20 ways to clean the blockage in the sewer pipe at home 🚰

🚰 Vomor in the pipes - with this unpleasant problem I encountered every person every other time. At first glance, it seems difficult to accept. But, knowing the methods of combating traffic jams in the pipes, get rid of them as difficult. You just need to find out the cause of the contamination, determine the location of the blockage and choose one of many ways to clean pipes. All this will be discussed in our article.


Why are blocks formed in the pipes?

The first sign that a plug was accumulated in the pipes - a slow drain of water. The second "symptom" is an unpleasant smell that comes from the drain hole. The problem of clogging pipes occurs for several reasons:

1. Fat breaks

Approximately 70-80% of cases are connected with this factor. Fat enters pipes from dishwashers, washing machines and from kitchen sink. It is postponed on the pipes and for years forms a fat traffic jam.

Fat cluster in its texture is heterogeneous. On the inner diameter it is soft, the consistency resembles a jelly substance. The outer diameter of the wave adjacent directly to the pipe is very hard. The solid texture becomes due to the reinforcement of the fat layer with various fibrous particles, which are in stock: hair, threads after washing clothes. In addition, the accumulations on the pipes actively absorb mineral sewage salts, which makes them more compacted.

Pattern in the pipe
Pattern in the pipe

Fat clusters are the most difficult in removal. They are distinguished by increased resistance, and drafts in the pipes dries them even more.

2. Mechanical barrels

There are much less often, in just 10-20% of cases. Mechanical breakdowns are formed if the items have fallen into the sewage system, which should not be there: scraps of toilet paper, cotton discs, wands for cleaning the ears, residues of solutions used during repairs and other.

Mechanical stools in pipes
Mechanical stools in pipes

No less dangerous and waste from the kitchen. For example, a coffee grounds, fusion in a waste pipe, can form traffic jams. The same "effect" will be the husks of the bow, the peel of vegetables and fruits, the remains of food that fell into the pipe. Another risk factor is the minor details of children's toys, designers who, by overpowing parents, can be in the sewer and form a plug there.

3. incorrect installation of pipes

If the pipes are mounted incorrectly, after a while, accumulation will be collected in them.

Mechanical stools in pipes
Mechanical stools in pipes

This may happen on a number of reasons:

  • pipes are connected under a sharp corner;
  • Installation is made with an overly low slope;
  • selected pipes with too small cross section;
  • Fan pipes and valves are not installed;
  • In the connection site, the ends were not performed and the sovereignts remained, which delay sewage particles.

Pipes connected at right angles can also cause "congestion". The same consequences will appear if the drains have too many turns, curves in a small area.

4. Old pipes

Another reason for breaking the pipes, the service life of which has expired. Even if the layout is made correctly, but the pipes are outdated, traffic jams may appear.

Old pipes
Old pipes

Especially important is for cast iron pipes. Their inner surface is subject to corrosion. Metal layer, "eaten" rust - ideal conditions for fat and dirt accumulation. PVC pipes do not possess such a disadvantage, so there are practically no flavored deposits on their surfaces.

Knowing that it was the cause of pollution of the sewer, to get rid of the problem will be much easier.

How to determine the location of the zero in the sewer pipe?

Pump plot in the kitchen occurs for various reasons. For example, the sewage in the bathroom is clogged due to the accumulation of a large amount of hair in the pipes. In the kitchen, blockages in the sewage pipes are formed due to the deposition of fat residues and food particles after washing dishes.

Before you begin cleaning the pipes, it is important to understand exactly where pollution was accumulated. From this will depend on the way to choose to solve the problem. Determine the approximate location of the traffic jam is simply. It is necessary to turn on the water and see how it will decrease:

  • Water "leaves" slowly . This suggests that a strong blockage in the pipe was formed at a distance of 1 m. And more than plum. In this case, cleaning is better carried out using a metal cable.
  • Water descends, but to a certain level . Then it stops and does not flow into the pipes. The plot is clogged, located on the interval from the siphon to the first turn. Here you can cope with the help of folk methods or special chemicals.
  • Water does not decrease at all . Siphon clogged and the best solution will be manual cleaning of the pipeline.

After clarifying the location of the barbell, you can proceed to its liquidation. Folk remedies will help this, special chemistry or more radical methods for solving the problem.

10 folk ways to clean the plot in the pipe at home

Small fat clusters in the pipes can be deleted independently. This will not need special preparations or tools. In the process of cleaning will be involved primary means that are in every household. We offer 10 simple, but efficient ways to get rid of the cloth in the pipes.

№1. Wash hot water

Remedy to break boiling water
Remedy to break boiling water

Best of all this method is suitable for kitchen pipes. It is in them often a large amount of fat accumulates. Depending on the material of the pipes, flushing with hot water is carried out in different ways:

  • Steel tubes. Prepare 3-5 liters of boiling water. Pour them into the sink and wait 10-15 minutes.
  • Plastic pipes. Cool boiling water can melt PVC, so it is better to use hot water from under the tap. It is enough to open a crane with hot water and rinse plastic pipes about 10-20 minutes.

Boiling water dissolves small fatty traffic jams and will lead them through the pipes into the waste sewer.

№2. Soda and vinegar

Soda and vinegar for cleaning pipes
Soda and vinegar for cleaning pipes

If flushing with boiling water does not help, then you can apply a more aggressive method. It uses funds that are practically in any kitchen - food soda and vinegar. It is better to take a domestic soda, because imported not to cope with the task.

The soda and vinegar reaction will reduce the contamination of the average degree of intensity. The solution of increased concentration is not desirable. It can damage the inner side of the pipe. How to clear the blockage in the tube soda and vinegar - instruction:

  1. 200 g of food soda falls asleep into the drain hole.
  2. Then a glass of table vinegar is poured there.
  3. About 15-20 minutes will react. At this time, it is impossible to open water, use plumbing.
  4. After the reaction is completed, open a hot water crane for 3-5 minutes. The pressure should be strong.

The interaction of soda and vinegar will help get rid of small and fresh savings. For more discovered layers, it is necessary to use more caustic substances.

No. 3. Caustic soda

Caustic soda for pipe cleaning
Caustic soda for pipe cleaning

This is a stronger substance than the food soda in a mixture with vinegar. It is sold in any economic supermarket. For its application you need to prepare water-based solution:

  1. Take a large metal bucket.
  2. Pour into it 2-3 kg of caustic soda.
  3. Pour 12 liters of cold water water.
  4. Well stirred for 30 minutes.
  5. Bring the solution to a homogeneous consistency.
  6. Put a bucket with a mixture obtained on the stove.
  7. Heat the solution up to 70 ° C. It is important not to overheat it, as it will lose efficiency. In addition, too hot liquid will damage the pipe.
  8. Slowly pour half the solution into the drain hole. Leave for 2 hours.
  9. Then, in the same way, pour the second part of the mixture and also leave for 2 hours.
  10. Turn on hot water and rinse the waste pipes.

Works need to be taken carefully so as not to damage the skin. It is advisable to protect the hands with work gloves. According to the reviews of the cleaning tested this method, even intensive contaminants can be removed from the first time. But to succeed, you need to clearly adhere to the proportions of the recipe and follow the instructions.

Gel rubber soda is a softer means. It is also sold in business stores. At a price, it is slightly higher than the cost of the classic product. In efficiency, they are practically the same.

Recipe products based on gel rubber soda:

  1. Take 100 ml gel rubber soda.
  2. Pour the substance into the drain hole.
  3. Pour there by 250 ml of hot water.
  4. Wait 2 hours.
  5. Open a crane with hot water and rinse the pipe thoroughly.

№4. Large salt and boiling water

Large salt for cleaning
Large salt for cleaning

Suitable for cleaning the plugs in cast iron pipes. For these purposes, the salt of small grinding type "Extra" will not fit. Salt should be with large particles. Next, to eliminate the pipes of the pipes in the apartment with your own hands, you need to act according to the instructions:

  1. Fall asleep into a hole for a plum of 300 g of a large salt.
  2. Pour 2 liters of boiling water.
  3. Then pour 100 ml of vinegar 70%.
  4. Wait 30 minutes.

After the work performed, check the result. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

№5. Soda with vinegar and chlorine

Soda with vinegar and chlorine for pipe cleaning
Soda with vinegar and chlorine for pipe cleaning

A mixture of soda, vinegar and chlorine is able to remove a strong zoom of sewer pipes. All components are easy to find in home "covers" or buy in business stores. Although chlorine and not the safest component for man, it perfectly removes not only fat, but also a lime bloom from the pipes. Soda is taken in equal proportions: food and calcined.

Application scheme at home:

  1. "Drain" the sink. It is necessary to wipe the sink, collecting the napkin all the water. This is done in order for the tool to show its effectiveness by 100%.
  2. Fall as a soda. Mix 50 g of calcined and food soda. Fill the mixture into the drain hole.
  3. Pour vinegar and chlorine. Next, fill 150 ml of vinegar and the same amount of chlorine.
  4. Close hole. As you can block the drain, so that unpleasant smells do not get into the room.
  5. Rinse with running water. After 30 minutes, open a crane with hot water, to lower the water for 40 minutes.

№6. Washing powder

Washing Powder for Vodo Cleaning
Washing Powder for Vodo Cleaning

Washing powder not only cleans clothes well. It is not bad with pollution from the inner surface of the pipes. It is important that it was a washing agent not in the form of a gel, but in powder. For cleaning, you will need 2 tbsp. l. washing powder. They must be filled into a hole for drain. After that, turn on the crane with hot water for 5 minutes.

№7. Lemon acid

Lemonic acid to remove a blockage
Lemonic acid to remove a blockage

Do not know how to clean the blockage in the pipes, the solution from citric acid will help you. The solution for the elimination of a fat traffic jam is prepared from 1-2 sachets of citric acid, in terms of grams - approximately 40 g. It is necessary to boil the water for the preparation of the solution. Lemonic acid powder dissolves in 1 liter of hot water. In the event that metal pipes are cleaned, the solution is filled immediately. If the pipes are made of plastic, then the temperature of the water should not be hot 70-80 ° C. After 10-20 minutes, the acid destroys the layer of deposits on the pipes. After that, they need to rinse with flowing hot water. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure.

№8. Alka-Seltser

Alka-Seltzer for cleaning pipes
Alka-Seltzer for cleaning pipes

Despite the fact that Alca-Seltzer is a medical drug, it also applies to solving household problems, for example, wastewater purification. It will not only solvent a tube of fat or dirt, but also eliminates the unpleasant smell.

Buy tablets can be in a conventional pharmacy. They are sold without a recipe. The drug is used in combination with vinegar and water. The reaction of effervescent tablets in this mixture and gives a dissolving effect.

Step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  1. 2 tablets of the drug are put in the draining.
  2. 1 glass of vinegar poured on top.
  3. Then 50 ml of water is poured.

After such cleanings, you need to wait a few minutes and, turning on the crane with hot running water, rinse well sewage.

№9. Salt and soda mixture

Mixture of salt and soda for pipe cleaning
Mixture of salt and soda for pipe cleaning

The method is well suited for cleansing fatty traffic jams. Mix 300 g of salt and soda. Then the dry mixture was dissolved in hot water, mix well until the ingredients are completely dissolved. The solution should be highly concentrated. Next, the resulting liquid is pouring out in stock. After 15 minutes, turn on the crane with hot water for a couple of minutes. If it was not possible to achieve the desired result, then cleansing is reused. In this case, 15-20 ml of vinegar is additionally added to the finished solution.

№10. Lemon juice

Lemon juice to remove a blockage
Lemon juice to remove a blockage

It will take several fresh lemons. Citrus squeezes juice and poured into the drain hole. The flow water does not use at least 1 hour. After that, you need to turn on the crane and check how efficiently the pipe is cleaned. Instead of fresh lemons, you can use 1/2 cup of lemon juice concentrate.

5 radical ways to eliminate zoom in the sewer pipe

When folk remedies do not help, you can resort to a mechanical way to eliminate traffic jams in sewage pipes. There are several variants of mechanical impact on the accumulation of dirt and fat in the sewage. Consider the 5 most popular ways.

№1. With cable

Cleaning pipes using a cable
Cleaning pipes using a cable

What to pierce the pan in the pipe? For punching will need a special plumbing cable. It is applied in cases where the plug accumulated far from the drain hole. It also helps to get breakdown from bending parts of pipes. With the help of the cable it is easy to pull out the accumulation of fat and sera or break the plug and release the pipe from pollution.

How to break a zoom with a cable - instruction:

  • Dismantling of the siphon. The cable is impossible to get dirt out of the pipes, without removing the pre-siphon. Only after dismantling it will be convenient to get to the sewage.
  • Clearance clearance. Place the cable into the pipe and clockwise and promote it forward. Movements should be smooth, not sharp. If resistance is found on the way of the cable movement, you need to scroll through the cable until it breaks the obstacle and goes on.
  • Flushing drain. After breaking the cork, it is necessary to get a cable, then put the siphon, turn on the water and rinse the stock.

Video Instructions for removing a blockage with a cable:

Special cable is sold in plumbing stores. But you can make it possible to make a device yourself from a conventional metal cable.

The master class in its manufacture is pretty simple:

  1. It will take the usual flexible, not very thick cable.
  2. One end must be bandaged and fluff.
  3. The ring is attached to the opposite end of the cable. With it, it will be easy to scroll through the cable.
  4. A small cut of a plastic pipe is put on the middle of the cable. It will be a kind of handle for which it will be convenient to keep the device while working. In the absence of a plastic pipe, the cable can be simply wrapped with any hard material and consolidate it.

Such a simple device is distinguished by multifunction. It can be used for different works: cleaning of stock pipes, water supply elements, heating, and even for cleaning chimneys.

№2. Cleaner vacuum cleaner

Cleaning a cloth in a vacuum cleaner
Cleaning a cloth in a vacuum cleaner

An ordinary vacuum cleaner will help in solving the problem. The only condition is the device must be equipped with a blowing function. The end of the hose is wrapped with a cloth with not too dense weave. The material must be firmly attached to the scotch, thread or tape. The hose is tightly leaving for the drain hole at an angle of 90 ° C. The device is activated for maximum power. The air pressure is poured the resulting plug. This method will be effective only if contamination has accumulated no further than 1 m from the drain hole.

No. 3. With helpeda

Clearance Clearance With Vanuza
Clearance Clearance With Vanuza

Vanutuz is a special device for cleaning water drain in sinks. The appearance of this plumbing tool is familiar to many. It is a rubber cup-shaped nozzle mounted on a wooden handle.

Vanutuz is most productive when the dust in the house of the house formed near the drain hole. The further the plug is, the less effective is the sanitary inlet. Vantums are pneumatic and mechanical. The nozzle can be made in the form of a washer or cone.

Elimination of blockages in sewage pipes by Vanatuz:

  1. Sink to dry from water. But it is necessary to leave a small amount of moisture directly around the drain hole.
  2. Purify other drain holes. If there are other shells in the house, baths, then it is necessary to close their drain holes with a plug. So it creates a good pressure in the pipe.
  3. Install vanatuz. The rubber bowl of the vehicle must completely cover the drain hole.
  4. Rush vanatuz. By installing the canafuz, it is necessary to do about 10 energetic movements down-up. At the same time, the cow of the canoth can not be torn off the sink surface. Then Vanutuz is quickly removed. Water with particles of destroyed mud tube will begin to arrive in a drain hole. When the water fills the drain hole, it is necessary to quickly repeat the procedure, without allowing the fluid to go down again.

Video Instructions for cleaning Vodo Vatum:

A sign that everything is done correctly will be the full care of the water into the hole, together with the mud. If this happens, you should repeat the procedure several times. Perhaps the reason is that clusters too much and they could not be destroyed 1 time. If, after the work done, the water completely went down, then purified pipes are washed with water from under the tap. In prophylactic purposes, you can apply a ready-made pipe cleaning agent. We will talk about them below.

№4. Dismantling and cleaning of the siphon

Dismantling and cleaning of the siphon
Dismantling and cleaning of the siphon

A clogged siphon is the most common cause of "obstruction" of the water from the shell. To resolve the problem, you need to disassemble the siphon and free it from pollution. This is done as follows:

  1. Under the siphon, disseminate a piece of fabric. Material should choose water well.
  2. Under the sink to put the pelvis. Water will flow into it.
  3. Remove the dissolve nut, which fixes the siphon tube.
  4. Dismantle siphon and clean it from pollution. This can be done with a brush or a brush for dishes.
  5. Rinse siphon under running water.
  6. In the pipe that is connected to the sewer, pour a mixture of vinegar and soda. The reaction will go, which will destroy pollution on the walls of the pipe. To secure the result, pour into the pipe another 150 ml of vinegar. Make the same manipulations a few times.
  7. After 15-20 minutes in the pipe pour 2-3 liters of hot water. After that, you need to wait 5 minutes.
  8. Install the siphon on its former position. Split a shutter nut.

Disassembly and cleaning of a siphon from a zoom with their own hands:

If you follow this instruction, then just once you can cope with the accumulation of dirt and fat in the pipes.

№5. Hydrodynamic method

Hydrodynamic method of cleaning sewer pipes
Hydrodynamic method of cleaning sewer pipes

Cleaning blockages in pipes with hydrodynamic method is used when none of the above methods have not been effective. But plumbing with special equipment is involved in its implementation. The essence of this method in the use of water, which is supplied under high pressure.

This is done using a special car. It serves water under strong pressure. The device is connected to the hose with nozzles of different sizes. Works pass in 2 stages:

  1. At the first stage, a plug makes his way and a preliminary cleaning from contamination is carried out. To do this, a hose with large-size nozzles are used, which are called punching.
  2. At the second stage, more thorough cleaning is carried out. In this case, at the end of the hose, smaller nozzles are installed with a nozzle in the form of the Yersh.

This method is effective for removal from pipes of large, severely compressed layers of fat and dirt.

5 shopping products for cleaning pipes from blocks

To clean traffic jams, you can also take advantage of ready-made means of household chemicals. They are available in different shapes: liquid, granular / powdered and gelling. Such store equipment will be helped by the pipes of pipes:

№1. Mole


Removing a cloth in the pipes with a mole. Budget product of domestic production. Available in almost all business stores. Works on average for 1.5-3 hours. To clean strong contaminants, you can leave for the night. The active substances in the composition of potassium and sodium hydroxides, as well as modified acetic acid. These substances destroy proteins, vegetable and animal fats.

