When you need a pump for the reverse osmosis filter

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  • The internal volume of the cylinder is determined as follows: the foundation of the base of the phallus is divided by 3.14 and + 3 cm.In what cases do not do without a set of pressure increase

Domestic reverse osmosis systems are very demanding to such an operation parameter as water pressure. For the correct operation of the filter requires stable minimum 3, and better 4-5 atmospheres. In this case, the reverse osmosis system provides the best quality of water purification, the ratio of clean water (permeate) - dirty, dropped into drainage (concentrate) becomes the optimal, the resource of the pre-cartridge and the membrane element is generated in the required time, the amount of purified water in the tank corresponds to passport data.

In the case of operating a reverse osmosis system on a water supply system with insufficient (less than 3 atmospheres) or unstable (as in cases with autonomous sources of water supply), a number of negative points are possible: the quality of water purification is reduced, the permeate ratio - the concentrate is worsening through the system as a whole (and Through the cartridges and the membrane, in particular) excessively many water passes, several times faster producing the resource of filters, membranes and structural elements; Water consumption increases significantly, and in case of sewage with a cesspool, the latter is too quickly filled; Clear water is very slowly recruited into the cumulative tank and the supply of water is insufficient.

With low pressure, the only acceptable option is to install a set of pressure increase. Such pumps are equipped with everything necessary for fully automatic work, protected along dry move and consume an extremely minor amount of electricity. With a sufficiently high cost of a good set of pressure increase, the advantages of the correct operation of the reverse osmosis filter are completely justified and over time pays for costs.

The correct approach when choosing a configuration of the reverse osmosis system (with or without pump) will be consulting with a specialist. In some cases, it may be necessary to depart the wizard to measure pressure in the plumbing.

Without a pressure increase pump, you can confidently install reverse osmosis filters in apartment high-altitude houses on the lower floors, in private households with central water supply in most areas of the city. The remaining options require clarification and consultation with a specialist.

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  • A non-surgical way to increase the genital organ - stretching. Vacuum pump for a member is one of the options. Provides the best supply of oxygen tissues, breaks the wool. Useful quality - eliminates sexual dysfunction. This saturates sexual life with bright, long-term orgasms.
  • Why do you need a pump
  • Modern vacuum devices for penis are compact, have a small mass, produced from high-quality materials: silicone, thermoplastic, latex. They increase the volume of the organ without relative risk to health.

Useful properties of vacuum pump:

The activation of blood supply is the saturation of a member of oxygen, nutrients;

improvement of lymph circulation;

Restoration of sexual function - long-term preservation of emerging erection;

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How pump works

The use of the device increases the erection time up to 30 minutes. The device includes:

Transparent flask - directly put on a member;

Aerial pump - creates a vacuum layer;

Sealing nozzle - completely impermeable, resistant to external influence.

Due to the full leveling of air, blood flow to the sexual organ is enhanced. The result is an increase in the member.

  • Vacuum pumps of new designs are additionally equipped with a pressure gauge. It helps to control the process, significantly reducing pain.
  • Erection arises as a result of filling the blood of cavernous bodies, veins, capillaries. The vacuum creates a pressure drop, leading to an increase in the volume of the chamber cavity.
  • When buying the device, special attention is paid to the flask: its parameters must be greater than the sizes of the erected member. 0;
  • Medical indications
  • Why apply the pump in Andrology:

Massage - the stretching of the cavernous tissue improves blood supply, increases elasticity, eliminates erectile dysfunction. Prevention of sexual disorders;

Increased penis - auxiliary way to change the size;

Straightening a member - with congenital or acquired curvatures, if the deviation from the horizontal line is below 45

  • Elimination of premature seeds - the problem is solved by compressive rings worn on an eregular member. Included in the kit;
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  • Vacuum massager is used in the recovery period after urological operations.

Aesthetic correction

Vacuum plastic for a man is an excellent opportunity to gain confidence. It eliminates the anomalies of the structure of the penis, causing discomfort. Aesthetic correction:

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Popping types

The air is pumped out by two main ways:

manually - the man himself creates a vacuum space with multiple compressing pear;

  • Electrical pump - pump runs from batteries. Advanced models are equipped with a suction force regulator.
    • Penis is increased by a water-based vacuum device - hydropomemp. This method will increase the effectiveness of the technique, reduce the risk of injury.
    • The maximum discharged vacuum medium sucks blood, which rushes on the veins, arteries, capillaries that permeate the penis. At the same time, newlylastic vessels are spread. This leads to a significant increase in dimensions. Massage pump allows you to lengthen a member several times.
    • Pump for men: what to choose?

The intimate goods market offers different methods of vacuum increase in the volume of genital organs. Differences in sizes, materials, price. The choice determines the convenience, simplicity, compactness. Before buying, carefully read the specifications, read the instructions for use.

  • Bathmate is a simple water-based device, which has been diagnostic testing at all stages of production. Used high-quality materials:
  • Silicone is safe for the skin;
    • stainless steel;
    • High-strength carbonate.
  • A painless, pleasant product is convenient in work. Gives a guaranteed result after 2 weeks of application.
    • AU REVE - a device with a wide plastic flask 22 * ​​7 cm. All parts of the design are equipped with reliable connectors. The vacuum pump is easily going. The pressure generated instantly increases the penis 3 times.
    • Sexus Men "Pump Expert" - a massager with a lever for the formation of airless space. Regular classes:
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    • "Ultra Flex Pump" - a pump with a silicone flask. Comfortable pear placed in hand guarantees a high level of vacuum. The stimulator increases the volume of the member by stretching with tissue by massing. Use:
    • Before sexual contact - the reached erection is fixed with a ring;
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Pipedream "Travel Trio Pump Set" is an effective set equipped with additional nozzles, vibrator. Made of thermoplastic elastomer. To reduce pressure on the pump, the valve is mounted, triggered from the simplest push button.

As a gift, the manufacturer offers a bandage to extend the erection.

To use a vacuum pump as a masturbator, disassemble the device.

Connecting parts rinse with warm soap solution.

  • Compact box-suitcase with a handle in which the design is packaged, conveniently take on the journey.
  • Vacuum pumps for stimulation of female genital organs have a little different structure. The use of a male device is unacceptable.
  • How to apply
  • Before first use, the device is treated with soap solution. Internal surface wipe with antiseptic.
  • Step-by-step instruction:

apply a softening cream on the skin of the penis;

  • lubricate the incoming hole of the device with vaseline;
  • insert a member to the flask;
  • tightly press the pump to the body;

With one hand hold the vacuum cylinder, the other is to compress the pear.

  • After 15 seconds, the member is poured with blood, taking erected state. It is noted by hyperemia - this is normal. After 30 seconds, launch air: a member will take a natural look.
  • The best time to increase the vacuum pump - before bedtime.
  • Manipulations take 10 times with an interval of 5 minutes.
  • Efficiency is raised by compressing the erected organ at the base. Positive dynamics are observed in a month of daily championship.
  • Principle of use of mass produces with hydraulic pump:
  • For 5 minutes, immerse the body in a warm bath;
  • omit the pump into the water;

Place a member in the flask (without lubrication);

press the device, clamp a hole with your finger;

hydraulic pump to create a vacuum;

  • After 5 minutes, fix the state of the erection, putting the ring on the base of the phallus;
  • Remove the flask.
  • The insufficient effect of the member pump compensates for other increases methods. This is a massage, dumpling, medication therapy, surgical correction. 3;
  • How to make a pump at home
  • Men with skill, patience can make a device independently. It is necessary to prepare materials:
  • The transparent cylindrical cylindrical container - the role of the flask. When choosing, take into account the size of the member;

Hose - plastic or rubber;

Pear is a detail of a medical tonometer. You can replace the usual syringe of 5 m



cutting tool.

