How to Open Safe - Master Tips

Single opening in emergency mode

Modern office or home safe with a code lock is a reliable compact storage, designed to store values, documents and other things. The question is how to open a safe, sometimes not only crackers, but also the owners themselves. As a rule, the reason for the appearance of trouble becomes a forgotten secret cipher or lost key. The manufacturers of safe boxes provided the possibility of such situations in advance, so secret combinations indicate in the instructions for their products, allowing to open a blocked safe in emergency mode.

Open the lock lock without key and code

Open the code safe with a limb or electronic lock can not be independently not on all models. The choice of method, with which the locked door is opened, depends on the manufacturer of the product, year of release and the type of locking system installed.

Hacking the Soviet safeThe old Soviet safe provided for locking the contents inside by turning several handles and fix this position to the locking mechanism with the key. For the hold of the door in a closed form, the system of mobile internal constipation answered. To hack such a safe box, it was enough to choose the appropriate key to the locking device and unlock the system of internal constipation by turning the handle in the appropriate side.

Modern manufacturers have long abandoned the manufacture of similar primitive products. A small limb mechanism and electronics, controlling locking and retention of the door, came to replace the massive mortise or invoice lock. There are safes model, where the owner identification occurs according to the fingerprint or retina.

The emergence of progressive technologies brought the owners of compact repository a number of additional problems, for the resolution of which they are forced to contact the lock services. Often, the owner does not know what to do when the key is lost or if you forgot the password, but there is no instruction of the manufacturer.

A method that allows you to carefully unlock the locking mechanism of the locking system, is determined by its type, model and manufacturer. On compact boxes with a movable limb, a code mechanical lock is installed, triggered after the handle rotation at a certain angle. Electronic safes can be unlocked by a set on a digital scoreboard of a special master code installed by the manufacturer. Separate models can be carefully opened if you use a special master key.

Methods of opening of various safes

Without presentation, how to open a safe if I forgot the code, some owners attempt to access content using any methods. Some try to pick up a forgotten secret cipher. Others are trying to open the compact boxing by applying the power tools, the power influence on the door with the help of improvised tools. Such methods will not only help you get access to the contents without a key and password, but also exacerbate the situation.

Opening electronic safeManaging a locking system in electronic safe locks is provided by a microprocessor. A special reading block merges the cipher entered by the user. If it is conform, the control signal is fed to the operation of the constipation system. However, with repeated incorrect password entering the password, it can completely block access inside the safe. In this case, only specialists who experience working with the relevant equipment will be able to open the compact repository, which threatens the owner with additional expenditure for the provision of services.

Trying to open a domestic safe with the help of power methods is also useless. The structural design of such boxes installed in wall niches is provided for filling the walls with a special solid material. On the inside of the door installed a system of mobile powerful riggers, introducing constipation into special grooves of the case. Do not give positive results and attempts to peer loops with a grinder, drill the castle and other physical impacts.

Product with code mechanical lock

The code mechanical lock mounted on a compact safe storage door is a locking element of a locking system, triggered after executing a user of actions in a specific sequence. Structurally, it is a small cylindrical unit, fixed on the door on the inside. Outside the safe is located a fixed clip with the inflicted risk, inside of which there is a movable leb handle with divisions and numbers. As a rule, after entering the cipher, the owner of such boxing is additionally locked on the key.

Opening of safe with mechanical lockOften the most simple models of safe storage facilities with a mechanical code lock provide for the introduction of a combination initially installed by the manufacturer. Change the user dialing sequence can not always independently. In this case, save the situation will help appeal to the manufacturer of the product. To resolve the issue, you will need to provide the data specified in the model passport or warranty card.

More expensive safe storage facilities are equipped with code limb locks with the possibility of changing cipher owner. Taking care of your customers, product manufacturers define emergency opening cipher, allowing you to access inside in case of a forgotten own password. To find out the emergency combination, you must carefully examine the documents supplied with the safe. With their absence, the emergency unlock code can be obtained from the manufacturer after providing data confirming the right to hold the device.

Customers having safe boxes with a liberal mechanism released until 2002 can be attempted to use the following advice. To open the door you need:

Opening of the safe with Limbam Castle
  1. Gently turning the Lamb for 4 turns to the right, stop it in a position when the risk of the climate accurately coincides with the mark "0".
  2. After completing 3 turns in the opposite direction, accurately combine the risk with the mark "30".
  3. By turning the handle clockwise by two turns to achieve accurate combination of risks on the clip with the number "59".
  4. Turn the Lamb to the left before combining the mark with the number "0". Try to open the code safe.

If the specified methods did not give the desired results - call the wizards of the locking company. Other ways to open a safe with a library lock without a key and code simply does not exist.

Ways to open a code safe with an electronic mechanism

When the owner of the safe with an electronic lock forgot the secret code, the following recommendations will help to correct the situation in some cases. Many customers acquire electronic safes of AIKO brand.

You can get access inside in the case of a forgotten password by following the following steps:

  1. Check the serviceability of batteries.
  2. Enter on the keyboard a combination specified by the manufacturer in the manual: This may be the input of the number "7" four times or a digital sequence from "1" to "4". Press the "#" symbol, wait to fire on the display of the "Good" lettering.
  3. Dial the "M" symbol and enter a new eight-digit digital password.
  4. Make sure that the electronic lock is reliable when the door is open.

Opening electronic safe master keyTo open the safes with an electronic lock of other manufacturers in the case of a forgotten cipher in a number of models, it is possible to apply a special master key. Separate safe storage of this type are equipped with an option to reset the current combination. To do this, you must unlock the door and click the button on its inner side.