№2. Yplon Drain Cleaner

Yplon Drain Cleaner
Yplon Drain Cleaner

Produced in Belgium. The main operating component in the sodium hydroxide. The substance helps to fight dense stamps from fat and dirt. It is not recommended to apply for pipes from aluminum or other metals. It is better suited if there is a blockage in plastic pipes. It takes a lot of time cleaning - 7-8 hours. The cost of funds is not budget, but the cleansing effect pays for costs.

No. 3. Tiret.

Tire Tire
Tire Tire

You can say this is the best means to remove blockages in the pipes. The cleaner has a gel shape. Such a consistency allows it to "get" to the most clogged areas of pipes. Recommended for different types of pipes: metal, plastic. Well copes even with traffic jams. In the bottle of the tool, though a lot - 1 liter, but this quantity is enough for 2-3 applications. From disadvantages - high price and high product consumption.

№4. Sanfor


Tools from blockages in SanFor pipes is a budget analogue of the previous product. It is also produced in the form of a gel. Active ingredients - hypochlorites, sodium hydroxides. The composition also includes surfactants and salts of Adt. All these substances decompose the organic matter, dissolve fats and remove unpleasant odors from the sewage. The tool copes with hair, fat, food residues in pipes for 5-10 minutes. Of the minuses - the content of chlorine, harmful to human health.

№5. Bagi "Potechan"

Bagi "Potechan"
Bagi "Potechan"

The cleaner is made in the form of granules. The formula based on caustic soda and surfactants provides fast and efficient cleansing. Granules begin their action when in contact with water. The remedy can also break through a serious plug for 3-5 minutes. But he has a high concentration of active ingredients and during use it highlights an unpleasant, sharp smell. It is important when there is a cleaning of blockages in the pipes, when working with it, it is necessary to protect your hands and respiratory tract.

How to prevent breaks in the pipes? | Prevention

Problems with clogged pipes can be avoided if you adhere to simple rules. Of course, they cannot guarantee 100% protection against the appearance of traffic jams, but if they are compliance, this problem occurs significantly less.

Do not save on water. The sewage system needs a certain amount of water, which naturally cleans the stock. If the waters are missing, then in the pipes will begin to form a flare. Especially this rule concerns hot water. It dissolves well and pins it from the walls of the pipes.

Clean the dishes from food residues. Before you wash the dishes, it needs to be carefully cleaned from food residues. Once in the sewer, they quickly clog it, and it is quite difficult to remove them.

Do not drain fat into the sewer. Fat from a frying pan can not be poured into a kitchen sink or in the toilet. It must be thrown into the trash can. To solve the problem, you can install the greaseliver.

Prevent hair from entering stock. Hair is the main enemy of the sewer system. Finding into it, they form the tangles, cling to the inner surface of the pipes and detain other particles of pollution and fat. Before receiving a bath or shower, it is necessary to comb your hair, collect them with combs and throw them out in the trash can.

Install protective nets. Each drain hole needs to be equipped with a mesh. In the kitchen, it will help to delay food particles, and in the bathroom - threads and hair. Such a simple measure at times increases the chances to avoid problems with the clouds. It is important not to forget to clean the mesh every time the garbage accumulates.

Carry out prophylactic cleaning. To prevent clogging, it is necessary to regularly clean the drain system with boiling water, soda and vinegar or a ready-made chemical agent. Prevention will help at the initial stage to destroy the raids on the pipes.

Do not use the toilet as a trash can. Toiletz is not a trash bin. It can not be thrown out hair, pets, skyshest jam, soup or other waste from the kitchen, personal hygiene objects, cotton walkers and discs. Plumbers do not recommend to the toilet paper in the toilet bowl. For all this there is a garbage bucket.

Purchase chopper household waste. For kitchen cleanings and other household waste, you can buy a special device - chopper or dispatcher.

To change the pipes in a timely manner. Drain pipes have a service life. It is important to follow him, and on time to change the old pipes to new on time. Indeed, in old metal drain systems, rust accumulates, and plastic can give a crack and flow.


There are many different ways to clean the blocks: folk remedies, household chemicals and mechanical methods for cleansing pollution. The choice depends on the type of cork, the type of pipes, as well as how much the situation is running. Preventive measures will help avoid problems with clogged pipes.

Cleaning sewage drain in a private house is a serious event aimed at eliminating a cloth in the sewer tube. Bores in sewage pipelines are a common problem. It is possible to remove the blocking in several ways, however, it is much easier to observe the measures that will exclude the occurrence of traffic jams in sewage communication.

Cleaning sewage in a private house

The choice of the method of cleaning the sewage in a private house depends on what place the block was formed in

The main causes of blockage

Corks in sewage pipes are quite frequent phenomenon. The reasons for the occurrence of such blocks are several. The main reason can be called the incorrect operation of this system. The emergence of a blockage is accompanied by the following consequences:

  • The occurrence of an unpleasant smell coming from the drain hole of the shell or other sanitary equipment;
  • Reducing water pressure in the system or its complete disappearance also indicates that the lumen of the pipe is partially or completely clogged;
  • When using a sink or bath, it can be noted that water is not removed into the drain hole (this also indicates the system of the system);
  • Rising water level in the toilet.

To select a method for eliminating a blockage, you first need to deal with the cause of its occurrence. Consider, because of what the clomes are most often arise in the sewage communication of the private house:

  • clogging the pipe due to a major item that got into it and blocked the lumen;
  • Understanding pipe walls with solid deposits. Such deposits occur due to organic and inorganic waste of human life;
  • The emergence of the fatty film, which is formed due to the ingress of fat particles into the sewer pipe. Fat corks are considered dangerous for metal pipes.

Helpful information! The fatty film occurs due to improper operation of sanitary equipment, into which various nutritional waste contains fat.

  • Soap plug. Appears during the operation of the sink in the private home bathroom. It is quite difficult to get rid of such a break, since the soap falling into the pipe through the drain is mixed with other foreign particles and freezes;
  • Hair getting into the drain and sinks is also able to cause pipes. The removal of such a plug can be made only in two ways: a chemical cleaning agent and mechanical way;
  • Errors in the design and laying of sewage communication, which cause stagnation of water and the rapid occurrence of various deposits in problem areas. In this case, only re-installation of the system will help;
  • If water has a high rigidity rate, then the rate of salt deposits on the walls of sewage pipes increases. Metal pipes are most vulnerable in this case.
Cleaning sewage in a private house

The sign of the storage in the pipes is the deterioration of the work of the drain in Santechpribers

Even the usual toilet paper, discharged in the toilet, can cause a blockage in the sewer tube.

4 varieties of blockages

All blockages are classified by nature on 4 main species. Consider them:

  1. Operational. This type of blockage may occur as a result of accumulation of fat in sewage pipes, which accumulates during the operation of sanitary equipment and is mixed with other foreign elements (hair, food particles, etc.).
  2. Mechanical. It occurs as a result of improper operation of plumbing and, as a rule, consists of various garbage (toilet paper, rags, etc.).
  3. Biological. The biological cork appears due to the disposal of food waste and human vital products. To eliminate such a bed, there is no point in using pipe cleaning agents. In such a situation, only the disassembly of the siphon and its purification, followed by washing in the soap solution, will help.
  4. Technogenic. This type of thrombus in sewage communication occurs due to improper installation of the structure. It is recommended to call a specialist who will perform the necessary repair system.

All of the above varieties of blockages are problematic, however, each of them is eliminated in its own way. The further methods for eliminating various traffic jams will be addressed.

How to clean the sewage in a private house?

The most common option to eliminate the blockage in the sewage system of the private house is a chemical tool for cleaning pipes. To date, there are a huge set of cleaning products, the most popular of which are "Mole" and Tiret. The clogged tube can be cleaned with the help of folk methods, such as boiling water or soda solution with vinegar. In the event that chemical cleaning does not help, it is recommended to use mechanical methods.

Cleaning sewage in a private house

The first assistance when casting in the pipes may be a people's or shop chemical agent.

As a rule, the cause of the sewer pipe drive is incorrect operation of the system. You should not also forget that the tube plug may arise due to a large object in it. In this case, it is recommended to use the mechanical method of cleaning sewage pipes.

You can cope with the sewer pipe with the following common ways:

  • simple folk methods (boiling water or soda with vinegar);
  • chemicals that are most popular to eliminate organic traffic jams;
  • mechanically. This method implies the use of a special plumbing device - the cable for cleaning pipes;
  • Hydraulic method. In this case, clean the sewage can be cleaned with a directed jet of water, which is supplied to the system under high pressure.

Flushing boiling water

The use of boiling water allows you to clean the plug in the sewer pipe formed as a result of feeding into the system. Recommended before the start of the cleaning itself, determine the type of clogging. There are two types of blockages depending on the location in the sewer pipeline:

Cleaning sewage in a private house

Local location within the room can be revealed in a simple way.

With a general clogboard, the system will have to complete its complete cleaning, and with a local blockage - a certain element of the pipeline sewage design is cleared. To determine the type of blockage, it is recommended to check all drain points. Depending on the water disposal rate, it is possible to determine which pipe is scored or establish that the problem is to clog the riser (if all plums in the house are incorrect). The process of cleaning the pipe cleaning with boiling water looks in this way: a certain amount of boiling water is poured across drained into a clogged sewer pipe.

Note! For cleaning the clogged pipe, it is necessary to use about 6 liters of water.

Experts do not recommend using boiling water to clean the toilet, as a large amount of hot water can damage it. Plastic pipes can be deformed from boiling water. Cleaning cleaning Cleaning is considered the simplest method, but in some cases such an event can help cope with clogging.

Cleaning pipes with vinegar and soda

Another common popular method of eliminating clogging in the sewer tube is the use of soda and vinegar. Such a means for cleaning sewage pipes is characterized in that it is able to eliminate organic blockages that have formed in the sewer system during operation. A solution of soda and vinegar perfectly cleans the pipes scored with fat.

Consider how to clean the sewer system with the help of soda and vinegar:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to fall asleep soda into the drain hole. The amount of soda should be approximately half a cup.
  2. Next you need to pour into the drain hole vinegar.
  3. After that, the drain hole must be checked and wait for about 2 hours.
  4. At the end, the drain hole opens up about 4-5 liters of hot water in the drain.

Such a procedure will allow to get rid of the fatty block, and will also provide the progress of the penetration of the pipe. The use of soda and vinegar does not guarantee one hundred percent removal of the tube from the sewer pipe. If this event did not bring any results to use another cleaning method.

Cleaning sewage in a private house

Tools for cleaning pipes need to be chosen depending on the place of blockage and its type, since such compositions are acidic or alkaline

Cleaning sewage in private house chemicals

Any chemical compound is directed to softening and dissolving the garbage cork. To select the right sewage cleaning tool, you need to take into account the nature of the clogging of the sewer pipe.

There are three types of chemicals to clean sewage, depending on the consistency:

  • liquid;
  • gels;
  • powdered;

If the site in the system clogged due to fatty sediments, it is necessary to first try the folk remedy for cleaning, and after, a product based on a row, which can be purchased almost in any store.

Cleaning the clogged sewage in a private house (with the unidentified nature of the cork in the system) is made using an acid-based agent. This is important, since acidic products are perfectly coping with their task and dissolve garbage in the sewer tube.

Many chemical manufacturers, to clean the sewer system, are recommended to leave powdered detergents overnight. This account has one important rule: if your pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), then it is categorically not recommended to do this. PVC products can be easily damaged by chemical. Personal sewage sewer, in no case can you mix two or more cleaning products for pipes, which are represented by different types . This is due to the fact that the simultaneous use of an alkaline and acid product will lead to the neutralization reaction and this will strongly reduce the efficiency of cleaning.

Cleaning sewage in a private house

Autonomous sewage in a private house has a specific structure and for cleaning its some components there are special means

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning is quite simple, but it is worth considering another important rule: before starting this event, it is desirable to explore the instructions on the packaging of the cleaning agent.

Cleaning sewage ventuses

This method involves the use of vanza, by means of which hydroudar affects the sewage to the sewage. Cleanup Cleanuza Clearance allows you to achieve the necessary pressure for hydraulic impact.

Consider the phased process of cleaning the sewer tube clogged in the private house using this device:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to fill the sink or bath with water. It is important to remember that the water level should be higher than the rubber element of the vehicle.
  2. Next, the tool must be placed above the drain hole.
  3. Then there are progressive movements, by means of impact on its handle. Pressing should be approximately 15-20.

Cleaning Cleaning Cleanuction allows you to get rid of all sorts of clogging. The main task in such a situation is the effect on the trash cork using the pressure and its breakdown, followed by the pushing of the blocking elements on the sewer tube.

If, after 3 cycles, the pipe described above is still clogged, then it is necessary to try another cleaning method.

Helpful information! You can combine two options for cleaning the sewer system, namely: the use of vanza and chemicals.

Cleaning sewage in a private house

If the zoom is very dense or has an inorganic origin, it is possible to get rid of it only mechanically

Mechanical cleaning of sewage

Mechanical cleaning of the sewage design is performed using a special plumbing device - cable. Such a cable is able to break the garbage plug and clean the sewage, which was clogged with various large foreign elements (toilet paper, rags, construction garbage, etc.).

Plumbing cable is a metal cable that can be manufactured with a spiral texture. At one of the ends of the cable there is a special nozzle, which can have a different form (nozzle-petal, a dense narrow nozzle or other), and on the other - a handle, for the convenience of cleaner work. The shape of the nozzle is selected depending on which nature has a zoom in the sewer tube.

Cleaning sewage networks by means of a plumbing cable as follows:

  1. Cleaning Cleaning Begins with the fact that the cable is gently placed through a drain hole in the sewer tube. The main advantage of such a tool is flexibility, thanks to which the cable can reach the localization of the trash plug without any problems.
  2. When reached the cloth, resistance will feel, so it is not difficult to determine its localization. It is necessary to check 3-4 times, whether the plug has been achieved. For this, the cable is delayed back, and re-promotion is produced.
  3. After the cable retains to break, it is necessary to slowly start rotating his opposite end. This is done to destroy the trash cork.

Through a plumbing cable, you can cope with the complex clogging of the sewer pipe. The main rule that should be observed with such a cleaning is attentive.

Hydrodynamic clearing sewage

Such cleaning of the sewer pipe is made if all of the above methods have not brought any results. With this method, as a rule, the external sewage is cleaned. This option clearing the external sewage is considered the most effective. This is due to the fact that with the help of cleaning with water under pressure, you can cope with a blockage of any complexity.

Cleaning sewage in a private house

The hydrodynamic method is most effective, it allows not only to break the plug, but also clean the pipe wall

The use of such a method has another plus: in addition to the main localized trim from the garbage, the inner walls of the sewage communication are cleaned.

The device for hydrodynamic cleaners has a kind of hose with a special nozzle. The nozzle is perforated, that is, it is distinguished by the presence of holes through which the jets of water under pressure are supplied. The device includes an apparatus that discharge the desired pressure indicators.

Note! The device for hydrodynamic cleaners of the sewer pipeline is quite expensive, however, for these purposes, an ordinary garden hose can be used, which can also cope with some clouds in the sewer tube.

All of the above methods can be useful if your sewage clogs. As mentioned above, it is necessary to first determine the type and localization of the blockage, and only then select the appropriate option for its liquidation. In addition, if necessary, you can always use the services of a professional.

Periodically, it is necessary to clean the sewage in the private house, because Permanent operation of the system creates conditions for the appearance of blockages and traffic jams that prevent wastewater outflows. To break the pipe at home, use special household chemicals, folk remedies, plumbing cables and other methods.

Cleaning sewage in a private house: causes of blockages and ways to eliminate them, preventive measures

Products of human livelihoods, rust, scale - all this certainly leads to clogging of sewage pipes.

Basic preventive measures to combat blockages

Elimination of blockages is greater difficulty, so it is necessary to take measures to prevent their occurrence. The possibility of the appearance of traffic jams is taken into account when designing sewage. Pipelines leading from the shells, toilet and other receivers of the effluent to septic, should fit with a slope of at least 2 cm. This will accelerate the outflow of water, so fat will lay down less on the walls and will reduce the risk of cluster in the pipe of other pollutants.

Lattices are installed on the drain holes, they will prevent intake in the sewer:

  • small objects;
  • hair;
  • wool;
  • residues of vegetables;
  • pieces of fabric;
  • Packages and other garbage.

It is advisable every week to clean the pipes with chemicals or boiling water. It is impossible to flush hard-soluble substances, it is especially dangerous to get into the pipes of the residues of building materials - after frozen, it is almost impossible to remove them.

Cleaning sewage in a private house: causes of blockages and ways to eliminate them, preventive measures

Sometimes a block may be in a siphon of a sink or bathroom - for this it is enough to enlighten the siphon or use the cable to clean it.

How to find sewer pipes

To find where the sewer tube was hampered, the water is typing alternately into each plumbing device. If all receivers cost water or fluid is weakly leaving, the plug is located in a common pipe leading to septic. If water remains only in one device, the plug is located near the drain, i.e. Great probability of clogging of the siphon.

Ways removal methods

The sewage cleaning method depends on the nature of the pollution. Often the plug is formed due to the layering of fat on the walls, this leads to a gradual deterioration of the outflow of water. In the future, the ingress of any solid debris becomes the cause of the plug.

In this case, a chemical agent can be used, including caustic nat. This substance can dissolve fatty deposits, as well as split some types of organic pollution.

If you get into the sewer sewer of a piece of fabric, polyethylene and other items that cannot be dissolved by chemicals, you can try to push the blockage to vanatuz. If the plug does not shift, a sanitary cable or other special tools will be required. In addition, the washing of pipes with water under pressure is justified. Such cleaning is performed only by special equipment.

The main stages of block removal

If sewage has been hampered, you must first, if possible, lean all the water from detectors of wastewater. After that, it is necessary to remove the siphons that are located under the sinks, shower and bath. The form of the siphon predisposes the garbage in it. Siphons should be disassembled, rinse and install in place.

After that, the pipes are cleaning with boiling water. This method allows you to clean the walls from fat deposits. If the washing has not allowed to eliminate the blockage, chemicals or plumbing tools should be used.

