How to call for free from a computer to your phone without registration online

How to call for free from a computer to phoneGood day, friends! Today in your blog PCPRO100.INFO I will make an overview of the most popular programs and online services to make calls from a computer to mobile and city phones. This is a very common question, first of all, because long-distance and international calls are not suiced, and many of us relatives live for thousands of kilometers. How to call from a computer to the phone for free? We understand!

1. How to call mobile over the Internet for free

There are two ways to call for free to your phone from a computer:

  • use of the appropriate utility;
  • Calls online from the relevant site.

Technically, this can be done in the presence of a sound card, headphones (speakers) and a microphone, access to the worldwide network, as well as the appropriate software.

See also: How to connect headphones to a computer

2. Calling programs over the Internet to mobile

Call from a computer to a mobile phone for free, you can use programs that apply to free on the global network. The main purpose of the relevant software is to ensure communication of compatible devices through voice and video calls, if you want to communicate online users. For calls to cellular and urban numbers, the board is usually charged at lower than that of telephone operators tariffs. However, in some cases there is an opportunity to make and completely free calls via the Internet.

Voice and video communications through a global network support Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Mail.Ru Agent and other programs. The reservation of such programs is due to the fact that the relationship between users is made in real time and for free. The programs themselves do not occupy a lot of space in the memory of the computer (without taking into account the volume of transmitted and received files). In addition to calls, this software allows you to send text messages (chat), including the creation of contact groups, as well as exchange various files. However, you can not call for mobile and city phones for free in all cases.

Programs for calls over the Internet are constantly being improved, becoming more convenient for users and interesting in design. However, the widespread transition to this connection is hampered by limitations in the Internet coverage areas. The quality of such a relationship directly depends on the speed of the Internet connection. If there is no high-speed access to the global network, then users will not make a conversation without interruptions.

Such programs are relevant for people who spend a lot of time at a computer. With their help, for example, you can work remotely, to undergo training and interview. In addition, additional features associated with the corresponding and sending files are more convenient to use on the computer. Data synchronization allows you to use such a program that supports such a function simultaneously on all user devices.

2.1. Viber

Viber is one of the most common utilities, providing communication through voice and video calls between people around the world. It allows you to synchronize contact and other information on all user devices. In Viber, you can redirect calls from one device to another. Software provides versions for Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. There are also versions for MacOS and Linux.

To start working with Viber, you need to download the software version suitable for the corresponding operating system (this can be done on the official website). After installing the software, you need to enter your phone number, after which the user becomes available all the options VIBER.

How to install viber on your computer

How to install viber on your computer

Viber does not require registration, just enter the number of your mobile phone. As for the cost of calls, you can learn here. The most popular destinations and cost of calls:

Call cost from a computer to mobile and city phones in different countries

Call cost from a computer to mobile and city phones in different countries

2.2. Whatsapp

WhatsApp is rightfully considered the leader among similar programs used on mobile devices (over a billion users around the world). This software can be installed on Windows and Mac computers. In addition, you can use the online version of the program - WhatsApp Web. An additional advantage of WhatsApp is the confidentiality of calls provided by end-to-end encryption.

Install Watsapp

Install Watsapp

To start working with WhatsApp on the computer must be installed and activated it in the phone. Then you should download the program for the corresponding operating system from the official site. After downloading and entering the phone number, you can produce voice and video calls on cell numbers of other WhatsApp users. Calls to other rooms in this program are not provided. Such calls are absolutely free.

2.3. Skype.

Skype is a leader among programs installed on personal computers in order to call phones. Windows, Linux and Mac supported, enter your phone number is not necessary. Skype is primarily intended for HD video calls. It allows you to create group videos, exchange messages and files, as well as show your screen. Calls can be carried out with translation into other languages.

How to install Skype

How to install Skype

With Skype, you can make unlimited phone calls to the rooms of urban and mobile phones in a number of countries in the world (for free only during the first month - the Mir tariff plan). To do this, you need a compatible device and software you want to download on the official website. To get free minutes you need to enter your payment details.

To make a call, run Skype and click Calls -> calls to phones (or Ctrl + D). After that, dial the number and talk in your pleasure :)

How to call in Skype to phones

How to call in Skype to phones

At the end of the test month, the cost of calls to city numbers of Russia will be $ 6.99 per month. Calls to mobile phones will be charged separately, you can purchase a package of 100 or 300 minutes for $ 5.99 and $ 15.99, respectively, or to pay for it.

