Derived dehydrated pretext "In anticipation" representing the form of a proposed case of a noun on -Ith Written with the letter "and" in the end.

Word "Spelling" It has a console pre- which contributes to the lexical meaning of this noun mean value "Location in front of something" :

Perfect - Prefix / root / suffix / ending.

Literally, this word denotes the place in front of the door of any building, institutions. It is also used in anatomical terminology, compare:

  • Thrieventure of the temple;
  • the run of the ear;
  • anticipation of the nose;
  • Thrieful mouth.

Declination of the word "intense"

The Word of interest is the nouns of the middle kind, which, it should be noted, ends on -Ith . Such words are inclined in particular, in contrast to the usual words of the middle and male genus of the second decline. We observe the change in the noun "Spelling" in the form of the only number together with the word "nest" Middle kind having percussion endings.

  • I.P. what? Perfature, nest
  • R.P. Stand from what? In anticipation, the nest
  • D.P. Go to what? To anticipation, to the nest
  • V.P. Log in what? On the eve of, look into the nest
  • T.P. admired what? Starting, nest
  • P.P. Wonder? In anticipation, in nests е.

In the form of a proposed case of a noun "Spelling" It has ending -and In contrast to a typical ending -E. Nouns second declination. Compare with similar forms of nouns of medium-sized facilities that have finite letters -Ith :

  • Television - work on television;
  • constellation - see in the constellation;
  • The environment is surrounded.

Spelling of the pretext "On the eve

In Russian vocabulary "Spelling" Live value is rarely used. In speech mainly it functions in a figurative value, denoting the time directly preceding the onset of any event.

On the eve of the New Year holiday, shop windows shine brightly with Christmas balls and tinsel.

On the eve of the holiday decorate showcases

In such a temporary meaning, it is used as a derived from a dedicated pretext, like similar words:

Pretext "In anticipation" decorated grammatically as a noun in the form of a proposed case and saves writing with the end -and .

Derived dehydrated pretext "On the eve of" (holiday) Writing with the letter "and" since grammatically decorated as a noun on -Ith in the form of the proposed case

On the eve of the new year, we are glad to offer you office products at attractive prices.
On the eve of the construction season, Severstal announces the decline in prices for the main groups of goods.

The same writing has derivative prepositions formed from noun with finite -Ith :

  • After expiration term;
  • on arrival the station;
  • in accordance with the schedule;
  • at the end schools;
  • Throughout life.

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