Chemical cleaning of sewer pipes

To eliminate traffic jams, chemical compositions are often used, which are produced by the form of granules, powder, gel and liquid. As part of most of these drugs there is a caustic nat. This substance can split not only fat deposits, but also garbage of organic origin. It is better to use drugs that include a concentrated active ingredient. Diluted formulations are less effective.

Vinegar and Soda

If the sewage was clogged, but there are no special chemical compositions, you can use food soda and vinegar. This method allows to eliminate deposits and dissolve small organic pollutants. At first, approximately ½ pack of soda falls asleep into the drain, after that vinegar poured inside. Drain need to shut the plug. A foam that is formed during the reaction process will not be released through the drain, and will actively act on the cork formed.

The composition is left inside for 2 hours. After that, it is necessary to bite the drain hole and rinse the sewer 4-5 liters of boiling water. This method is not always effective, especially if the pipe clogged on an extensive area.

Chemical method

Cleaning sewage in a private house: causes of blockages and ways to eliminate them, preventive measures

Mole and steril - the most popular means for cleaning pipes and sewage.

If people's sewage cleaning methods have not allowed to eliminate the blockage, it is necessary to take advantage of the potent chemical preparations based on alkali. Different means to the pipe can not be poured, because This may cause unexpected chemical reactions, emissions of toxic vapors into air and damage to the sewage.

When using caustic-based drugs, it is necessary to comply with the precautions: to wear gloves and a respirator to protect the skin and respiratory tract. It is better to use gel and liquid agents with a high concentration of the active substance.

Be sure to get acquainted with the instructions attached to the chemical drug. A specified amount of substance is added to the plums of the pipe, the drain is closed by a plug. After that, you need to wait 3-4 hours.

If during this time the blockage will not disappear, you should use the vanatoux. The changing pressure in the pipe, which creates the work of the vehicle, will allow to achieve the penetration of the solution of the caustic natra closer to the traffic point. You should wait another 2 hours. Be sure to need to wash the sewage cold water - it will help to avoid unwanted chemical reactions when the detergent is inserted into the drain.

Cleaning vests

You can cope with some clouds with your own hands using a vehicle. This method is based on the principle of hydrowards. First, in the bath or sink you need to pour some water, its level should not exceed the height of the rubber element. Vantuz is located above the drain.

Pressing on the handle, it is necessary to make 15-20 translational movements. The hydrowoods created in this case allow you to break the formed plug and push the contamination on the pipe. If, after 3 cycles of the procedure, the blockage does not remove, you should try other cleaning methods. Further use of the vehicle can cause a cork seal.

Cleaning sewage in a private house: causes of blockages and ways to eliminate them, preventive measures

Plumbing cable can have special replaceable nozzles (ERS, Cone, screw), which are used to remove various types of blockages.

Using a plumbing cable

Cables are different diameters and length. They may look like a cable and as a retained spring. Some species have a tip in the form of a spiral or a ball. Cables having a spiral at the end are well screwed into a plug, which allows you to quickly pull it out of the pipe.

The tip in the form of a ball is designed to break the blockage and pushing it on through the sewer system. The cable must be entered into the pipe in the verge of revision. If there is no such place, you can remove the siphon and enter the cable into the pipe under the sink or bathroom.

The cable must push with a slight scrolling. If he robs into the joint of the pipe, you need to scroll it in the opposite direction, it will bypass the obstacle and push it on. If the tip of the cable is hit, the movement should be strengthened into the traffic jam, it will increase the chance that the pollutant clings, and it can be removed from the pipe along with the cable.

However, often the sanitary tower itself clings to the junction in the pipe. In this case, you need to remove and re-enter the cable into the pipe. This will allow you to remove the plug that closes to the cable. It is necessary to ensure that the cable does not twist - as a result, it can be stuck or be ineffective when removing the plug.

If the blockage is eliminated and the water starts to pass, you should remove the cable and rinse the pipe with boiling water. If there is a lot of fat on the cable, it is required after punching the plugs to fall asleep the chemical preparation into the pipe, which allows to split deposits and organic rubbish adhered to the pipeline walls.

Hydrodynamic clearance

If, using chemicals and plumbing devices, it fails to eliminate the blockage, hydrodynamic clearance will be required. Do not try to carry out the procedure yourself with the help of a pump, because This can cause damage to pipes and other undesirable consequences.

Conduct hydrodynamic clearance to professionals using specially intended equipment. This method involves the introduction of a flexible hose to the pipeline with a tip, through which water under pressure. The destroyed block is pushing further along the pipe.

After conducting hydrodynamic cleaners of the closed pipe, it is necessary to use a chemical preparation to eliminate the remaining fat deposits.

A source: https://vodasovet.ru/kanalizatsiya/chistka-kanalizatsii-v-chastnom-dome

How to clean the sewage in a private house?

Sooner or later everyone faces a question: how to clean the sewer in a private house? This problem should be suitable with all seriousness and use a comprehensive solution. Elimination of pipes can occur in several ways, each of which is recommended to be applied in a certain case.

The causes of the occurrence of blockages

Clearing sewage in a private house is necessary if there is an unpleasant smell of the sink. Also, the need for such work indicates a decrease in the water drainage rate in plumbing devices.

Basically, sewer pipes are capable of clogging due to several reasons:

  • Items. Fit into the drain of a large object, which blocked the current fluid over the pipeline.
  • Waste organic. Due to clogging of the sewer tube with organic and inorganic waste, which settle on their walls.
  • Soap. His particles, getting into the drain, mix with other waste and settled on the walls. As a result, they quickly solidify and provoke a serious blockage.
  • Fat. It is able to accumulate on the walls, gradually reducing their bandwidth.
  • Hair. Over time, it accumulates a lot of them, which provokes a blockage, which can be eliminated only mechanically or chemically.

Clogged trumpet

Errors with a sewer system. It is unable to function normally, and frequent blockages are guaranteed.

Rigid water. It provokes the appearance of a dense fly on the walls of the pipes, which is a frequent cause of blockages.

Cast iron pipes. They are clogged, as they are subject to corrosion, which leads to the appearance on the walls of irregularities, where fat and other household waste are stuck. When using plastic pipes, such a problem can be avoided.

Hydrodynamic method of cleaning

What to do if the sewage system was hammered in a private house, and the masters call no possibility? All plumbers recommend cleaning pipes with special devices - hydromechanical devices, high pressure pumps, homemade power supplies. They allow you to remove the gaps of any complexity. They are recommended to use for pipelines whose diameter does not exceed 30 cm. Special nozzles are also additionally used to clean the sewage. They allow you to better spend all the work with the individual characteristics of the existing system.

Hydrodynamic clearance of sewer pipes

Hydrodynamic clearance of sewer pipes

How to clean the pipeline in this case? The principle of operation of the equipment is simple - a flushing head of the apparatus is sent to the drain of the problem of the problem, which supplies water under high pressure. In this way, even the most dense blocks are pierced, which is difficult to achieve in other ways. If there is no possibility to use a special hydromechanical installation, you can apply the usual garden hose. It is connected to sewage and water injected with the pump.

The disadvantage of this method is the complexity of its conduct. To eliminate sewage breakups, partial disassembly of the system is required, which is not always comfortable.

Application of cable

How to break the sewer pipes if they clogged? The best device in this case will be a sanitary cable, which is also called a flexible shaft. It is made of durable steel wire. This device works on the principle of the spring capable of bend well. At the end of the cable, a spiral is installed on which you can install various tools - nozzles (scrapers, races, hooks). On the other hand, the flexible shaft is present. It greatly facilitates the work with the tool.

Cable for manual sewage cleaning

The process of cleaning the sewage in a private house with the help of a plumbing cable as follows:

  1. It is recommended to partially disassemble the closed plumbing device (you need to remove the siphon).
  2. The working part of the cable should be entered as much as possible in the sewer.
  3. By producing rotational movements with a handle, you need to try to push the cable forward.
  4. When the block is detected, the speed of rotation should be increased. This will help him quickly push.
  5. In parallel with the movement of the cable, you can turn on hot water or use chemical compositions. This will help make sewage cleaning more efficiently.

Cable for cleaning sewage

Application of canvas for sewage

Vanatuz can be used to clean the sewage pipes in the bathroom, toilet or sink. This is a very effective tool acting on a double principle. It creates pressure, which allows you to move the formed plug, and destroys it. As a result, they are easily removed from the sewage under the flow of water.

The use of the canuza should occur by the following technology:

Cleaning sewage ventuses

Cleaning sewage ventuses

  • In the presence of a plug, designed to filter the effluent, it should be deleted.
  • It is necessary to procure in any way the overflowing hole.
  • Vanatuz lubricates vaseline or fat, which will improve its grip with the surface of the sink.
  • The sink or bath is filled with water so that when using the ventilator, it has been completely covered with liquid.
  • The tool is placed above the drain hole and tightly pressed. Vatuzom makes 15 sharp movements top and down, after which it is broken. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that water has not been registered under the bowl, which will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.
  • If necessary, all manipulations repeat again until it is possible to completely eliminate the blockage.

Cleaning sewage boiling water

If the plot in the pipeline is small and has a local character (placed only in one pipe), it can be eliminated by boiling water. This is especially true when the problem arose in the kitchen, where frozen fat accumulates in the sewer.

For cleaning the system, a large amount of boiling water is poured into the drain. On average, 6 l fluid is needed for the procedure. If water begins to leave and is not stored in the sink, it means that the block is eliminated.

Application of primary means to eliminate sewage breakup

If there is no possibility to apply professional equipment for cleaning the sewer system, you can use some remedies:

  • The drain hole is cleaned of the accumulated garbage and flooding a liter of boiling water. After 15 minutes, 200 g of food soda fall asleep in the sewer. After that, the same amount of boiling water is poured. The procedure is repeated several times until it is possible to eliminate the blockage. The use of soda allows you to create an alkaline medium in sewage, which contributes to its cleansing.
  • It is necessary to fall asleep 150 g of soda, then pour 150 ml of table vinegar. A chemical reaction will go to the formation of foam. The drain hole is closed with a plug and wait a few hours. At the last stage of purification of pipes, they are washed with boiling water to remove blockages.
  • 130 g of soda and salts are poured into the drain hole. There also poured a small amount of boiling water. Drain necessarily closes the plug and wait 8 hours. This time is enough to split the plaque on the walls of the pipes, which led to the interface.
  • To prevent blocks, it is recommended to periodically fall asleep a specially prepared mixture. It consists of the following components - table salt, soda, wine stone (4: 4: 1). After frowning this mixture, the sewer was washed with boiling water.
Cleaning pipes with soda

Cleaning pipes with soda

Chemical sewage cleaning method

To clean the sewer system, which clogged, there are many means. They are sold at any economic store. Such means contain in their composition aggressive chemical compounds that can split deposits on the walls by pipeline. Most Popular:



Tiret Professional

The majority of finished liquids or powders include caustic nat. Therefore, all the work on cleaning sewage must be carried out in rubber gloves and respirator. If you get on the skin, they cause thermal burn. Also, when using such agents, they are categorically forbidden to mix each other. As a result, they can highlight toxic substances that are extremely dangerous to humans.

After the bay in the sewer of the finished liquid, it is recommended for some time not to use a plumbing device. This is necessary to complete the chemical reaction and complete sewage cleansing.

Video: Sewer clogged - how to clean

Sewerage is an integral and very important part of any modern house of both apartment and private. By virtue of permanent operation in it there is always a risk of blockage.

Of course, the emergence of an unpleasant situation can be prevented, but there are no absolute methods and guarantees. Therefore, it is always important to know how to clean the sewer pipes in a private house and what tools will be required for this.

Determination of the location of the blockage

It is always easier to prevent the problem, but often cheaper than eliminating it, it is understandable to many. And problems with sewage in a private house - no exception. Events for prevention will decrease to a minimum chance of clogging of pipes in their regular and systematic conduct.

A significant problem can often create a search for the place where the trouble occurred. This may be a difficult task for a non-specialist.

Usually the pipes are not clogged immediately, and the debris accumulates gradually. It accumulates in a pipe, having a free water flow. Respectively The main sign of the formation of a blockage is a bad water flow .

If there is an unpleasant smell of pipes due to the assembled inside the dirt and solid inclusions, it may appear only in a very started case. Otherwise, the source is something else, not a trash plug.

Water shutter

Water shutter or hydraulication protects against unpleasant odors from sewerage, but himself is one of the most vulnerable elements in the drainage system

With a dense break, the water, in the end, simply ceases to leave and stands in the sink or toilet. Often, this can happen due to irresponsible flushing from small domestic garbage, even simple paper. Before it becomes even worse, the problem must be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Water shutter provide:

  1. On sinks, sinks, bathrooms and shower traps - siphons.
  2. In the bathrooms, washers, laundry rooms, in the garages - in the floor are installed ladders.
  3. In the toileties there is a built-in knee.
  4. In dishwashers and washing machines, water shutter is organized by placing a drain hose with a lifting, or using a special device.

Among other things, the waterproofers are the most frequent place of the occurrence of trash plugs.

They are present in any sewage system, with the exception of absolutely primitive drainage systems, which are on some dachas. Also, this is the most simple situation with which it is most often possible to cope with its own forces.

Principle of operation of Siphon

If the trash cork occurs, it is necessary to eliminate it before it is time to bring serious problems. The most harmless of which is the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Main perpetrators of pipe blockage

For the guaranteed and safe for the removal tube, it is important to first determine the cause of its formation. Finding out the cause, it will be possible to say for sure how to clean the sewer pipes in a private house with your own hands.

The culprits of the formation of these most thrombus in the communication system can be various objects and even ordinary soap. Let's look more detailed blocks of blockages.

Type number 1 - an extraneous subject

The clogging of the pipe can occur due to a sufficiently large object in it, which, stuck inside, becomes the place of cluster of another garbage.

Hair, having a bath or sink, can also become a problem. In large quantities, they form such a serious node, with which it is simply hot water to do not cope.

It is possible to get rid of such a traffic jam from hair if you remove it mechanically or using a cleaning agent.

Hair block

Remove the hair stuck in the pipe, in most cases it is possible and manually, especially if the blockage is located somewhere in the ziphon area. In other cases, it may have to use a cable

Ordinary paper, even a simple toilet, thrown into the toilet, can be a serious cause of the blockage of sewer pipes.

Type number 2 - Salt and fat deposits

The narrowing of the pipe walls can occur due to the layering of solid deposits on them. They are often formed from different waste. Waste can be both organic and inorganic origin.

The occurrence of a thick fat tank inside the pipes may contribute to sticking and sedimentation in the sewage system of numerous particles of fat.

The use of rigid water is one of the frequent causes of the appearance of plugs in the pipes. Water with high rigidity is much faster forms salt sediments. Especially suffering from tough water metal pipes.

In order for such a problem, experts are recommended to be installed on the sewer. They effectively filter used water and do not occupy a lot of space.

Type 2 - Soap Cork

Soaping blockage is formed with a frequent use of soapy water in the sink and in the bathroom. It is difficult to get rid of it, because soap water, hitting the sewer, is usually well mixed with another garbage and freezes in the form of a dense tube.

Elimination of soap storage

The soap plug is easy to eliminate hot water, unless it scored the pipe completely. If you pierce with boiling water does not go out, you will have to use more radical methods.

The cause of the closed sewage can be the errors made during the design and / or laying of communications. They create areas for the passage of water plots, in which the high risk of garbage plugs is always created.

In such cases, essential repairs are required if not Reinstall The entire system is again, of course, if you do not want to regularly face the consequences of these errors.

Effective ways to remove blocks

If preventive measures failed to prevent the occurrence of the plug, we will have to go to liquidation.

The methods of combating the blockage of sewage can be divided into several types:

  • thermal;
  • chemical;
  • mechanical;
  • Hydrodynamic.

All of them have their own nuances, features and approaches to eliminate not only the causes of the occurrence of a blockage, but also its own. You can also combine some of them by performing sewage cleaning at the cottage or in a private house, especially with serious problems.

Method number 1 - Hot water

In the bathrooms on pipes, soap deposits may accumulate, just with them it is very efficient possible to fight with hot water washing, it is desirable with the addition of soda, for greater efficiency.

In this case, the blockage, most likely, does not deliver special troubles. It is only necessary to take into account that for washing the hot water will be needed quite a lot - several buckets. Similarly, it is quite possible to fight with fatty sediments on the kitchen plumbing.

Hot water for cleaning

It should be understood that by passing through the pipes, boiling water quickly cools, and if it is far from the place of blockage, then water becomes useless

If there is no possibility or desire to disassemble the pipes, so that you can get closer to the problem area, you can use the hose by which the hot water is deep into the pipe.

Method number 2 - Mechanical removal

If washed with boiling water, it was not possible, then you will have to use the vanatoux, only it is necessary to ensure that any other holes in the sewage are tightly closed.

When this procedure did not bring the desired result, you will have to resort to the help of a plumbing cable.

Not everyone can handle with a cable can be able to cope, so you may have to call a specialist or call for help at least a partner. Of the methods for cleaning the sewage, which can be carried out independently, this most complex, and will require a wider description.

Santechnic cable

The larger the diameter of the pipe, the thicker it is recommended to use the cable. Now there are many varieties of this device, so problems with the search will not arise

Cables are different. They may differ in various parameters:

  • in size - length, diameter;
  • in appearance - made as a cable or as a twisted spring;
  • Additional devices - with tips in the form of a bowl, in the form of a spiral or without anything.

Cables with spiral Well screwed into the zoom and often allow you to simply pull it out of the pipe. Cable with ball Mostly try to prophes a block on, breaking it into parts.

Specialists also have a nozzle for Fries or Crown Cables that allow you to cut a blockage.

It is necessary to be very careful, performing rotational movements, especially if you have sewer pipes from plastic. It should be borne in mind that through turns of 90 degrees, as well as siphons, the cable does not pass.

Therefore, it is introduced through the place of joining plumbing to sewage or special revisions (a tee with a screw cap) mounted on sewer pipes.

Cable with spiral tip

There are many nozzles for plumbing cables. The most common is a spiral nozzle, but there are more specific tips for non-standard situations.

If the cable of a small diameter, compared with the pipe, then through 90-degree turns in the pipeline, it can pass, but it will be felt that the cable rested into something solid, and after the passage of turn, he will go free again.