In the flask from the side of the lid to do the hole. 3 cm inside insert hose. Select the connection. Fasten a pear. On the hole for a member to wear a protective rubber ring.

  • Before use to inspect the device. The existing gaps eliminate the thermoclaim. Check the performance by creating the required pressure in the capacitance.
  • To prevent the development of pathogenic microorganisms before each use, handle the pump with antibacterial drugs.
  • Medical professionals recommend applying reliable devices from manufacturers who have undergone diagnostic examination. Homemade vacuum pumps instead of benefit can cause serious harm to health.
  • Contraindications
  • Before applying a vacuum pump, a specialist doctor is needed. The device is contraindicated, if there are the following readings:
  • diabetes;

Serious liver diseases;

renal failure;

Member Head Diseases;

inflammatory processes of the urogenital system;

  1. Template to thrombosis.
  2. Any discomfort from the use of pump for a penis requires cessation of training.

Side effects

A vacuum pump creates a negative pressure around a member. Blood rushes into this area, filling the cavernous bodies. The result is instant: the penis retains the erected state for a long time.

  • The trouble begins later.
  • After vacuum impact, a member is painfully returned to the initial species. The power of the device is not easy to adjust: lymph penetrates in the fabric. There are edema, squeezing organ. They cause severe pain.
  • Vacuum impact hurts gentle skin of a member head. With an increase in pressure, the breaking of small capillaries is observed: the synushia, the development of secondary edema, appears. Negative consequences require treatment with Andrologist.
  • When you need to stop classes

Cases of immediate interrupting sessions of pump increases:

the formation of dark spots on the skin;


Stagnation at the end of the member;

There were problems with erection. Negative phenomena are observed with excessive pumping, non-compliance with session graphics.


For pamping on Paking technique, the circle is simply divided by 3.14.

The principle of operation of the massager, developed in the middle of the 20th century, remained unchanged. The design of modern devices has significantly changed. Vacuum pump has become more powerful, safer. The compact device is gently adjustable, managed reliably.

Why do you need a pump in the car and how does it work?

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  2. December 6, 2017.

As part of the engine cooling system of any car there is a private pump (on the jargon - pump). The element is quite reliable in operation, but requires supervision, because it plays an important role in the operation of the power unit. In case of breakdown, the machine will not be able to continue the path. From here the purpose of this publication is to clarify inexperienced motorists, what a pump is and how it functions.

Purpose and location of the element

Cooling fluid is incapable of circulating through the radiator and the water shirt independently. To induce it to move, a pumping device is involved in the system - pump, whose impeller (impeller) rotates with a belt drive from the crankshaft. Depending on the design of the car, the pump is located in places:

  • In the front-wheel drive car, the element is on the right end of the engine (if you look at the movement). Since the pump is part of the timing belt drive, protected by a lid, to see it outside it is impossible.
  • On machines equipped with rear-wheel drive, the pump is located on the front of the power unit and is driven by a belt of the gas distribution mechanism or the generator drive.
  • Pump, built into the engine design, is needed for efficient cooling of the block and cylinder head due to the creation of forced circulation. Thanks to her, the flow of antifreeze passes through 2 radiator - the main and cabin, where he gives the lion's share of heat.
  • Construction and principle of pump operation

Expose elementsIt will not hurt to consider, from which it consists and how the automotive pump works. The element is a housing in the form of a fastening flange with holes made of aluminum alloy. The remaining details are attached to him:

The main shaft with the bearing is pressed in the central housing;

The impeller of plastic or metal is attached to the inner end of the shaft;

The slave pulley (sometimes the rug) is set at the outer end of the shaft;

So that Tosol has not flowed out along the axis, the shaft pass node through the body is sealed by a special seal.

  1. The water pump flange is screwed to the cylinder block or an adapter in such a way that the impeller turns out to be in the coolant flow, and the slave pulley is located on the same axis with the master pulley of the crankshaft. To compact the connection under the flange puts the gasket.
  2. The principle of operation of the pump is extremely simple: the crankshaft of the motor rotates the impeller of the pump by means of a drive belt. The higher the engine turnover, the more intense the antifreeze is pumped through the system. The service life of the element ranges from 40 to 140 thousand km of run, depending on the brand and modification of the car. On expensive imported machines, the patching device works longer, on domestic cars - less.
  3. In some cars, a pump is installed, acting on its own electrical drive. Such an innovation did not find a wide application due to the rise in price and reducing reliability.

Consequences breakdown

The pump that came into disrepair is able to make a lot of trouble. The amount of damage depends on how the pump is involved in the car - from the timing belt or the generator drive. Emergency situations look like this:

When choosing, you can pay attention to the additional elements that make the use of vacuum pumps easier or pleasant:Begins to proceed a prudent gland or gasket. The level of antifreeze in the system decreases, which is fraught with overheating of the motor, if not noticing the problem on time.

Due to the broken bearing, the pump shaft jars. From the jerk drive belt flies or breaks.

When the pump glance leaks, rotating pulleys spread the liquid in all directions. Wet belts slip and wear out faster.

  1. Note. The root cause of antifreeze is often becoming a wipe bearing, and not the gland. The shaft with the pulley and the impeller begins to hang out and is thrown under the pressure of the drive belt. In such conditions, the gland is not able to keep Tosol, which is why the water pump passes the fluid to the outside.
  2. The worst version is the rupture of the timing belt drive due to the encoder of the bearing. For many cars, it leads to expensive repair of the power unit, since the bottoms of the pistons are hit on the plates of open valves and bend their pushers. At best, you will have to remove the GBC and change the valve group, in the worst - throw away the punched pistons and the cylinder head cracked from the blow.
  3. The separated generator drive belt will not damage, except that the supply of electricity into the on-board network will disappear and the battery will be discharged. But in parallel, the motor overheating, leading to the accelerated wear of the cylindrophone group.
  4. Signs of pump malfunction

In the process of operation of auto water pump is wearing naturally. Two parts are experiencing the greatest load - the bearing and the gland, they are most often out of order. The impeller and pulley breaks much less often. Problems manifest as follows: At the site of the constant dislocation of the car there are spots of antifreeze.

Cooling fluid spathed Face wall of motor and nearby units. If the mechanism is protected by a casing, the thrust of antifreeze becomes noticeable at the bottom.

On the running engine is heard a hum or a crash from the pump side.

The power unit stalls on the go, the temperature of the coolant jumps to the maximum.

Scale. It is applied on the wall of the flask so that it is possible to track the increase in phallus from use to use.

Arms under the car stains should always be worked out the driver

. If it is dry in the windscarette space, and the leakage is noticeable on the asphalt, remove the protective cover of the gas distribution mechanism. Having found dampness in the pump area, perform a simple diagnosis: Loosen the drive belt and shide the pulley of the pumping device. A noticeable set of shaft is a clear sign that it is time to change the engine cooling system pump.

If you managed to catch the noise published by the broken bearing of the pump, immediately diagnose it on the subject of the backup. The verification method is identical: you should get to the pulley, weaken the tension of the belt transmission and shake it with your hand.

When the motor stalls during the movement, and the sensor shows the temperature of more than 120 ° C, it means that the worst has already happened. The pump shaft jammed, and the timing belt broke or jumped. It remains to hope that the engine valves did not meet with pistons and did not bent.

Can I repair the item?

On the overwhelming majority of machines, an unrepaired pump cooling pump is installed. If desired, the motorist will be able to remove it and disassemble, but to change the gland and the bearing is unlikely to succeed, since these parts are not on sale. Exception is the classic Zhiguli models and a number of other models of cars for which repair kits are made.

