How to draw a bear - phased instructions for drawing, brown and white bear

The bear is very often the main character of folk fairy tales, it is often depicted in cartoons. He personifies the power, power, and sometimes clumsy. Alone drawn pictures of the bear will be happy to please their fabulous images.

Bear has been drawing both adults and children. To draw a truly magnificent drawing, the above-hand instruction how to draw a bear will help not get confused in the sequence and create an image with the correct proportions.

Cartoon Bear Fairy Tale

To create a brown bear image, which is often found in fairy tales, you need to use the instructions how to draw a bear with a pencil that is shown below.

If you continue to perform all the steps, it will cope with the task of even a child, and the result obtained will receive the highest rating.

Hand drawing

On the landscape sheet, which should be placed horizontally, the unfinished circle is displayed on the right side.

An oval nose is drawn between the edges of the circle. The circumference with an elongated fruit is complemented.

Medveda's eyes

The eyes of the beast are drawn in the form of an oval, inside of which the second oval is placed depicting the pupil.

Next, a dividing line in the form of a semicircle, the face of the beast is divided into two parts, the inner part of which will be painted with lighter, and the outer is darker.

The next step is drawn semi-alone ears from the repeating contours of the internal line of the ear.

Torchish beast

To the left of the top of the bear's head, a curved segment of the back is carried out, which, smoothly sprawling, goes into the back paw.

Repeated, from the head, but only already down, the segment for the front paw is sent, and then, repeating the contours, the second front of the animal is drawn. After drawing the forelimbs, the back pair of the bear is added.

The limbs draw claws in the form of small triangular forms. On the back of the zigzag line draws a wool animal.

Coloring drawing

The pupils and the nose of the animal are drawn up in black. The body, the external segments of the ears and the outer part of the head are painted with dark brown.

The internal ovals of the ears are filled with light brown, and the inner part of the muzzle and claws are painted with beige.

The drawing turns out quite quickly and simply, draw a bear for even reoxoiths.

Figure adult bear

The next step-by-step instruction for beginners helps to draw an adult animal on four paws. For work it will take a sheet of paper and gel handles.

Creating a head

On the left side of the person the elongated face is performed, at the end of which the nose is drawn. The nose is painted with a handle, and then the eyes are drawn.

Then the face of the face continues and the head circumference is drawn. Above the eyes are symmetrically drawn ears of an animal with an internal repetitive feature.

The following is a continuation of the line that smoothly goes into the back. A breast line is held from the head, which is a wavy feature moving into the front left paw of the animal. Then the right limb is drawn.

They draw claws. Next draws a belly line.

The next step is depicted by the hind limbs, claws on the paws and a small tail. Small dashes are carried out, symbolizing folds on the skin on the body.

Coloring drawing

A pencil of a light brown shade is filled with a torso, the head and paws are painted. Some parts of the limbs, head and torso are longitudinally shaped by the color of the darker tone.

Since it is easy to draw a bear according to the recommendations given, and with the task can cope anyone, the following version of the popular image of the bear is given below.

Cartoon Character Mi-Bear

The cartoon has enormous popularity among preschool children. The instructions provide an example of the image of the hero of the series - Teds of Keschi, which has a technical warehouse of the mind and constantly invents scientific news.

For drawing, you will need:

  • the gel pen;
  • paper;
  • Feltolsters.

Start stage Mordochka

Initially, a square is drawn with rounded ends - it will be a fruit. Inside the face, the nose is drawn in the middle, which will correspond to the form of a face, but reduced several times in size. On the upper side roundings are drawn ears.

Animal's nose draws eyes, which have a circle form. In each eye, the second small circle is added, which is painted with a constant touch with leaving a small area to create highlights. Glies in each eye should be at least four.

Eyebrows are drawn over their eyes, and from lev, under his nose, mouth. The mouth resembles a curved drop, as diremed to the top.

Low part of the bear

Down from the head of the character are carried out two dowel-expanding lines that form a torso. Connecting segments are carried out between them, two of which are straight, and the lower semicircular, depicting outdoor belly.

On the torso draws upper limbs. Narrow paws at the bottom and expanding to the bottom, at the end are drawn a claw.

Two legs are held from the bottom of the body down. On the basis of the legs, small segments are held, which depict the feet.

Registration of clothing

A drawing is added on the bear sweater. For this, two ovals are drawn, which are crossed with each other. Inside ovals are filled with parallel lines.

Coloring Mi-Misk

Nose, mouth, the inner part of the ear, feet and claws are painted in a dark brown color. The sweater is painted with a blue felt-tip pen, and some of its parts are blue. The remaining parts of the bear are drawn bright brown color.