It is necessary to act in stages:

  1. Unlock the cable and enter it into the suitable hole in the sewer pipe.
  2. It is necessary to push it with a slight scrolling until it reaches a cloud. It is important not to confuse the problem area with the place of connection of pipes.
  3. To understand that you have reached the target, and did not fall into the joints of the pipe or a 90-degree rotation, returned-translational movements of the cable with scrolling should be performed. If it was a junction or turning the pipe, then soon the cable gently goes on the pipe. If this is a clogging place, the cable will begin to resist rotational movements.
  4. If you use a fixture with a ball or without a tip, try to prophe a plug further, cutting it. Check that the saddle can only break through with a neat filling of the pipe with water.
  5. If you use a cable with a spiral tip, try to hook to the blockage to them and pull it out of the pipe.
  6. When it was possible to overcome the problem, the cable is carefully removed, and the pipe is treated with boiling water and / or a chemical means for the final elimination of pollution traces.

When using a device made in the form of a spring, it is impossible to allow its twisting, because at the same time it will try bounce Or settled along the spiral inside the pipe, which will not help in its clean, but only provide additional problems.

We also recommend reading an article where we described in detail the types of cables for cleaning sewer pipes and led instructions for their use. Read more - go on.

Clearance clearance

If you do not have a plumbing cable, then instead you can successfully use the wire, electric wire or thin hose

Method number 3 - Chemicals

The chemical cleaning method is rather prophylactic or ending after cleaning with another way to secure the result.

Nevertheless, for the safety of health and prevent any damage, a number of rules and precautions must be observed:

  1. Due to the specifics of the composition, various means can damage and communicate themselves. This must be taken into account by selecting the means for a particular type of pipe.
  2. Be sure to comply with the necessary precautions, usually they are written directly on the packaging of chemicals, because many of them may have poisonous evaporation.
  3. Liquidate blockages follows in a well-ventilated room.

When you buy plumbing chemicals in the store, be carefully readily reading the instructions: the dosage of the product is poured into the drain.

Then, through the time specified in the instruction, the drain is washed with a strong flow of water. It can be both cold and warm - depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.

In no case cannot be mixed with each other different, since the consequences of this can be completely unpredictable.

In addition, expensive and advertised funds are not always effective.

Method number 4 - hydrodynamic clearance

If you cannot cope with the blockage of the sewer pipe, it is not possible by any method, it remains to be resorted to the latter, more radical - hydrodynamic. It implies the removal of water with a stream of water under greater pressure.

Of course, there are handicraft ways to turn it on their own at home (with unpredictable consequences), but it is advisable to make it equipment that is available from those skilled in the art.

Hydrodynamic clearance

If all the tools are triggering, but there is no result, it remains to be resorted to the hydrodynamic clearance of the closed pipes. Only worth it in mind that this procedure is not cheap, and only specialists can perform it

Prevention and fault prevention

Currently, there are many diverse methods for effective combating trash corks. But it is more important not to launch the situation and do not bring the sewage to the state of the blockage.

Any technical equipment and any communications need care and timely prevention, sewer pipes are no exception.

Enough to follow the usual and affordable, but efficient rules:

  1. Do not discard substances in the sewer, which are poorly dissolved. The place in the trash can, but not in the pipes.
  2. When installing sewage pipes, it is necessary to make them under little, and you should also avoid large corners, as blockages can be collected.
  3. At least once a week, and it is better more often, you need to wash the sewer plums with boiling water for several minutes.
  4. In the plums it is necessary to install special lattices that will not allow the garbage to get into the pipeline and score it. It is easier to clean the grille itself than pulling out waste from the pipe.
  5. Never leave in the immediate vicinity of plum small items, as well as packages or rags - they can easily be in the pipe and provide you with serious problems.

When carrying out repair or construction work in the house, pay double attention to drainage.

Crashing trumpet

It is necessary to regularly clean the walls of the pipes from the layer of fat and other dirt accumulated in them. It is important to track very carefully so that there are no foreign objects and household garbage. For example, cleaning vegetables, plastic bags, fabric

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

On how to use a plumbing cable to learn from the following video:

Compliance with non-good rules and precautionary measures will reduce to a minimum risk of breaking in your sewer system, its wear, damage to chemicals, and in general will allow to extend its service life.

Preventing breakdowns and avoiding labor-intensive operations to eliminate them, it is possible to save not only a lot of time, but also means.

What do you use? Please tell us about it in the block with comments. In the same way, you have the opportunity to ask questions about the topic of the article, and we will try to respond promptly.

Old pipes
Lamb in trumpet

Why are blocks formed in the pipes?

The first sign that a plug was accumulated in the pipes - a slow drain of water. The second "symptom" is an unpleasant smell that comes from the drain hole. The problem of clogging pipes occurs for several reasons:

1. Fat breaks

Approximately 70-80% of cases are connected with this factor. Fat enters pipes from dishwashers, washing machines and from kitchen sink. It is postponed on the pipes and for years forms a fat traffic jam.

Fat cluster in its texture is heterogeneous. On the inner diameter it is soft, the consistency resembles a jelly substance. The outer diameter of the wave adjacent directly to the pipe is very hard. The solid texture becomes due to the reinforcement of the fat layer with various fibrous particles, which are in stock: hair, threads after washing clothes. In addition, the accumulations on the pipes actively absorb mineral sewage salts, which makes them more compacted.

Pattern in the pipePattern in the pipe

Fat clusters are the most difficult in removal. They are distinguished by increased resistance, and drafts in the pipes dries them even more.

2. Mechanical barrels

There are much less often, in just 10-20% of cases. Mechanical breakdowns are formed if the items have fallen into the sewage system, which should not be there: scraps of toilet paper, cotton discs, wands for cleaning the ears, residues of solutions used during repairs and other.

Mechanical stools in pipesMechanical stools in pipes

No less dangerous and waste from the kitchen. For example, a coffee grounds, fusion in a waste pipe, can form traffic jams. The same "effect" will be the husks of the bow, the peel of vegetables and fruits, the remains of food that fell into the pipe. Another risk factor is the minor details of children's toys, designers who, by overpowing parents, can be in the sewer and form a plug there.

3. incorrect installation of pipes

If the pipes are mounted incorrectly, after a while, accumulation will be collected in them.

Mechanical stools in pipesMechanical stools in pipes

This may happen on a number of reasons:

  • pipes are connected under a sharp corner;
  • Installation is made with an overly low slope;
  • selected pipes with too small cross section;
  • Fan pipes and valves are not installed;
  • In the connection site, the ends were not performed and the sovereignts remained, which delay sewage particles.

Pipes connected at right angles can also cause "congestion". The same consequences will appear if the drains have too many turns, curves in a small area.

4. Old pipes

Another reason for breaking the pipes, the service life of which has expired. Even if the layout is made correctly, but the pipes are outdated, traffic jams may appear.

Old pipesOld pipes

Especially important is for cast iron pipes. Their inner surface is subject to corrosion. Metal layer, "eaten" rust - ideal conditions for fat and dirt accumulation. PVC pipes do not possess such a disadvantage, so there are practically no flavored deposits on their surfaces.

Knowing that it was the cause of pollution of the sewer, to get rid of the problem will be much easier.

Selection of cleaning technology

If a hard sewage pipe has been hampered, then it will be punched, it will depend on the intensity of clogging.

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To remove and prevent the problem, the chemical means is allowed to use. They contain chlorine, which quickly cleaves deposits.

Alkaline products

Liquid and solid tools are suitable when you need to quickly pierce the sewer. Alkali cope if the highway has been scored fat, they eliminate protein and salt raids. The compositions are not recommended for the plastic pipeline.


Concentrates Acid

Strong blockage is best removed by saint or sulfuric acid products, which dissolve even hair and rags. The concentrated liquid compositions will not fit if you have a pipe from copper or contains rubber.

Features of use

Liquid tools absolutely no matter what type apply strictly according to the instructions:

  • work in gloves;
  • do not allow the solution to the polymer sink;
  • The composition is poured by watering;
  • The tool must be arranged for several minutes for effective impact;
  • The drug is washed off with running water.

The advantages of chemical cleaners include the ability to restore the normal sewage operation in a short time without siphon parsing. Cons of products - harm to human health, risks of damage to enamel or pipeline.

Zasorilaskana (15)

Mechanical techniques

Mechanical methods will ensure the effective elimination of a blockage of any type.

Use of Vanuza

A simple device is suitable to clean the sewer pipes manually. Vantuz creates pressure, under the influence of which the cork formed moves through communications and at the same time collapses. Works are performed as follows:

  1. Place the Vanutuz over the sink hole.
  2. Watching the water level is above the rubber part.
  3. Press the device strongly to move deposits from the place.
  4. Make several movements.
  5. Dramatically remove the tool from the drain hole.

Important! Sometimes deposits fall into the sink. They are easy to remove rag.


Cleaning with a plumbing cable

Seasoning zoom in a private house with a 90% probability will eliminate the tool in the form of a long rod with a spiral end. They wear scrapers, heroes or hooks on it. The second part of the cable is the handle. Clean the pipes as follows:

  1. Separate siphon.
  2. The working part of the tool is placed deep into the pipe.
  3. The handle rotates, but for high-quality removal of the cloud, the cable is simultaneously pushed.
  4. At the same time, progressive movements are performed without diligence to search for bends and turns.
  5. After the plug is detected, the speed of rotation increases.
  6. The tip is captured by trash and extracted out.
  7. When jammed, the cable neatly rotate and remove.

Tip! Clear quality Check the gradual increase in hot water pressure - the liquid must quickly leave.


Why does sewage freezes?

The reasons for the freezing of sewage pipes:

  • Invalid design of the angle of the sewer pipeline. Water does not have the ability to move by gravity, is stirred in pipes, which leads to moving in winter;
  • Insufficient depth of occurrence. The septicch according to the SNiP is set at a depth of at least 2 meters from the soil level, the pipe system is located below the friction point characteristic of the region. But it is possible to dig a trench for laying the pipes deeply (or not possible) or frosts exceed the average and soil fluctuates deeper;
  • No insulation. Sewer pipes, laid above the ground freezing points, need insulation. The placement of pipes from the room is also necessary to isolate. However, in practice, such a requirement is either ignored, or an inappropriate thermal insulation material is used or its installation is incorrect;
  • Small pipe diameter. If we consider the reviews of consumers, then most often the problem of changing the sewage is facing those who laid pipes with a diameter of less recommended 110 mm. Especially often they sin the owners of the villas and houses seasonally exploited. Due to insufficient diameter, the sewer pipe freezes faster;
  • Siblors. It happens due to the mining of large objects or inadequate water flow into the system, in which a flask is formed in the pipes.

Causes of freezing Septica:

  • Disrupted wastewater from septic. In this case, the septicch is overflowed, the heavy fractions are settled, and the water freezes;
  • Septic tank removed from the source of wastewater. Then water, moving to the waste hole, is cooled, which leads to its freezing in the place of the junction of the pipe to the septic.

Many users independently performing work, do not think at all, whether the sewage is freezing. Indeed, the principle of operation of the Septic is that it is a container for storing wastewater with actively flowing decomposition processes. Since the decomposition of solid residues is highlighted heat, then moving is almost excluded. In addition, septic tank according to standards, is installed at a considerable depth.

However, no one is immune from force majeure and the country house owner is better to know in advance what if the sewage is frozen.

What and how to defrost sewage in a private house

There are different ways and means how to warm the frozen sewer (than melt the ice in the pipe). All methods can be combined into two large groups:

  • Thermal method . Provides for the organization of heat supply to the place of freezing. Work is carried out slowly, but the risk is excluded damage to the pipeline system. This method is most appropriate at home, when there are no specials at hand, and the challenge of specialists is impossible or too expensive;
  • Chemical method . Currently, the defrost to the chemical method is rarely practiced. First, because not all chemistry can cope with icing. Secondly, because it is a cost method. And, thirdly, because many users prefer local sewage, i.e. Systems that are capable of performing partial wastewater treatment.

Melleld pipes (MELLUD), chemical defrosting from the components of local systems are the presence of biological purification, and chemistry may adversely affect the vital activity of bacteria. Nevertheless, the simplest variety of it - the steep salt solution is applied according to the reviews, so far.

A more technological option, the use of a drug type MELLUD. The components of the cleaning agent for pipes Mellerud react with water to form heat.

Note. It should be carefully used a chemical method for defrosting plastic sewage pipes. Because Strong overheating can cause their deformation.

Sewage defrost - the procedure for performing work

If there is a problem and sewage in the private house frozen, you must first determine the place of the ice cork. The masters note the importance of compliance with the order of work, and begin better from the outlet of the water from Septic. Such an order of work is due to the fact that the system of sewage pipes is designed with a prerequisite for ensuring the unimpeded water flow. So, all pipes, incl. The flow tube is located under the slope of the exit.

Ice traffic jams need to be cleaned so that the water has the opportunity to drain naturally. Otherwise (when performing work outside), you need to be prepared for the fact that the drains will go in the opposite direction, which will cause the need to pump them. This convincingly proves that it is necessary to start work in the direction of the septica to the inner pipes.

But there are exceptions to this rule. Ultimately, the order of work will determine such factors as:

  • The place of formation of ice traffic jam. If the water frozen in the inside of the sewerage (unheated house), then it will be much easier to defrost;
  • Cork dimensions. Perhaps the dimensions of the ice tube will be only a few centimeters, then the volume of water that needs to be populated can be neglected;
  • Geometry of the sewer system. The more direct sites in the system, the easier it is to fix the ice tube;
  • Method of laying. Usually sewage is placed under the ground. And if the ice was formed in pipes located at a sufficient depth under the layer of frozen land, the number of options for use is sharply reduced. It does not break from the septica - you have to maintain work from the room at home.

The easiest way to establish the winter operation of the sewer system will appeal to specialists who provide services for the defrosting of sewage. The masters not only know how to defrost frozen sewer, but also have special equipment, and also give a warranty. However, for various reasons, many prefer to solve the problem on their own. And as evidenced by the reviews forum, successfully and quickly.

What if the sewage was frozen in a private house

Wheelning methods will differ depending on the site of the ice cork. Consider every problem and solution options.

Frozen sampling of sewage

Sewer drain or septical drainage rarely moves, because It is located deep in the ground. However, if the water is not done, it will lead to overflow of the septica and its freezing.

What if it is frozen channeling?

To defrost drain, experts are advised to pour septic with hot water or brine. Then you should pump up the drains from the septic, and repeat the fill of water. Over time, warm water will eliminate the ice tube, and the system will function in normal mode.

The sewer discovery is also called a pipe that takes wastewater from the source of their formation: in the sink, toilet, bathroom. It can penetrate if the room is not heated, and the water from the drain was not descended. Or, the flow of water is too weak. As a rule, plums inside the room freezes in the place of adjustment to the source of the drain and is easily eliminated by using a hair dryer. In the same way, the problem is solved if the sewage is frozen in a private house.

Frozen septicity of sewage

This is possible if the drain is incorrectly organized.

What if frozen septicchik?

To resolve the problem, such measures can be taken:

  • Heated with a light bulb. The light bulb is placed inside the septic. Thanks to the power of the lamp, the environment is heating, and score gradually pulls away. The method is very slow, moreover, you need to monitor the water level and lower the lamp below. From practice: 1 m. Ice melts per day, at a temperature on the street in -15 degrees;
  • Filling hot water with subsequent feeding;
  • Floating into septic nettical lime. Users note the effectiveness of the method in the cesspool, but it is unlikely that this method is suitable for the septic.

How to melt ice in septic

Causes of freezing and consequences

Sewer elements can freeze for various reasons:

  • the appearance of blockages due to the penetration of large items or inadequate water flow;
  • Incorrect angle of the slope leads to a stroke of a liquid that freezes in the cold time;
  • small pipe diameter (less than 110 mm);
  • insufficient depth of pipes;
  • Incorrect installation of insulation or its absence.

Septic tank can freeze when it is at a large distance from wastewater when the fluid is cooled when driving to the sewage, and with a violation of drainage. In the latter case, the system is overwhelmed, heavy particles settle in it, and water freezes.

If you are not able to do it in a timely manner and not defrosting the stopper from the ice, then the pipe break may occur.

The consequence of untimely servicing the sewer pipe.

How to heat plastic sewer pipes

To warm up parts from PVC, you can use a steam generator. This method is characterized by high efficiency, helps to eliminate the problem in a short time and does not require much effort. Pipeline is placed in the pipe, include the device and begin to warm the ice cork. The advantage of this technique is the possibility of heating the pipeline without a trench.

Heated sewage using steam generator.

When the frozen area is located close to the drain, the length of the steam pipeline is enough for defrosting. The disadvantages of this method include the need to purchase a special apparatus. In addition to the steam generator, the heat gun is used. To use it, you need to dig a trench. The equipment is directed to the outstanding area, thawing occurs at high speed.

On communication do not affect powerful devices due to high temperatures. For defrosting, different heating devices are used, such as a construction hairdryer.

Equipment working with the formation of open fire is prohibited.

What if the sewage was frozen in the house

Having understood the causes of the occurrence, it will be much easier to solve the problem and prevent its appearance again. In case of frosting pipes, there are three ways to defrost them.

Internal heating with boiling water

The first thing that comes to mind when detecting frozen sites is to open a crane with hot water and fill the sewer. It is ineffective and will help only with a minor freezer.

In other situations, it will be only worse:

  1. First, warm water is evenly distributed through the pipeline and will not be able to warm the ice cork.
  2. Secondly, the pipes will be quickly filled, and sewer drains can be released.

Tip! It is impossible to pour boiling water to the pipe - warming should be gradual and uniform.

Water frozen

Frozen water in sewage under the bath

The right decision:

  1. Determine the location of the ice traffic jam. The most problematic zones are turns of pipes, their joints and long horizontal sections without insulation.
  2. Open an audit close to the found point.

Interesting to know! If the regimens of the sewage setting are observed, revision hatches must stand every 10 m on flat sections.

  1. The cable for cleaning the sewer moves is adhered to the adhesive ribbon to a long thin hose. No need to make a connection to the spiral to destroy the blockages - the necessary indent - 3-5 centimeters. The hose can be additionally fixed every 50-80 cm.