Tariffs for calls in Skype

Tariffs for calls in Skype

2.4. Mail.Ru Agent

Mail.Ru Agent is a program from the developer of the popular Russian mailing service that allows you to make voice and video calls to other users over the network. With it, you can also call mobile phones (charge, but in cheaper tariffs). Supported by Windows and Mac operating systems. To make calls to mobile phones, you need to make money to your account. With payment methods and tariffs can be found on the official website.

Agent Mail.Ru - Another popular program for calls throughout the world

Agent Mail.Ru - Another popular program for calls throughout the world

In order to start using Mail.Ru Agent, you need to download the program and install it on your computer. There is also an online version of the program (web agent). With Mail.Ru Agent can also be chatting and exchange files. The convenience of this program is that it is tied to the account in "My World" and makes it easy to go to your page, check mail on Mail.Ru and receive notifications about the birthdays of friends.

Prices for calls through agent Mail.Ru

Prices for calls through agent Mail.Ru

2.5. Sippoint.

Sippoint as well as previous programs allows you to call for free from a computer to the phone. With Sippoint, you can call any telephone operator to subscribers and save on international and long-distance calls. The program allows you to record conversations and chat with other users. It is enough to register on the site and install Sippoint.

Prices for calls through SIPNET.RU

Prices for calls through SIPNET.RU

3. Online services for calls to the phone via the Internet

In the absence of a desire to install software, you can call free from the computer to the phone online. Use the services of IP telephony without any payment on the following sites. - This is a convenient service that allows you to call free from the computer to the phone without registration online. You can call any subscriber of cellular or urban communications. To make a call, it is enough to dial the number on the virtual keyboard, that is, you do not need to download software and register. For example, you can call megaphone from this site free online. 1 minute of conversation is given for free, the rest of the prices can be found here. It is not suiced, I will tell you.

Simply dial the number where you want to call, right on the site.

Simply dial the number where you want to call, right on the site. - Website with functional IP telephony, allowing you to make an online call from a computer to the phone for free, create conferences and use other additional options. However, site services require mainly at least symbolic fees. Registration on the site is required to implement the online call.

Summary of the Zadarma Service Table (Clickable)

Summary of the Zadarma Service Table (Clickable) - This is a site for those who need an urban room with an incoming and outgoing link. Without payment, you can use the services for 5 minutes a day throughout the first week. Subsequently, you need to choose and pay a certain tariff plan (national or international). The subscription fee is from 199 rubles, the minutes are also paid. To gain access to communication, you need to register on the site with the provision of your personal data, including passports. Allows you to call for free to many countries, but the Russian Federation does not apply to their number: (the duration of the call without charging the board should not exceed 2-3 minutes depending on the selected country. Other tariffs can be viewed here.


Service for free calls should be chosen taking into account its popularity. After all, the larger the project's audience, the higher the chance that your friends use it and the easier you will contact them. Therefore, the selection includes services that have the greatest demand in Russia, in Ukraine and in the CIS countries.

1. Skype.

Free calls via the Internet in Skype Free calls via the Internet in Skype

Skype has become one of the first mass services for free calls and has been known among computer users before the era of smartphones. The success of the project is attracted Microsoft, which acquired Skype. Now the service is available on all modern platforms and is included in the list of the most popular programs for short messages and calls.

Skype allows you to call from desktop and mobile applications. You can also make calls from the browser through the service web version, but for this he will ask you to install a special plugin. Skype supports both voice and video calls. You can contact one subscriber or arrange a conference with several people.

Desktop Skype client → Skype web version →

2. Zoom.

Free calls via the Internet in Zoom Free calls via the Internet in Zoom

The service that has become a de facto standard for communication with colleagues, family and friends during a pandemic and is not going to take positions. Zoom is completely free for personal use and available on any platforms.

In addition to classic voice calls, the service supports video calls, screen shown, text chat, and also allows you to make meetings. And although using ZOOM you can call one on one, it is still more suitable for group communication with people who are at a distance.

Desktop Client Zoom →

Appbox Fallback

3. Telegram

Free calls via the Internet in Telegram Free calls via the Internet in Telegram

Telegram Messenger is the project of the founder of VKontakte Pavel Durov. This relatively young service has already gained popularity throughout the world.

Telegram can serve to you for free communication from desktop and mobile applications. The service has a web version, but it is impossible to call from it. With Telegram, you can make not only ordinary, but also video call. In addition, there are voice chats to communicate with several participants.

