhymes, some methods and benefits, when just just rhymes and like everyone? Yes, the overwhelming majority of people (and not only ordinary listeners, but also those who are rhymes and writes rap) concepts do not have that rhyme is different. Even more! - For most of this majority, the words "idiot-water" rhymes are rhyme, and for example, the "city-Flor" is not. If you catch the rhyme "City-Flora" - I invite you to read further;). So, picking up in ways and styles of rhymes, you can first only for yourself, well, for a very narrow circle of people who will understand you. For yourself, in the sense that it is - plus to your originality, because all the rhymes without thinking "The case - Melo-skill-flying", and in your texts - a solid exclusive

So let's go! I will start with how can not be rhyme. One thing we remove all the "same" words: single (thoughts - meaning, briefly - in a timely manner, I went - I found it, etc.), the verbs (take it - to give, was - bought, said - showed), nouns of the same form (Idiot - Vegetable Garden - Wtchief, Relationship - Opinion, Poslets - Newspapers - Toilets, the answer is nonsense and so on. I think the idea is clear, the same adjectives (original - vaginal - regional, gold - my blue) - In short, all words that are rhymes It is too obvious + a huge list of progress reefs that have been used more than once and everyone has already been tired. There are a lot of such rhymes, all of them do not disappear, only by experience reading other people can outline for themselves this circle. I bring a couple of most Owl rows, these rhymes can never be used:

How to write rap.

News - flattering - climb - revenge - Six - wool, etc.

Blood - love - carrots - again, etc. (In principle, these words are the same female nouns and I have already written about this kind of words)

Meeting - Evening - nothing

Prose - Rosa - Roga - Air

Autumn - eight

Legs - Many - Great - God - Berler - Anxiety

Sex - Text - Nex and so on almost indefinitely

So, it means that all this came out and now the rhyme "According to the rules", we take the word to rhyme. Suppose "Lime". And we begin mentally (or out loud how comfortable) say this word "lime", saying the words similar to it, there, for example, the lowestness, from the outside, the ghost, recognized, Lisa, etc. - That is, immediately pops up a number of words. Choose what is suitable - and go ahead! The main idea is as follows - surprise the rhyme listener; For example, at the end of the line stands the word "DOO" and the listener expects at the end of the second line to hear something like "Baklan", "Glass", "Capan", etc., and you put the word "Solva". Or the word "dimensions". We find a shock syllable "Rita" and drove, rhymes it: cerebral, impregnated. In short, I explained how I could, but it was better to find the Mayakovsky article - the same thing is the same, but better.

All, with what exactly rhymes, figured out. Go to the text structure, how these rhymes must be arranged. Of course, you can rhyme for yourself 2 neighboring lines on the last word and do not steam (the so-called "square" text construction. But for this you need to read how the Kool G Rap or Big Daddy Kane, so that this deficiency is not to get into the eyes. Therefore, it is necessary The text sounded varied: from simple rhyming 2 lines for the last word:

serious type, because he earned on the sneakers himself, although not, rather Schizzdil somewhere In the universame ... What I transferred, just a miserable minimum, in the repertoire of the city of native anthem Golimi

through the word put rhyme

As in the soup, a leaf is a laurel laying on top of the bit of talk, and while you are then blood for a day, a decent text compressed ... ..

in a row a few words to rhyme

... Waver Gradov's speakers for the benefit of Rap-Angelund, TRAVIM drugs ... (Leoni)

Dead In The Middle of Little Italy Little Did We knowthat We Riddled Some Middleman Who Didn't Do Diddily (Big Pun 'Twins')

Double rhyme (t. Reefum on 2 words)

... Bear from such a rubbish, bring to the loss of the pulse, and while I read, let the door bent from the head ...

Then twice the trigger juicy of the Rootoponents on Buttlami Rapartage Point, People Point Rou


In general, I should notice that the civil rappers double rhymes are generally the most common: make it quite simple, and it sounds beautiful.