Cable for cleaning

Cable for cleaning sewer pipes

  1. The hose with a cable is immersed in the lumen of the pipe and push forward to the "ice block". Now you can submit the coolant directly to the problem site. Before this should try to break the cork with a cable, sometimes it is enough.
  2. If it was not possible, to the other end of the hose you put on a funnel and fasten it to something so that it did not have to keep it with your hands while pouring hot water.
  3. Boil 5-6 liters of water, give it to cool up to + 70-80 degrees and pour into it salt 5 spoons - the coolers of the salt solution, the better.
  4. As soon as the salt is dissolved, pour it into the hose. Such a temperature does not hurt the pipe, but for ice furnace, it is more than enough. If water is already standing in the pipe, there will be no normal salt solution. It must be injected into the hose with a large medical pear (enema).

Flushing boiling water

Flushing pipes with boiling water - faithful

  1. After the fill, wait a few minutes and try to push the ice with a cable. If nothing happened, repeat the procedure. Excess water will go through a revision hatch.

As soon as it becomes clear that the ice started, it is necessary to close the revision and open the taps with hot water in the house until the normal current of the fluid in the sewage will not stop completely.

This method can be deflated up to 1 meter of pipe per hour.

Outdoor warming

It is much easier to act when the frozen section of the pipe in open access - neither revision will not need nor cable. We need a dense rag from absorbent material and hot water.

Spray boiling water

Heated pipe with boiling water

Heated pipe boiling water:

  1. Prochetic plot is wrapped with a rag. It will delay warm water near the pipe. If the pipe is plastic, it does not warm up quickly, since this material has reduced thermal conductivity.
  2. Boil the water, cool a little.
  3. Pour water, distributing it on a rag. The main part will be flown on the floor, so that the water should be a lot.
  4. Install the bottom of the container where water will be drained. She will be hot for some time, so it can be drawing several times.

The rag will work as a heat-administrator. The method is effective, only here it is not always possible to come in handy.

For external warm-up, you can use other devices. For example, if the pipe is cast iron, it can be heated with a gas burner. It will take no more pair of minutes.

If a plastic tube, instead of a soldering lamp, you can take a powerful construction hairdryer. He warms well, so it is not close to him in order not to damage the pipe.

Heated with a hairdryer

Warming up the sewer tube with a hairdryer - the output is always

Effective and safe method - steam warming. To do this, under the heated area of ​​the pipe, the container is tank and lowered a boiler into it. Pairs warms the pipe very quickly .

Inner heating pipe

For this method, you also need access to the clearance of sewage, although if the pipeline is not too winding, you can try to get a flexible wire to the plug.

Pipe in the basement

Complete conditions defrosting

Electrical heating appliances are suitable for effective warm-up loading, for example, old TEN or army boiler.

Application by Tan

The TEN should be such a size so that it can normally go through the jet pipe. The devices are primed to the same cable for cleaning the sewage and move to the location of the ground.

All electrical connections should be carefully sealed with a tape so that water does not hit them. Device for heatingThe sewage has frozen in the house what to do is a self-made device from a Tan for heating the pipe

The devices are included in the network until the plug is completely thawing. The main thing is not to skip the moment of the water descent. At the time of warming up in the pipe there should be a liquid, otherwise it will be heated.

The use of Tan and the boiler is complicated by the fact that they should not touch the walls of the pipe, as it can melt. Therefore, we build a small wire from a wire that does not allow contact.

Army homemade boiler can be used similarly. It is made from two blades planted from two sides to matches, as shown in the photo.

Folk boilerFolk army boiler - such a device will also need an external case

There is another original way

The old extension is cling to the cable and pushed to the ice traffic jam. Once in the water, it will not be closed. It is enough to include it in the network, and it will work on the same principle as the army boiler - the water will begin to quickly warm.

Plastic case will not give the terminals to touch the walls of the pipes.

Application of terminals from the welding machine

The most cardinal method is used if the pipe is metallic. Since it carries out electricity, you can build a huge heater from it.

Connecting pipeConnecting the metal pipe to the transformer

On the ends of the pipe throw terminals from the welding machine. The diagram is grounded, after which it turns on. Make it can professional electrician, otherwise the consequences can be very serious.

Heated pipes with alcohol is not relevant, as it is expensive and not so effectively.

How to make the sewage to do not freeze in winter

To prevent freezing, supernatural measures are not required. The easiest and most effective method is external insulation.

Insulation pipelinesPipe is laid in the shell of insulation

In stores there are polymer foamed insulators that easily carry the impact of a wet environment without heat loss.

It is also used by Minvatu, but it is very sensitive to humidity, so it is better not to use it for an open gasket and installation in the ground, but in unheated premises will be just right.

Option insulationThermal insulation for pipes from expanded polystyrene is the minimum thickness of the insulation layer when the sewage laying is 5 cm.

Sometimes it is not enough due to severe frosts. In order not to wrap the pipe with many layers of the insulator, it is more efficient to establish cable heating with it.

For it, a resistive cable has a high resistivity. Their several types and classes, but they all work according to one principle - electric current flows through the cable, and due to high resistance, the conductor heats up, and the heat is transmitted.

Heating cableCable heating for sewer pipes The photo shows that the cable is attached to the pipe metal scotch. This allows heat efficiently transmitted to plastic.

On horizontal portions of the pipeline, the wire is placed under the pipe, it is allowed to be switched onto the vertical, as water can carry on any side.

Around the pipe additionally goes a layer of insulation, which does not allow heat to disperse in the air.

Option of insulationThe cable flies the pipe in a circle such systems do not consume a lot of electricity. They do not work like boiling cards, but only give moderate heating.

How to defrost the pipe

There are several ways (both simple and complex), with which the drainage system can be returned to the former performance.

Method 1. Let the saline solution

Heat the water in the boiler up to 70 ° C and open the hot water faucet. For a larger effect, dial the bath boiling water and add salt into it in the ratio of 1:10. Then pull the plug and let the solution in the pipeline. This method works if the plug arose at the outlet of the house: in a pipe that comes from the basement or basement. Passed 20 minutes, and the water never started to leave? So, the stamp turned out to be too big, and you need to use the way 2.

Method 2. Fill in boiling water hose

Take a tight rubber hose, insert it into the pipeline and pushed it with the effort until it widespread into the frozen area. At the end, you left in your hands, install the funnel and leut hot water into it. As soon as they felt that the plug melts, move the hose on until you realize that it is moving without effort, and no longer interferes with water.

Tube defrosting scheme with hose. Photos from Moydomik.net

Method for 3. We cling the hose on the cable

If the pipe that comes from the drain from the bathroom is not straight, but contains one or two turn, then the hose will be problematic. In such a situation, take the flexible steel wire (or a special cable), secure it on the hose and boil into the sewer. Further everything is simple: gradually wound up, push the wire (and with it - both the rubber tube) to the congestion itself. What to do then, you already know.

If the hose does not pass, it should be attached to the cable. Photos from Gidroguru.com

Method 4. Heat the pipe

Sometimes the only way out is to warm up the pipe. Go down to the site where it goes out, and, using a construction or household hairdryer, heat it. Gradually warmly will reach the ice congestion, and it will start thawed. If the pipeline is metallic, you can use a soldering lamp, which is even more effective.

Method 5. Use caustic soda

The methods listed above will most likely not give the result if the water froze not at the exit of the house, and then, between the house and the septic. In this case, for a start, try using caustic soda (caustic s). Type 6 l hot water in a bucket, add a liter of steep boiling water and 3 kg caustic. The latter is not all right away, but portion, every time it is thoroughly stirring. Attention! When working with caustic, do not forget about the means of individual protection - glasses, respirator, gloves. Ready solution to descend into sewer. The chemical reaction will begin, the result of which will be the allocation of a large amount of heat. It will melt the closer area. Important condition: Water should at least go into the drain. If this does not happen, then defrosting the system will not succeed!

Method 6. Heat the pipe on the site

This technique is the most difficult, therefore it should be applied last. First of all, it is necessary to understand where the plug was formed. To do this, you will have to break the entire sewage track. Then, armed with a hammer or image, go along the pipes and gently catch up each of them. For more deaf sound, you will easily understand where the jam is located. Heat the problem area with the same soldering lamp or construction dryer. Warming need to be carried out gradually, slowly moving the tool along the pipe so as not to overheat some separate place. Otherwise, cracks may appear. In the absence of a hair dryer or lamps, wrap the pipe with a dense dry cloth and pour in several liters of boiling water. Leite it until the plug is completely melting. When this happens, remove the fabric and wipe the whole section of dry.

Preventive measures

Usually residents of private houses, diverge the sewer structures directly to cesspools. There are three types:

  1. without the bottom;
  2. hermetic;
  3. Septic.

None of the pit from the above is insured against not to align and serve as a source of sinual. Clean the construction can be cleaned with various means: a bucket on a long rope, with the help of a drainage pump, ivosos, which are equipped with special machines, as well as using plumbing composure and chemicals for homemade cesspools.

Of course, safer and useful to apply biological products. Such can be special powders, tablets or liquid products, but they have a small minus. The composition of bioactivators include microorganisms, perfectly multiplying in the warm period, in winter the microbes do not work in full force and the smell is not removed.

From chemical means, the optimal option is all nitrate oxidizing agents. Ammonium salts and formaldehyde are distinguished by high toxicity for people and animals, so they are better not to use them in this situation.

Montage of shell

If after pumping unbounds from the pit and its cleaning stinks anyway, it means that they are looking for a problem else. Recall that obsessive SMRArad can provoke, for example:

  • Fan pipe, which is established with violations of norms;
  • clogged ventilation channel or incorrectly equipped ventilation system, no exhaust fan;
  • scored hole of the sink;
  • Poor-quality cleaning of a siphon or a ladder.

Why smells of sewage in a private house - reasons

Most often, it is unpleasant to smell the sewer as a result of project errors:

  1. It is not provided for by the project Fan ventilation designed to purge sewage. It is a continuation of the standing up and excreted through the roof of the house in the external space. The size of the drain channel is selected equal to the diameter of the riser, and for its posting the building project should be a special isolated mine.

Photo - Connecting the fan sewage yield and its output through the roof in a private house

  1. The headpoint on the fan tube is not installed, as a result of which its hole can be clogged with garbage or overlap the bird jack. In addition, such use of the sewer pipe can lead to the reverse air current under the pressure of a strong wind.
  2. The height of the fan output is insufficient and, under certain conditions, the unpleasant smell is distributed at the emission.
  3. The output of the sewer system of ventilation is located at a distance of less than four meters from the windows and emissions from it penetrate into residential space.
  4. Ventilation outlet of the outer sewage (cesspool or septic) is not far away from home or located against the wind roses - the dominant direction of winds in this area. As a result, the smells causes a residential building.

If there is a sewage in the house, it may have arisen operational nature:

  1. Disruption of a siphon. These devices are installed at each drain point it is to protect against the penetration of gases from the sewage to the residential space.

Photo - Siphon for drain prevents sewage gas penetration into a private house

In the bending of the siphon, water remains, which serves as a plug between the sewage and the room. The breakdown occurs when the wastewater discharge in the riser. If the diameter is insufficient, the fluid fully fills the passage section, a reduced pressure zone is formed, which carries the water from the siphon. As a result, the water shutter is dragged into the sewage pipe, opening the passage to the scenes into the room.

Photo - common designs of siphones

  1. Siphon drying. This circumstance arises, as a rule, in homes with a periodic visit. During a long lack of owners, the water shutter in the siphon dries, opening access to the room with gases from the drain system. What can be done if the private house smells the sewer? There is no other option, how to agree with the neighbors, so that they at least once a week opened water in the house to restore water shutters.
  2. Siphon breakdown. Neacocratic treatment of the siphon can lead to leaks as a result of the formation of microcracks or vehicle not on the threads in connections. Here there may be only one output - a neat and attentive attitude towards plumbing equipment.

It smells of sewage system due to the installation errors of the sewer system

The drain system in a private house will work properly if the system assembly is manufactured in accordance with the rules. What errors are characteristic when performing this work:

  1. Invalid location of sanitary devices. The sewage project provides for a linear location of plum objects. At the same time, the withdrawal from the toilet should be located as close as possible to the riser. The drain devices on different floors of the private house are located in parallel in one vertical plane.

Photo - typical diagram of a drain sewage system in a private house

  1. Each sanitary facility is mandatory with a siphon. The absence of this device on any of them leads to the penetration of silent smells into the premises.
  2. Errors in selection of sizes of sewage pipes. The conductor cross section should provide free passage of sewage content on them. In most cases, self-contained systems from plastic products are used for a private house. As the plums are removed from the formation sources, the channel cross-section must be increased. If the water is removed from the washing with a pipe of 50 millimeters, then the riser must already be sized 100 mm, and the pipes to the septic is 150.
  3. Poor quality connection in the drain system. Plastic commercial products are used for the samoton system. Inside the crop sets a sealing cuff. If the parts are joined with deviation from the axis, the seals can be notchive, which will inevitably lead to leaks and smell, but remove the smell in this case is not so difficult.
  4. Failure to comply with the installation of the pipeline. The bias should be 1-2 percent of the horizontal towards the drain, that is, for each meter of length, the difference in tilt up to 2 millimeters per meter of length. If it is less - water is almost not flowing, and if more - it will pass quickly and solid contaminants will not have time to leave together with the stream. Gradually, their quantity will increase until clogging is formed.
  5. The formation of leaks in the sewer pipeline and places of connecting plumbing devices (toilet bowl, bathroom, sinks, etc.) due to the formation of microcracks or the appearance of non-densities in the connection places. This phenomenon may occur for many reasons. We list the main - poor-quality installation, low-quality materials or their wear due to long-term operation.

Smells the sewage due to improper docking and installation of pipes

By mounting the sewer pipeline, you need to pay attention to the rational gasket. In this case, we mean the following:

  1. The sampling drain pipe should have a minimum number of bends, which avoids a reduction in the flow rate, and therefore the removal of solid factions of contaminated waters.
  2. Connections "At an angle" are performed by special fittings that have a tilt of 135 or 150 degrees. Connection is made towards the flow of fluid.
  3. It is strictly recommended to connect under an acute angle, it will break the free current of the fluid.
  4. When installing the drain system, all pipes must be coaxial with connected pipes or fittings. Otherwise, a voltage is created on the fuseal connection, which can lead to the formation of microcracks with loss of tightness. An important role in the combination of fuse-tube pipes is played by seals that when overcast can give to flow.
  5. Installation of the pipeline is made with increasing pipe size as it moves to the output. If for the receiving pipe to which the siphons is connected, a type-size is 50 millimeters, then the riser is represented by a size of 100-110 mm, and the outdoor seal output is 120-150 mm.

Guided by these non-good rules, any owner of a private house can independently mount its sewer system.

Methods for cleaning sewage sewage pipes in a private house - chemical, mechanical and hydrodynamic

Photo - Scheme of Mechanical Clearing Sewer

Which one to apply depends on the nature of the blockage. In general, the main are:

  • cleaner chemical reactors;
  • Removal of blockages by VATUZ;
  • Mechanical methods;
  • Hydrodynamic flushing.

Photo - Tools for chemical cleaning of blocksChemical ways to remove blockages are very effective if the pipes are not completely blocked. In this case, the plug is partially dissolved, partially ended with a stream. Chemical reagents are used two species: alkaline and acid.

Acid-based preparations are well removed from organic matter - hair, fibers, wool and other - characteristic of traffic jams after a washbasin and bath.

Alkaline chemicals are well dissolved fats with other pollution, characteristic of kitchen sink.

Photo - VantuzThe use of voices is the easiest way to remove a blockage, but it can be effective only at the initial stage of cork formation. The first reason for its use is a visually defined decrease in draining throughput.

To clean the vehicle, you need to dial water into the washing so that it is higher than the level of the drain. On top of the lattice, install the bowl of the vehicle and repeatedly pushing the blockage in the pipe, after which it, most often, is destroyed and leaks further.

The mechanical methods of sewage cleaners includes a sanitary cable. To use it, you need to remove the siphon output tube and check the status of this node. If it is clean, it comes to use the cable to destroy the blockage.

It is injected into the hole of the drain pipe, while rotating the handle. The bur on the front end of the cable is guaranteed to destroy the cork. To remove its components, after installing the siphon, spill a pipe with hot water for 10-15 minutes.

Special installations are used for cleaning the bedding with a hydrodynamic method, the working tool of which is a water jet under high pressure.

Such devices are professional tools and work are performed by invited specialists. Binds of this kind are formed most often in the riser or in the outer parts of the sewer system.


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With sewage, as with all plumbing systems, problems may arise. Often, sewer pipes are clogged, but you can clean the sewage in a private house without causing a specialist. Often, there is no need to buy special compounds for cleaning - use to remove the plug in the pipes what can be found in any dwelling. The main thing is to find 1-2 hours of free time.

Sewage block

The causes of the occurrence of blockages

There are several reasons for the blockage, most often the plugs appear due to improper operation. First of all, it is necessary to describe the reasons for which the owner of the house cannot affect:

  • Pipe material. Pipes from cast iron are often clogged, the cause is roughly inside cast iron pipes. On the walls at first, fat and dirt settles, after which the blockage increases like a snowball;
  • Wrong installation of sewage. If the pipes are laid with steep turns, with an incorrect slope and erroneous calculations of the hydrodynamic characteristics of the barrels will probably appear;
  • Sewage laid in insufficient depth, in the cold time moves, or can shift during soil shifts.

Often clogging occurs due to improper operation. Scraps of rags, trash, food particles - it can quickly spoil the drain system. In order not to often clean drain pipes, take care so that these things do not fall into the waste system.

How to clear the sewage in a private house with your own hands

Before deciding in which way it is more convenient to clean the sewer pipes, you need to find where the blockage occurred. It will be necessary to check the entire system, ranging from the drain hole through which water does not go. Most often, blockages appear:

  • On the drain of the shell;
  • On the plot between the bathroom and the kitchen;
  • On the blind toilet;
  • At the site of the junction of the sewer riser and the outlet of the toilet.

All methods of sewage cleaning are divided into mechanical methods, cleaning with chemicals, thermal and hydrodynamic cleaning. The choice of method depends on the site of the appearance of the blockage, the material of the sewer pipes and the force of the zero.