The drawing is completed, the bear watching fun with the picture.

Stock Foto Tips how to draw a bear

Sometimes there are times when you can please your child some miracle, many moms can take advantage of the creation of such a miracle drawing. For this, many materials will not need.

It is enough to have a sheet of paper pencil and markers or color pencils.

Try to draw your baby a bear, not even professional artists will be able to cope with it. Let's try to talk about the phased creation of the picture.

Draw a torso

How-to draw a bear-poema-pencilTo begin with, draw oval, which will serve the torso. Inside oval, draw the same, but the size of smaller, which later should differ with a tint of color and highlight the belly of the bear.

Draw your head and ears

How-to draw a bear-poema-pencil

Next, we draw a circle above - the future head of the bears. Add ears in the form of arcs attached to the head and spaced symmetrically to each other. Inside the ears duplicate arcs, they will serve as an inside of the Ear.

How-to draw a bear-poema-pencil

Draw your eyes

Next, add your eyes - two mug, in which put points - pupils. The nose in the form of a triangle and from him two semi arcs, of course, do not forget about the mouth.

How-to draw a bear-poema-pencil

Draw Rotik

Instead of a triangular nose, you can first draw two combined circles, at the top of the connection add a nose using a semicircle, and in the bottom add the mouth.

How-to draw a bear-poema-pencil

Draw paws

It is also necessary to paint the front and rear paws using incorrect oblong ovals. That they became more interesting possible to draw claws or palms.

How-to draw a bear-poema-pencil

Coloring a bear

How-to draw a bear-poema-pencil

Do not forget that the bear need to paint, it can be done together with the baby. You can make a bear shaggy, for this it is enough to paint not only inside the contour, but also to go for it. The familiar and favorite character of all the kids appears on the white sheet, moreover, the involvement of its creation will cause positive emotions by painting The child has. So do not be afraid and boldly get over the pencil, attracting the baby.

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Master class "Drawing a bear stages"

Elequiry Natalya Sergeevna Educator MBDOU Kindergarten "Luche" of the Ilek District of the Orenburg region

The master class "Draw a Bear Phasedno" is addressed to teachers and parents for drawing with preschoolers.


Use to educate preschoolers drawing a bear.


: Develop an imagination in children, interest in drawing, the development of shallow motility hands.


1. Cause interest in the image of a closure bears.

2. Check out interest in drawing and educate cognitive activity.

3. Develop a feeling of shape and color.


- landscape sheet of paper,

- Simple pencil

- Eraser

- colour pencils

Option number 1

1. To begin with, I will depict the oval - it will be the body. Over the oval depict the circle is the outline of the future head. They draw a little curved vertical lines in them.

2. At the bottom of the circle, we draw a small horizontal oval - it will be a muzzle. Then add front and rear paws on the oval, in the form of elongated ovals.

3. Next, draw ears in the form of not large circles. On the hind legs add ovals, make a foot.

4. In the lature of ears, nose, front paws add small circles, on the rear oval. Draw your eyes

5. Each erases are erased extra details, pay the face.

6. Color colored pencils.

Option number 2.

1. To begin with, you will depict two oval - one in another. Ovol more - this is the outline of the future head, and smaller - frost.

2. Draw two "horns" depicting ears, eyes with pupils and eyebrows. An eye corner that intersects the contour of the face, it is necessary to erase.

3. Add spout, mouth and tongue a bear.

4. Next, draw the body and rear paws of the bears as shown in the picture.

5. Hatch the contours of the front paws, and also take two lines between the legs.

6. Call the drawing with bold lines.

7. Color drawing on your own will, our teddy bear is ready!

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Bear is one of the most dangerous forest predators. In the structure of their physique there are some distinctive features. With any other beast it is impossible to confuse:

  • large and chore body structure;
  • big chest, severe paws with claws;
  • Tight, hard skin.

The most impressive part of the body is the chest. Spanners on the back distinctly. The limbs depict focusing on three points: wrist, shoulder, elbow. Knowing the main nuances of the predator anatomy, you can easily portray it on paper.

The buildings of various breeds of this animal differ from each other. So, for example, polar, white bears have a rounded eye opening, saving the belly, elongated and a narrow muzzle. In the picture of representatives of the buoy breed, the withers depict more powerful. The head has a big forehead, chin. If you look at Panda, then they have a big head, round ears and lush molds. Himalayan bears resemble brown, only the body is slightly slimmer. Now, having studied the main features of the structure, you can proceed to work. In this will help the phased-based instruction.