Clarify whether the safe device supports the ability to open with the master key, the instruction manual will help. When it is presence, opening the door of the safe box with an electronic lock will take a few seconds. To do this, it is necessary to find the logo of the company from its outside, carefully disconnect the name and insert a master key into a special hole. After you open the safe and change the password.

If there is no such possibility, sometimes the introduction of a primitive code is triggered in the form of 6 digits "0" or "1", the digital sequence from "1" to "6". If after the first password introduction to open the electronic safe failed, it is better to refrain from further attempts. Many electronic locks of locks are arranged in such a way that after 3-fold incorrect password introduction block access inside for a while.

The most reasonable solution in such cases is the appeal for help from the specialists of the lock companies.


Separate adherents of the old days still keep values ​​and documents in the old Soviet seifes of Soviet production, in the closed state of the retention system of the Casov and Suwald Castle.

Owners of such safes in case of losing the keys, it is better to immediately contact the specialists of the relevant service services. The opening of the box of metal of increased strength by power methods will disable the lock, the models of which are no longer available. No less serious consequences will have both overwhelming loops with power tools, hacking the doors with power methods.

The master of the locking company specializing in the opening of locks, to open the old safe storage with the castles of the Suwald type, will be required only a few minutes. At the same time, it uses a special tool that allows you to open any safe without damage.

If you want to hack a safe, then you will need a lot of patience and efforts to hack a combination, but in the end you will get wealth under the safe, and a sense of deep internal satisfaction.

Principle of operation of the code lock

1) Examine the knob of the combination set. The codonabal lock of the safe is controlled by turns of this handle. The numbers are applied to the circumference of the lymb handle, starting from scratch. The correct input of the combination of numbers is almost the only way to open the safe (the use of mechanical tools and coarse force is not even considered, due to emergency complexity).

Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

2) rod. The rod is attached to the lymb handle, it is a small simple cylinder. When you twist the handle, the rod is spinning too.

  • The rod and other parts of the castle are not visible even when the safe door is open.
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

3) Drive disk mechanism. The drive disk is located on the other end of the rod, the rotation of the limb handle also leads to the rotation of the drive disk.

  • The hub of the drive disk is used to engage the code disks of the mechanism.
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

four) Code disks. The disks of the mechanism are put on the rod, but are not attached to it. They are driven by a drive disc.

  • Each number of combination corresponds to a separate disk (the number of disks is from two to six). For example, if a combination of three numbers is used in the safe (25-7-14), three code disks are used in the lock.
  • To open the safe, it is important to know the number of disks, but there are ways to find out this, not knowing the combination (read below).
  • Code disk cuts are made to transmit rotation from the drive disk.
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

5) Mentally imagine a goose mechanism. This is a small metal rod that is replaced by discs, but not obstructive by their rotation. The hussak is connected to the casing (or the rigel) of the castle, while the hussak remains in place - the safe is closed.

  • This detail of the mechanism is sometimes called the "dog" or "latch".
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

6) Passing dowd disks. Each disk is made big groove . When all the discs are built in the same position, the code groove is formed, which fails the hussak of the mechanism, opening the locks of the castle.

  • Now you understand why a separate disk corresponds to each number of combination. When set the first number, the first disk is set to the groove opposite the hussak. Then rotating the lymb handle in the opposite direction you install the second disk.
  • A cutout is also made on the drive disk. The purpose of this cutout is not so important for the opening, just remember that he clicks every time when it passes past the soul.
  • (When the hussac falls into the code groove, the cutout of the drive disk gearsak, allowing you to open the CACS).

7) If you know the number of numbers in combination, the next part can be skipped.

Finding out the number of numbers in combination

Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

1) Make a few complete turns of the handle clockwise. This will make it possible to reset the lock at the beginning of the combination input.

Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

2) Attach the phonenendoscope next to the set handle. You want to believe, you want no, but this cinema opening method is used by professional locksmiths. The phonenadoscope significantly enhances the sound from the membrane.

  • The mechanism requiring listening is located right behind the handle of the limb, but, obviously, it is impossible to listen to during rotation. Looking around the most comfortable and spelling point for the app of the phonenendoscope tip.
  • Metal doors sound louder than others, therefore better suitable for beginners.

3) Twist the handle counterclockwise until you hear two consecutive clicks. Rotate the handle slowly and be prepared to record or remember the position of the handle.

  • One click will sound weaker than the other, due to the special shape of the drive disk.
  • You are listening to the sound that produces a drive disk by passing by the grazing lever. The cutout of the disk clicks twice, on the "entrance" and on the "output".
  • The gap between two clicks is called zone contact .
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

four) Reset the lock and repeat the steps. Turn the handle to a few full revolutions clockwise, then slowly twist it counterclockwise, listening to clicks.

  • Clicks can be weak and barely audible after other sounds, so repeat the process until you know the exact contact zone (between two consecutive clicks).

five) Turn the handle counterclockwise exactly opposite the contact zone. As soon as you make sure that the exact contact zone has found, turn the handle exactly 180 degrees counterclockwise.

  • This is a "zone of parking code disks." From this position, you can calculate the number of code disks of the mechanism by rotating the lymb handle.
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

6) Spin the handle clockwise and listen to the sound when you pass the "Parking Zone". Slowly twist the handle, especially paying attention to the "Parking Zone".

  • "Parking Zone" is the opposite "contact zone" position of the limb handle. Do not forget to listen to the sound of the mechanism when the handle enters this position.
  • With the first passage of this zone, you must hear a click at which the drive disk gears the first disk.
  • Subsequent clicks you will hear only if there are additional code disks.
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

7) Continue to rotate and count clicks. Take into account the clicks only from the "Parking Zone".