  • Reference. Repair kits do not belong to the original and do not shine quality. Pump resource after repair will be shrinkled against the factory spare parts.
  • Water pumps are made to change assembly. Moreover, the replacement itself is not much difficult - they cleaned the landing place from the old gasket, the sealant was applied and screwed a new pump. The most time-consuming part of the procedure is a disassembly of the timing assembly with setting labels, removing pulleys and fill / emptying of the cooling system. If you do not have enough experience in repairing cars, it is better to entrust work to master maintenance station masters.
  • Video.

What is a pump in a passenger car

To carry out the selection of thermal energy from the internal combustion engine, engineers are able to be in several ways:


liquid; combined.

Systems developed on the basis of air cooling is customary to be called open. They are involved in directional air flows, the increasing body of the FURS outside. This design is becoming more and less common in modern cars, but in demand in small motorcycle.

Representatives of closed systems are liquid analogues. Heat selection is carried out due to circulation of antifreeze through the channels of the covered shirt of the cylinder block. The combined scheme involves the introduction of at the same time air and liquid cooling for the car.

In the last two types of structures, the compulsory attribute is a pump, that is usually correctly called a water pump, as an integral part of the forced circulation of the coolant in the car.

Important! Liquid cooling systems are much quieter than analogs that use air to remove heat. Location and purpose element

In cars, there are most often two circles of cooling:

  • Various elements included in the cooling system are also provided. Each of them performs its function. And for which the pump is needed is obvious to many experienced motorists, as it works for forced fluid pumping in allocated to this cavities and canals.
  • Integrated impeller housing is responsible for Pumping antifreeze . The rotation of this wheel is transmitted by the belt drive. Transmission pulleys are located on the pump shaft and on the outlet shank of the car crankshaft.

There is a water pump where they are located engineers. In most models of modern cars, you can find the pump in the following zones:

If you look at the move, in the front-wheel drive machines, the pumping device is located on the right end of the cylinder block (since the pump is rigidly associated with the GDM drive, it is located there, where the drive is protected by a lid);

Cars with rear-wheel drive are equipped with a water pump fixed on the front wall of the cylinder block, and the rotation of the impeller attached

Belt from the timber

Either from the generator drive. The pump distilts antifreeze through the channels and two radiators, one of which serves from the output of heat into the atmosphere, and the second is capable of transmitting heat into the salon. Thus, it is possible to quickly cool the power plant. Where does pump shake?

Pomple always shakes himself, that is, she pushes, but does not suck. It is ensured by the fact that the impeller rotates, creates a centrifugal force that pushes antifreeze further. Pump task to ensure the movement and pressure of fluid from the radiator to the engine, so it pumps the cooling fluid into the engine. The structural impeller can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.

When should I change the pump?

Pump replacement intervals are clearly listed in the instruction manual for your car. The most common option is With each second replacement of the timing belt Or when the symptoms of the output of it are out of order (bearing noise, leak, backlash).

Replacement frequency

As for the planned replacement of the automotive pump, the frequency of its replacement for many cars is simply not specified in the technical documentation. Therefore, most motorists perform a planned replacement every 60 ... 90 thousand mileage kilometers, which corresponds to the planned replacement of the timing belt. Accordingly, you can change them a pair.

In the second case, if a better pump and less quality belt is used, the replacement can be carried out as follows - one pump replacement for two replacements

belt timing

(After about 120 ... 180 thousand kilometers of run). However, it is necessary to carefully examine the state of one and another node. Together with the replacement of the strap and pump, it also makes sense to replace both guide rollers (if you buy them with a set, it will cost cheaper).

Water pump service

  • The water pump resource is significantly reduced during operation in conditions of extreme temperatures. The component is susceptible to greater wear during strong heat or large frosts.
  • The replacement of water pumps is made together with the timing belt (every 60,000 - 90,000 km of run). More qualitative auto parts are changed after 120,000 - 180,000 km of run.
  • The principle of the pump and its design
  • In cars there is a simple pumping device. Its case simultaneously performs the function of the fastening flange. It is equipped with several holes through which the unit is fixed on the BC.

Due to the fact that the hull is made of aluminum, it is possible to minimize the effect of corrosion processes, and the mass of the finished product is reduced. The design also includes:

In the central opening of the case, the main shaft with rolling bearings is pressed;

At the cantilever end of the shaft is the rigidly fixed plastic or aluminum impeller; The external shaft shank is equipped with a pulley (used stream or gear models); Prevent antimony and ensure the tightness of the design helps the sealing gland.

liquid; The pump flange can be screwed both directly to the block and through the adapter to ensure the bodice of belt transmission, not the isarable impeller from the antifreeze stream. Under the flange manufacturers mount the gasket.

Based on the device and the fastening method, the principle of operation of the patching antifreeze of the node becomes clear. Rotation to the shaft and then the impeller is transmitted by belt transmission. With an increase in the frequency of crankshaft revolutions, revolutions are growing on the impeller, which contributes to intensive circulation through the channels.

Manufacturers guarantee uninterrupted pump operation for 40-140 thousand.

Km Male

. The resource depends on the brand and model of the vehicle. Domestic auto are located closer to the lower value of the interval.

Certain brands of machines are equipped with pumps operating from personal electric drive.

Autonomous power supply of pumps did not find widespread among the designs of cooling systems. This is due to the additional increase in the cost of the finished product and some decrease in the degree of reliability.

Circle circles

Installation and installation of the oil pump VAZ 2108-2109-21099 The cooling system in the car has two circles of circulation: large and small. The main thing is precisely small, since when the unit starts, it immediately begins to circulate the coolant. In the work of a small circle, only channels of the cylinder block, pump, as well as the radiator of the interior heating radiator are involved. The circulation passes through a small circle until the OI does not reach the normal operating temperature, after which the thermostat is triggered and the large circle opens. Thanks to such a system, the engine warming is significantly reduced, and in winter the system does not so much cools the unit as it supports its normal temperature mode.

Small and big circles circulation cooling fluids

In the work of a large circle, a fan, cooling radiator, intake and outlet channels, a thermostat, an expansion bar, as well as those elements that take part in the functioning of a small circle are involved. External circle, it is a big circle, begins to work when the coolant temperature reaches 80-90 ° C and provides its cooling.

Water pump device

Its design is simplified as much as possible. All simple - brilliantly breaks less. It consists of a shaft that keeps in the housing by two bearings. On the shaft, inside the pump, the impeller is fixed, which causes circular antifreeze in the system. It happens from metal or plastic. The first is more reliable, the second is cheaper.

There is a gland between the working chamber and the bearings. It prevents ripples from entering bearings and exitting it outside under the hood of the car. The housing is pulled out of aluminum or cast iron capable of withstanding temperature differences and vibration. It consists of two parts. A rubber gasket is installed between them. Thanks to such a design, you can replace the pump without disassembling it from the engine housing.

On the opposite side of the shaft, outside, is a drive pulley. Which is firmly fixed on the shaft and drives the belts of hinged equipment or timing belts (it all depends on the car model). For example, on the VAZ 2107 - the generator belt, Opel Cadet - timing. Therefore, the rate of circulation of the fluid depends on the speed of rotation of the engine crankshaft, the higher the turnover, the faster the coolant is moving through the system.

The weak link in the design is the gland and bearing. The first begins to skip Tosol, which, falling into the working cavity of the bearings, flushes the lubricant of them. As a result, increased noise, and then pumping the pump. There are cases when bearings begin to "sweep" before the gland is wearing. This low quality of the details makes itself felt. The resource of the mechanism is from 60 to 100 thousand km. In some cases, it requires a replacement for 30 thousand, and some copies of 160 thousand km have been keen.

What pomp impeller is better

Most modern pumps have a plastic impeller. Its advantages are less than the mass compared to metallic, and therefore less inertia. Accordingly, the engine needs to spend less energy to spin the impeller. Frequently, the so-called turbo pumps have a plastic impeller. And she has a closed design.

