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Как написать рэп
By how to write a rap text, you can publish a whole book, but I will try to set short and clearly. In principle, the text can be rudely divided into 2 components: rhyme and meaning, that is, about what the text itself is actually. Both, both, it is important to approximately equally, cannot be neglected with rhyme in the name of the meaning and vice versa. But in principle, if you go to extremes, you can do really strong text, but weakly (from the point of view of the method described by me below) stamped. An example of this is a pencil. Weak on the rhyme text, but gorgeous plots, good feed - Listen to Wonderful! But still, the text on 10 points without a 10-point rhyme will not work. If you take at a minimum (and this is the most basic), then the rhymes themselves, stamped words, must meet some requirements. Still, rap text is a kind of verse, and the center of verse is rhyme. That is, it is on her an emphasis, as a rule, the author rhymes is the most important thing in the word string. I am not a journalist, so I can not explain it on my fingers, I can only give a link to V.V. Mayakovsky - Read his article How to make poems - I have not read yet something , more accurately describing this moment. In the same article, I will try to briefly retell Mayakovsky, adding a bit by visual examples.

How to call for free from a computer to your phone without registration online

Как позвонить бесплатно с компьютера на телефон
Good day, friends! Today in your blog PCPRO100.INFO I will make an overview of the most popular programs and online services to make calls from a computer to mobile and city phones. This is a very common question, first of all, because long-distance and international calls are not suiced, and many of us relatives live for thousands of kilometers. How to call from a computer to the phone for free? We understand!

Garland your own birthday: 10 cool master classes

Как сделать гирлянду на День рождения своими руками (10 мастер-классов и много шаблонов флажков для печати)
Pre-holiday bustle usually includes thinking of dishes, selection of gifts, as well as room decor. Suppose the name day simply cannot do without bright decorations, like stretching with flags. In this connection, in this review we will show how to make the garland for your own birthday. Next you will find 10 of the most interesting master classes that will help you personally create a beautiful festive garland. In addition, we added a selection of templates of flags with letters and without, which can be printed on the printer as desired. But here you can see how to make roses from different materials (15 master classes), they also perfectly fit into the festive decor. We also showed how to independently pack a bouquet of flowers, very necessary skills should be noted (11 MK).

How to improve sperm quality for conception - medicines and products to increase the number of sperm

Как улучшить качество спермы
Most men represent conception planning as a complete refusal of contraception. However, it is not. If you planned replenishment in the family, then before refusing contraception, it is necessary to put the health. And this should be made not only a woman. The quality of male sperm directly affects the likelihood of conception and health of the future child. Even if the man is completely confident in his male consistency, while preparing to conceive, it is also desirable to check the quality of sperm and, if necessary, increase the mobility of spermatozoa, as the potency is not connected with the low quality of sperm.


In the version of minecraft 1.11 were added Treasure cards . With their help you can find various Valuable subjects that will be useful in survival. The article can find a detailed description of how to find a treasure and get it. But How to find a treasure ? The answer is below!

How to make a mask for the new year fast?

Новогодняя маска своими руками. Лучшие идеи с фото
To make fun to celebrate the New Year, it is not enough to cover a rich festive table and re-establish the room. Need a carnival costume or at least themed image, to recreate which will help New Year's mask do it yourself . Behind her should not run to the store! The following master classes with numerous templates and photoinsystems will not only be prompted by the options for Christmas masks, but also will be allowed to save. Adults will be with them in the image, and, of course, the bastard. You will be the best at the competition of carnival costumes or on a children's matinee!

How to turn off the autobalance in the CS: go

Как отключить автобаланс в CS:GO
Experienced players have a curious way of training - games against the crowd of bots on the opposite side. However, under normal conditions it is impossible to force the enemy team to be more for one reason - autobalance. All unnecessary players or bots the game will automatically list to another team in order for everyone to have equal chances. But it is not always necessary. Therefore, it will now be sorted out how to turn off the autobalance in the CS: th, so that this function no longer interfered.

Yandex Dzen.

For culinary perfectionist, it is important that all his dishes are perfect. Common problems in the preparation of dishes have long been known. But when he is interested in a new dish or an unknown method of cooking, he will have to spend a lot of time in search of the best culinary techniques. Myllyn Paras made it with oatmeal. Why? Because we just love oatmeal cookies and want to reduce the number of problems of cooks related to the tedious search for the ideal recipe and technician, as well as help them become owners of the best result.

Dog breed from the movie Hachico

Порода собаки из фильма Хатико
What is the name of the breed of a dog from the movie Khatiko ? The dog's breed is Akita Inu. The film is based on real events and tells about the life of the PSA Hachico - Dog, who for 10 years every morning came to the railway station and expected his deceased owner. The film, in which Richard Gir played the role of the first plan, brought world glory Hachico. And the image of the dog itself became an example of endless love and loyalty.

How to salute red fish at home - 10 quick and tasty recipes with step-by-step photos

Как засолить красную рыбу в домашних условиях
If you are looking for on the Internet, how to pickle red fish at home quickly and tasty, then see our 10 recipes with a photo of step by step, where we clearly show that it is not so difficult to do it, as it may seem. Delicious gentle fish, be it salmon, salmon or trout, love everywhere. It prepares appetizing sandwiches and tartlets, a lot of delicious salads and sushi. And the red salty fish is well combined with gentle soft cheese, creamy sauce and greens.

How to eat cocoa beans

Польза какао-бобов для организма
A valuable product is cocoa beans - how to use them? This question can be answered, considering the variety of different products in which they are an important component. In addition, they represent the harvest of the most valuable components, after processing the beans have a feature to acquire a unique taste and aroma. Chocolate is prepared from cocoa beans, widely used in cooking, using all sorts of recipes. However, the use of the product this area is not limited. Chocolate tree has its own history, and today has acquired truly unprecedented popularity in all countries of the world.