  • If you hear a lot of clicks, or clicks in other places, you may have been mistaken with the "Parking Zone". Try again since the beginning of this part, make sure that the locking mechanism is well (make some more complete revolutions).
  • If the problem persists, the safe can be equipped with additional mechanisms against hacking. In this case, you will most likely require the services of professionals.
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

8) Write down the number of clicks. If the passage of the "Parking Zone" does not cause more click, write down or remember the final number of clicks. This will be the number of code disks.

  • Each number of combination corresponds to one disc, so you already know how many numbers need to be entered.

Finding out code numbers

1) Build two graphics in the rectangular coordinate system. To break the safe you will need to record a huge amount of information. Building a graph - one of the most convenient and easy ways to calculate the necessary data.

Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

2) Follow each chart. The abscissa axis must correspond to the number from 0 to the last value on the limb handle. Place the axis so that it is possible to clearly and unequivocally postpone three points in a row. On the ordinate axes need to be placed about five numbers, but it can be left blank yet.

  • The abscissa axis of one graph can be called "Start", and the ordinate axis can be called a "point of contact to the left".
  • The abscissa axis of the second graph can be called "start", and the ordinate axis can be called a "contact point on the right".
Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

3) Reset the lock, set the handle to zero. Make a few complete turns of the handle clockwise, then put it on zero.

Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)

4) Slowly rotate the handle counterclockwise and listen. It is necessary to find contact zone where the drive disk connects to the code disks (see the first part).

five) When you hear two clicks in a row, remember the position of the handle each time it clicks. Make sure you know exactly the number of each click. As a rule, these two numbers are not far from each other.

6) Apply these points on the schedule. In the first graph, apply a point with the coordinates x = 0 and y = the number on which you heard the first click.

  • On the second graph, apply a point with coordinates x = 0 and y = the number on which you heard the second click.
  • Now you can place the axis of the ordinate. You will need a place for the five numbers in each direction from the point you just delivered.

7) Reset the lock and place the lymb handle on the third number to the left of the zero. Rotate the handle clockwise until you install it on the third division to the left of the zero.

  • This number will give X-coordinates for the following points.

8) Continue to record the values ​​of two clicks in a row. Start rotation counterclockwise from the third number, write down the clock values. They should sound not far from previous values.

  • When you apply these values ​​on the schedule, reset the lock and install the limb handle for another three divisions to the left.

9) Continue to record values ​​and apply points to graphics until you receive a graph of the contact points for each third limb of the limb handle. When you get to zero, you can complete testing.

ten) Find points for the convergence of two graphs. At some values ​​x, the difference between y values ​​(contact points) will be less.

  • The easiest way to find such points, putting one schedule to another, just find the places where two graphics are closest.
  • Each such point corresponds to the number of combination.
  • The number of numbers in the combination should be known to you, either as the owner of the safe, or from the previous part of the instruction.
  • If the number of close points does not correspond to the number of numbers in combination, build both graphics, and find the places in which they are consistently narrowed.

eleven) Write the X-coordinates of the point of convergence. If two graphics converge closest at points x = 3, 42, and 66, write these numbers.

  • If you are all done correctly, these numbers must correspond to the numbers from the correct combination, or very close to the necessary numbers.
  • You still do not know the desired sequence. Read the instructions and tips on.

Check the results

1) Check all possible sequences. If you have received numbers 3, 42 and 66, try introduce (3,42.66); (3,66.42); (42,3,66); (42,66.3); (66,42.3 ); and (66,3,42). One of these sequences should open a safe.

  • Try to open the door after each combination! Any of these sequences can work, so do not forget to check the combination by opening the door.
  • Do not forget to reset the castle with several complete turns, before each new attempt to set the code.
  • If there are more than 2-3 code disks in the lock, all possible combinations are better to write down, and cross them as a set.

2) Try typing close values, instead of the numbers received if the safe does not open. Most safes make it mistaken when set on one or two divisions, so only a third of all values ​​of the limb handle values ​​were checked on the chart. If your safe is expensive, it is possible, it requires greater accuracy of the number of numbers.

  • For example, for numbers 3, 42, and 66, it is necessary to check all sequences for [2, 3, or 4] + [41, 42, or 43] + [65, 66, or 67]. Do not confuse, trying to introduce something like (41, 42, 65); Each sequence should contain one number of square brackets.
  • It has practical meaning only for three-minted combinations (a maximum of 162 set attempts will be required). For a four-row combination, the number of attempts to enter the desired numbers in the desired sequence can reach 1944. It is still faster than direct bust, but it takes a lot of time, especially when sets.

3) Try again from the very beginning. Hacking a safe requires a lot of patience and effort! Find out the number of code disks, find the numbers you need, check the results again.

  • Keep old graphics at hand. If new graphs give similar results (for example, two numbers from three will be the same), it is more likely that those results were more accurate.


  • Do not attempt to blow a safe. Even if you succeed in placing explosives inside the safe, you destroy the content.
  • The newer and technological safe, the more protection against hacking. (For example, fake grooves that produce clips outside the contact zones and parking). Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!) Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!) Long, but a fairly interesting manual, how to hack any safe!)


  1. Types of safe castles
  2. Features of locking devices
  3. Opening blocked storages
  4. How to open a closed safe with a defective battery
  5. How to open the Soviet safe without a key
  6. Several tips to owners of home safes of any type

Storage of weapons, securities and jewels require additional security measures. But it happens that this precaution turns around against the owner and the problem, how to open a safe without a key or code becomes quite serious. Nobody is insured against such an oversight, but it's late to edit myself for forgetfulness, you need to determine the device brand and be accepted.