How to draw an ordinary bear with a pencil

  1. 1 step. Sketch the contour of its body, head and paw. Although the paces have a teddy bear and are not big, you need to try to reflect them strong and strong in appearance. On the top paint the ears. Thin horizontal strip Mix the location of the eyes.
  2. 2 step. Start your eyes and wool. On the prepared markup, you will depict two small glazes. They must be symmetrical and the same size. We carry out the nose line, at its end the triangular tip of the nose. Not a long stroke add your mouth. Now it is important to remove all the extra lines so that they do not interfere with the drawing of the animal wool. We depict her onto the head, hind legs, abdomen. Between the front paws, on the chest we make a woolen "collar".
  3. 3 step. The main work ended. It remains to give the beast of more. We make it even more fluffy to do it right, you can look at the photo of a real forest inhabitant.
  4. 4 step. The final stage will be painted eye, nose. Make darker nostrils. Druel the entire contour once again that it is necessary to give clear boundaries where they are necessary.

We draw Teddy's bear

Not only realistic bears are popular with art lovers. Characters from different cartoons won love not only children, but also adults. One of these, is Teddy's bear. It can be found in every store of soft toys. Children adore them.

How to draw a teddy sympathy and please your child? The process sequence is similar to the previous lesson. Here you just need to add distinctive details and give a recognizable view.

  1. Draw two auxiliary circles for the head and torso. Legs and hands need to make a little stretched. Give smooth shape silhouette.
  2. On my head, draw small ears, eyes-buttons, mouth, nose. Bear sits, it means you draw clear feet. One hand will be hidden behind the back, and the second to do on the stomach.
  3. Draw the wool with small strokes. We make on the chest and on the half of the forehead the patch, as if he was shaved.
  4. Bear can be painted and add, optionally, a bouquet of flowers or a postcard.

Winnie the Pooh

The main character of the Soviet cartoon fell in love not only to children, but also adults. His life is filled with many interesting adventures. Each new series with him causes a feeling of sincere joy and indescribable childish emotions. "My sawdust in my head! No problem!" - Now everyone has lost this passage from the song Bear. But, what if you take and draw a lovers of honey yourself? The process is pretty simple, but it is better to adhere to the step-by-step compiled instruction. And so, proceed!

  1. Start the image from the body and face. Head is a big circle with straight sides. Do not round sharp angles. Take it with a semicircular body. We make a smooth transition to get a silhouette of a bear.
  2. Paint your ears on the top. Add semi-alone front paws. They, as it were, are folded on the stomach. We draw claws and two paws below. On the face displays the nose, a small smile, eyebrows of a bear. You need to show the surprised eyes of Winnie Pooh.
  3. It remains only to paint the picture. For this, colored crayons will be required. For the whole body and the head will fit a brown tint. For paws, ears and muzzles - dark brown. Nose stroke black. Figure is over! You can enjoy your creation.
  4. It remains only to paint the picture. For this, colored crayons will be required. For the whole body and the head will fit a brown tint. For paws, ears and muzzles - dark brown. Nose stroke black. Figure is over! You can enjoy your creation.

Mi-Mis Mishka Kesha

Among modern cartoons are actively popular "Mi-Mishki". Each baby wants to replenish his artistic collection in one of the characters. Below is a master class: "How easy to draw cache"?

It is worth preparing a helium handle and markers.

  1. Draw an oval for face. It should have a slightly square feature, depicting the ears from above.
  2. In the middle of the head of the hero, I draw another small oval. This is the future nose.
  3. Draw your eyes. They need to show highlights. Take all around, except for them.
  4. Go to the body. We spend two lines from the head. To the bottom they should expand a little. Next, we connect their horizontal sausage.
  5. We draw upper legs, claws.
  6. Draw a blouse, tummy and two legs of the character. On the shirt you can depict a picture in the form of a mesh.
  7. It remains only to paint everything. Kesha himself will be brown. Nose, mouth, inner parts of ears, bottom feet and claws - dark brown. Sweater make blue. Your child will definitely appreciate the work.

Each drawing can be done unique, just bring his highlight to it. Bears can be drawn in motion when they lie, raise the paws, anything. In creativity it is not necessary to be a graduate specialist, the ability to grasp the desired detail here is important, to catch the meaning.

Desire to learn and learn something new. From the first time, few people boast the perfect transmission of the picture. For this, a master class, various phased instructions created. It is necessary, as they say, fill their hand. All comes with experience. This applies to artistic art.

Photo ideas and examples for drawing a bear with a pencil

How to draw a bear beautiful for children in stages

Plush toys will love every child. You can see a lot of cartoons in which they take part. Bears you need to depict good, cute, soft and friendly. And how to draw a bear beautifully for children in stages, we will tell below.