Mill in the mound, Emelya, you in prose I had anyone (this is the lines of Madzhaheda - a guy with

The top of skill and smartness - rhyme is complete, i.e. All (or almost all) words in the row respectively rhymes with another string:

How to write rap

The principle of inertness of a complete, puppet in other people's hands, the princes are not here, I understood, I shoot a label and in dust (serzh)

From its path, sweeping, those who are clearly like China in Buddhism melts in the texts of the root

I'm Searchin For the impostor to Pat Downi'm Urgin to Put The Glock Up and Clap Roundsit's Curtains Like Jimmy Hoffa, He Not Found (Redman 'Soopaman Luva 5 (Part i)')

My Sound Wave Liftin 'Your Chin Up Like Uppercutsnew Found Ways of Rippin' Shit Up, I De-Ve-Lop (Black Thought Album Big Pun 'Capital Punishment', Track 'Super Lyrycal')

Also, the super rhyme is rhyme, when the word is rhyme not with one, but with two or even with a few:

Gouastide speeding, soon arrows at the ready ... (Ghostrida, Moscow)

.. Draf flow This is unique, no matter how many bakers you are on the night either, my rhymes act like the adults of Cadochovov

Release - you are not subsided (Peace Keeper)

There is also such a thing as consonance. This is not a rhyme, it is just consonant words, as a rule, with a lot of identical consonants, but with different shocks vowels.

For example, "Stuffing on the struggle 'with a guy Ala Barbie, Fana'ti A'renby," as you can see, half words are not rhyme, they are simply consonant in the overall stream of syllables. As for me, it sounds beautifully. Another make tautologic conversion, when, in addition to the rhymes, it is obviously dried and sample:

The whole world is clogged with bass and bit, I am saturated with rhythm and rhymes, they are satisfactorily impregnated by my

Such things very often makes KRS-one, for example, from the track 'WHEN THE MOON':

Your Lightweight, I Devistate On The Equal Racesno I'm Not a Racist, But No Race Could Really Face This

That's basically it. On this topic, you can write forever, as I said, but there is no sense of particular - I showed the highlights, the rest is known in the process. Read the texts of the text (everything is exactly Russian or American - the principle is the same). From Americans, IMHO, better than all Rhymes Eminem, Inspector Deck (Wu -Tang), Big-L (RIP), Big Pun (Rip) and MNN. From Russians - undoubtedly, Vlad (and all caste + snakes from the faces), then Ji Wilks (Big Black Boots), Drago, Steam, SevZKVAD, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it with rhyme for the rhyme. The more difficult rhyme, the more difficult the text for perception, so you need to look for a golden middle, and do not tear the ass in the selection of words for the sake of a complete rhyme rhyme. When I listen, for example, Sevzkvad, I don't like it - a bunch of identical words, in general, a solid rhyme, but the nichrome does not understand the meaning. Someone likes it, I do not argue, but I do not perceive this.

I would also advise only in the most extreme cases to customize the phrase "under rhyme", that is Somehow Unnaturally change the order of words, rape offer. Such techniques are very cutting ears, they interfere with perceive meaning and generally look unprofessional. Try to build a phrase as close as possible to colloquial speech (but not quite, do not be blocked and near the mat and all sorts of everyday turnover. Although the storytelling in such a style is just fat) - it looks simple, but ingenious

Also that moment - I would advise you to sacrifice the rhyme for the sake of diction! Quite often, it turns out to be beautifully screwed on paper, but then it is not necessary to reproduce out loud under the bit, here you need to give preference not in favor of the rhyme, because people hear the track, and do not read text from paper, so it's better to simplify and say clearly than simply kill all The text of the same rhyme.

If you want to write rap, you need to start with something. In this article we will tell you how to start writing rap, step by step. The best instructions how to become a rapper in a compact form. 10 basic steps, how to write rap.

1. Try to start writing rap, and not become a rapper

The first thing you need to do is realize that the ability to read rap is a skill that can be developed regardless of how much musical knowledge or talent. The ability to rhythmically fold the rhyme words along with the rhythm is what you can learn and you must believe that you can become so good as you like. Many people surrender too early, before they succeed in rap (or do not begin at all), because they think that it is necessary to be born a rapper or to be with Nity in the right part and much more. But this is not the case and it needs to be realized immediately in the first stages.

