KMPlayer - how to remove advertising?

In order to make the KMPlayer (KMP player) without advertising you need to start the latest version of the player (in Russian) for free by reference on this page and install it.

Block advertising in the side block.

Click on the "Windows" + "R" key combination, copy the value in the "Open" field NotePad% Systemroot% \ System32 \ Drivers \ ETC \ HOSTS and click "OK".

At the end of the file, add a string

Press "Ctrl" + "s" and close the notepad.

Now prohibit the show of commercial content in the center.

Click right-click on the free area of ​​the player.

We pass along the path of "covers" - "emblem" - "Stand. Cover emblem. "

How to remove advertising in KMPlayer?

Many use KMPlayer as the main video player video. It is very convenient, it is able to read various formats and is very stable in work. But there is one not a pleasant minus, for a long time, in the latest versions of this program, there is an advertisement. Some got used to her, but it's unpleasantly cutting her eyes. For this, in today's article we will look at three effective ways how to get rid of it.

1. Block using the HOSTS file.

So the first good method with which you can block advertising in KMPlayer. To start, log in from the administrator account. Now, open the "Computer" and go to the next way: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc

In this folder there will be a file named Hosts. . We need to click on it right mouse button and select "Open with ..." in the context menu. Further, among the list of programs we find "notebook" and choose it. Then click "OK".

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-1This is how this file from the inside should look like.

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-2Now you need to insert a line of such a content:

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-3Save the changes and close it.

KMPlayer advertisingYou can run our player and make sure that there is no advertising.

2. Blocking through firewall

We go to the "Start" menu and in the search bar, type "Firewall". Among the results you need to select "Windows Firewall with Increased Security".

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-5Now we will need to configure the rules for outgoing connections, find them and click on "Create Rule ..."

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-6Select the item for programs and click "Next".

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-7Now you need to set the path to the folder with the player, and select the file KMPlayer.exe. , then click "Next."

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-8Select an item with connection blocking and click "Next".

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-9Make sure all the parameters are selected and go to the next window.

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-10Set the name for this rule. It will be convenient if you need to find it among other rules. And now click "Finish."

KMPlayer Disable advertisingWhen KMPlayer is launched the next time, you will not see advertising in it.

3. Add a promotional resource to prohibited sites.

Through the "Start" go to the "Control Panel". It needs to find a section of the network and the Internet and select the "Browser Properties" item.

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-12In the settings of these properties, open the Security section. Click on "Dangerous sites" and then click on the "Sites" button. In the next window, you will need to enter such a line: After that, click on the Add button and then "close".

KAK-UBRAT-REKLAMU-V-KMPLAYER-13Click Save and close all windows.

KMPlayer without advertisingAfter the next launch in the player there is no basic advertising, but there is no particularly annoying advertising in the center.


Advertising in many popular programs, although it is common, but is not a serious problem. After all, it can very easily be blocked. Takes like B. KMPlayer Disable advertising The described in this article will block the advertisement to almost any application. Now you know how to do it.

The huge popularity of the player was provided not only by its beautiful design, convenient and extremely simplified interface, multifunctionality, various "fashionable chips", type, 3D-visualization of the image, but also, of course, a free license to use this software product.

But, like all the free software, KMPlayer is not deprived of certain flaws. Just, one of these unpleasant nuances is an advertisement integrated into the player, which certainly strains the fact that it is constantly hanging and takes almost half of the entire program space-space, it also takes order, appearing while viewing / listening to media files. Agree, it really annoys! However, it is possible to correct the situation, with it, quite simple. It is necessary to produce only two uncomplicated actions!

1. Remove advertising from the central window KMPlayer

So for starters, Remove advertising from the central part - The main KMPlayer window. To do this, we move the mouse cursor to this the same window (to the left of the lateral advertising unit) and press the right mouse button to call the settings menu (optional menu). Next, we sequentially select the following options: Covers → Emblem → Stand. Cover emblem (see screenshot below) . After that, the player screen should be absolutely clear from all kinds of advertising garbage!

2. Remove advertising from the right window KMPlayer

Now we need Disable lateral advertising module . To do this, you need to block the CMPler to enter the Internet by editing the HOSTS system file. Open Conductor or My computer In Windows and go to the address: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ DRIVERS \ ETC . We discover the file you need in this daddy and open it with Notepad (see screenshots below) .

In the text field of the open document (at the bottom, after the last line), add the following commands: , , и :


We save changes in the document. However, if you first launched a notebook, and then you have already added a hosts file to it for editing ( File → Open ), then save the changes you will need only through the function Save as . In this case, when saving a document, mandatory, in the option File type Select option All files (see Screenshot below) otherwise the notebook will disappear not your hosts file, but simply create it a copy (duplicate) in the form of an ordinary text document hosts.txt, which will not help you!