Telegram desktop client → Telegram Web Version →

4. Viber.

Internet calls via the Internet in Viber Internet calls via the Internet in Viber

Viber can be called the most popular online telephony service for residents of the post-Soviet space. So historically it happened that most of the owners of smartphones in our region free voice communications are associated with this project.

With Viber, you can make not only audio, but also video calls from desktop and mobile applications. The conference mode is also present. But there is no web version, so you can't call from the browser.

Desktop client Viber →

5. Facebook Messenger

Free calls via the Internet in Facebook Messenger Free calls via the Internet in Facebook Messenger

This service is part of the largest social network, the number of its users exceeds one billion people. Surely you and most of your friends already apply it for correspondence on Facebook. In this case, you do not even have to install anything, because using Facebook Messenger you can not only share text messages, but also to call.

The service supports free calls from the browser (without any plugins) and the mobile client. Users are available audio and video links. At your service voice conferences and videosities.

Web version Facebook Messenger →

6. Google Duo.

Free calls via the Internet in Google Duo Free calls via the Internet in Google Duo

A simple and convenient service from Google, designed to simplify communication with friends and colleagues. Unlike other company-oriented tools, Duo is more personal and is largely similar to Apple FaceTime.

The service works in the form of mobile applications, as well as in the browser. It allows you to be constructed via voice and video teams up to 12 people. There are no text messages in Duo, but it is possible to write a video message if the subscriber is not available. In addition, an interesting function "Tuk-Tuk" is provided, allowing you to see the caller before answering a call.

Web version Google Duo →

7. Whatsapp

Free calls via the Internet in whatsapp Free calls via the Internet in whatsapp

Another Facebook project with which you can call for free. Whatsapp is almost no longer behind the popular Facebook Messenger, so the probability that many of your friends have already enjoyed are very large.

WhatsApp allows you to call from mobile customers and from a computer. The service supports voice and video communication. There are both single calls and group challenges.

WhatsApp desktop client → Whatsapp → Web Version →

8. FaceTime.

Free calls via the Internet in FaceTime Free calls via the Internet in FaceTime

The free Apple service, which is integrated into the company's operating systems and allows the owners of the iPhone, iPad and Mac to communicate with people via the Internet. It works only on corporate devices and is not available on other platforms.

FaceTime has ordinary and video calls with support for group chats up to 32 people. During communication, an animated Memoji can be used to transfer mood and emotions. Also available Live Photos shooting function, which will help to capture the best moments of video protection.

9. ICQ.

Free calls via the Internet in ICQ Free calls via the Internet in ICQ

Sometime ICQ was widely known as the service for sharing short messages. His client was installed on a huge number of computers, but the project developers did not have time to quickly adapt it for mobile platforms. Therefore, ICQ was lost against the background of competitors. Now the Russian company Mail.Ru owns the service, which is trying to return the former popularity of "ICQ".

With the help of the new ICQ, you can perform audio and video calls from desktop and mobile clients. Voice and video conferenses are available in Windows and MacOS service versions.

ICQ desktop client →

The text of the article is updated on January 25, 2021.

It is in four walls without telephone - nightmare of any person. And for someone, not a dream, but the nightmare in reality, because the phones have a taste and fail. What if you need to urgently call mom or friend, and the phone is unavailable? The main thing is without panic, because you can call not only from the mobile phone, but also you will deal with the PC, how to call from the computer to the phone for free or for small money.

What is needed for this

To make a call from a stationary PC or laptop to a cellular or city phone, you must have:

  • A computer based on Windows, Linux or Mac OS, equipped with a sound adapter.
  • Stable Internet access at a speed of 128 kbps.
  • Headset (microphone + headphones) or gadget with similar functions, such as a webcone with a microphone and a speaker. Owners of laptops can use a device for conversation built into the device.
  • An application or web service for calls that we will look next.

Popular messengers

Communication through messengers is perhaps the best option, if there is no mobile at hand. After all, it is completely free and very simple technically. The snag is that not all versions of PC messengers support the function of calls, and you can contact only those people who also use these applications.

However, individual messengers allow calling to ordinary phone numbers, but for money.


The call from the Skype messenger to other users this program is free. To make it, open the subscriber's profile and click "Call" (as an option "Start video call"). Or go to the correspondence window with the right person and click on the phone tube icon (the camera, if you want to set a video link) on the top panel on the right.