However, plastic impellers have disadvantages. One of them is that over time, under the influence of high antifreeze temperatures, the shape of the blades changes, which leads to the deterioration of the CPD of the impeller (that is, the entire pump). In addition, the blades can simply wear out or break from the rod and scroll at all. This is especially true for inexpensive water pumps.

As for the iron impeller, the only drawback is that it has a large inertia. That is, the engine spends more energy to spin it, in particular, at the time of launch. But it has a large resource, practically not wears over time, does not change the shape of the blades. In some cases, it is noted that if the pump is cheap / poor, then rust or large foci of corrosion may form on the blades over time. Especially if poor-quality antifreeze is used or ordinary water is used instead (with high salts).

Therefore, what pump to choose is to solve only the car owner. For the sake of fair, it is worth noting that on most modern cars installed a pump with a plastic impeller. However, they are performed qualitatively, and over time they do not erase and do not change their shape.

When choosing a pump, you must also pay attention to the height of the impeller. Of the general considerations, it can be said that the smaller the gap between the block and directly the impeller - the better. The lower the impeller - the less productivity, and vice versa. And if the performance is small, it will not only lead to problems with the cooling of the motor (especially on high speeds of its work), but also to problems in the work of the salon stove.

  • Also, when choosing a pump, you should always pay attention to the gland and bearing. The first must ensure reliable sealing, and the second is to work exactly at any speeds and as long as possible. To extend the service life of the gland to use high-quality antifreeze, which includes a grease for the gland.
  • Most often, the pump housing for passenger cars is made of aluminum. This is due to the fact that from this material it is easier to make details of a complex form with complex technological requirements. Water pumps for trucks are often made from cast iron, as they are designed for low speed, but it is important to comply with the long service life of the device.
  • Pulley

The rotation speed of the shaft directly depends on the diameter of the pulley. The manufacturer selects the optimal dimensions for one or another modification.

There are three types of pulleys:

Toothed - drives the timing belt.

The belt is driven by a conventional belt.

Electromagnetic - coupling, regulating the speed of rotation of the pump with a magnet.

The latter modification does not need a seal to the gland, so such a pump will never flow. The pulleys are rigidly attached to the axis by means of bolts or a sponge compound.


  1. The most common structures include a two-row closed ball bearing or roller bearings. This element is lubricated with high-temperature plastic lubricant.
  2. Stuffing box
  3. The gland is responsible for the tightness of the pump. To improve the properties of the seal, the antifreeze is used with the addition of lubricant. Most modern POMP are equipped with a ceramic gland consisting of two elements by type of flat spool.

Purpose Pump: liquid dependence

Water pump models are produced quite a lot, but all devices are characterized by another characteristic - the possibility of trouble-free operation with a liquid medium.

Clean or low-grade water. Such equipment has a chance without prejudice to working units to pump almost unpolluted fluid. It may contain solid inclusions up to 0.5-0.8 mm.

  • Middle water pollution water. Pumps, designed to work with it, differ greater power. In this case, the probes are capable of cope with the pumping of the liquid, the dimensions of the solid particles of which make up a maximum of 15 mm. The first example is firewalls used not only for direct purpose, but also for transporting water over long distances.
  • Liquid with a strong degree of contamination. For this pumping equipment, high performance is characterized, the ability to create pressure, the maximum indicator of which is 35 m of water column. Such pumps easily cope with inclusions, the diameter of which does not exceed 25 mm.

The most serious problem is sewer waters requiring "professionals." Such pumps are called fecal. Their destination is the pumping of wastewater having large, fibrous, insoluble inclusions. The difference between fecal aggregates from all previous species is the presence of a special device - the cutting mechanism. His task is the grinding of solid inorganic components of the liquid.

  • Types of coolant pumps
  • Types of system pumps are cooling used in the modern automotive industry, the coolant pumps do not have fundamental constructive differences. But they can be separated depending on the type of drive, destination and construction of the housing. The drive of the pump can be carried out in two ways:

Mechanical - Pump shaft is connected using a belt transmission with a crankshaft or a camshaft of the motor. In this case, it is driven synchronously with the start of the engine.

  • Electric - in such a scheme, the pump shaft is driven by an additional electric motor, the operation of which is controlled by an electronic motor control unit (ECU).
  • By appointing a pump of a car engine can be:

Main. Such a pump performs direct pumping fluid in the cooling system.

Additional. It is not installed on all cars and can be intended for auxiliary cooling in regions with a very hot climate, reducing the temperature of the exhaust gases, cooling the turbocharger in turbocharging motors, additional cooling of the engine after stopping. Unlike the main pump, the additional drive is driven by an individual electric motor.

The timing of the pump for pumping the coolant depend on the type of the structure of its housing. According to this parameter, distinguish:

Collapsible. This type is used in old and domestic cars. This design allows you to repair and flushing the pump.

Inseparable. In most countries, the engine pump is considered an inexpensive consumable spare part, and therefore many manufacturers have moved to the manufacture of unintellular pumps. They must be completely replaced every 60,000 kilometers of car run. When installing a new pump, the drive belt is replaced.

In addition to the designs described above, there are also disconnected pumps. They allow you to turn off the flow of coolant until it warms up to a temperature of 30 ° C. This allows you to provide faster engine warming and improve fuel consumption.

Liquid pump

As liquid pumps, they are sometimes used by multipliers or arising compressors, for example, the super high pressure compressor of the high pressuring institution (Fig. 65) works well at a pressure of 5000 at and - as a liquid pump, with a capacity of up to 60 l / h. Although the magnitude of the harmful space of this compressor is very small (5-6%), nonetheless its performance increases when working on liquids, which are less compressed than gases.

If there is a liquid pump or multiplier, it is advisable to replace the bomb /, cooling and the heating of which (even single) requires time and consumption of the cooler. If in front of the reactor / / (Fig. 89) to install a mercury shutter, and the reactor itself and part of the shutter are filled with gas from a cylinder or compressor, then the installation can be performed with gases.

  • During the operation of the liquid pump, a leak occurs (through the gap between the plunger and the cylinder sleeve) of oxygen or nitrogen, which is returned back to the column, passing along the path through the filter 15 of the porous metal for cleaning from graphite particles.
  • Note that piston liquid pumps allow suction gas with the same success as the compressor.
  • In contrast to liquid pumps, air and other gas compressors (except low pressure compressors) are cooled with water or in another way (surface cooling) for heat removal, which produces compressor.

Surface Pumps

Surface units are located on a plot that is in close proximity to the water source. A hose is attached to the suction pipe of the pump, its other end is immersed in liquid. Such devices are:

Garden pumps: they are used only for watering a garden or garden;

  1. pressure: these devices become an element of the engineering system, their task is to ensure the necessary water pressure;
  2. Pumping stations, in addition to the pump, the hydroaccumulator includes a device that accumulates water, as well as control pressure in the system.
  3. Plus surface structures - simplicity of maintenance and operation. Minus is the impossibility of producing water from sources of high depth.
  4. Pumps located in the source

Submersible pumps work directly in the thickness of the water. The liquid rises upstairs on the hose or intake tube. Since this equipment does not suck, but creates a constant pressure, they are used for sources, the depth of which is already significant - from 100 meters or more. Submersible equipment is divided into several types.

Due to the broken bearing, the pump shaft jars. From the jerk drive belt flies or breaks.

Well. These pumps can work with sources whose depth is 10 meters. Their features are better cooling, smaller sensitivity to solid, large inclusions, low noise.

Borehole pumping pumps. Such elongated cylindrical equipment has a maximum power. It is intended for pumping fluid from deep, narrow sources with a large flow rate.