2. Write 16 lines of text every day.

Rap text is usually divided into "Bars" from 16 lines This is a phrase that essentially means one rap line from beginning to end. Through history Hip-hop. , Some models developed around how long your average rap verse lasted. And the most common length was 16 clocks. More recently, with the advent of the streaming and abbreviated range of attention of the audience, Many rap poems were reduced up to 12 clocks or even 8 clocks.

3. Write the topic at the beginning of each text you compose

The topic can be a very simple "TV" or "girls" or something else, no matter. But you need to make yourself think about the topic or subject every time you write, even being a newcomer, you can write more accurately. It is necessary to train and look at the topic from different sides, and most importantly think that people want to hear. It is necessary to reveal it at the same time express its opinion and apply beautifully in the text.

Perhaps in the future, when you become better in writing texts, you will be asked to do something special or write a track for cash on a certain topic, and you will be grateful that you practiced so much, remaining on one topic.

4. Add the chorus on the topic after your 16 clocks

The truth is that Most fans hip-hop like, songs With the chorus as in any genre. Need easily memorable chorus in order to sing it easily and to lay it in the head. For this purpose, pop chorus or light rhymes that came to mind when you wrote to your topic text.

5. Start with the rhythm of words at the end of each tact, then add other rhymes

As a beginner, you are just trying to get used to organize your thoughts in rhythms in rap-style. Over time, your skills will be accustomed to doing the way you train them. The abilities that ultimately become the key to the good text. Your mind is not used to organize your thoughts on the page, and then put them in order for rhymes. So first will be strange, but this is normal. First, do it just thinking about the rhymes at the end of the bar, and then you can fold even more and more.

6. Read each text out loud

Beginning to learn to write rap, one of the most important aspects is to understand - It is often not what you say, but how you say it. You can write the most lyrical or tangled text ever, but if you read it monotonously without confidence, no one wants to listen to your track. Moreover, In order to pronounce your rhymes out loud, you will begin to notice how some words and schemes rhymes are easier to pronounce than others (depending on the rate of the rhythm), and you want to remake them in accordance with the bit. it a great Skill to develop, then you get closer to good rap.

7. 16 to 16

This new concept 16 to 16 means: n Apish 16 lines (with a chorus) without a bit for 16 days in a row. In any case, you need train writing every day in this format, To secure this art inside yourself. Many as soon as they start, write without a break for about two weeks. During this period, many understand - this is what they want to do or not. If you can't get courage to write a lot of text, sorry it The game is not for you. So you prove to yourself that you are committed to the case by writing 16 days in a row.

8. Examine the main streams, then increase the complexity.

After you start writing to the beat, you need to learn how to choose the right rhythm of your words when interacting with instrumental. If you Never played on a musical instrument or you had any musical skills, first learn to count to the beat and write a very simple readka of the old school. And then complicate when you become more experienced in staying in the rhythm. In any case, the main idea here is not to try to rag like Lord Rapper ,Otherwise, you will seriously confuse, disconnect the sound and actually lead to perfect flow. Just as in the gym, add weight when you become stronger.

9. Improve confidence and feed

One of the most important parts in rap music is innings  и confidence It requires a lot of works from the artist. As a beginner rapper, you must create an image of confidence from the very beginning , Even if you are not completely sure. To increase confidence, people will encourage you and encourage to develop your skills even more. Moreover, Whatever you will be an artist, superstar or not , more frequent performances with public speeches that you can get into baggage will help you serve for life.

10. People will tell you what you are ready

This expression came from repairs in the USA: "When you are ready for the game, you don't have to prove it to me, but I don't have to look for you. Streets will tell me." It is necessary To keep in the depths of the soul as a good indicator of what everyone strives for. According to R. Each people on your rap will find out whether you are ready to go to the next stage of your career. You will not need to do any guesses, you won't need to convince anyone so you raise your barbell or made more rap. If you have not yet reached this level, then there is still something to work on. Do not waste time to convince yourself that you are ready. People will tell you what you are ready.

Rep - this is the voice of the streets. He is singing and listening to those who are deprived of the fate and eager for justice. At first glance, writing such texts is not difficult. But this is only an illusion that is imposed by myths. In fact, it is a literary art that is not given to everyone. And you need to know exactly how to learn to write rap before writing songs for yourself or your friends.

Features of writing repa

Like any session, this process requires training. Therefore, you should pay such art attention every day.