Call Skype from Computer

To call the Messenger to Mobile or City Number, do the following:

  • Click the "Call" button in the right half of the program window.
  • Select "Skype to the phone." If you do not have money on the balance, click "Top up" or, as in my example, "Try free". Make the right amount. Read more about how to replenish the balance in Skype, read in the official help.

Money on the score in Skype

  • Enter the subscriber number and click the call button.


Telegram Messenger supports voice communication only between its users. To start a call, open the subscriber's profile or the correspondence window with it and click on the handset icon.

Call from Telegram


Viber, like Skype, allows you to make calls as your users (free) and any other rooms (for a fee).

To call another user user, find it in the contact list and click the "Call" button or "Video call".

Call or video call in Viber

To communicate with people who do not use Viber, first replenish the score, then go to your profile and click "Dial Number".

Dial Number in Viber

However, in order to log in in the Viber application to the PC, you first have to install the messenger to the smartphone and scan the QR code, which will be displayed in the program window on the computer. If the smartphone does not work or unavailable, this method of communication will not suit you.


The Mail.Ru agent makes it possible to convege only with other users of this messenger. To start the call, open the correspondence with the subscriber and click on the handset icon or the camcorder. The conversation will be free for you.

Free call from Mail.Ru agent

But WhatsApp users, alas, will not be able to communicate with a voice, as the computer version (WhatsApp Web) does not have such a function and log in in it, as in Viber, you can only via the application installed on the smartphone.

Web services

Internet service calls. Online provides telephone services with almost all countries of the world directly from the browser. All that is required by the user is to register on the site and replenish the balance on some, not too impressive amount. However, if you are lucky, you can do without registration and payments, since the site has been given the opportunity to call for free.

Calls online

However, at the time of testing, the author failed to talk to the subscribers from Russia for free, since the direction was not available. As, however, it was not available for most other countries.

Tariffs for calls. Online through the browser are given here.

The site, of course, does not offer for all its services, but keeps quite affordable prices (from 0.45 rubles per minute of conversation). 1-2 first calls to any phone number can be paid by the bonus 20 rubles that the service credits on the user's account after registration.

3 ways of calls are available to

Dialing in

  • With a software or hardware IP phone that supports the SIP protocol. The list of compatible applications and instructions for their configuration are given here.
  • With built-in cloud CRM Zadarma (ZCRM), which also has a free trial period of 2 weeks. This solution is intended for corporate clients.

Registration on the site is required. To call from a web phone, log in to the account, open the "Services" menu and select "Call from the site". To call from a configured IP phone, simply dial the subscriber number.

By the way, in addition to the voice communication, provides SMS messages, video conferencing, virtual numbers, virtual PBXs and various widgets for corporate user web resources. tariffs for calls to any countries are given here. Negotiations between users of the service are free.

SIPNET.RU telephony is largely similar to the previous one. True, the freebie do not distribute here, but they offer a 30-day trial period, during which you can call with other users of SiPNet without paying a penny.

One of the functions of the service - calls through the computer to any Russian and foreign numbers. You can call from the web phone on the SIPNET website and C application Sippoint. Instructions for setting up and using the latter is here. Although, most likely, it will not need it, because the design and functional Sippoint is very similar to the usual dialer mobile.


By the way, during the trial period, you can call only from the application. To conversate through the browser, you will have to replenish the balance of at least 10 rubles. The cost of 1 minute of communication begins from 0.1 rubles, there is no subscription fee.

How to call via sipnet:

  • Without installing the application: Register and log in, replenish the balance, click on the menu of the left column "Call from the browser" and dial the number on the keyboard of the virtual phone.

Browser call using Sipnet

  • Through the application: Install and run Sippoint, enter the login and password with which you are registered on the SIPNET website, replenish the balance and dial the subscriber number. The application interface is shown in the screenshot above.

SIPNet service, like his competitor Zadarma, is ready to delight private and corporate users with additional "buns": the service of sending SMS, dialing, virtual PBX, conference bond, the anti-distributor of the number, the company widget and many others.

Tariffs for Sipnet calls are listed here.

The English-language service is also intended for online calls from PC to phones around the world. And not only for money, but also for nothing. However, freebies are not always available and not everywhere. Free calls are limited in time, quality of communication and countries.

Service Call2Friends.

To access the free web phone, which is on this page, you need a browser Firefox or Chrome latest versions. From one IP address, you can make 1 or 2 short-term call per day. But you should not count too much for luck. For example, the author could not call.