  1. Drainage. Their destination is the struggle with flooding of basements, catlovanov, canvas or trenches. Drainage devices recommend using if the diameter of the particles in the liquid does not exceed 30 mm.
  2. Fecal. This equipment performs the most thankful work. His task is to pump out strong water, which has various impurities.
  3. As can be seen, the choice of the device entirely depends on the quality of the fluid, on the type and depth of the source. Since many of them threaten the "care" of water, the best option for a well or well, in any case, the submersible device remains. In addition, this equipment can be used to drain the boilers, the release of tanks and other tanks. In the machine in the process of work there is a natural wear of all mechanical elements. A sealing cuff and bearing are exposed to a significant load, which are faced more often than the remaining parts. Less often breakdowns occur with pulley or impeller. Signs of pump breakage will be able to notice on the following factors:
  4. Without removing the pump, you need to test the antifreeze stains under the vehicle on the places of long parking.

During operation both on the side walls and at the bottom there is splashing of space by antifreeze. When a protective cover is provided in the design, the symptoms are manifested in the form of flows in the lower area of ​​the housing.

  • Malfunctions or damage can be heard during
  • Motor work
  • . Foreign noise appear in the form of a cod or a hum in the pump installation area.
  • On the instrument scale, the thermometer displays the values ​​above the maximum permissible. After that, it can often stimulate the motor.

The driver should always be alarming after parking the stains under the car in the area of ​​the boost space. To better consider the potential section of the leakage, we recommend unscrew the fastener of the timing cover. If excessive humidity is detected, we recommend that simple diagnostic measures are recommended:

Motor completely turn off and put the car to the handbrake; 0We remove the lid of the gas distribution mechanism;

Weakening the belt tension on the pump pulley;

We try to apply a little effort to the shaft, shaking it in the landing socket to the right / left.

Skinny Lesuft Shaft is one of the main signs, after the appearance of which it is necessary to get acquainted with the replacement of the water pump in the car. If you managed to hear explicit noises from the pump side, it is also necessary to diagnose the shaft.

Negative concerns can be confirmed when the motor will stall during the ride, and at this time there will be a critical temperature on the sensor, for example, above 120

  1. C. This is a testimony of the pump shaft or a flying belt or a broken timing belt. In the worst version of the development of events will additionally be bent from the pistons of the valves.
  2. If the generator belt breaks, then the driver will be able to identify it by the tanned indicator on the dashboard, denoting the absence of the battery, simultaneously it will noticeably increase the temperature. The driver recommend moving the motor as quickly as possible and evacuate the machine to the maintenance station.
  3. If the failure occurs

We recommend to monitor the possible negative symptoms that are manifested when the automotive water pump is operational. The breakdown of it bears big risks for engine performance. The scope of the consequence affects the installation zone and the method of connecting the pump.

The list of potential problems includes factors:

The resulting bearing on the shaft is capable of jamming the rotation of the pump. Accordingly, the implined pulley will stop rotating on the shank, and the drive belt will fly or rush.

There are problems with tightness due to a worn gland or gasket, as a result of which the coolant level is reduced. The lack of antifreeze leads to overheating of the engine.

  • The flowing antifreeze from under the gland falls on rotating pulleys, which spread the coolant to the surrounding items, including belts. After wetting there is slipping belts and their accelerated wear.
  • Often the root cause of the loss of tightness and reducing the level of antifreeze is the produced bearing, and not the gland. The main shaft is dangling and thrown out due to the force of the drive belt on the pulley. Thus, the gland is deformed and it becomes not able to hold the antifreeze, after which the leak occurs.
  • The most negative development of events is the rupture of the belt of the gas distribution mechanism due to the encamplement of the bearing. Most cars after that need an expensive engine repair. This is due to the blows of the pistons along the hts of open valves, which results in the instantaneous decent of the latter.

After a belt breaking with a large probability of probability in the machine, you will have to remove the head of the cylinder block, as well as to replace the valves. At the worst outcome, the replacement will need pistons and potentially cracked head of the cylinder block.

The slave pulley (sometimes the rug) is set at the outer end of the shaft;

In the design where the generator drive belt flies, there is no significant damage. It will be possible to determine this failure in the work according to possible symptoms:

  1. The water pump flange is screwed to the cylinder block or an adapter in such a way that the impeller turns out to be in the coolant flow, and the slave pulley is located on the same axis with the master pulley of the crankshaft. To compact the connection under the flange puts the gasket.
  2. The principle of operation of the pump is extremely simple: the crankshaft of the motor rotates the impeller of the pump by means of a drive belt. The higher the engine turnover, the more intense the antifreeze is pumped through the system. The service life of the element ranges from 40 to 140 thousand km of run, depending on the brand and modification of the car. On expensive imported machines, the patching device works longer, on domestic cars - less.
  3. In some cars, a pump is installed, acting on its own electrical drive. Such an innovation did not find a wide application due to the rise in price and reducing reliability.

The onboard power supply system will switch to the discharge of the AKB;

The pump that came into disrepair is able to make a lot of trouble. The amount of damage depends on how the pump is involved in the car - from the timing belt or the generator drive. Emergency situations look like this:

Begins to proceed a prudent gland or gasket. The level of antifreeze in the system decreases, which is fraught with overheating of the motor, if not noticing the problem on time.

The battery will start losing the voltage;

The motor begins to overheat.

An increase in temperature leads to the emergency development of the cylindrophone group.

the formation of dark spots on the skin;

The pump that came into disrepair is able to make a lot of trouble. The amount of damage depends on how the pump is involved in the car - from the timing belt or the generator drive. Emergency situations look like this:

Note. The root cause of antifreeze is often becoming a wipe bearing, and not the gland. The shaft with the pulley and the impeller begins to hang out and is thrown under the pressure of the drive belt. In such conditions, the gland is not able to keep Tosol, which is why the water pump passes the fluid to the outside.

  • Is it possible to restore or repair the pump
  • Most cars have an unbalable design of water pumps. This applies to both domestic machines and foreign cars. On sale Find Repair Kit for modern machines in the form of a gland or bearing for pumps will not be possible. The exception is the "classic" from the VAZ.
  • It is worth considering that most of these spare parts are issued by third-party firms. The fact is not always positively reflected on the quality of products.
  • Pomp refers to important details of the design. The driver must follow its condition and performance, so as not to get engine problems.
  • Sources
  • https://drivertip.ru/osnovy/pompa-v-vtomobile-kak-ona-rabotaet.html


https://etlib.ru/blog/1061-kakuyu-pompu-postavit-na-avto. https://znaiaauto.ru/rating/luchshie-vodyanye-pompy. https://toyota-chr2.ru/proizvoditeli-i-marki/princip-raboty-pompy-v-avtomobile.html. 0



Sergey Vasilenkov

from 3-12-2020, 15:05

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Views: 2467.

During operation, the car engine produces

Many warmth. In order to work in a specific temperature range (so-called

"Green zone"), in its design there is a cooling system. Basic

  • Its element is a water pump (it is a pump). Pomp in the car is needed for
  • Forced circulation of antifreeze in the system. So, hot liquid from "Shirts"
  • The engine is replaced by a cold radiator. Pump should always be in
  • good condition. If the device comes into disrepair, the engine starts
  • Boiled and soon fails. What, let's find out what is what
  • Pomp in the car, as it is arranged and what is its malfunction.
Construction and features Construction and features
Construction and features

Pomp - one of the main components of the system

Cooling engine. It is a centrifugal type pump, including

impeller and shaft with pulley. The case of the mechanism may be cast iron or

Aluminum. Also in the case there are channels for removing antifreeze to

impeller. Between the Cylinder Cylinder Block and the case there is a gasket that

eliminates the reference of the coolant.

Main working element pump - impeller.

It creates fluid pressure in the system. The impeller is installed on

drive shaft. From the reverse side of the shaft there is a drive pulley. drive shaft. From the reverse side of the shaft there is a drive pulley.
Pump impeller

Water pump is installed in front

DVS, often near the thermostat. Motor pump has electrical or

Mechanical drive. The latter is more common among automakers.