Get ready for problems. The first time you can get a simple set of words. You can also not correctly pick up the topic or motive.

The base of the turnip is rhyme. It should not be too simple or too complicated. The text must be understandable to all. But it should not be a children's song.

You can explore the theory of rhymes. Remember that the rhyme is adjacent, cross, ring, idle, mixed, and so on.

How to learn to write rap?

how to learn to write rapTo write such songs, you should listen to such songs. See how famous singers sing and do something similar. In general, it is necessary to write a turnip:

  1. Find the plot that clings you. For example, a girl went;
  2. Create a plot. The girl went away, will not return, but I will find another;
  3. Write rap, according to the plot;
  4. Put the rap on his own or without.

The last item is the most important. After all, only with singing you can identify serious mistakes. As a result, you fix them, and you will have a good text. But do not care for a long time. Otherwise, you can read and spoil a normal song.

It is important to remember that the rap is comparisons of metaphors, leaving the topic (in moderation) and so on. Cannot say:

I miss you;

Because you are not mine.

But you can write:

I miss you,

Like a sea without wind;

You gone, you are far away.

Between us kilometers.

But the standard poetic story is suitable more for Popes. Rep is a riddle and comparison. This is interesting.

How to check the written rap?

It is best to do it on stage. But if you can't perform, you can simply show your songs to your friends. They will be your first critics.

If someone from your company is a reference, then you can consult with him. From him you will get the best rating.

But you should not be very critical. Do not try to create a masterpiece. Just work in your pleasure.

What if it does not work?

Not everyone is given poetic talent. Therefore, you may not be able to write such songs. In this case, you can simplify the task. Try to write ordinary poems or just rhyme words.

Try to write a humorous rap, as artists from the Battle Comedy. Such a genre is easier. After all, even if you get bad, it will be ridiculous.

You can also sign up for courses. Today on the Internet there are many courses where people teach writing songs. But it is not a fact that such classes will open talent in you.

And if you can't write rap, then sake. You may have a singer. And the texts should write you other people. Try any ways, and you will definitely find your own.

How to learn to sing yourself?

What do you need to become a singer?

Author LikeProst!

How to start writing rap

Many rap and hip-hop fans sooner or later come to thoughts about their own creativity, but not everyone understands, where to start writing songs, how to learn to read rap, how to make their songs with bright and original, and from what this originality depends. In fact, having mastered the basic principles and rules of the genre, everyone can start writing rap.

How to start writing rap


Since Rap consists for the most part of the semantic text and rhymes, and it depends on it whether it will be spectacular, start training from the simplest. At any

free time

Try to invent and read the texts, and the rhymes can be generated on the go, without prior thinking. it


Rap improvisation, freestyle, and freestyle skill is needed good Roiper for the development and improvement of skill.

Let it be confused that at first the results of your works will not impress anyone - do not stop and continue to invent new texts and rhymes, and soon you will begin to notice that the wording becomes clearer and more concise, the rhymes become more competent and not so banal, and the texts are enriched Metaphors and means of artistic expressiveness.

For improvisation, you do not need to look for special topics, read rap about what surrounds you. Current events can be an excellent source of inspiration for a beginner author. If you, despite mistakes and simple rhymes, will continue

to read

And invent, soon your Rap will become cleaner and beautiful.

Separate attention in writing rap give rhymes. Rhymes should be interesting, which means they should not be accurate. Prefer the inaccurate rhymes that are not obvious, and therefore will cause the interest of the listener and give unusual texts. In such rhymes, the sounds after the final stress may not coincide, and the text using inaccurate and nonypical rhymes becomes much richer and multifaceted.

Remember that RPP expresses your thoughts, so avoid confused rhymes and wording. The constant use of such rhymes makes texts boring and second-rate. If you are a novice, try to completely abandon the obvious rhymes. The search for non-standard rhymes will contribute to your creative development and will allow you to feel how the text for rap is composed.

Your listener should not guess what word will follow the last word in the song string. Use complex rhyme techniques, for example, you can rhyme words not only at the end of the rows, but also in the middle using internal rhymes. The main thing is to put the beginning of your creativity and do not lower your hands before difficulties, and your texts will differ in the favorable way from the texts of other authors.

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