For paid calls from the computer, you will need a browser with the WEBRTC protocol support (the service recommends using Chrome, Firefox or Safari) or a software IP phone, such as X-Lite or Bria Professional. Instructions for configuring these applications are shown in the "SIP GATEWAY" section in the "Softphones List" menu.

Paid conversations are available only to registered users (instead of registration by email, you can log in via Google, Facebook or VK accounts). After logging in to your personal account, you will be taken to the "Add Funds" section, where the service will offer you to replenish the balance from the bank card or the Yandex.Money wallet. You can then go to the "PAID Calls" section and call the subscriber.

Section PAID Calls in Call2Friends

And do not forget that in addition to the browser, you can use a pre-configured IP phone X-Lite or Bria.

Call2friends tariffs for calls in different countries, see the "Rates" section. Here is a list of states with which the service supports telephone communications. Click on the list item opens detailed information about the rates.

IP telephony programs (softphones)

your phone number

Difficult to choose a virtual phone for Windows 10? You are lucky, because it already has your system. And if there is no, there is enough pair of clicks with the mouse to install it from the Windows Store. This is a free application "Your Phone" from Microsoft.

"Your phone" works as a software copy of the physical smartphone, that is, calls will go from the number of your mobile. However, its full functionality is available only to the owners of devices on Android 7 or higher. On iPhones and Androids below the seventh version, the call feature does not work.

To pairing a program with a smartphone to the latter, you need to install a free mobile application Your Phone Companion (otherwise called "Your Phone Manager - Communication with Windows"), and then scan the QR code smartphone, which will be displayed in the PC window (as in WhatsApp Web or Viber ).

App your phone

After that, the "Your Phone" interface will take the form of a classic dialer with a list of contacts, call log, etc. To make a call, click the same button and type the number.

With your phone, you can call any megaphone numbers, MTS, Beeline and all other networks. Communication fee is charged at the cellular operator's tariff.

Jitsi Desctop.

JITSI DesCTOP is an open source application compatible with WEBRT and intended for negotiations, group correspondence and video conferencing. The main advantages of this program are simplicity and safety. To protect the transmitted information in it uses end-to-end encryption of the ZRTP standard.

How to call with JITSI:

  • After installing the application, a window opens to enter your registration data in digital telephony systems: SIP, Google Talk, IRC, XMPP and others. Fill out at least one of the fields.

Authorization in JITSI DesCTOP

  • When the program connects to your account in telephony systems, you will be available for calls. To call any phone number, press the button circled by the frame on the screenshot, type the numbers and click "Call".


JITSI is a fully free program for both private and corporate users. However, calls through it can be paid. Payment may be held telephony services to which you connected it.


Blink is a simple IP telephone for communication on the SIP protocol with support for services of various SIP providers. Like JITSI, it protects user data using cross-cutting zrTP and OTR encryption technologies. In addition to voice communication, BLINK can be used to correspond, sharing files, video communications and conferences.

To call via Blink, tie an existing SIP account to the program or create a new one. If you are not registered in any of the digital telephony systems, open the "Blink - Accounts - Add Account" menu and check the Create A Free Sip Account item. After filling out all the shape fields shown in the screenshot below, you will have an account on As soon as it is created, you will immediately be able to accomplish the call.

Create an account in Blink

By the way, Blink has one unexpected feature - there are no virtual buttons with numbers for a dialing, as in most of the programs of this class. To make someone to call, you will first add a person to the list of contacts (for this purpose the "+" button on the bottom panel of the window), then select it from the list and click on the icon in the form of the phone tube at the bottom of the window.

If not contacts are displayed in the BLINK main window, but the call history, click the "Switch to Contacts" button (in the screenshot in this place is the "Switch to Calls" button).

Switch to Calls.

In addition to applications that are described in the article, there is a mass of softphones with similar functional. Among them there is both free and paid. The most popular is Asterisk, Zoiper, 3CXPhone, Phonerlite and Bria. Each program has its own characteristics in setting up and use, but they all make it possible to call from a computer or laptop to telephone numbers of different countries. When you want and how much you want. Choose the best and use.

Messengers, IP telephony, video calls have long become the usual and affordable way to communicate within the worldwide network. However, there are cases when you need to make calls from a computer via the Internet to a mobile phone. For these purposes there are special online services and software where any user can call the home phone or mobile phone.