Such a pump is activated from the pulley of the crankshaft with a belt. On cars

  • With a chain timing, this is a separate drive belt, and on the belt it can be
  • combined with gas distribution system. The principle of operation is simple: crankshaft pulley
Rotates the belt, and the latter drives the pump. Electric pump Rotates the belt, and the latter drives the pump. Electric pump
It has a separate electric motor with a control system (often similar pumps

Meet the German cars). The principle of its work is as follows. Electronic

The sensor reads the temperature of the antifreeze and gives a signal to turn on the pump only

at + 30 ° C and higher. Next triggers ring diaphragm, liquid

Circulates through the system in full.

Signs of malfunction

Since faulty pump can

quickly overheat the car engine, the driver must know when

Signs worth thinking about it:

  • Characteristic
  • howl, whistle during engine operation. It talks about the problems with the bearing,
  • either with an impeller. The latter during operation may concern the building, which is why
  • Sound is heard.
  • Rusp shot pump. It can be found, holding a pump tree with your fingers. If the pulley has

The move, the mechanism will soon fail.

Cooling fluid traces near

Pump. On the impeller or in the junction of the pump with a block can be selected

Antifreeze. This speaks about problems with a gasket or a seal.

Availability of sweet smell under the hood

or in the cabin. Inside it can get through the ventilation system. This smell

  • Also indicates to flow a coolant.
  • The inconsistency of the stretch roller and
  • Drive gear. It can be seen by applying a ruler in the same plane with
  • Pompey and rollers. If the problem has appeared long ago, it will be visible on the lighted
  • The corners of the belt. The situation is dangerous in that the belt can break at any time.
  • Also increases load on bearings.

Increase engine operating temperature.

Water pump is not able to measure the antifreeze normally, or the cooling level fell

Liquid due to worn gaskets.

Leak pump
Leak pump

Common breakdowns and their causes

Frequent malfunction

- This is the failure of the bearing. It is worn due to a large car run

(Usually through 100 thousand kilometers), but should not be excluded and accelerated wear.

This can be attributed to the wrong belt tension, oil entering or antifreeze.

On the surface of the belt.

The next breakdown is seals, and

It is the gland. He fails due to poor quality antifreeze without
It is the gland. He fails due to poor quality antifreeze without

additives. The gland "Dubet" and no longer delays the fluid inside the system. Antifreeze

It hits not only on the belt, but also on the bearing, leaning out of the last lubricant.

Incorrect installation or marriage of fasteners.

Water pump can not feel bad to the motor block due to uneven valve

  1. surfaces (dirt, corrosion on metal), or be originally curve
  2. (factory marriage, which is not uncommon among cheap substitutes). As a result, the pulley
  3. Rates with overcast, loading more bearing and eating the belt. Less frequent
Durability is found after hitting cars in an accident.
Durability is found after hitting cars in an accident.

Another reason for the fault of the pump -

This is the use of sealant to eliminate the leaks of the radiator.

The composition of this fund is not only scoring

Channels of the heat exchanger, but also sticks to the impeller of the pump.

Antifreeze slowly circulates in

System. If you do not make a flushing on time, you will soon need to replace the pump.

The reason why owners can

Even not to guess - this is the quality of antifreeze. Pump during operation should

lubricate If the quality of antifreeze is close to water, will soon come to

Disconnecting the glands, and then bearings. Negatively affects the state of the pump

and the formation of corrosion. High-quality antifreeze have a pack of lubricating and

Anticorrosive additives, which positively wins on the pump resource.

Corrosion on the pump housing

The use of poor quality antifreeze leads to corrosion

What are the consequences? If the driver noticed that the pump It becomes unusable, you need to start repairing the car as early as possible. Faulty

- The bearing can jam on the go, and the belt is to break. In a matter of seconds Such an engine can overheat. When this moment comes, unknown -

- Pump can hold out another 500 kilometers, or to come into disrepair second start. Consequences - expensive car repair (boring block

- Cylinders, replacement of rings, engine cylinders sleeve). Change or repair?

Water pump can be disassembled and Repair, but most of the car owners prefer a complete replacement.

There are several reasons for this:

It is not always possible to find the desired detail.

For a specific water pump. Often it has to buy under the order or the cost

It will be unreasonably high. Disassembly and element assembly requires

more effort. If the work is performed in the service, the price of repairs will increase. New pump

New water pump Comparing cost and time

performing work, we can conclude that faster and cheaper to replace water

pump. The exception is the replacement of the gasket.

How often to replace?

Do not wait for signs

Fault. Water pump change in advance. Mileage can be different.

For domestic cars, this is 60 thousand kilometers, for foreign cars - 120-150. The optimal option is to replace with the timing belt or antifreeze. Manufacturer

Spare parts can be different. However, you need to pay attention to the quality of the part. and cost. A good substitute should not cost 3 times cheaper than the original.

By installing high-quality pumps, you can forget about problems in the next 3-5 years operation. The modern market for home products can offer consumer many different products that will help make his life easier. One of these goods was the pump - the device, with which water can be transported and other fluids under the action of pressure.

They are used everywhere in the automotive industry and many other areas of human activity, so if it is purposefully to ask yourself a question about why the pumps are needed - the correct answers may be a huge set. Use of agriculture pumps People who regularly engage in the work in the garden and in the garden, as no other know that the main resource for such works is water. So that the plants planted in the soil are normally developed, the farmer must provide them with regular watering. It is difficult to do correctly if the only source on the plot is a well or well, located far from the place of growing vegetables.

In addition, constantly carrying heavy water tanks is harmful, both for the musculoskeletal system in particular and for the body as a whole. But the purpose of using the pump, as the means for transporting water - not the only one.

Podkachka fluid from large water bodies located nearby, if the situation requires;

Supplying a solution for whitewashing trees; Drainage work;

Drainage work; Domestic livestock feed. Pumps in everyday life

Everywhere the pumps can be found in bars, restaurants and cafes, where the supply of fluid is required in the barrel. These pumps are very compact, quickly attached to the barrel, and just as quickly with it removed.

Addressing a car at a service station, where oil replaced, drivers know that the station personnel is used for this special oil swap systems. There are also the same systems for diesel fuel.

Special membrane pumps are used in the chemical industry. The presence of inside the diaphragm allows you to freely pump the chemical compositions of almost any concentration. Paper industry uses such pumps for glue transportation. The material for the chemical pump should be durable, so the stainless steel or persistent plastic types are most often used.

Accessories and Additional Details

To correctly use the pumping system, in addition to the pump itself, it is necessary to purchase a number of accessories and components. What exactly depends on the scope of the person's activities in which it will be used. It can be:

Hoses and special holders for them;

Carts that can be placed in the design of a large volume;

Dispensing pistols and oil suction devices;

Filters and separators, if we are talking about a drainage pump;

Counters that will be shown in liquid litter, which has already been transferred;

Specific spare parts for the pump itself: wheels, seals, couplings.

Some plants, taking into account the specifics of their activities, may need pumps with explosion protection and high levels of suction depth. To meet this need, compressors are used complete with a pneumatic pump.

Another one, but not so ordinary for everyday life, which is essentially a pump, is an insulin pump. This specific medical device will allow you to regulate the quality of life of a person suffering from diabetes. The principle of its action lies in the regular introduction of insulin into the body in order to avoid increasing blood sugar levels.

There are many different spare parts in the car. When I bought the first car, I knew that there had wheels, body, motor, candles, headlights and everything I could see in the cabin. I did not know when to change the oil or filter, I did not even know why some elements. A few years later I found out what a thermostat is. It happened at that moment when I stopped working in the winter stove and the master said that you had a thermostat jammed. It chases fluid only on a small circle and that's why the stove does not work.

Manometer. Allows you to remember the comfort level of the vacuum to quickly recreate it next time.