Opening of the safe cabinet with their own hands

Types of safe castles

When choosing a hack resistant model drawn attention to the protection class and the type of locking device. Argued about which one is more reliable, incorrect. Key and code have their advantages and disadvantages, and the level of reliability is determined by their modification. In the company, Hardseif must pay customer attention to this question, considering the preferences and personal habits of the future owner.

The main types of locking devices are key, mechanical, electronic, as well as biometrics related to the latest developments.

In the desire to protect its values ​​from the kidnappers, a paradox occurs when, if necessary, get a thing or documents from the repository cannot be done because of the loss of access code. As a result, the owner in panic thinks how to open a home safe lock without a key without causing a complete blocking of the system.

About different locking wells

Features of locking devices

For a successful autopsy, you need to know which type to use. As well as the constructive subtleties of this modification. It is not a fact that it will be possible even with full information about the manufacturer, model and protection class, but it is worth trying. A narrow specialist call is always available if it failed to cope on your own.


The suvalden plate forms the main part. The door opens only with the full coincidence of the inner relief with the wrench grooves. When turning, all items are simultaneously driven and allow access to the contents of the inner chamber.

Used for personal needs, storing documents and seals in offices of companies. The price is low compared to other types.

Differs reliability, unpretentious in operation, eliminates the need to memorize complex digital combinations. Open a blocked safe if the key is lost or remained inside, it is possible, but the event will require time defined skills or call the wizard at emergency opening of personal repositories.

can it be independently open

Mechanical code

The principle of work was patented and first applied in 1857. To unlock, you need to dial a combination of numbers, repeatedly rotating the lemb.

The mechanism is unpretentious to external conditions, has a solid reserve of safety, it is well tolerate transportation and not particularly careful attitude of the angry owner.

Weightful advantage - the key is not needed. The disadvantage in the possible loss of digital series to open the door. Installed in offices, hotels, use both private house storage facilities. In order to emerge the lock of the mechanical safe at home, you will need several hours and knowledge of the principle of operation of the mechanism.

Electronic code

Stores the nerves of the owners and perfectly protects against unauthorized penetration. The principle of operation is similar to the mechanics, but a number of numbers are recruited from the keyboard. At the same time, a rather long sequence is required for high-quality protection.

The level of protection is high, the first models are released in the 20th century, have already proved their quality and ease of use. Used in a domestic and office version.

Opening blocked storages

The actions algorithm for emergency opening depends on the type and manufacturer, as well as the type of locking device. The ideal option when the product passport is preserved, instruction and warranty card, where the main parameters are prescribed. This is useful to determine the design features and the method of opening the door.

Before starting the opening, you need to check some moments that can provoke the system failure. If the safe does not open with the key, determine how to open a key lock with the smallest loss, will help preliminary inspection of the outer part on the absence of foreign elements in it. Sometimes it is enough to vigorously push the door several times so that the jamming Rigel gets into place. Ignore warning is not worth it. Better contact a service center to drive the system troubleshooting.

And also checks the level of battery charge during electronic species and the correspondence of the introduced combination, which opens the electronic safe.

If there is no hope of an independent solution to the problem and all the actions recommended in the instructions did not lead to the desired result, the appeal to the specialist will become the best way out. To determine how to work methods, it will be needed, serial number, manufacturer and source documentation on the device.

What to do with blocked repository

How to open a safe with a code mechanical lock

Starting unlocking, you need to really evaluate your strength. A series of unsuccessful attempts will make it difficult for the work of a professional emergency response.

It is worth considering: a combination in most cases is established by the manufacturer and is not subject to change.

To type the installed digital sequence, it is required to rotate the Lamb in a strict order clockwise and against it.

If the repository was released before 2002, that is, the chance to cope on their own. Among the list of methods available to the owner, the easiest is the installation of a factory combination.

  • Rotate the Lamb to the right four times, stopping at the mark "0".
  • Make 3 turns left, aligning with a number "30".
  • Remove in the opposite direction twice to "59".
  • Complete by one turn counterclockwise by setting to the initial position with the value "0".

If the result is unsatisfactory, it's time to ask for help from the company's technique.

Code mechanical locking device

Burglar resistance (according to GOST) - 1


61 990 rubles. Saving 6 199 rub. 55 791. rub.

Burglar resistance (according to GOST) - 1


29 990 rubles. Savings 2 999 rub. 26 991. rub.

Burglar resistance (according to GOST) - 1


Burglar resistance (according to GOST) - 1


16 975 rub. Saving 1,698 rubles. 15 278. rub.

The method of opening an electronic locking device

A special master key is provided as a spare option in some models. It gives access to the contents of the storage without code. After opening on the inside, the reset button of the current combination is pressed. You can learn about the safety functions in the instructions and the consultant when making a purchase.

If a master key is provided, then the key is inserted and after opening change the password. Finding a locking well for it will tell a consultant or service specialist.

Another emergency method is the set of zero or unit 6 times. Sometimes the additional code serves as a sequence from 1 to 6. But experts advise when fail to stop attempts and contact the company until the system is completely blocking.

Electronic locking device

How to open a home safe with a mechanical lock

The design feature is to equip the swivel handle. On the metal ring placed numbers and risks.

To find out the forgotten combination, you can call the service or manufacturer and call the serial number specified in the passport or instructions. In the presence of a replaceable combination, the numbers of alternative exit is not foreseen. We will have to call specialists from the company's emergency opening of cabinets.

How to open a closed safe with a defective battery

Castles on the nutrition elements are convenient, but directly depend on the size of the charge in them. If you skip the moment, the locked device will have to be opened by an emergency method. The instructions describe in detail the replacement method. Models with an external and internal battery compartment are produced.

