How to grow marijuana for 10 steps.

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Marijuana growing equipment

So, step one - You need to choose and buy the necessary equipment for growing marijuana. The choice of the correct configuration of your home garden is one of the most important aspects of cultivation.

To date, there are a lot of goods for this kind of gardening on the market, so the person's uninitiated can be lost in the abundance of brands and lines, but it is not necessary to scare. After all, in fact, the equipment for cultivation is not very different from different firms. In essence, you just need to decide on the products of some countries you are.

Here as with cars - someone loves German cars, someone Japanese, but the essence is one - the car still goes and takes you to where you need. Exactly the same with Hovering equipment. What would you like to choose - you grow your plants.

Choose and buy a Grow Box

After the realization of this is not difficult fact, it is time for Second Chag. - Choose a suitable Grow Box. Under this term hides a awning or tent in which your plants will dwell. More such tents are also called Rubokox or a grovent. No difference. What is the Grow Box to choose?

First of all, you need to decide on the size of the space that you are willing to allocate in your home for cultivation. Or - how many plants you want. Rowboxes differ in price, mainly because of their dimensions. The more the tent is more expensive. If you are configured to one Christmas tree, then you will have a tent of 40x40x120cm (width / depth / height). And if you plan to grow 4 plants and more, then you wonder how to choose GrowBox, having dimensions from 100x100x200cm and wider.

Rowboks are different manufacturers: German, Dutch, Chinese. Products of Western European manufacturers are more expensive, but also the quality of materials is higher. Such a tent will serve you faithfully not one five-year plan.

If you are limited in the means, then you can stop your choice on something cheaper. For example, quite good grovers are produced in China. They are not so durable, but often there are more functional holes for ventilation and connecting equipment than the top-end expensive models differ. In the Chinese, the same functionality can be bought in almost the vigor. Also, the budget of their models will allow you to pretty painlessly change your GROW Box if after 3-5 years the tent is extended.

Here, in fact, all the differences of expensive and inexpensive rodboks. It is important to note that any model is very quickly mounted and there are no special knowledge here. An experienced person will be able to collect the Grow Box for 20-30 minutes. If you are doing this for the first time, then you will leave 40 to 60 minutes. It is not at all difficult.

Choose and buy lighting for plants

So, we are determined with the grove. Step number three - Choose lighting for plants. In fact, we choose not just lamps - we choose the sun. As you know, for any plants, the light is the most important thing. It is he who provides photosynthesis, which allows the plant to build its cells or, it is easier to grow, and exist in general. The novice gardener should know that a good light is a head in the cultivation of marijuana. You can save on other components of your home garden, but it is impossible to save on lighting.

To grow marijuana at the moment, three types of lighting are used: ESL lamps (energy-saving lamps), LED (LED lamps) and DNAT (sodium gas discharge lamps). Other lamps for plants are not suitable.

And some more theory. Lamp spectrum or color temperature is important. For marijuana, a color temperature is needed in 6400 (blue) and 2700 (red). For the growing season, a blue spectrum is more suitable for flowering - red. However, these nuances are a separate big conversation, and we will definitely return to it in our other articles. In the meantime, you need to learn this minimum information about lighting.

In addition, the power of the light flux is also important, which is measured in lumens. The more lumens get plants - it is easier for him to live, the greater it will grow up and the more crop you get.

Let us dwell on the types of lighting.

ESL - This is the easiest option. Its advantages can be attributed to its budget, the lamps themselves relatively inexpensive and consume not so much electricity, moreover, they do not heat the Space Space, which is also very important, because marijuana requires ideally air temperature not exceeding +26 degrees Celsius. But they have a significant drawback - they have a fairly weak luminous stream, so the owners of such lamps cannot expect such lamps if compared with other types of lighting.

Led. - This is a relatively new type of lighting. It is also very good - does not heat the space and also consumes little energy, but its main drawback is its high cost. Not every gardener for pocket quality LED lighting.

Finally, DNAT. . According to the majority of grovers (crown, growing marijuana), this is the most optimal type of lighting for plants. The fact is that it produces the most powerful light stream. Therefore, if you want a rich harvest - then buy a dance. An ordinary gas-discharge lamp has a spectrum in area 2700, however, the amazing property of this lamp is that even this spectrum you can go through the whole cycle of growing from growing up to flowering and harvesting. And recently, such lamps put an additional segment that enriches the spectrum in blue, which makes it possible to obtain simply phenomenal crop results. However, it has its drawbacks and the DNAT - it consumes quite a lot of energy and significantly increases the air temperature. However, this minus of such lighting is solved very simply and this will be discussed below.

Choose and buy ventilation

Each rhubox must be ventilation. First, it will provide a permanent influx of fresh air into a tent, which is very useful plants, secondly - it will cool the space. In addition, there are special ventilation and for the DNAT. For example, there is such a special lamp, which is called Cooltube (Cooltube) With its help, the heat from the DNAT does not penetrate the tent and the outward airlows are given. Ventilation selection and will become our fourth step .

Ventilation systems can be divided into two types: active and passive. Passive implies that air flow will be carried out with the help of ventilation holes in Grobox, and the extract will only remove hot air from the tent. Active ventilation means that the influx of air will occur with the fan. In essence, for most rodboks enough and passive type of ventilation. Therefore, if you want to save, it is not necessary to buy two exhaust fans - enough one.

There is one important feature that you should know by choosing ventilation. Unfortunately, budget vents work quite loud. Therefore, for residential premises (especially for the room in which you sleep) - this ventilation does not suit. However, you can split your garden in the longer the room where noise will not be disturbed. And if you are not limited to the means, you can choose exhaust fans that have reduced work noise. But they are much more expensive than ordinary. It is important to know, planning your garden.