Photo: Vazweb.ru.

For me, all this was wildness, so I began to deal with little. Not in one day I understood all these moments, but after some time it became much easier to communicate with the mechanics. I have already understood the main ideas. And today I want to talk about what a pump is for what it needs, how it works and how to determine her breakdown.

What is a pump?

  • When we talk about it, you need to understand that when the car works, it is quickly heated. It has a working temperature, if it begins to rise above, then an additional fan must turn on and cool it. If it does not work and the temperature will be critical, then the motor will "boil".
  • So that this does not happen, each car has a special cooling system. It consists of different elements, one of them is a pump. In general, this is a one-piece system in which antifreeze or antifreeze runs, which winds out the system. He takes part of the heat on himself and leads it through the radiator. There, because of a large number of cells, heat weather heat. The liquid at this time is circulated on the system.
  • The role of the pump in is to drive this fluid as a pump. She herself can not move at the right speed, therefore there is a pump (pump), which chases it through the system. This is the only purpose of the pump. They are on all cars and if it fails in the winter, then the car is not so fast, but 15 minutes comes to the maximum temperature. If this is a hot summer, then a few minutes enough for this.

What is the comprehensive pump?

Erection rings embedded at the base. Extend the erection and make a man more enduring sexual terms, especially if the excitement usually goes quickly.

There are many different spare parts. The whole design is assembled in a metal case, which is most often made of aluminum. It also has a fastening, with which everyone is screwed to the motor. The shaft is installed inside the housing, which twists the fan and moves the liquid on the system.

Photo: Car-Use.lv

In order for the shaft to spin well, it was put on bearings and a gland. It is not necessary to lubricate them, as they are closed and inside immediately lay lubricant. To rotate the impeller, there is a timing belt on the machines, which turns the shaft, which transmits the torque on the impeller.

  • How to determine the breakdown of the pump?
  • Although almost all elements of the device are made of metal, still breakage there. They can be different, but most often it happens with a gland or bearings that are more susceptible to breakage.
  • To determine it needs to check:
  • Whether there is no fluid outside, because if it is already starting to flow, then the gland is badly abolished;
  • Are there any additional sounds when the pump is working;
  • Is there no backup on the pump during his work.
  • Photo: SkladExpress.ru.
  • These are the main breakdowns that can be. But there are also others, sometimes the housing is cracking. It happens extremely rare, but still happens. Sometimes the impeller itself breaks inside - this happens because of the chemical moments in the device itself.

The pump is usually not repaired, but it changes completely. Most often, the entire set immediately change, and not just the pump. After all, after a few thousand km. It may have to change the video, and another a few thousand timing belt. Therefore, everything immediately changed and quietly ride. The pump itself is assembled at the factory, and after that the housing is brewing and it becomes whole. Therefore, it is still possible to disassemble, but no longer collect. To find the location of the pump in your car, you need to see the technical documentation about the car and you will find it.

Why do you need a motor-pump?

A studded or buggy inner surface. Adds piquancy and pleasant sensations during use.

The motor-pump is a centrifugal pump for pumping fluid, operating from the internal combustion engine. The high power of the engine provides high pump performance, and the lack of binding to the power grid is autonomy. Therefore, motor-pumps are used where it is required to quickly pump a large amount of fluid or where the pump is needed, and there is no electricity:

- filling-drainage of pools and artificial reservoirs;

- removal of water from pots and trenches;

  • - pumping water from flooded premises, draining cellars and wells;
  • - extinguishing fires;
  • - pumping water in swimming facilities;
  • - pumping wastewater from septic and cesspool;
  • - Filling and draining tanks for watering and water supply.

Immediately for watering or water supply, motor-pumps are rarely applied: performance even low-power pumps is hundreds of liters per minute, which is too much for most private houses and farms. In addition, the motor-pump cannot work offline for a long time. Therefore, when organizing water supply and watering it is more often used to fill the intermediate tank; Distribution of water to consumers is already made using another pump.

cutting tool.

Again, in most private farms there is electricity, so the use of submersible or surface pumps will be justified. But with archaeological and other excavations, the digging of wells and tranches, the construction and maintenance of artificial water bodies - the motor-pump may be an indispensable assistant. One should only decide on the working conditions and choose equipment with the corresponding characteristics.

  • Characteristics Motor POMP.
  • By
  • Appointment
  • Motor-pumps are divided into three types:
  • for clean water -
  • This is a technique intended for pumping "transparent" water with a small number of pollution. Such pumps can be used to fill and drain the pools, drinking water tanks and watering water.
  • For glorified water
  • - Suitable for pumping water from flooded premises and artificial reservoirs. Such pumps are capable of pumping insane water with the inclusions of solid particles up to 10 mm.
  • For high water

Vibro element. Gives additional stimulation and strengthens pleasure

- suitable for drying trenches, excavation and wastewater pumping. Can cope with dirty water containing inclusion of 30 mm and more.


Motor Motor Pispers directly affects its performance, the depth of suction, the pressure created (lifting height) and the price. But much also depends on the design of the pump - two pumps with the same power can vary greatly on pressure and performance.

Therefore, when choosing a pump to power, you should be viewed after the selection of other characteristics - the higher the power of the selected technique, the sooner it will provide the stated pressure and performance values.

  1. And vice versa, if some of the pumps are approximately the same characteristics, some kind of low power is released, then, most likely, it will not be able to show the stated characteristics in real conditions. However, it is not always bad - some of the owners of inelectricated sites deliberately buy low-power cheap motor-pumps for watering. Give this pump stated 130-150 l / min, it would be too much. But, with non-zero depth of suction and lifting height, the real performance of such pumps is 30-80 l / min, so they can be used for manual irrigation.
  2. Engine's type.


Motor-pumps received the greatest distribution due to the simplicity of the design, a low price and a small weight. For most problems, gasoline pumps are preferable.


Motor-pumps are more economical and have a larger engine resource. But they weigh much more than gasoline. The diesel motor-pump will be preferable if it is often not required to transfer it, but it will have to work for a long time and rejection.


As a rule, the more such elements of the upgrade in modifications, the higher the cost.

Indicates, for what time the pump rolls a certain amount of fluid. The performance is higher, the faster the pump will cope with its task.

On the other hand, the higher the performance, the more power, weight and price of equipment. Therefore, productivity should be selected in accordance with the tasks that you have to solve the motorpome.

To drain wells, filling / drying up the tanks of up to 5000 liters, there will be quite enough pump with a capacity of 150-170 l / min.

  1. For pumping water from flooded premises of up to 10 m2, filling / draining small pools and artificial water bodies will require performance in 300-500 l / min.
  2. The greatest productivity (from 1000 l / min and more) will be required when pumping large volumes of water - from pools, artificial and natural reservoirs, butt, etc.
  3. When selecting performance, it should be borne in mind that in the characteristics of the pumps, its value is given for zero suction depth and zero lifting. With greater depth, water is pumped out and how it rises on a large height, the performance below. In the Pump Manual, graphics of performance dependence on the absorption depth and lift height are usually given - familiarize yourself with them before buying equipment.
  4. Pod
  5. (The height of the lifting / height of the water column) shows how many meters pump can raise the pumped water. In different pumps, this parameter varies from 20 to 70 m. On the one hand, this is enough for most tasks. On the other hand, the pump performance drops with an increase in lifting height and at the maximum lifting height, the performance will be close to 0. Therefore, it is better to pick up the pump with a margin by pressure.
  6. Depth of suction
  7. Shows which maximum pump depth is capable of lifting water. Keep in mind that when sucking from this depth, the pump performance will be much lower than the passport. The depth of suction of most POMP is 7-8 meters. If it is necessary to pump water with greater depth (drainage of wells, deep basements, etc.) POMPU will have to lower closer to the surface of the water with a corresponding increase in lifting height - pay attention to this when calculating the desired pressure.
  8. When selecting performance, suction depth and lift heights also pay attention to


Diameter of hose pipes

. Keep in mind that the maximum values ​​for productivity and recurrent pump reaches when using it with hoses corresponding to the diameter of the nozzle. The use of smaller diameter hoses will lead to an increase in resistance and reducing performance. The larger diameter hose will increase the mass of the water column and will also reduce the performance.