The first is in a niche under the keyboard for a set of code. It most often protruding, massive and additional parts on their background are almost invisible. Such structures are characteristic of Valberg, Stahlkraft brands. The memory of the code devices is energy-dependent, open the electronic lock of the safe can, so the fully discharged unit is not a reason for resetting the password. Even in this state, he will stand guard of interests, not allowing in the inner space.

To replace the compartment cover, a new crown or batteries are revealed and installed in compliance with polarity.

Internal position is characteristic of species with a high class-resistance class. Thus, Robur FSB 670 provides an emergency connector for connecting an additional battery.

For other models there is another option using a master key. On the well panel for it is covered with a decorative plug. If he is lost, you will have to contact the specialists.

Do not forget that the autopsy is not considered a warranty case. For the service will have to pay.

Cache is closed during the batch battery

How to open the Soviet safe without a key

Some adherents of old traditions prefer heavy and spacious storage facilities with a suvalden castle and a casov system. Locking the door does not leave the chance of an independent solution to the problem.

It is impossible to cut a loop or open it with other power methods, since the metal and concrete used and concrete provide increased protection against such barbarism. Preferably save the system without damage. The replacement is unreal - the models are removed from production. It should also be remembered that with all the massiveness of Soviet species, with aggressive attempts of autopsy, it is possible to destroy securities.

When the blocking occurred, and to get the documents or weapons stored inside, you need urgently, only a specialist can cope with it.

And for this it will be needed only a few minutes, the corresponding tools and skill. In some cases, it is possible to restore keys. Then it does not have to use a plumbing tool and the repository will last for a long time.

Do not leave the keys inside

Several tips to owners of home safes of any type

Burglar-resistant models have long been applied in all spheres of life, including access to hunting rifles, which is regulated by law. They can have a different security class, dimensions, types of a locking device, but for all simple rules apply, compliance with which will help avoid calling an emergency officer.

  • Password, documents and instructions are always stored separately. When blocking, first of all, you will need a serial number of the product, a brand, warranty data talon data to confirm the fact of ownership. This information will be needed to call the manufacturer or in the service department and learn how to open the Coda Code Castle itself, if it is blocked.
  • The key never puts inside the storage facility, otherwise it will turn out the option when it sees the eye, yes tooth nemet. He will have to carry with him or find a secluded storage place of which only the owner knows about.
  • You can not proceed to independent actions without studying the instructions. Some models have incorrect code entering several times in a row provokes a complete blocking with which it will not be able to cope.
  • For types of storage with a mechanical lock, a sharp push in the door often helps. Efforts and use pliers for turning the key is not worth it. In most cases, this will lead to the fact that the basis will break and remain inside, significantly complicates further actions. Preference is given to alkaline nutritional elements from the proven manufacturer. Special attention is paid to the charge indicator, it is displayed on the keyboard and will flash red if the battery will sit down.
  • If there is no self-confidence, then it is worth calling and calling the masters. It is better to contact a proven service center.
  • When creating a password, it is desirable not to enter the dates of birth and not simplify the same digit to the repetition. The combination is stored separately from the documents.
Try to call specialists

Observing simple security rules in most cases will be able to cope on their own. For any emergency situations, the definition of the method, how to open a safe with a code password or a mechanical lock, starts with reading instructions.

If you need the help of the master, then when you design an application for an emergency operation, you will need a serial number, model name and manufacturer's company. Information is needed to confirm the right of ownership, selection of the necessary tools and reduce time to work.

In any case, do not open independently, the consequences of an independent opening, sometimes there are more deployed than the original problem. Better contact the store where you purchased a safe cabinet, there will be able to tell you the phone's phone.

Tips for opening the keyhole

A number of safes made in China and not only can be opened with such simple things as:

  • sock and magnet;
  • Stationery clips;
  • Metal beer bank;
  • lighter;
  • padlock;
  • potato.

Of course, methods of hacking safes differ depending on their type. Mechanical, for example, a protective cabinet is sometimes much more difficult to open than with a code or electronic lock. However, you can always:

  • Use a super password (with it in Egypt, you open any safes);
  • pick up the code;
  • Apply the power method;
  • guess the combination of numbers;
  • make duplicate keys;
  • Drill in the right place and so on.

The more incredible safes appear on sale, the more surprising (sometimes in their simplicity and accessibility) becomes the methods of hacking them.

Open safe door

Opening of the doors of safes

The opening of the safe doors is a process that is characterized by complexity.

It is necessary to exercise caution in carrying out such a procedure, since with incorrect actions you can achieve the condition of the device when only a narrow specialist will help.

The main thing is not to despair and find the right information on how to open a safe without a key.

Opening the doors of safes is desirable to carry out using special purpose tools.

Otherwise, it can be achieved by significant mechanical damage, which in turn will entail significant financial resources.

However, emergency autopsy of safes involves the use of various methods, even those that apply visible damage. Assistance for hacking safes is required in cases where:

  • It is necessary to open the safes of electronic;
  • It is necessary to open the safes of mechanical;
  • You must open the code safe;
  • It is necessary to open the key lock in the safe.

How to open safe without key and code

Each at least once came across the problem of opening the locks of safes. We ask how to open a safe if you forgot the code, it is necessary to remember that the key is included with such devices.

However, there are situations where the key does not turn out at hand. And if the safe does not open anyway, it is worth trying to enter a zero combination, that is, as all six digits indicate nrics. It is important to remember that this method does not always work.

How to open a safe with a code without its introduction, you can learn from the store consultants, where a similar purchase was performed.

Moreover, the opening of safe locks of a mechanical nature will be possible only if the owner was registered on the manufacturer's website at the time of the purchase. There in the Personal Account of the User will be the code.