Plastic pipes are less often clogged, but if they are clogged, then not all cleaning methods can be used. For example, some varieties of plastic pipes cannot be removed by the thermal method. The thin-walled products are undesirable to punch with a metal method, for such pipes it is better to use chemical compositions.

What leads to the appearance of blockages?

  • Paper. Sewage is often clogged when logs or newspaper paper are hit in pipes. If there is a lot of them, a cork will appear blocking fluid path;

Important! Dense cellulose, splashing, increases in volume. If immediately water will slowly leave, then a short time when the paper is swollen, the sewer tube will be completely blocked.

Causes of blockage

  • Food waste. The toilet is able to absorb the scorching borsch without any problems, then boiled potatoes or missing porridge form a durable blockage;
  • Rags. Usually they fall into the pipes, after you figure out water in the toilet after washing windows or floor. Even a small rag particle, clings for the slightest burr in the pipe, dirt sticks on it and an obstacle for water appears;
  • Animal wool and human hair. They cling to any obstacles inside the pipes, in addition, they settled on the lattices of protecting the bulbs and shells;
  • Construction garbage. Going in places with a slight bias and through time completely overlaps the pipe;

Important! The worst thing is that you are able to do - use the sewer to remove the residues of plastering and building compounds. Cement and lime is perfectly seized inside the pipe. You can only eliminate such a blockage with complete disassembly of sewage or when replacing the toilet bowl.

  • Feller filler. Fillers absorbing a lot of moisture used for homemade toilets are made on the basis of clay, this material is perfectly sticking to the pipes and is able to overlap them tightly;
  • But the main culprit of the appearance of blockages is fat, falling into the sewer when washing plates. It settles on the walls of the pipes, this leads to the fact that for 1-2 years the lumen of the pipe will be scored.

Attention! Why a pipe was hampered, you can determine by asking from family members what they did before the appearance of a blockage. This does not apply to wool and fat - because of them the traffic jams appear gradually.

How to find a plot where the blockage occurred

If water flows from the toilet, bath or sink slowly - it is necessary to find not only why pipes have been hammered, but and where it happened.


Where to look for a scored pipe

Water from a washbasin or bathroom goes badly, in other rooms there is no problem.

You need to check the siphon of the sink or bathroom, check the corrugated pipe connecting the sewer tube and siphon.

Some plumbing devices do not work, water from the toilet is removed without problems.

Voro is located near the ridge. It is necessary to watch the pipes in front of the tee to which the toilet is connected. Prior to the comb, says that dirt gathered at the lowest site.

Water does not leave all plumbing samples, while plums in the neighbors above the level rises.

A sewer tube is clogged in the basement or riser.

Mechanical sewage cleaning

After the reason and place where the block was formed were found, you need to decide how to clean the pipes.

Paper pipe blockage

It is easiest to remove the paper cork using a hydraulic man. A significant increase in the pressure of the fluid on one side will push the computer through a narrow place.

Important! This will not remove the plug completely, but only move it com in the riser. Paper is usually risks in the riser and does not cause more problems. But sometimes it is possible to block the exit to the well or fade. This trouble is possible if the sewage is clogged with fat, hair or other garbage.

Cleaning vests

Hydroat can be created in several ways:

  1. Vanutuz. Such a device covers the liquid in the area of ​​reset from the bathroom or sink. With sharp presses on the handle, high pressure is created in the pipe;
  2. You can create hydrate with a plastic bottle, you need to take a capacity of 1.5-2 l volume, tightly spin the plug and trim the bottom. This device is used as a vehicle;
  3. It can be created by hydraulic a simplest device from a stick and a cloth, which is folded into several layers. It is put on the water mirror at the point of reset from the toilet, and they have a stick on her stick. Do not get carried away - too strong blows can damage ceramic plumbing devices.

The last option can be used only when clogged to the toilet. Paper cork scoring pipe, it is impossible to push through this way - when pressed for a device, the liquid will begin to go out into the bath or sink.

Voroor food waste

Such pollution of sewer pipes, it is better to clean a plumbing cable. Externally, this is the usual steel cable of a small diameter, a handle is fixed on one side of the cable, with which it can be rotated.

Santechnic cable

You need to mention several important subtleties of using such a device:

  • The cable must be entered into the pipe stretched. If he will weaken, then it is twice and forms a loop;
  • It is most convenient to work with a partner, one person stretches the cable and rotates the handle, and the second pushes it into the pipe;
  • The cable must pierce the location of the block several times;
  • Drain remains are removed by pouring a lot of water into the pipe.

Chemical sewage cleaning

Remove organic blockages, you can not only with the mechanical method, but also with the help of chemical compositions. At the same time, it is important to remove the water in front of the plug, the large concentration of the drug, increases its efficiency.

A common means for cleaning sewer pipes is the composition of the mole. It is sodium hypochlorite dissolved in water. It is poured into the scored pipe and withstand 4-8 hours, then wash the sewer water.

If there is no clock, then you can remove the blockage with alkali or acid. By chemical composition on the makeup of Mole, the whiteness bleach is similar. But other substances can be used:

  • Electrolyte;
  • Caustic soda;
  • Vinegar;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Cleaning drugs (for example, sylitis or dometer);
  • Oxalic acid.

A clogged with a rag sewer system can be cleaned by a plumbing cable, but only indoors. If they are clogged or the main riser, where the cable will be hinged, use hard wire.

Wasil sewage cleaning

To clean the sewer system, you need a wire 5-6 mm with a diameter. It uses, as well as a cable, there are only 3 differences:

  1. The wire is bad and hardly penetrates through the turns of the pipes. If there is no tee or revision, then you have to disassemble the connection or, in the extreme case, it is pierced in the tube a temporary hole. When the pipe is clean, the hole is covered with a cut chamber from a bike or bandage rubber. From above this winding, the clamp is installed;
  2. Vomor needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, otherwise several meters of the assembled wastewater will immediately turn into you;
  3. You need to rotate the wire when removing, so the hooked rag does not jump.

Human hair and animal wool get out of the pipe with wire or cable. From under the release lattice, hair is getting 2 ways:

  • Hooking them with a crochet from the wire;
  • Disassemble and clean the grille.

Feller filler or construction trash extracted with wire with a ram or cable.

Washing sewage

Clear sewage pipes scored by fatty sediments, you can only flush them with hot water.

  1. If there is no lumen in the fat layer, the plug is first pierced with wire or cable;
  2. Connect the washing hose with hot water;
  3. Insert his tee or revision above the clogged site;
  4. The pipe is allowed hot water, gradually increasing pressure.

Washing sewage

If the fat froze in the pipe in the apartment, you can simply put hot water into it, gradually the reinforcement stream until the fat cork is warmed. Water, heated to 80 degrees, removes a fat plug for 30-60 minutes.


If simple methods are powerless, you will have to use special chemical compositions, they are 3 species:

  • Liquid;
  • Gel-shaped;
  • Powder.

Any tool differs from others, except for the consistency, the impact on blockage, pipe material, and the health of people.

There are many diverse detergents and cleaning compositions on the market, there are among them both good tools and low-efficient drugs. Below is a list of means for cleaning sewer pipes.

Powder products


Chirton "Clean drainage"

Inexpensive, but quality composition


Bagi Potchan

High-speed drug



Well removes odors

Liquid means



Inexpensive but effective


Yplon Drain Cleaner

Reliable drug


Mister dez.

Low cost

Gele-shaped compounds


Sanfor (0.75 l)

Quarrels quickly (about 5 minutes)


Tiret (1 L)

Effective drug


Deboucher Active (1 L)

Effective drug

Prevention blocks

So that the sewage system does not give you problems, you need to adhere to a few simple rules. Ensure that all drain holes have meshes to filter water from contamination. Do not throw a rag into the sewer, food or fat-containing waste. Better use a bucket designed for garbage. When cleaning, pour the drain holes with boiling water. At least 2 times in a year, wash the sewage system with chemical compositions for preventing blockages.

Stick Rules:

  • The toilet is intended only for one purpose. To dispose of food residues and different garbage, use a trash can;
  • Pouring water after cleaning the apartment, check if you left a rag in a bucket;
  • On the drain holes of the bath and shells must be mesh;
  • Wash dishes only with hot water, statistics show that the maximum number of local blocks occurs during the summer, after the water temperature in the DHW decreases to 40-45 degrees.

How to clean sewer pipes so as not to cause plumbing? Tell you about the most effective ways when nothing helps. There are several efficient ways: mechanical, chemical, as well as using breaker.

Autonomous sewage in a private house, if it is organized by all the rules - is extremely convenient. But on the other hand, it requires constant attention from the owners. To pin the blame for the ineffective work of this system is not for anyone - all "in the hands" of housing owners. And conducting preventive measures or even repair and restoration work is also their responsibility. So, at least, it is necessary to deal with the cause of problems with the discharge of wastewater from the house, be able to take measures to restore the system's performance.

How to clean sewer pipes in a private house
How to clean sewer pipes in a private house

Often, a disadvantage of the autonomous sewer system, reducing household waste, is the occurrence of blockages, as a result of which its normal functioning is violated. If there are signs of such a problem, it is necessary to fully take measures to avoid its progression, often ending full damage to communications. In short, every owner should know how to clean the sewer pipes in a private house, and be able to do it in practice.

Signs and reasons for clogging sewage

Problems of obstruction of sewage pipes are caused by various reasons. It can be a lime solid precipitate, accumulation of fatty deposits, blocking with organic and inorganic pollution, as well as entering foreign objects into the channel.

To prevent the massacre of mud and the appearance of a traffic jam, with which it will be difficult to cope with, it is necessary to pay attention to the primary signs, speaking insufficient passability of sewer pipes:

  • The appearance of unpleasant smell of drain holes in the sink or bath.
  • Reducing water care rate into sewage or even stagnation of water.
  • When water washed off in the toilet, its level rises higher than usual.

Any of these signs is a "alarming bell", requiring adequate measures from the hosts.

So, pipes of autonomous sewage can be clogged for the following reasons:

An example of clogging by sewage sediments mixed with food waste.
An example of clogging by sewage sediments mixed with food waste.
  • The accumulation on the inner walls of the fatty sediment highway, on which food waste is delayed, gradually forming a plug. In this case, an unpleasant smell may appear from the drain opening in the kitchen.
  • Education on the inner surfaces of the solid precipitation pipeline arising from the descent into the sewage system of organic and inorganic waste.
  • The ingress of soapy water from the washing of hands in the bathroom and dishes in the kitchen, as well as the rinser from the washing machine. Soaps together with food waste can also also settle on the walls of the pipes, gradually forming a plug.
  • Drains of hair, which are delayed on the mud layer of pipes, form a serious jam. You can get rid of it, only using chemical compounds or mechanical cleaning methods.
  • Incorrectly designed autonomous sewer system can be clogged quite often, and its cleaning will be only a temporary measure. In this case, to get rid of constant inconvenience, it will have to detect errors and adjust the routed highway. First of all, it concerns the correct angle of the liner.
Stagnation of water (which should not be in all the rules) often leads to such lime layers, a narrowing canal, and making a plug even more likely.
Stagnation of water (which should not be in all the rules) often leads to such lime layers, a narrowing canal, and making a plug even more likely.
  • Rigid water contributes to lime deposits on pipes. Such growths often and remove something is impossible, in connection with which it is necessary to replace the pipes of the sewage highway completely. And all - due to the unacceptable water stagnation on the incorrectly assembled sections of the sewage.
  • Disposal of large waste through the toilet. For example, the pipes are often clogged after washed into a drop of berries from a compote, thick soups with large chopped vegetables, as well as waste after cleaning vegetables or fruits.
  • Elected-quality or not intended for washes into sewage toilet paper can also cause a blockage.
Roots of the plant broke the integrity of the sewer pipe.
Roots of the plant broke the integrity of the sewer pipe.
  • External reasons occur. Thus, the destruction of the sewer pipe can occur due to germination of the roots of trees. In this case, without full repair or even replacement of the pipeline is no longer done.

Methods of combating sewage tubes

Judging on the recommendations of Plumbers, in their practice, depending on the degree of and the cause of the cloud, the following methods have positively proven:

Cleaning sewage with vehicle and hot water.
Cleaning sewage with vehicle and hot water.
  • Boiling water, vanatuz and home remedies. This "folk" way to clean the sewage is suitable if the blockage is still insignificant, that is, does not require special efforts when eliminating it.
The use of a granular chemical agent for dissolving blockages.
The use of a granular chemical agent for dissolving blockages.
  • The use of chemicals. As part of the ready-made absorbents, there is a caustic soda, so more complex pollution is eliminated as quickly as possible. The method is suitable for removing traffic jams that appeared due to fat, soap, food waste, hair drain. Special chemical compositions are capable of cleaning the pipes and from lime deposits, but not always.
Mechanical cleaning of sewage by their forces.
Mechanical cleaning of sewage by their forces.
  • Mechanical cleaning of sewer pipes - a fairly complex process for which various technician and special devices are used. It allows you to eliminate blockages of varying degrees of complexity. Suitable in the event that the plug has not yet hardened to the state of the stone.
  • Comprehensive cleaning. In this case, a mechanical method is used in a complex with hot water and some chemical compositions. The method is applicable in the event of the same blockages, as in the previous case. Boiling water is able to strengthen the effect of mechanical impact on mud deposits.
Hydrodynamic clearance of sewer pipes.
Hydrodynamic clearance of sewer pipes.
  • Hydrodynamic clearance. In this case, special equipment is applied. Installation of hydrodynamic purification supplies water under high pressure into a pipe, on a cleft probe head that creates powerful jets with their own orientation. Thanks to this impact, the blocking is overcome, the garbage, which created it, washed off with water up to the very walls of the pipe, and the sewage "breaks through". This option, usually requiring a specialist call, is suitable for eliminating the most serious pipe pollution, including at lime sediments.

Now all these methods are in more detail.

Cleanwater cleaning and boiling water

The easiest way that is usually applied by the owners is first of all - it is a manual cleaning with boiling water and vanza, as well as the compositions that can be found in any kitchen. Such an approach can be called "ambulance", in those situations where the draining system in the kitchen unexpectedly clouted due to the accumulation of waste mixed with fatty sediments in it, and it urgently needs to be cleaned. The same method is suitable if the blockage has not yet arisen, but the unpleasant smell comes from the drain.

Using this method of cleaning, in order to achieve the most positive effect, it should be used in stages:

Siphon should be dismantled, thoroughly clean the dirt from the accumulated in it, and then rinse.
Siphon should be dismantled, thoroughly clean the dirt from the accumulated in it, and then rinse.
  • The first thing you need to do is disassemble, clean and rinse the siphon, located under the washbasin, sink or bathroom, depending on the location of the cloud. The flushing process can be carried out in a predetermined container with soap hot water. This will make further cleaning the system more efficient, since mud deposits in the "knee" will not interfere with the passage of hot solutions in the pipes.
  • Next, pure "knee" with a siphon is going and installed in place.
Boiling water very often helps to cope with local pollution
Boiling water very often helps to cope with local pollution
  • After that, prepared boiling water (better, if it is 8 ÷ 10 liters) pours out in stock of the shell or bath. To achieve a stronger effect, 200 ÷ 400 grams of soda can be added to the water. Alkaline environment will purposefully affect the formed contamination.
  • To speed up the process of movement of boiling water through a pipe, it is necessary to use the usual vehicle. With the help of hot water inside the system, you can already create a certain pressure, and the impact of this non-slip plumbing device will make it shock.
  • Vanutuz is installed on the drain hole so as to exclude the hit under its bowl of air. That is, it is necessary to create a kind of vacuum. The sink should be filled with hot water, about a third of its depths, so that the rubber bowl of the tool is in the liquid. If there is a hole of the water overflow on the sink or bath, then it should be shut down, otherwise the expected effect does not achieve. Accordingly, if the kitchen sink sink has two bowls whose plums are combined in the same siphon, then when working with one runoff, the second must also be tightly shut up.
Cleaning sewage with vehicle.
Cleaning sewage with vehicle.
  • Vanatuz need to tightly press the drain hole to avoid water from entering its rubber part. If the fluid gradually leaves, then it is necessary to find the optimal option for installing the bowl so that it is reliably sucking to the surface of the sink or bath.
  • Further, push movements are performed, during which the suction cup can not be opened from the surface of the tank. The knob of devices can move a little toward and down. To obtain the necessary "punching" effect, it is necessary to make at least ten jolts.
Using Vanuza will help get rid of minor blockages. But sometimes such cleanings even leads to the "exacerbation of the disease" - a sealing of a blockage, located somewhere deep in the pipe.
Using Vanuza will help get rid of minor blockages. But sometimes such cleanings even leads to the "exacerbation of the disease" - a sealing of a blockage, located somewhere deep in the pipe.
  • Then Vanutuz sharply separated from the surface so that the water began to quickly go into the drain. If the process of flushing the water passes actively, and is even accompanied by noise, it means that all procedures have passed successfully. In the absence of such an effect, the procedure is repeated until the sewage will start working in normal mode.

But it happens so that Vantuz not only does not give effect, but after its use, the drain becomes even worse. So, the plug was falling somewhere on the slope of the sewage, and the models created only seal it. So you have to resort to more radical methods.

Flushing drain with boiling water and household agents

When using this approach to the sewer tube, six ÷ eight liters of boiling water are flooded. Such a temperature effect will be the first phase of dissolving fat deposits, on which other pollution is most often held. After the fill, boiling water, after 10 ÷ 15 minutes it is necessary to wash the drain of hot water from under the tap. If water goes quickly, then the problem can be considered solved.

This method (with boiling water) is not suitable for punching toilet bowl, since its faience bowl can burst from a sharp difference.

If simple boiling water, even in a complex with vehicles, did not give the desired result, then after its use, you can proceed to the next package of cleaning, which includes the following actions:

  • At each, probably, the kitchen can find products such as vinegar, citric acid and soda - they can become a decisive component in cleaning pipes when used in the first stage of boiling water.
Cleaning sewage using soda and vinegar.
Cleaning sewage using soda and vinegar.
  • In the drain hole of the sink, it is necessary to fall asleep about 100 grams of soda, and then pour the same amount of vinegar.
  • The hole should be well close for a couple of hours using a regular cover, or firmly plug into another way. During this period, two components will react within the system.
Pouring into the plums of boiling water after "work" of soda and vinegar.
Pouring into the plums of boiling water after "work" of soda and vinegar.
  • After this time, six to eight liters of boiling water should be pouring into the draining again.
  • After that, the intensity of the drain is checked.

