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Как написать рэп
By how to write a rap text, you can publish a whole book, but I will try to set short and clearly. In principle, the text can be rudely divided into 2 components: rhyme and meaning, that is, about what the text itself is actually. Both, both, it is important to approximately equally, cannot be neglected with rhyme in the name of the meaning and vice versa. But in principle, if you go to extremes, you can do really strong text, but weakly (from the point of view of the method described by me below) stamped. An example of this is a pencil. Weak on the rhyme text, but gorgeous plots, good feed - Listen to Wonderful! But still, the text on 10 points without a 10-point rhyme will not work. If you take at a minimum (and this is the most basic), then the rhymes themselves, stamped words, must meet some requirements. Still, rap text is a kind of verse, and the center of verse is rhyme. That is, it is on her an emphasis, as a rule, the author rhymes is the most important thing in the word string. I am not a journalist, so I can not explain it on my fingers, I can only give a link to V.V. Mayakovsky - Read his article How to make poems - I have not read yet something , more accurately describing this moment. In the same article, I will try to briefly retell Mayakovsky, adding a bit by visual examples.

How to call for free from a computer to your phone without registration online

Как позвонить бесплатно с компьютера на телефон
Good day, friends! Today in your blog PCPRO100.INFO I will make an overview of the most popular programs and online services to make calls from a computer to mobile and city phones. This is a very common question, first of all, because long-distance and international calls are not suiced, and many of us relatives live for thousands of kilometers. How to call from a computer to the phone for free? We understand!

IPhone 4S how to use "Apple Helper

Айфон 4s как пользоваться
If you purchased the fourth generation iPhone, this article will help you to navigate how to use this smartphone. Note that even if you initially seem everything too difficult, it is not at all as the advantage of all Apple products, just lies in ease of use. Thus, we will try to help you and introduce information about iphone 4s how to use.

20 ways to clean the blockage in the sewer pipe at home 🚰

Засор в канализационной трубе
🚰 Vomor in the pipes - with this unpleasant problem I encountered every person every other time. At first glance, it seems difficult to accept. But, knowing the methods of combating traffic jams in the pipes, get rid of them as difficult. You just need to find out the cause of the contamination, determine the location of the blockage and choose one of many ways to clean pipes. All this will be discussed in our article.

Garland your own birthday: 10 cool master classes

Как сделать гирлянду на День рождения своими руками (10 мастер-классов и много шаблонов флажков для печати)
Pre-holiday bustle usually includes thinking of dishes, selection of gifts, as well as room decor. Suppose the name day simply cannot do without bright decorations, like stretching with flags. In this connection, in this review we will show how to make the garland for your own birthday. Next you will find 10 of the most interesting master classes that will help you personally create a beautiful festive garland. In addition, we added a selection of templates of flags with letters and without, which can be printed on the printer as desired. But here you can see how to make roses from different materials (15 master classes), they also perfectly fit into the festive decor. We also showed how to independently pack a bouquet of flowers, very necessary skills should be noted (11 MK).

70550 what about the phone number

Заставка номер 70550
Many subscribers of the mobile operator Tele2 can begin to flow strange calls from the number 70550 or 0550. They can start early in the morning, chaotically continue during the day, and end up quite late in the evening. At the same time, the calling usually does not have great patience, quickly throwing the tube after several beeps. In this article, I will tell you whose telephone number 70550, and what needs to be taken in a situation when the call from the specified number is received on your phone.

Detailed guide by choosing a blanket for a comfortable sleep

Коричневое одеяло на кровати
You can spend several hours, comparing hundreds of models presented in the online store catalogs, but as a result, to experience bitter disappointment when it turns out that the purchase does not justify expectations. We offer detailed instructions on which blanket is better to choose. We will consider all the parameters that affect sleep and health - recommendations are based on the councils of specialists and experts, as well as consumer reviews.

Element sign zodiac scales

The air element of the zodiac sign allows you to be more judicial, strive for perfection, and rationally think. Air has a specific effect on the scales, and besides the above facts, it determines their desire for equilibrium, because It is the air fats their internal equilibrium. At the same time, the air is a specific defense from the troubles and manifestations of evil, and makes the scales more impulsive, which is often so lacking in life.

Landing and care for violets in a pot at home

The violet belongs to the family of Violaceae, the genus Viola is the only representative. This genus includes about 500 different species and is distributed in latitudes with temperate climates. In the 19th century, the forest violet (Viola Silvestris) and the fragrant (Viola Odorata) were so popular that many new varieties appeared in England. These plants reach height from 15 to 20 cm and can spread underground, which allows you to form root to 75 cm in width. There are varieties with simple and terry flowers in the shades of white, yellow, pink, red-purple and several tones on one flower. Despite numerous varieties, blue still remains the most popular color.

How to glue raw rubber at home

Is there any vulcanization at home? The question is not a rhetorical, but one of the most discussed on the forums of cars and widths. Independent repair of rubber products - from tires to children's toys - will save time and money, and will give a way out of creature and the ingenuity of the present motorist.

Top 200 + new business ideas for small business

Топ-200+ новых бизнес идей для малого бизнеса
Start your own business is not easy. And difficulties start from the very beginning. At the stage, the choice of concept. Most people who think about the possibility of starting their own business, which will bring them stable and high income to have difficulties with an independent assessment of opportunities. We want to correct this situation and help those who plan to go into all the grievant entrepreneurial industry. Therefore, we have collected a huge number of various ideas for you. From edible cups for coffee to the service of unpleasant news.