In the case where data for the site entry was safely forgotten by the owner, open the lock of the safe without the help of specialists is not possible.

Hacking a safe

Before opening a safe without a key and code, you need to check a couple of moments that could affect the device failure.

These include:

  • Reducing the charge of batteries, the replacement of which should be made only on their original options, as they are almost twice as long as the charge hold.
  • The jamming of the beelel in the castle, which prevents the operation of the lock opening mechanism. Sometimes it is enough to push the device back several times to solve the problem in how to open the safe castle.
  • Locking the lock that occurred due to the multiple administration of the wrong code. It is important to wait some time, about 10-20 minutes, and re-combine. If there is more time to restart the device, it is still to wait until the combination is re-administered, and not to look for a way to open a code safe.
  • Disconnecting or damage to wires. It is necessary to remove the keyboard on the safe, after which it is possible to remove the batteries and check whether the wire state is normal. If they are damaged, it will have to make an emergency autopsy.

Considering all these moments, if you need to emergency to open the doors, it is enough to call a narrow profile specialist.

Opening of locks of safes

Trying to understand how to open an electronic or any other safe if I forgot the code, it is fairly accurate to know the following information about the device installed in the room.

It includes data about:

  • type of lock;
  • The material from which the closet is made.

In addition, having all this data, it will be possible to ease the life of a narrow specialist if the owner of the safe will decide to call it instead of independent attempts to open.

Open Safe Aiko.

How to open a safe aiko

Many are often wondering how to open.

Safe Aiko.

If I forgot the code, since the cabinets of this model have recently been considered the most popular.

Such devices are equipped with one of the most powerful breaks from hacking, however, if it is incorrectly used, problems can occur with the opening.

Instructions, how to open a safe of IEC, assumes the following actions:

  • checking the availability of batteries in the compartment specially designated for them;
  • Introduction specified in the standard code of the type "7-7-7-7" or "1-2-3-4", then pressing "#" and waiting for the message "Good", after which it will be necessary to enter a new code;
  • The introduction of a new password involves a set of "M" symbol and eight digital signs;
  • Checking a new password only with a safe door of the safe to avoid problems with its slamming.
It is important to remember that the autopsy of the AIKO safe with incorrect introduction of the new code is postponed indefinitely. It is necessary to give the system to reboot, so that it is not at all to be called specialists to assist an emergency.

To understand how to open a safe of AIKO with a mechanical lock, you need to use a method involving the removal of the plug from the plastic type panel. After that, it is enough to turn the key until it stops to work the signal to open the door.

Moreover, information, how to open AIKO safe must be present in the instructions.

As a last resort, before calling specialists, you must clarify step-by-step instructions, how to open the Safe Aiko, without mechanical intervention in the network, or in consultants of stores engaged in selling them. The full catalog of the AIKO brand safes is presented here.

Open electronic safe

How to open an electronic safe

How to open an electronic safe is known not to everyone.

To begin with, it is worth studying the package of storage cabinets, and also to find out if the instructions for their autopsy are included.

Step-by-step instructions, how to open a safe with an electronic lock, assumes the execution of such actions as:

  • Use of a special type key, which is included with the device;
  • The key inserts is assumed to be a special department, which is usually located under a special emblem.

Another way explaining how to open the electronic safe is the introduction of a zero combination of six characters. However, this procedure does not always work, and therefore it is worth getting the numbers of specialists involved in the opening of devices of this type.

Open Safe with Limbam Castle

How to open a safe with a libam lock (twilty)

How to open a safe with a Limbam castle, it is not quite easy to figure out. Typically, such devices are equipped with open limb type locks.

For their opening it is necessary:

  • to rotate the lymb handle only counterclockwise when the first digit set;
  • When the second digit set, the rotation is made clockwise;
  • A third digit set is made by rotating the handle counterclockwise.

The numbering of the discs is from the end, that is, the third groove is closer to the user. To set the first disk to the right position, the Lamb will have to be checked 4 times counterclockwise, stopping the rotation at the time of the coincidence of the first digit of the code and special risks.


In the event that the code was entered correctly, the rotation disk turns and the lock will open. However, if all operations were performed incorrectly, most likely have to cause wizard wizards.

Open Safe with Code Lock

How to open a code safe

Safety deposit box with code can be equipped with type locks:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

If there is a mechanical type closing device, it is sufficient to enter the code that was programmed in the system at the time of its installation on the newly manufactured safe.

Each device is his own, and this means that it is possible to know it only upon presentation of an identity card in the store, where it was made.

Electronic locks are opened using a special purpose key, which is included with the safe.

A hole for inserting a unpiration device is usually under a special emblem screwed on screws that are easily unscrewed using a conventional screwdriver.

You can also try to enter a six-digit code combination of zeros, but if it does not work, it is worth calling a specialist. The same applies to moments when you need to learn how to open an old safe without a key.

Open Soviet safe

How to open a Soviet safe

The question is how to open the Soviet safe, it is not as often.

However, there are people who use devices invented during the USSR.

It is possible to conduct a key recovery procedure when it is necessary to understand how to open an old safe.

However, sometimes it is necessary to urgently receive funds or documents that are stored in it, and then accurately will have to resort to emergency hacking.

For this reason, some of the information is sufficient, how to open a Soviet safe. In any case, it is better to contact


narrow profile.

The main advantages of such appeals are:

  • timeliness of arrival;
  • high professionalism of each specialist;
  • Quick solution to the problem;
  • Use of special purpose tools, etc.

Appeal to a narrow specialist guarantees step-by-step execution of actions involving how to open the old safe. The main thing is that these experts will be able to do everything without damaging the device for storing securities and significant financial resources, jewelry.