A good reaction inside the drain system will give dip in it with a table of table soda, just then poured boiling water. Perhaps in some cases the effect of this combination will be even more than from soda and vinegar, since a large amount of hissing alkaline fluid will cover a significant part of the internal volume of the pipe.

Soda, vinegar and hot water often quite successfully solve the problem of the sewer tubing.
Soda, vinegar and hot water often quite successfully solve the problem of the sewer tubing.

Lemon acid and boiling water will also help in some cases achieve the necessary effect of pipe cleaners. In this case, 200 grams of acid will be required, which is divorced in a liter of boiling water and poured into the drain. Shell can not be used a half ÷ two hours.

Even the usual salt and hot water are able to contribute to the dissolution of body fat sediments. For this method of cleaning, it is necessary to take a pack of salt and a couple of water liters. It is better to prepare a salt solution from these components, which is poured into the sink drain.

Benefits and disadvantages of washing


  • No costly purchase of costly chemicals
  • Easily eliminates simple blocks


  • Long expectation effect
  • Useless reception in case of a strong bed

In this case, a serious break, you should try other, more efficient ways. For example, chemical, mechanical or hydrodynamic.

Check out the technology of self-cleaning of storm sewage, from our new article on our portal.

Mechanical cleaning

Tools for mechanical cleaning of sewage can be different - the simplest is a manual plumbing cable, in a more effective version - a special electrified device with the same cable, but having special nozzles in the form of a spiral, a bora, loop, etc. However, the principle of operation in such devices of devices is the same, but the electrical appliance has wider capabilities.

A device for cleaning sewer pipes equipped with different nozzles.
A device for cleaning sewer pipes equipped with different nozzles.
  • Electric clearance machines . Such a device is applied in cases where other methods did not help, or there is no desire to produce the cleaning procedure yourself. To do this, is called a plumbing master having such equipment. It will quickly cope with the work, using one or alternately, several nozzles installed at the end of the cable. In this case, the owner of the housing will not have to make any effort, but to pay for cleaning it will be necessary for a considerable amount.
  • Santechnic cable It is a flexible metallic device. There are several varieties.

- The simplest (cable) is just an ordinary steel cable having a handle at the end.

- Spring cable - long, a few meters twisted spring, hollow inside.

Manual way to clean sewer pipes
Manual way to clean sewer pipes

In both of these types, along with low cost, there is a lot of flaws.

- More advanced and efficient options - these are spring-rope cables, consisting of a twisted metal cable, imprisoned in a flexible "tube", also made of wire twisted into the spiral. Here, too, there may be two types - with a fixed core, or with a core, turning inside the spring shell.

A high-quality spring-rope plumbing cable is distinguished not only by flexibility, but also high strength. Therefore, it is capable of overcome the most serious obstacles in the form of traffic jams and deposits, to pass through the turns of the sewage pipes of the system (where, by the way, the blocks are most often formed).

Handmade plumbing spring cable type with movable core.
Handmade plumbing spring cable type with movable core.

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I recommend to acquire the cables of the spring-cable design - they have greater elasticity, so more effectively solve the problem of dense traffic jams. (Very, by the way, a useful purchase for those owners of private houses who think to perspective).

Some experts practice the joining of the plumbing cable of spring-cable design with a movable core to an electric drill, which, when performing work, is installed on small revs. This approach significantly accelerates the execution of cleaning, as the rotation of the workshop will more intensively cope with difficulty traffic jams.

Prices for sanitary cable

Santechnic cable

But even transmitting rotation using a conventional cable handle, it is quite possible to achieve the expected results.

Cleaning the sewage pipes using a plumbing cable through the open pipe of the sewer pipe.
Cleaning the sewage pipes using a plumbing cable through the open pipe of the sewer pipe.

Works on manual sewage cleaning using a cable are carried out in the following order:

  • Cleaning can be made through the nozzle provided by specifically during the installation of the sewer system precisely for prophylactic work, or through the nozzle to which the sink drains is attached in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • For the convenience of working, first the cable must be collapsed into the dog.
  • The end of the cable with the nozzle (if it is provided) is lowered and pushed into the sewer tube.
  • To achieve a greater cleaning effect, you should perform rotating cable movements clockwise using the handle provided. During rotation, the nozzle will purify the inner space of the pipe, separating the trash from its walls.
Cleaning the cable from pollution.
Cleaning the cable from pollution.
  • Periodically, the cable must be taken from the highway, cleaning it from the captured garbage and dirt. When pulling it, rotation must be made counterclockwise.
  • This procedure must be repeated several times.

Thanks to such manipulations, you can quickly crush the rubbish, which gathered into a plug, and then wash off with a large amount of water beaten under pressure.

If there is no plumbing cable at hand, and there is also no possibility to invite a specialist with a special tool, you can use the rigid and flexible steel wire with a diameter of 4 ÷ 5 mm. One end of the wire must be bent a spiral, and the second - in the form of a handle, that is, at right angles. The wire length will depend on the length of the prescribed area, plus one and a half meters.

If any foreign object got into the sewage system and it fails to push it to the end of the pipe into a septic tank, then you can try to get it with the help of the same rigid wire, but bending her edge in the form of a hook. I must say that sometimes it can do it.

In order to avoid pollution of the room and the spread of dirt from the sewer system at home, it is important to comply with the following precautions and preparations for work:

- For individual protection, when cleaning the sewer system, it is necessary to prepare rubber gloves, a respirator and clothing, which is not sorry to spoil. You can use a apron from waterproof material - it will protect well from finding uncleanness on clothes.

Than rinse sewage in a private house
Pulling the cable from the sewage is often turning into a very crazy picture.

- Bathroom or kitchen, depending on the localization of the blockage, it is recommended to be preloaded with a polyethylene film so that the drains do not pollute the room while pulling the cable outward.

Important! For an autonomous sewer system, the drains of which are merged into the septic tank, it is better to use the mechanical method of cleaning, rather than chemical. If the caustic violation will accumulate in the septic, then you can hopelessly destroy all the microflora needed to process the drains, and further encounter a large sanitary and hygienic problem.

Cleaning sewer pipes with chemicals

Chemical preparations for eliminating blockages in the sewage system are effective and high-speed cleaning methods, the use of which requires minimal physical effort. There are similar compositions in the form of granules, liquids, gel or powder. As a basis, the energic Natra referring to particularly dangerous chemicals as the basis, therefore, when used, the following precautions should be provided:

  1. Be sure to protect your hands with rubber gloves.
  2. It is important to comply with the recommendations given by the manufacturer in the instructions.
  3. It is necessary to avoid getting a cleaning agent on the skin and eyes. You can protect your eyes, put on ordinary glasses.
  4. After using the chemical, the sewer system is thoroughly washed with a large volume of water, beaten under high pressure.

Chemicals can be used not only to eliminate already formed blockages, but also as preventive measures. Such measures will help to contain pipes clean and, it is likely to completely get rid of the owners from unpleasant cleaning processes from difficult traffic jams and accumulation of plaque.

 Жидкие растворы, предназначенные для очистки труб, как правило, просто заливаются в сливное отверстие.
Liquid solutions intended for cleaning pipes are usually simply poured into the drain hole.

Household chemicals presents a highly wide range of chemical compositions, which are specifically designed to clean sewer pipes.

Chemicals for cleaning sewer pipes.
Chemicals for cleaning sewer pipes.

The most popular chemical compositions include the well-known "Mole", produced in a dry and liquid form, "Domatest", "Mr. Muskul", "Sanphor", "Turbo" and some other means.

Sewer cleaning funds rating - 2019 year

Photo Name Rating Price
#one "Mole for cleaning pipes" ⭐ 65. / 100 7 - Votes More details
# 2. "Tiret" ⭐ 78. / 100 2 - Voices More details
# 3. "Deboucher" ⭐ 84. / 100 1 - Voice More details
#four Chirton "Clean drainage" ⭐ 98. / 100 9 - Votes More details

The effect of various drugs on blockages is almost identical, they are designed for dissolving and splitting of hardened blocks from the organic. However, some of them act on pollution more efficiently, others are weaker. Which one is better - you can find out, only having tried their work in practice, or looking into user reviews.

It is not difficult to apply these funds. They are simply poured or falling asleep into the drain or pipe of the sewage highway and leave the period specified in the instructions. After that, rinsed the system with running water.

"Mole for cleaning pipes"

"Mole for cleaning pipes"
"Mole for cleaning pipes"

The most affordable domestic option for cleansing the sewage means. This preparation is produced as a solution or granules, which allows the user to choose the optimal application form for each individual case. "Mole" has the strongest aggressive properties, so that it perfectly copes with serious fatty deposits on the pipeline walls.

However, given this quality, use the drug with a certain measure of caution, clearly holding the manufacturer's recommendations to be studied when purchasing. You can find options for solutions that act on breaks with different strengths - it "Mole-Turbo", "Mole-Active", "Mole Professional", etc. The strongest corrosive action is the composition of the "Asset" and "Professional".

Judging by the reviews of buyers and their demand for this product, he really has all the referred to the manufacturer of qualities.



The second most popular means for cleaning the drain pipeline. The drug is a product of a German manufacturer, it is made in the form of a gel, packaged in the container of different volumes. "Tiret" as well as "Mole" is divided into stronger and "soft" cleaning options. The most powerful of them is "Tiret- Professional". This tool is used both for preventive and radical recovery measures.


Недорогое и эффективное средство - Deboucher
Cheap and Effective Means - Deboucher

Efficient gel to eliminate lungs and strong blocks with potassium and sodium hydroxide, chlorine and active additives accelerating the chemical reaction. According to the instructions, the gel must be poured for 1 hour, but in simple cases the means copes much faster. It cleans no worse than popular funds, while it is cheaper at times.


  • high efficiency;
  • affordable price;
  • an acceptable smell;
  • convenient packaging;
  • safe for plastic;


  • On one fill requires almost half a bottle;
  • contains chlorine, not to use in aluminum pipes;
  • Acts for an hour.

Chirton "Clean drainage"

Эффективное средство - Chirton «Чистые водостоки»
Effective tool - Chirton "Clean drainage"

A means of caustic soda and sodium nitrate is a bluish granules that react to contact with water. Effective and relatively safe means. There is a caustic smell, but it will quickly disperse. Time actions - just 15 minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages.


  • effective;
  • Packaging at one time, no need to store a dangerous substance in the house;
  • not dust;
  • inexpensive;
  • without chlorine;
  • Figure.


  • There are not in all stores.

Prices for Vantumi


Finding into the sewer, the gel quickly envelops the inner surfaces of the pipes, and promptly begins to affect fat, food and other pollution. An important advantage of this composition is the gel effectary effect on the pipe material. Therefore, it can be used not only in relatively new pipelines, but also in long-exploited systems.

"Tiret" has a sufficiently high cost, but despite this, in demand in consumers, which is a confirmation of the quality of the means.

Hydrodynamic clearing sewage

The hydrodynamic effect on mud deposits in the pipes can be called a 100% option that is able to pierce the most serious traffic jams.

In this method, the cleaning is activated by a compressor installation, which supplies water inside the pipe system under high pressure, affecting tight jets to the emerging deposits. In addition, the working end of the probe hose is equipped with different nozzles, which are selected depending on the nature of the blockage.

Cleaning sewage pipes with hydrodynamic method.
Cleaning sewage pipes with hydrodynamic method.

Some of these nozzles perform the role of a kind of bore, which is crashed into a plug and first pierces the gap in it, and then eliminates pollution completely. Additionally, water under pressure is sprinkled not only ahead of the nozzle, but also through the holes made according to its sides, due to which the reactive force is created, which keeps the probe on the sewer tube. These directed jets are practically dying, all the inner surfaces of the pipe are washed. In addition to still nozzles, the masters in stock have and rotating heads under pressure, if necessary, reinforcing deterioration.

 Некоторые из типов насадок, используемых при очистке канализационных систем по гидродинамической технологии.
Some of the types of nozzles used in the purification of sewage systems for hydrodynamic technology.

Such attitudes have greatly proven themselves in the elimination of the most implied traffic jams of various nature. It is especially difficult to remove blockages that are far from the inlet to the system, but also here the hydrodynamic technique comes out the winner. The entire cleaning procedure occupies literally 30 ÷ 40 minutes, and during this time the sewage functionality is fully restored.

 На этой иллюстрации хорошо показано действие гидродинамической головки при промывке канализационной трубы.
In this illustration, the action of the hydrodynamic head is well shown when washing the sewer tube.

Hydrodynamic installation for cleaning the sewer system refers to the fundamental measures used in particularly complex cases, as it requires the involvement of professionals with its equipment, which is far from expensive. But often it becomes the only possible solution.

But if it is not possible to refer to such specialists, you can try to cope with the problem yourself. To do this, you need a rigid garden hose of a small diameter, but the necessary pressure in it without a compressor cannot be created. However, sometimes this method is triggered if the plug has not yet managed to operate. You can also broadcast exposure to the plumbing cable and water pressure.

Basic preventive measures from the occurrence of blockages

Not avoiding small blocks in stand-alone sewage, but it is also possible to cope with them quickly and without resorting to complex measures. But to prevent serious traffic jams, some simple rules of operation of sanitary devices and sewage can be observed. All of them are simple and understandable, do not require much time and strength.

Such preventive measures include the following actions:

  • Mandatory use in the sinks, and even better - and the bath, too, mesh filters that allow you to retain large and medium particles of products in the kitchen and hair. Mesh-cathests collecting trash, free from it and rinse much easier than producing laborious, and sometimes an expensive process of cleaning the entire system.
Mesh-filter for installation in the drain hole of the kitchen sink. This one of their options is quite enough and the simplest and cheapest plastic.
Mesh-filter for installation in the drain hole of the kitchen sink. This one of their options is quite enough and the simplest and cheapest plastic.
  • Do not drain the oil in the sink, remaining in the pan after frying. It is necessary to first pour the fatty dishes of hot water with the addition of detergents into it, and only after fat will disappear slightly, you can wash the frying pan with hot water, also with a detergent.
  • It is impossible after washing the fatty utensils immediately include cold water, especially in winter, as fat will immediately freeze and remain on the inner walls of the pipe. Well, the other small particles falling into the draining will be shortly at him. Such clusters over time are assembled into a plug, especially on the bodle connections, tees, taps.
  • Periodic preventive cleaning of the pipeline system using chemicals will also help to avoid serious contaminants. But the abuse of this, as already mentioned, should not, especially if the drains are cleaned in the septic.
  • When an unpleasant smell appears from one of the drain holes, and he talks about the appearance of a clogging, one of the "soft" cleaning facilities should be applied immediately. It does not help - you can try "chemistry."
  • Do not throw in the toilet installed in the autonomous sewer system, even toilet paper. And even more so - other items or residues of products that can block the passage in the pipe for a normal outlet of the effluent.

Prices for Tiret.


Personal security measures

If you have to independently clean the sewage, you should not discard personal safety to the second plan during these events. You can never forget that all processes are associated with a very aggressive environment. In which, in addition, various bacteria that can cause severe diseases are very actively developing.

Therefore, some useful recommendations should be followed:

  • Work should be carried out in high rubber gloves, in order to avoid chemicals from entering the skin, as some of them can cause toxic burns.
  • A respiratory tractor should be protected by respirator, and not only from inhalation of chemicals, but also sewer gases, from falling into the oral cavity of the mud.
  • Eyes are also recommended to protect, putting, at least ordinary glasses.
  • With special accuracy, all actions associated with the preparation of solutions in which acids or alkali are used are used. Even the usual, "harmless" at first glance can be very unsafe, and concentrated citric acid.
  • In the case of chemical compositions on the skin or eye, you should immediately rinse them with plenty of water.
  • To avoid an emergency in the future, after cleaning the system with chemicals, the pipes must be thoroughly rinsed with running water so that the remnants of detergents are taken together with a blockage to the collector.

Familiarize yourself with the species and installation of the grease trap for sewage, from our new article on our portal.

* * * * * * *

We hope that the publication will be useful. During the way there are ways to bring the autonomous sewage to the operating state, you can choose the best option for a particular case.

In conclusion - video in which its author shows another original way to combat sewage clouds

Video: how to cope with a strong sewage blockage yourself


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Clearing sewage

Of course, the biggest disadvantage of the drainage of economic and domestic wastewater is its ability to clog. If such a trouble has already happened, nothing remains, how to clean the sewer in and remove breaks in the pipes of the private house. Methods for solving the problem may be different, and the choice largely depends on the reasons that led to it. It may be the deposition on the walls of the solid precipitate pipeline, and the drain of organic and inorganic waste, which formed as a result of human activity and much more.

Ways to clean breaks in sewage pipes

  • Boiling water and Vantuz . Whatever enough, in most cases, this simple "grandfather" method helps to solve the problem of rising blocks.
  • Chemical . Provides the use of substances, which include caustic nat.
  • Mechanical . It is carried out using special equipment for cleaning the sewer system.
  • Hydrodynamic. Washing pipelines is performed using water supplied under high pressure.

Start with the fact that disassemble the siphon under the washbasin, sink or bathroom and clean it from accumulated mud. Another effective and simple tooling tooling is boiling water. With it, you can quickly eliminate fatty deposits. To increase the efficiency of the procedure in boiling water, you can add some food soda. Soda is an alkali that will perfectly cope with a small blockage. Combining the pouring of pipes with boiling water using a vanza, you in a matter of minutes, solve the problem. To do this, shut up the top hole with the top hole and type the water in the sink (bathroom) so that it covers the gum of the device. Further, pressing on the handle of the vehicle, try to push the water flow into the pipe. By making pressure, you, thereby produce the hydrowood, under the action of which the block is pushed further along the pipeline to a wider place. Pressing is performed repeatedly. If the sewage is clogged in a private house, and this method did not give a positive result, try other options.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

Externally, the instruments used for this method may vary (cables, spirals, loops, etc.), but they have the same action principle. With this equipment, it is impaired on the cause of the cloud and its mechanical destruction. In addition, if the object is stuck in the system, it can be pushed and removed using a wire bent as a hook. Mechanical devices have sufficiently high flexibility. Spiral or cable freely pass all turns of the system, eliminating traffic jams. To improve the efficiency of work by the end of these devices, you can connect the drill and burden. When rotating the handle, the whole garbage is quickly removed on the surface. Tension type cables more elastic, with their help you can solve the problem of more dense blockages.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

This method of eliminating blockages provides for the use of means for cleaning the sewer system. Preparations can be produced in the form of granules, liquids, powdered compositions, gels. The active substance in them is caustic nat. When using aggressive tools, the causes of the unstable operation of the system occurs. However, deciding to punch the sewer system in a private house in a chemical way, you must comply with all security measures:

  • Work only in rubber gloves;
  • Strictly follow the recommendations specified in the instructions;
  • Avoid getting the solution to the eyes and on the skin;
  • After using the compositions, be sure to rinse the system with plenty of water.