If you carefully follow these instructions and did everything right, you can only restart your favorite player, after which you can enjoy the KMPlayer without advertising!

KMPlayer how to remove advertising

KMPlayer advertising

Good day. A lot of users prefer from all video players, it is KMPlayer. This is actually a very comfortable and popular player. Basically, he gained popularity due to the fact that it supports the decent number of formats and codecs, due to which these films were encoded.

KMPlayer can reproduce such well-known formats as MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, 3GP and others. In this regard, the player has the ability to play not only films in modern resolution HD and 4K, but also a different old video created by treasurely, for the most part AVI format.

I myself use this player for 15 years, if not more. The player is really good, just free. What is already a big plus! But, the modern versions of this program several years ago there was a big drawback - a lot of advertising!

I understand that advertising is the engine of progress and so on. I myself use contextual advertising for earnings. But, one thing is not obsessing the contextual advertising, and completely different when advertising flashes, distracts and so on.

Previously, running this player, he just reproduced the video you need and there was no advertising. Now, in new versions of the program, when you run the player, the window opens on the right, which the user does not need to be completely needed, but in which there are a lot of advertising. Also, there are many advertising and in the main window.

It distracts greatly and disappears the desire to use this player. In this player, advertising is more than in the well-known UTorrent program (it also can also disable advertising.

I noticed that many users who consider themselves advanced, out of this position in a simple way - they use the old versions of the KMPlayer program and disable updates. Of course, this method deserves attention, but, the old versions are reproduced not all systems. Updates are better to enable, otherwise, the player will play not every video. We will do a different way, we will simply turn off the advertising in the player itself.

KMPlayer how to disable advertising

First of all, you need to KMPlayer free download in Russian . We will do it from the official site. Going to the site, if you have the text of the site in English, at the top of the right choose "Russian".

Player English

The site has the official version, and beta. If you have a desire to test a new, not studied version, choose beta. If you do not need extra effort, choose the official version.

Now let's talk about Russian. For the program to work in Russian, select "Russian language" during installation and continue the installation of the program. By installing the player, launch it. KMPlayer opens, and we see that he is shot by advertising both in the main window and in lateral right.

KMPlayer advertising obsession

KMPlayer Remove advertising in the main window

To do this, click on the main working window of the player, where there is no advertising, right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, choose "covers", then "emblem". Next, "Stand. Cover emblem. "

Cover emblem

Now we see that advertising has disappeared from all over the windows.

KMPlayer without advertising

But that's not all. We need to turn off the right panel itself.

To speed up the work of you installed Windows, I recommend: - computer accelerator.

We remove the right panel with advertising

In general, to remove the sidebar, you need to move the slider in the left menu. The side panel will disappear.

We remove the sidebar

The editors of September 24, 2018 now, in order to remove the side panel, you must click on the small triangle on the right. Side panel closes! ;)

We remove advertisement from KMPlayer in the center and right

But, this is the case if other methods do not help. Close the panel will be constantly!

Also, you can do one more configuration. We enter the control panel, "large icons". Select the "browser properties".

Properties of browser

In the window that opens, select the "Security" and "Dangerous Sites" menu, then "sites".

Dangerous sites

In the "Add" string, we introduce the following sites and the site

Dangerous sites 2.

Click "Add".

In the "Security" menu, click OK. So, when you enable any video, putting KMPlayer as a "default program" for this video, there will be no advertising. In addition, you can do another operation.

KMPlayer advertising clean through notebook

So, open a notebook on behalf of the administrator. If you do not know where it is located, in the search bar, we enter a notepad and launch the found file from the administrator name by clicking on the NotePad.exe file with the right mouse button.

Notepad Running from Admin

Then, in the notepad menu, select "File", then "Open".

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File open

We will have a conductor in which we are looking for a hosts file. It is located at C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc. In order for this file to be seen, in the right corner, select "All Files".

Hosts open

In the file that opens at the bottom, the lines should be prescribed:


Next, save the "File". The KMPlayer manufacturer also does not sit in place, and knows about all these cases of advertising blocking on his player. Therefore, sometimes when you run the player itself, without a video, advertising appears anew. Hence, it is better to choose the video itself and open it with this player, and not the opposite. That is, you should not open the video player. Then advertising will not appear.

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We remove advertisement from KMPlayer in the center and right

Or, you can choose to you personally On the players page ...

I hope these ways will help you disable advertising from KMPlayer and it will stop bothering you. Good luck!

Sincerely, Andrei Zimin 09/20/2017

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