It is extremely important to take care that the safe is reliable, however, did not have to resort to emergency hacking methods, because otherwise you will have to acquire a new device. And this leads to an increase in financial spending. It is much more profitable to call a specialist than trying to take it yourself.

What is the conclusion

To preleal, on the shelves of a number of shops today will most likely meet a cheap, but not a benign product than a reliable and durable safe. Not many companies understand that if the text of the instruction is indicated for increased safety of things closed in a given metal box, it does not mean the truth at all. And without checking the reliability of products, begin to promote it in the market. In our store refer to this completely different. If the strength and reliability of the product is declared, then it should confirm all specified in the instruction manual. No money is worthwhile reputation. Therefore, we always carefully familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of each safe before exposing it for sale. And we try to have only proven and no less reliable manufacturers.

The appointment of any safe is a reliable storage of valuable things. Therefore, if someone lost the keys to the safe or forgotten the opening code, it will be extremely difficult to cope with such a problem.

However, the owner of a non-controlled cabinet can meet not only with its own forgetfulness. Blocking the safe may also occur due to:

Opening of the safe
  • Sorted batteries on electronic locks that have not changed on time.
  • Swimming the locking mechanism.
  • Natural wear of moving elements.
  • Damage to wires or contacts.
  • Several times incorrectly entered access code.

We try to open a safe with a code lock on your own

It happens that the owner of the safe has no opportunity to call specialists, for example, the battery in the phone. Or he decided to save on circulation to professionals and reveal the safe on his own. In some cases, the code and mechanical lock can really hack without assistance.

However, it must be remembered that any error can lead to irreparable consequences, as a result of which the contents of the safe may suffer.

Open safe

1. Many household mini store models have an emergency opening feature without entering the code using a special master key, which is usually stored separately from the box. If you have such a key, it remains only to find it, and the problem will be solved.

2. There are also special emergency codes, which can be clarified from representatives of the manufacturer or dealers of the company in Russia. To do this, you will need to provide documents confirming the purchase of this safe, or other evidence that it belongs to you.

3. If you have not changed the factory code set by default, look for instructions. These figures should be indicated there. As a rule, this is a set of identical numbers - six units, six zeros, six fives, etc., or sequence - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Try these and other similar combinations.

4. On the inside of some safes there is a button for resetting the acting cipher. You can get to it using a thin durable wire or long needles through the holes in the rear wall of the storage fabricated in order to install it on the wall.

5. The question is how to open safes made in China is even easier. You need to turn the handle clockwise to the end and, without releasing it, heavily hit the box from above. Surprisingly, the lock after such manipulations usually opens.

How to open a home safe with a mechanical lock

A similar type of storage facilities have a distinctive feature - they are equipped with a rotary handle with a metal ring on which the numbers and risks are applied. With their help, the cipher is entered. A set of a four-digit code is made according to the following scheme:

- To install the first digit, the disk is scrolled four times clockwise;

- The second digit is introduced by three revolutions counterclockwise;

- Third - twice clockwise;

- Last - once against the clock.

Open safe

Half of the safe shut-off devices of this type do not have the ability to change the code. It is installed only once at the manufacturer. Therefore, to find out the cipher, it is enough to call the manufacturer or contact the service and call the serial number of the non-government cabinet. It can be found in the passport of the product or in the instruction manual. Code locking structures with a removable code can not be opened independently. The only way is to appeal to emergency service.

Several tips for home mini repository owners of any type

  • Documents confirming the purchase of safe, product passport, instruction manual, as well as the master key always keep separately. In the event of a problem, you do not have to break your head like open safe if you forgot the password.
  • The code cipher can be recorded on a separate sheet or save in a special application on its smartphone. On mobile device you can also establish a reminder of the previously replacement of batteries in the safe.
  • Include in your phone the contacts of the service service, which is engaged in servicing safes of this brand, and the service to open the safe devices.

How to open a safe if I forgot the code

Do not know how to open an electronic safe if the castle code is forgotten? Call our company. We guarantee the opening of a non-aggravated cabinet without damage. Our specialists will come to a challenge for 20 minutes to anywhere in Moscow or Moscow region. You can also leave a request on the company's website - the operator will call you back within a few minutes.

A safe is closed. Forgot code. How to open?

We continue our heading "Workshop", and today I will tell you how to open a safe if you forgot your password. This is a fairly common and annoying situation - the user closes the safe and forgets the code combination. This can happen in the office at work, hotel room or at home. No one is insured from this.

First of all, you need to determine the model of the safe. Help with this can warranty card, instructions for the castle and the passport of the safe. Even if you independently open the lock in the end, this information will be useful for an emergency autopsy specialist.

If the safe was bought for a very long time, and the warranty period came out and the passport was thrown away - try finding purchase documents, order number, store address. Perhaps the seller will help identify your safe, send instructions to the lock or tell you the actual service of the service.

So, we proceed to the autopsy of the safe - our actions will be determined primarily by the type of lock, and in its second design.

How to open a code mechanical lock.

This castle has a characteristic swivel handle with a leb (metal ring with risks), with which the code combination is gaining. That's how it looks like.

Code mechanical lock.

Just in case I will remind the principle of his work. To score a code combination of four digits, you need to twist there and a disc 10 times: four times clockwise, three times counterclockwise - the second, twice clockwise - the third, and once against the clock - fourth. Read more about these locks here:

Such castles or provide for the possibility of changing the code, or not. In the second case, the code combination is installed at the factory and never changes again. You can find the factory code of such a lock at the serial number by contacting the service or directly to the plant. The serial number and code combination are specified in the passport or instruction manual for the safe. Here is an example, as it looks like.