The chemical method is used both to eliminate the plugs and for preventive purposes.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

Hydrodynamic sewage cleaning in the house

If the mechanical and chemical method of cleaning the system did not give results, one thing remains to clean the sewage with water supplied under high pressure. To do this, you will need a special compressor installation. Water supplying water under high pressure, breaks the blockage and push it to the exit. If you failed to find this equipment, try to solve the problem with the help of a detergent vacuum cleaner or a hose and a garden pump. To do this, you need to connect the hose to the pump and omit the second end to the sewage system. Opening the crane and turning on the pump, you can create a pressure that will move the water forward, eliminating the plug.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

Using the above methods and means of cleaning the system, you will ensure the trouble-free operation of the house sewage system.

How to clean the sewer in a private house?

The sewage system zoom is one of the most significant troubles that are threatened by residents of private houses. Under the sewage system, they understand the pipeline coming from the water receivers to the drive (the septo, septic). To eliminate the blockage, you can use in several ways. Make it is not very difficult. But it is still better to prevent a blockage than then to fight him.

Basic preventive measures to combat blockages

Special plugs having a built-in filter help to fight. This option is relevant for households with fully equipped drainage. Such tubes are installed in water removal. The purpose of the plug data setting is to prevent the particles in the sewer system capable of calling a blockage. Such particles include residues of food, hair, animal wool. If there is no possibility to put such traffic jams, then sooner or later, homeowners face clouds. In this case, the question arises: how to clean the sewage in a private house?

Ways removal methods

The easiest way is to take advantage of special cleaning agents, ranging from calcined soda and a large amount of warm water, ending with various new-water means. If such actions did not bring the result, proceed to the mechanical method.

First, do not be upset. Even timely installations of plugs with filters is not a complete guarantee to prevent blockage. After all, these devices detains the garbage, but fat substances falling into the drains of the dishes are deposited on the pipes, creating a film first, and then as the lumen is suggested - the present obstacle. In a small hole in a tube of fat, even ordinary gray stocks can be held with a proper speed. And the slightest mud will lead to the complete overlap of the lumen in the pipe.

The most common cause of the appearance of the blocks are particles of the products of people's life activity, but also hitting the sewage system of large items is also often found.

Eliminate the valve in the following ways:

  • a chemical method using funds containing caustic natter;
  • mechanically using special tools;
  • Hydrodynamic method using water, which is fed under high pressure.

The main stages of troubleshooting

At the preliminary stage, it is necessary to disassemble the siphons. They are mounted in a pipe under the sink. All siphons are removed at once: and the one that is in the kitchen, and the one in the bathroom. It is necessary to disassemble and siphon, located under the bathroom or shower. Siphons are installed under all water receivers to eliminate sinks from the sewer system to the room. The siphon form contributes to the fact that mud deposits accumulate in it. After dismantling the siphon was washed, after cleaning it put on the previous place.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

Next, you can try to use the possibility of self-cleaning. It will work in the event that fat deposits became the cause of the interface. For such a method, hot water will be needed. It is advisable to take advantage of the bucket of newly boiled water, it will pass into the waste system, dissolve fat and, accordingly, push all the clusters that impede normal flow. Most often such actions are enough to return the full functioning of the sewer system.

This method can be used both in an urban apartment and a private house. The tenants of private households canalization clearing capabilities. If the sewer system is known, you can accurately set the place of the bed. All other possibilities for cleaning the effluents are similar to those apply in apartments.

Cleaning pipes with vinegar and soda

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

The compound of soda and vinegar gives a good result when dealing with clouds. To achieve the desired one, you must first fall asleep in the soda soda in the amount of ½ cup, and then pour vinegar there. Immediately after that, you need to shut the hole and leave everything for 2 hours. After this time, there are 4 - 5 liters of boiling water. This will eliminate the precipitate formed from soda, protrudes the particles that caused a blockage. If nothing came out, and the blockage still prevents the full flow, it is necessary to resort to another way.

Cleaning in a chemical method

Special chemical preparations allow you to quickly cope with the clouds. They are sold in a wide range in stores. They can be in different shape: in liquid, granular, gel, powder-shaped. The overall property of these substances is the presence of such a component as a caustic nat. All these funds can split fats, small parts of the garbage of organic origin.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

In the photo - cleaning the sewage to the chemical method

These chemical preparations contribute to the rapid troubleshooting. Their action is based on the ability to spread through pipes, enveloping all surfaces, splitting the organic. Therefore, it is more expedient to use liquid and gelling agents. Bulk substances fall into a certain zone and can destroy the blockage and fat plaques are only partially. When buying such a fund, you should not pay close attention to the manufacturer. After all, the caustic Natra is produced in all countries using the same technologies. And its number in different means is the same. The price here is also not a significant indicator. This is only the desire of the client: overpay or not overpay for the brand. But to pay attention to the consistency of the substance must necessarily. After all, liquid preparations are more efficient.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

Before applying the chemical method, it is necessary to take into account that not all pipes can withstand such contact with the chemical. For plastic pipes and metal pipes, various types of drugs have been developed. Caucasian natra is a dangerous substance. It can not only destroy the pipe, but also harm human health. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful, comply with security measures.

Among the fixed assets of security can be noted as follows:

  • use gloves to prevent chemical burns;
  • Use the respirator to protect the respiratory system from negative impact.

Video Cleaning Sewer House

Chemicals are used in two cases: when there is a blockage and for prevention. If you use special needs once every 7 - 10 days, you can completely avoid the occurrence of blockages. After all, fats will not be able to postpone on the inner surface of the pipes, it means that the trash particles will not be delayed when moving through pipes.

Cleaning vests

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

In the photo - a block of troubleshooting with a cable and vanza.

Most often, when dealing with clouds in the sewage system, private houses use a mechanical method based on the use of cable and vanza. This method has been used for many years, but it is still considered very effective and reliable. Before starting work, you need to remove dampers, filters. After that, you can proceed to work.

The main stages of sewer cleaning mechanically way:

  1. Vanatuz put on a drain hole to exclude air entering.
  2. Water is gaining into the sink, it must hide the cup of the Vanza.
  3. Vanutuz should stand so that the water does not seek under it. If water leaves, it is necessary to shift the vetuz, having achieved good contact with the surface of the sink.
  4. Next, vertical shocks are performed, a little shifting the tube handle to the side. Total should be made at least 10 jogs. Then you need to drastically pull the Vantuz and see if water quickly began to leave. If she rushed with noise through a pipe, then everything is fine, cleaning is over.

If it was not immediately possible to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to repeat the attempt, but if multiple repetition does not give results. We must turn to another method.

Mechanical and hydrodynamic methods

If it was not possible to achieve results without cardinal intervention, refer to ropes, loops, spirals and other special needs for cleaning sewer pipes. This tool will remove everything that accumulated in the pipe. This is achieved by pushing further on the pipe accumulated dirt, allowing water to be freely merged. Regardless of the type of tool, its main function is always the same - to destroy the resulting blockage. To buy such a device can each. All these tools are distinguished by a moderate price.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

The price in this case is also not the criterion of the quality of the tool. If you need to save, you can safely acquire the cheapest device and successfully use them for many years. Hooks are slightly different from other tools. They are needed when extracting a large item stuck in the waste system. Spirals and cables, on the contrary, take to push the trash further. While using such devices, rotational movements are produced clockwise, contributing to the wint of garbage particles per cable.

Next, the wire is removed, and the garbage particles go out of the pipe after it. The tension of the cable and progressive movements destroy the mud accumulations directly in the pipe, then the garbage is not extracted outward, and leaves further along the pipe. Before entering out independent use of drain, it is necessary to prepare. First, put on work clothes, so as not to get upset because of a spray of dirty water. Secondly, to unzip the oil in the place of work to exclude the dirt hitting the floor.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

In the photo - the sequence of sewage cleaning with a hydrodynamic method.

For hydrodynamic cleaners, special tools are needed - an installation operating on gasoline or electricity. Its function is based on the ability to pump pressure in the hose. First, the hose is connected to the sewer tube. This hose is attached to another end to the compressor. The inclusion of equipment is carried out at one time with water supply. Water begins to flow under strong pressure, destroying the accumulated blockage. The destroyed cork will leave on the pipeline.

Video - How to clean the sewer?

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

Tip! With strong clouds, it is better to use a hydrodynamic method. In contrast to the cable, it does not destroy the pipeline elements. After all, the hose with water is deprived of sharp fragments that can damage the knee.

If there is no special installation, you can use the hose and garden pump. The hose is connected to the pump and the other end is lowered into the sewer pipe. A severe water jet will destroy the plug, relieve the obstacle to the passage of wastewater. To improve the result, you can take advantage of chemicalship containing caustic nat. And then clean the flow of a strong jet.

Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

Tip! Autonomous sewer is better as a mechanical method, avoiding caustic soda.

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  • Household and professional ways of cleaning sewage in a private house

    Some people seeking to relax from the city bustle, spend their free time in the country, or they are moving around at all. Having used to civilized amenities in the house, not in the courtyard, often arrange autonomous sewage systems, however, cleaning sewer pipes, as in the apartment, in a private house will not be avoided, even if we care about sewage.

    Are there any differences in technology

    Methods of cleaning the system in the apartment and the house are practically no different. But the presence of a sewage plan in a private house will allow cleaning the pipes beyond.

    Most private houses have an autonomous sewer system. which assumes the presence of containers and pipes with fittings in one section. Waste container can be represented by a cesspool or septic. Sewage of this kind is ideal for houses that are removed from central communications. For the efficient operation of the cesspool, pipes with a large diameter and characteristic parameters are suitable. It is this feature that distinguishes sewer systems for private and high-rise buildings.

    Causes and signs of clogging

    Any plumbing is distinguished by the ability to clog not in time. The presence of a blockage is determined by such signs:

    1. Unpleasant sewage smell from holes in the sink.
    2. Reducing the water flow rate.
    3. Water in the sink or bath does not leave.
    4. Water in the toilet rises above the usual level.

    Depending on the cause, choose the most suitable method for cleaning. To the main reasons of clogging include:

    • Finding into a large item pipe. In the house where small children live, such a situation can be observed quite often.
    • The deposits of solid precipitation on the walls of pipes formed due to inorganic and organic waste of human life.
    • Fat particles hit. These particles form a sticky film, which, according to experts, is considered the most dangerous cause of blockages .It contributes to a decrease in the bandwidth of the plumbing, gradually accumulating and causing clogging. As a result, an unpleasant smell appears, which will disappear only after cleaning. Such congestion occurs due to constant sling of broth when washing dishes. Such clogging is dangerous for communications from metal.
    • Ingress into the drain of soap. Lamb arises due to washing dishes in the kitchen and hands in the bathroom. Soap, falling into the sewer, mixed with other contaminants and settles on the walls of the pipes, and then freezes. Get rid of such a jam is quite difficult.
    • Hair in plum. Constructed hair form a jam, remove which is possible only with a chemical or mechanical way.
    • Errors in the design and installation of the sewer system. Cleaning will be only a temporary measure.
    • The composition of the water. With rigid water, salt sediments are postponed.
    • Human stupidity. Disposal of dried fruits from a compote to the toilet is the most common mistake that a woman and a child, and a teenager can accomplish.
    • Even toilet paper, softened by water, is able to form a blockage.

    Cleaning methods: household and professional

    The main methods of sewage cleaning in a private house include:

    1. Master call. This method is the easiest, but too high the cost of such services will convince any man to deal with stamps on their own.
    2. Mechanical.
    3. Hydrodynamic.
    4. Chemical.
    5. Wash boiling water.
    6. With the help of a vacuum cleaner.
    7. Cleaning with screwdrivers.

    The effectiveness of the sewage cleansing method depends on the degree of blockages. It is not necessary to despair if the effect is not observed immediately, possibly, when choosing another way, the result will not make himself wait.

    Flushing boiling water

    Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

    With the help of boiling water, it is possible to eliminate blockages caused by the fall in the pipes. Previously, before the start of the procedure, it is necessary to determine the type of blockage. At the location of localization, shared or local is distinguished. With general clogging, you will have to fully clean the entire sewer system. With local storage, it is enough to clean the exceptionally problematic pipe. When determining the type of blockage should be pushed over the pipes throughout the house and conclude.

    In the clogged pipe, pour boiling water (approximate amount of water - 6 liters), then check the drain. If the water began to leave, the problem of clogging sewage is solved. However, in this way it is impossible to cope with a more complex problem. It is strictly forbidden to clean the toilet with boiling water, otherwise it is possible to damage it.

    Application of primary means

    Each hostess in the kitchen has soda, vinegar and citric acid.

    The process of preparing the cleansing solution is as follows:

    • Full cabinet of soda and a similar amount of vinegar are poured into the pipe.
    • Close the hole of the plum of the plug for two hours.
    • Pour several liters of boiling water.
    • Check the condition of the drain.

    When cleaning the sewage, a combination of citric acid and boiling water or a pack of food salt and hot water, as well as packs of salt and vinegar bottles are allowed. Lemonic acid can cope with fat particles not worse than soda.

    Video: Cleaning pipes of calcined soda

    With the help of a vacuum cleaner

    This method is quite original and unusual. To perform this action, a vacuum cleaner is required, which has the possibility of reverse blower air.

    To clean the pipes in this way it is necessary:

    1. Wooden handle with a vanza.
    2. Cut in a bowl a hole compatible with the vacuum cleaner hose.
    3. Using metal clamps to strengthen the hole.
    4. Connect the vacuum cleaner hose to the hole.
    5. To the hole of the clogged tube to press the rubber part of the vehicle.
    6. Turn on the electrical appliance for the maximum power.
    7. Check the condition of the pipes.

    Mechanical method

    Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

    With a mechanical method of cleaning the sewage, special devices are used, such as cables, ventilation, spirals, boos, loops, hoses. It is advisable to use this method if the subject is stuck in the system. Getting started to clean the sewage, you should be prestable with gloves, cloth, water bucket and special. Place of work is desirable to be applied to the loaf.

    The advantage in the use of the cable is a good swaying ability of the subject, but this method is quite laborious. Plumbing cables differ in such parameters as the design, length and diameter.

    Using the cable, it is necessary:

    • Disconnect the sewer tube before the location of the ground.
    • Enter the cable into a hole for a drain.
    • Rotate fixture clock or counterclockwise.
    • In the event of difficulties in rotation, push the cable forward and backward.
    • Continue the above actions, even if the plug is broken.
    • Turn on the water and rinse the remains of the block.
    • Pull the cable and rinse the pipes.

    Cables are separated for purpose - for bath / washbasin and toilet bowl. It is more expedient to purchase a toilet cable, because it has a handle.

    A special cleaning machine, which is intended to clean sewer pipes in automatic mode can be a worthy replacement of the cable. But this technique is mainly used on an industrial scale.

    The easiest household cleaning of the sewer system is the use of vanza.

    Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

    The technology of this method is as follows:

    • If there is a plug with a filter, then it should be removed from the drain hole.
    • The cup of vanza is lubricated with vaseline or fat.
    • Fill the sink or bath in such a way that the bowl is covered with water at diving.
    • Enter Vanutuz to the water at an angle.
    • Close the drain hole with a vacuum.
    • Make 10-20 shoes up-down, holding in a vertical position of the vetuz, following the water that water does not flow under the tub.
    • Quickly remove the device from the water.
    • If the water began to quickly go into the drain hole, it means that cleaning has passed successfully, if not, repeat the procedure several times.

    Application of chemicals

    Чем промыть канализацию в частном доме

    This method involves the use of chemicals when cleaning sewage. These funds include: "Mole", "Mr. Muskul", "Domasetos", "Steril", "Tiret Professional" and others. There is some assortment in any economic store. When choosing, it should be noted that the main component of these funds is a caustic soda, it eliminates the cause of the crowding, driving it.

    It is strictly forbidden to mix two means that differ in composition. It is dangerous to health.

    Carefully consider the instructions on the packaging of the goods, in which it is indicated for which pipes this means is intended. The process of cleaning consists of such steps:

    1. Preparatory - the required substance is selected and the instruction is studied.
    2. Cleaning sewage - At this stage, the means is poured into the hole for the drain and the chemical reaction is expected during a certain period of time.
    3. Final - the pipe is washed with running water. Water should be a lot.

    Do not forget about safety rules:

    • Observe the instructions for the use of chemicals and proportions, otherwise there is a possibility of damage to the sewer pipes.
    • When working, wear rubber gloves.
    • Avoid getting substances in the eyes, skin and clothing.
    • Carry the room.

    Video: About the composition of chemicals to clean sewage

    Hydrodynamic cleaning

    The hydrodynamic purification method involves washing the pipes with water, which is fed under high pressure. To increase water pressure in the hose, electric or gasoline-operating equipment is used.

    At the same time adhere to such a sequence:

    1. Enter hose to the pipe and attach to the installation.
    2. Include water and compressor.

    A jet, being under great pressure, push the blockage to the exit. If there is no such device, you can use the usual wrapping hose. By inserting it into the sewer and opening the water until it stops, the hose to the garden pump should be attached and perform similar actions.

    Чем промыть канализацию в частном домеThe use of chemical drugs

    Thus, choosing any of the sewage cleaning methods, it is necessary to prepare in advance and acquire all the necessary materials in order to eliminate the blockages not to become a global problem. You can face the problem of blockages less often if you fulfill preventive measures.

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