Teddy bear for the smallest

Let's start with the simplest drawing method. He will even come true for the smallest artists, and the process itself will seem to you very fast. Prepare markers or pencils and proceed:

  1. First draw a round head. At the bottom of it, we make a circle less. Teddy bear for the smallest (step 1)It will help allocate the front of the face. Here we can add a small oval nose and smile.
  2. Now at the top we remove the rounded ears and necessarily draw a middle of the same form. Using two points you can depict eyes.
  3. We draw below the torso. It remains only to add the upper and lower legs to it. Teddy bear for the smallest (step 2)Top doing rounded at the ends. Lower decorated with circles. We highlight the tummy on the torso. You can draw a butterfly.
  4. It remains to paint our picture. The end result depends on the technique of strokes, try to navigate the sample. Brown pencil paint the edges of the toy. To the color used, add light brown, fill the remaining places. You can use the cherry-colored pencil. Pain the center of the ears and paws. Bow shaper red.

Picture with a plush toy is ready. Be sure to offer this method of drawing your child and consider with him other children's drawings.

Simple and funny teddy bear

Draw a bear with a pencil very simply because it is based simple ovals. Now we will try to make a cute picture with a quick way. Establish:

  1. Let's start drawing with eyes. Most often, the eyes are black and resemble buttons. Simple and funny teddy bear (step 1)Therefore, we will make them small and black. Blacks at least oval muzzle and round nose is slightly higher. We derive ovals for the ears.
  2. Now, pushing away from the ears, bring out the head contours. Feature more than one oval to the ears. So, we will have the central part.
  3. Below we begin to output curved stripes for body shape. Immediately remove the upper paws. They will be raised up. Separate tips with sleeves blouse. Simple and funny plush bear (step 2)
  4. Go to the bottom. In our case, the bear will sit. To do this, select the line of the tummy and depicting round bottom paws. They will have the rounded central part.
  5. Color pictures. Black paint the nose. With a pink pencil make the ears. The rest do brown. For blouse use orange.

We managed to find out how quickly a teddy bear is drawn beautifully for kids in simple steps.

Draw a pencil on cells

Simple, but very beautiful picture can be obtained using pencils and leaf in a cage. Now we will learn how a cute teddy bear with hearts is drawn:

  1. Initially, the infirmation of the pencil. Draw a pencil on the cells (step 1)Immediately remove the torso at the bottom. It looks like a droplet, only without an acute top. Below we depict the legs. We derive subtle ovals and connect them with the body.
  2. Add upper paws. They will be bent, so they will be mainly on the body. We will make a bow above them. Draw a pencil on cells (step 2)
  3. We will issue a face. On the face we derive an oval for the nose. Above it draw round eyes. On the front of the face we depict the triangular nose and mouth.
  4. In order for the drawing to be bright, it can be circled. To do this, you can use a black handle or felt-tip pen. Pain your eyes, leave small round glare. Add the central part of the ears. You can draw ribbons from a bow and put tracks on the hind legs. The spout also paint, do not forget about the glare and eyebrows. Draw a pencil on cells (step 3)
  5. Coloring a picture. Brown pencil hatching the entire surface of the teddy body and head. I wrap the handle or felt-tip pen. Paint the traces on the hind legs and eyebrows. Bow can be made pink. The center of the tummy, in front and ears shadow the yellow pencil.
  6. Add hearts. They can be brought with a red handle, as shown on our sample.

We managed to draw a styardly bear pencil. You can decorate the finished work and at your discretion. By the way, the cells can also draw other animals.

How to draw teddy bear

And now, together with, let's try to portray one of the popular teddy teddy. We will draw a black marker, and paint with multi-colored pencils. Let's start:

  1. First draw triangular nose. Make it slightly tilted. How to draw Teddy Bear (step 1)We supply the nose of oval. It will be the front of the face. Add black eyes above.
  2. Draw ears. Displays head contours. Draw our bear with a patch on the left. Add a few stripes that highlight the seams of a teddy character and eyebrows over the eyes. You still need to place a middle of the ears.
  3. Go down below. We depict Teddy's torso. How to draw Teddy Bear (step 2)It should be ejected from above and wide below. So, we will manage to portray a big plush stomach. The upper paws will be hidden back. Therefore, they simply denote half-charts at the top of the body. We draw bottom paws. Their feet need to deploy to each other.
  4. Add wool to drawing. For this, under the contour of the bear stroke thin veins. They can be of different lengths. The final stroke will be an air ball. How to draw Teddy's Bear (step 3)We carry out because of the back of the bear long rope. At the end we depict the ball in the form of a heart.
  5. How draws a cute Mishutka Teddy found out. Now go to coloring. Blue pencil hatching nose. "Wool" decorated with gray pencil. Add shadows on the paws and tummy. Dark gray we will make a patch and put the line of seams. For a ball, you can use a red pencil.