If you have a code lock with a replaceable code, then the problem is more serious. Try to look into the instructions, perhaps you did not bother to change the pre-installed combination. Then you can use it. If not, you will have to call the emergency response service.

How to open a code electronic lock.

A characteristic feature of these locks is a push-button keyboard for entering a code combination. Light and sound alarm system simplify the programming and operation of the lock. Conventional batteries are used to power. That's what these castles look like.

Code Electronic Castle

Some models are equipped with an emergency opening feature that allows you to open a safe without code using a special "master key". In addition, there may be a button for resetting the current code on the inside of the door.

Opening the safe emergency master key.

Perhaps your lock supports such a function, and you did not know. Look into the instruction to clarify it. If so, look for a master key.

If the lock does not support the emergency opening function or the wizard is lost (prudently locked in safe), try typing the factory master code specified in the instructions - it is possible that you forgot to change it after buying a safe. This is usually a primitive code, type 1-2-3-4-5-6. If the master code was still changed and subsequently lost, you will have to call the service - without the help of a specialist carefully open the safe will not work.

If you have a cheap Chinese safe, then the heater is not worth it. You can try to deal with it yourself, the likelihood is very high: it will all work:

Professional emergency autopsy services.

If nothing of the above helped, you will have to seek help to professionals. Emergency opening of his safe is better to entrust a specialized organization with a good reputation. There will be not only professional service, but also confidentiality. If you do not know, contact the store where the safe was purchased.

An emergency autopsy specialist will cope with any lock.

When talking with a specialist, be prepared to tell him the brand and the name of the model of your safe, the type of lock. The more the information it is, the faster and more precisely, it will be able to decide on the method of opening, necessary tools, the cost of work.

Very well, if the master earlier has already been able to open the safes like yours. Ideally, the safe is revealed without damage, the performance of the old castle is restored or changes to exactly the same new one.

Tips for code safes:

- Do not store the instruction manual and the safe passport in the safe - you will be very missing when you forget the code combination. The master key is also not necessary to store in the safe. - Do not throw out the documents about buying a safe, they will be a confirmation for the service service that you are the legal owner of the safe. Can help when identifying a safe .- If you are a "advanced" PC user, you can use password managers. For example, Keepass.- Find a decent emergency autopsy organization, write down contacts in the phone book. This is guaranteed to help open any blocked doors - safe, apartments, cars.

Any types and types of safes are equipped with special stop-off devices that have different characteristics of strength, reliability and their secrets of the correct handling of them. With incorrect operation or in a number of other cases, it becomes necessary to open the safe without key or using code characters.

What are the locks in the safes

The safes use several varieties of locks. From what option is installed on your safe, the actions on opening doors depend.

The main types of castles:

The most ordinary option is the key with the key. The danger consists only that you can simply lose the key. It is desirable for such a case to have a duplicate, but this possibility is not always provided in advance.

The device with a mechanical code lock closes using a special set of characters. Not knowing it, open the device is almost impossible. Therefore, expensive boxes are equipped with similar encoders.

Electronic control locks are relatively new types of devices that require connections to a power supply system or a battery. There are simplicifications to explicit advantages, in case of a battery discharge, a special key is provided. The higher the class of the safe, the larger the number of shut-off devices it can be equipped.

How to open a safe with a code lock

The code lock can be mechanical or electronic. To understand how to open a safe if I forgot the code, you need to find out what type of locking device is.

How to open a code mechanical lock

The mechanical lock is most often equipped with a combination of several characters programmed during the manufacture of a device or its installation. In the first case, you can still open the lock, a set of characters from each metal box is listed in a special secret directory stored at the manufacturer. After presenting documents on buying and certifying the person, you will be issued a combination inherent in your device.

It is much more difficult about the case with locks in which a set of characters can be changed. Some devices precisely to prevent such situations equip combinations for emergency unlocking. You can also learn this information from representatives of the manufacturer.

There is another option that can be useful when opening a safe lock of a mechanical type:

  • Put the first digit to the mark 0 after you turn the toggle switch clockwise 4 turns.
  • Then three revolutions counterclockwise with a stop at 30.
  • Clockwise two turns to the figure 59.
  • Rotate the lever to the left at 0.

This combination may not work if the safe is released later than 2002. If this emergency version of the lock is unavailable to you, call a specialist.

How to open a code electronic lock

If you cannot open a Safety Deposit BOP with an electronic type code lock, try using the spare key. This device is attached to a special niche under the manufacturer's emblem. It is mounted on screws to the rear wall of the safe and with its help the problem is solved as soon as possible.

You can also try to open the lock using a standard combination of six zeros in a row. If the key is lost, and the set of zeros does not work, it remains only to call a specialist.

How to open a safe in the event of a battery malfunction

To the question of how to open a safe if the battery fell, there are 3 answers:

Try using a master key if it is provided in the device configuration. Make sure the charge of the new power supply is higher than the old one and do not confuse polarity.

Contact the store where boxing was purchased. Experts for the repair of such devices you will definitely prompt options out of the situation.

If nothing happens, call a specialist in hacking safes.

Tips for owners of safes with code locks

To avoid such emergencies, follow the advice for those at home there is a safe with a code lock:

  • Do not leave the acquisition documents, spare keys and instruction manual in device boxes. They will come in handy at the moment when the lock refuses to open, or you will forget the code.
  • Keep the accompanying documents about buying boxing until it serves you. Firstly, this is a guarantee that you really are the owner of the design, which is important when calling a specialist, and secondly it will help restore the functionality of the locking device, without having hacking the door.
  • For those who can enjoy special computer programs, you can advise to store combinations in Keepass.

If you have never managed to open a safe safe, use the services of professionals.

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