Hydroponic system or substrate?

Pitch fifth - Make a fundamental choice of type of cultivation: hydroponics or substrate (soil). The first type means that the plant will grow "in water", more precisely - on the hydroponic installation. The second is simply in the ground (soil, substrate). However, the hydroponics will suit more for experienced gardeners, we advise to try to grow marijuana for the first time on the substrate. Firstly, it is less troublesome, secondly, cheaper, thirdly, the land "forgives" more mistakes Groveman than a hydroponic system, where it is enough to allow the input with nutrients for the death of the plant. In addition, plants on hydroponics are more often sick. In a word, this method of cultivation requires more experience, knowledge and diligence. However, you decide.

What fertilizers are suitable for marijuana?

To date, the fertilizer line developed specifically for marijuana feeding is extensive. The best and most recognized ones are Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, Biobizz Organic, Plagron, Sanna, Probiotech and Ghe.

Sixth Step For us there will be a choice of fertilizer.

What do you need to know? First, in its type, they differ in two types: mineral and organic. If you are growing for the very first time, we recommend that you choose your choice on the organic. The fact is that inexperiencement is very easy to overdose the plant with mineral fertilizers. If you rearrange, you can easily ruin it. But the organizing agent in this regard is simpler. And forgive you an unexpected mistake.

However, it is necessary to act with caution, because it is possible to overdose the trough and organic. To do not happen, remember a few simple rules: strictly follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and feeding card, which is either attached to the fertilizer, or is on the official website of the company! At the initial stage, it is wonderful to give a dosage smaller than indicated in the feeding map! Fertilize the plant follows no earlier than 15-20 days of his life! If you allowed an overdose, what will become clear on the "unhealthy" type of plants, then we will use the soil with clean water profusely before leakage from the drainage pot, or the walls of Racega (textile potted pot)!

Coal filters and odor neutralizers

Unfortunately, the homemade cultivation of marijuana has one minus - when the plant goes into the flowering stage, it begins to make a sharp smell. If you live apart, for example, in a private house, this is not a problem at all. However, if you break your garden in an apartment or fear that the outsider is the smell, then it is wiser to get a coal filter, which connects to the stretch of grobes, or use the smell neutralizer, which is essentially a special gel absorbing the stench.

How to grow marijuana

So, we chose all the necessary minimum equipment, bought and mounted. What's next? What next - Step number seven . We proceed to growing! Marijuana varieties are a lot - a few hundred varieties. But conventionally can be divided into just two types: antique varieties and photoperiodic. Automotives are the easiest and fastest way to grow marijuana, which can be recommended to all beginners without exception. From landing germinated seed into the ground before harvesting, you will need about just over 2 months.

Well, with a detail of the whole process of cultivation.

Seeds are extended: take two cotton cosmetic disks, wet them and place the seed between them or several seeds immediately. Put the disks on the saucer, and the saucer itself - in a plastic bag, after breathing in it with air from its lungs.

After a day or two of the seeds will seem white roots, take the seeds gently and put into the moistened soil to a depth of 1 cm. After that, pour out the earth. There is nothing complicated here. If you at least once in the life of tomatoes sazed or saw any other cultures, then you imagine the planting process of seeds. Make it right and child.

About 3-4 days (sometimes longer) from the ground will seem sprout. It is now that time is to include lighting and ventilation in Grubox! To grow anti-flower marijuana you will need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness per day. The illumination schedule should be observed strictly! If you do not want to control the process of switching on / off the light, then buy a timer that will do it for you. When the light is turned off, there is no need for ventilation. However, some Grovers do not turn it off for the night. There is no big difference.

Step 8 - watering plants.

Regularly water your cannabis. Rostock must be poured by a small amount of water (100 ml) every day, preferably in the morning. The older the plant becomes, the more water it takes, but the less often it should be water. Gradually reduce watering time and increase the quantity. Calculation is approximately such. For a two-week plant, 300 ml is required every two days. For a three-week - 500 ml every two days. For a month - 1 liter every three days. The scheme is the most approximate. But accurate - you must choose yourself, based on the volume of your pot and air temperature.

How to determine whether to water the plant if you doubt? Slisse your finger in Earth deeper, if dry is dry, it's time to water time. If the moisture is felt - then it has not yet come. There is a second way. Pour your pot and take it to your hands, remember the approximate weight of the pot with wet ground. When you get watered - take it again in hand. If he was much easier, this means that the earth dried and can be watered.

Important : Watering cannal can be only water, the pH of which varies from 5.5 to 6.5 units. Buy yourself a pH meter!

And one moment. If you use the DNAT, then do not allow water to enter the leaves of the plant during its operation. The fact is that drops have the effect of lenses. Speaking easier, bright light, which is refracted by them, can leave burns on the leaves.

Step 9 - fertilize hemp.

Feature plants need not all the time. Alternate making feeding with pure water. Remember the simple rule - it is better to unfeam the plant than to overgrow. Therefore, fertilizer should be treated without fanaticism! And if you have a lot of good land (20 liters or more) and powerful light (DNAT-400 or DNAT-600), then you can do the making of the feeder to the minimum!

Step 10. - If you are all done correctly and on good equipment, in two months you can shoot your very first harvest of marijuana. No need to be shy, if it is not so great or you faced with some problems during the cultivation - all Grovers once did it for the first time and also worried. And far from immediately achieved success. But each time they got better and better. Let even your first harvest is very small - but you can be proud of yourself, because they raised marijuana with their own hands!

For more information, look for in our Growver library. Also I invite everyone to our private chat of Grovers.

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