Teddy with card for postcards

Another way to draw Teddy. The finished picture can be used to decorate postcards or simply as valentines. This option is a little more difficult than all previous ones, so you have to try. Establish:

  1. First spend a vertical line, give it a small slope. Teddy for postcards (step 1)Next, we need to divide it into three segments. In the upper division, we will place your head, followed below the body and then the paws.
  2. Focusing on these marks, blacksmith a round head. Below will be the body. From the previous example, you already know that it should expand the book. Next, go to your feet. The right will be clearly visible, the left only partially. We make these details so that the feeling that the toy is standing sideways. Teddy for postcards (step 2)
  3. Blacks of ears and handles. I rightly have it so that it does not go beyond the blast. Left need to be located in front of the teddy bear.
  4. Lightly rounded line we share Teddy's muzzle into two halves. We depict an oval front of the face.
  5. Now we have a big heart in front of the toy. Place it so that the teddy bear holds his paws. Mouse over the outline contours so that it becomes clear.
  6. We will issue a face. Show here two little eyes, place them close to each other. Add nose and mouth. To the body, like on the head you should add a dividing line. Teddy for postcards (step 3)
  7. Let's create a picture of piping on the muzzle and the torso. At the edges of the patch and on the lines we will make ithes.
  8. Now you need to paint everything. We will strange rows. After that, we highlight the vivid twists of the villus. Paint the patch.
  9. Nose, as in the previous embodiment, do the blue. Now you can paint the cooled part of Teddy. When stroking, do not forget about Villas. The same action repeat and with all the paws.
  10. It remains to paint only the heart. But here it is impossible to make a lot of effort. The heart must have a translucent look, so we only make it the contours.

Bear with big heart

Another cute drawing. We continue to use a simple pencil, multicolored pencils and a black handle. Now we will tell you how to draw a bear with a heart:

  1. Blacks are a big circle. Add heart below, it must be greater than the head. Bear with heart (step 1)
  2. The handle will start drawing up a muzzle. Draw an oval nose. Add rounded parts from it. We guide them down. With the help of arcs directed in different directions, we take a smile.
  3. Then draw eyes. They need to be located near the nose. Draw them an oval form. It will take three ovals. The second, located in the center we make black. The smallest will be glad. Bear with heart (step 2)
  4. We divide the muzzle from the bear of the line in the center. This will be seam on the toy. To the line you need to add screenshots along the entire length. Above the eyes will depict the browch and immediately stitch them felt-tip pen.
  1. Draw rounded ears at the top. Add inside a few more semicircles to indicate the center of the ears. Head can be covered with a handle.
  2. With the help of oval depicting paws. They are located on top of the heart. Screws highlight fingers. Now go to the lower legs. Bear with heart (step 3)They also give an oval silhouette. Cut the line from these paws that will go for the heart. Call the heart with a handle and add traces on the heels. By the way, traces can also be made in the form of hearts. Put the glare on the left side of the heart.
  3. Coloring a picture. Making the rest of the rest of the rest of the rest of the brown. Paws and center of the ears will make it yellow and pink.


If you like our lessons, you still have to try to portray a cat or puppy

How to draw a bear

Figure Bear Pencil for Children

In this drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw a bear for 6 simple steps. This step-by-step lesson is gradually built at each previous step until you get to the final picture of the bear.

Here are some interesting facts about bears who may interest you.

There are only eight types of bears. The general characteristics of modern bears include a large body with chunky legs, long face, shaggy wool, paws with five claws and a short tail. Bears, as a rule, single animals. Bears use shelters, such as caves and holes, as their burgrel. Most of the types of bears sleep or winy throughout the winter.

To draw a bear you need to perform the following 6 consecutive steps.

Step 1: Start with drawing the top of the head

How to draw a bearStep 2: Nose Sketch

How to draw a bear

Step 3: Draw from above and behind the bear, add your back leg.

How to draw a bear

Step 4: Add ears and front paws. Do not forget to complete the back paw.

How to draw a bear

Step 5: Draw an extra 2 paws.

How to draw a bear

Step 6: Add facial parts and claws to each paw, and everything is ready.

How to draw a bear

Here is a very fast video about drawing a cartoon bear. The video goes pretty quickly, but you can stop it in every part, if you decide that you want to draw it.

It may be interesting to you

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