In this article we will tell and show: how to call the phone from the computer via the Internet.

The simplest way to call cellular is to go to the address "https: //" on the telecommunication online service. It provides an opportunity to contact the interlocutor, wherever he is. At the same time, the anonymity of the caller is preserved.

To start using "" from the user, the presence of a microphone connected to a computer is required. It is recommended to disable all the browser extensions blocking advertising, for example, AD Block.

Call your home or cell phone via the Internet in a paid and free mode (without registration). For this you need:

  1. Go to the service site.

  1. Find on the Console page that opens in the form of a smartphone and choose the country code, the subscriber of which is the interlocutor.

  1. Dial the phone number by virtual keys or keyboard and press the green phone tube button.

  1. Wait for connecting to the subscriber.
  2. After the conversation is completed, you can put a tube with a red button on the console. After two minutes, the free call will be interrupted automatically.

To make full-fledged paid calls, you need to register on the site via email or the VKontakte page.

Top up your balance makes it easier from the electronic wallet or bank card.

You can find out the current rates of international calls in the appropriate tab.

In general, the quality of sound transmission is estimated as acceptable, and depends on the speed and stability of the Internet connection, the sensitivity of the microphone, the signal level of the cellular network at the interlocutor.


  • Free communication via the Internet for phone.
  • Optional registration of a new account.
  • Convenient ways of payment of calls.
  • You can get through to anywhere in the world.
  • Russian-speaking site.
  • Support software SIP phones.


  • The conversation time is limited to two minutes.
  • You can only make a few free calls a day.
  • Many annoying advertising.


Pretty promoted telecommunication service allows you to make a free call to mobile over the Internet. It, like the previous one, includes a virtual panel for dialing, balance sheet, tariffing table, etc.

However, there are also its own features, for example, a phone book in which a registered user can add contacts, a separate forum for discussing problems and proposals for the site, chat for sharing short messages. Internet-telephone "" can be used for video calls, when performing the image quality is at a decent level.

Also, it is also worth noting the modularity of the main page, on which the account owner of the waven add and delete the interface components.

Calls to stationary and mobile phones via the Internet service are carried out according to the general principle:

  1. We choose the country code.
  2. Enter the number using the keyboard or mouse.
  3. Press the key to the raised handset.

The unregistered person is available two free call per day with a duration limit. When registering via email or VKontakte account, the number of free minutes increases. Paid calls in Evaphone are not limited in time and cost cheaper than within the usual mobile network.

It's important to know! At the moment, the service does not provide its services and redirects users to the site of competitors "https: //". How to use "" is explained in the previous article.


  • Setting up the main page interface "Under yourself".
  • Free communication for unregistered customers.
  • Authorized subscribers receive additional bonuses and privileges.
  • Paid calls are much cheaper than similar in cellular communication.
  • Page in Russian.
  • You can call any country in the globe.
  • Fast payment by bank card or web wallet.


  • It does not work fully at the moment.

On the website of Internet telephony "" you can easily make a free call through a worldwide Internet network to a mobile number or register and become a permanent subscriber of this telephone service.

Its advantages over competitors in high quality data transfer. Another chip of the service is the ability to communicate for free VoIP telephony with people registered with Skype, Viber and other similar programs.

To take advantage of free site services you need:

  1. Go to "" and press the button «Free. Call » .

  1. On the virtual panel, select the country code and enter a cellular or stationary phone number, and then press the green button «Call. "

  1. Expect connections with the operator.

  1. After conversation, put the tube with a similar button.

Those who want to constantly use this service for calls are recorded in the menu «REGISTER » Main page.

The new profile is created when you specify email or account of Facebook messengers, VK or Google.

The owners of smartphones are available for downloading the program for calls without restrictions over the Internet to Mobile - Call2Friends Mobile App. This is an online service adaptation in the form of an application on Android and iOS devices.


  • Free from paying calls to all kinds of rooms.
  • There is a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.
  • Calls to all directions and to all countries.
  • Fast check-in social network page.
  • The relative cheapness of paid calls.


  • Interface in English.
  • The limit on the number and time of outgoing free calls.


Network services for calls from a computer to the phone facilitate life to users regardless of their location. Their main advantages are: free calls (including abroad), low cost of tariffs, ease of use.

The most attractive and at the same time simple service is the Call2Friends service. Distinctive features are low cost, several free calls and the availability of a program for Android and iOS devices.

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