Pay attention to

Permissible diameter of solid particles

  • - This is especially important on dirty water pumps that are not equipped with filters. If the particle diameter exceeds the allowable, it can lead to a pump breakage.
  • Engine starting.
  • Most motor-pump is equipped with a rope starter for manual start. If operating conditions are met, the engine starts with such a starter does not cause difficulties. But if the engine runs often, the presence of an electric starter may noticeably facilitate work with POMPE. On the other hand, the electric starter significantly increases the price and weight of the motor-pump.
  • Volume of fuel tank
  • It is selected in accordance with the required duration of the pump operation. Typically, the manufacturer calculates the volume of the tank in such a way that it is enough for 1-2 hours of continuous operation. Most often, the time of work at one refuel is given in the passport, if there is no, approximately the time of continuous operation can be calculated by sharing the tank volume to consumption (l / h). Four-stroke gasoline motor-pumps with a capacity of up to 300 l / min consume about 0.5-0.7 liters of fuel per hour, 300-700 l / min - 0.7-1.2 l / h, 700-1200 l / min - 1, 2-2 l / h, etc. Diesel motor-pumps consume approximately half smaller.
  • On the
  • the weight
  • Motor-pumps should not pay attention not to the last. Powerful productive pumps can weigh 50 kg or more. If it is assumed that the pump will have to lift and transfer alone, focus on the model with weight of no more than 30 kg.

Variants of the motley complex

Motor-pumps, actually, are not intended to organize manual irrigation, but if you need watering in the absence of electricity, you can use low-power low-performance motor-pumps. They are inexpensive, weigh a little, and with a nonzero height of lifting and using thin garden hoses, the performance will be quite suitable for manual irrigation.

If you are engaged in earthenware, the wells of the wells, cellars and tranches, you probably had to face the problem of groundwater. To solve this problem, a motor-pump for dirty water with a large suction depth is required.

  1. In the "deaf angles", which are quite a few in Russia, the fire can bring great harm - after all, the nearest fire truck will come there, it can pass too much time. Prudent homeowners in such places should think about buying a fire pump - high-performance motor-pump with high pressure. When servicing pools, do not do without high-performance pump for clean water.
  2. To pump the storm and groundwater from the flooded premises, you will need a productive pump for weakly polluted water. If you need a stationary motor-pump for frequent and long-lasting water pumping - choose among models with a diesel engine.
  3. In men with respect to their sexual capacity, there are two main complaints: there is not enough hard erection and a small penis. To solve these problems there are several techniques, but recently the use of vacuum pumps is becoming more and more. You can find various reviews and recommendations, but many important nuances still remain not covered. Answers to all questions and necessary information is collected here. What it is
  4. The first device was developed in America for more than 60 years. His creator is a doctor engaged in the restoration of patients after surgical treatment of prostate gland. The pump was needed to reduce sexual tension at the time of rehabilitation, that is, it is easier to get ejaculation without a partner. Several tens of years, the device was used only during rehabilitation, but then the men who did not work were noticed earlier and not need to be recovered. The popularity increased even more when they saw that, in addition to direct appointment, the device was able to positively influence the sex potential of a man.
  5. Device The fundamental device in all models is approximately the same. The main part is a transparent flask in the form of a cylinder with an open inlet and a hermetically exit to create a closed space inside. The only hole in the upper edge is for the attached hose if the pump is transferred beyond the vacuum pump, and is not embedded in its upper part. The inner atmosphere is pumped through this hose. For ease of explanation, you can compare these devices with the pump. Different models of vacuum erectors can be equipped with rubber pears, batteries, manual pump pistols, instruments for internal pressure measurements, etc.

In stores you can meet up to several dozen different items. It is recommended to pay attention to those recommended by specialists and ordinary users. With the help of information, which is shown below, you can map the basic parameters and select the perfect device for yourself.

A mandatory structural element is the check valve through which the air can fall inside the system. This is necessary when pumping power is too big and discomfort or for urgent completion of the procedure. In the lower part there is a rubber case, put on the base of the flask. It is needed to make the fit to the skin dense and prevent the air suction outside the system. All materials are hypoallergenic and do not cause reactions to the skin.

Principle of operation

From the main cylinder, the pump is pumped out the atmosphere. The vacuum is gradually created until the penis starts gradually straighten up and take the form of an organ in the erection state. At the same time, it is stimulated by nerve points on the most sensitive zones of a member: on the head and bridle. Under the action of such stimulation, the vacuum pump is quickly coming.

Internal vacuum leads to such phenomena:

  • A large amount of blood sticks to the groin, this zone is heated. At the same time, a pleasant feeling of warmth appears at the bottom of the abdomen.
  • Inside the cavernous bodies are more actively entering, due to which the body's hardness appears. According to researchers, the saturation of blood during the use of an eR graph is 2.5 times more than without it.

With blood in all fabrics of the groin actively focuses oxygen, and this contributes to their nutrition and improves their condition

These processes are characteristic of all stages of using pumps, but people who use devices for the first time, brighter feel warm and tide in the groin zone.

Why need

  1. Before purchasing it is important to understand why a man is this device and what functions it performs.
  2. The use of the vacuumator will lead to such changes:
  3. The length of a member will increase by several centimeters;
  4. Erection will be more rigid;
  5. The probability of satisfaction of the partner will increase;

Sexual satisfaction and gamma sensations during sex will be brighter;

Discovery Racer Clear.

The time for making love to the moment of orgasm will increase significantly;

The risk of premature ejaculation will decrease or completely disappear;

The shape of the sexual body will become more correct, deformation is less pronounced;

Reducing the libido in old age or in the absence of a sexual partner will not happen

Before buying it is important to understand that all these results appear not with a single, but with regular use. Expect that libido will increase in the first week, no need.

Another important point: should not be considered a vacuum pointer to Panacea. If sexual failures are associated with some specific diseases, this method will be ineffective. Men with such indications need to contact the doctors, and not to look for devices that increase sex potential.

  • Side effects
  • With the normal operation of the device side effects in most cases there is no. They manifest themselves from those who have not considered contraindications or used POMPE not according to the instructions.

Manual vacuum pump with pear, distinguished by its reliability and simplicity. It is created from wear-resistant materials: the hose is not engaged and not crackdown even after a long use, and the nozzle in the contact area with the skin is very elastic and reminds human skin. This model provides excellent tightness without strong pressure on the device.

The consequences may be as follows:

capillary mesh with damaged vessels in places with especially gentle mucous membranes;

Another important point: should not be considered a vacuum pointer to Panacea. If sexual failures are associated with some specific diseases, this method will be ineffective. Men with such indications need to contact the doctors, and not to look for devices that increase sex potential.

  • dryness and peeling of skin in the head area;
  • Cracks on the surface of a member;

The valve for the regulation of the vacuum is placed next to a pear, so Discovery Racer Clear is easily controlled by one hand.

Hematoma pain;

Floor on soft tissues.

If you have long to use the device for a long time, cause the appearance of microtrams and tissue damage, you can achieve the opposite effect - the weakening of the libido.

Before the acquisition of a male vacuumator, make sure that he does not have such contraindications:

  • cardiology of cardiac function;
  • tendency to thrombosis;

Main parameters:


tumors and neoplasms in the groin zone and in the field of small pelvis;

urological diseases;

Another important point: should not be considered a vacuum pointer to Panacea. If sexual failures are associated with some specific diseases, this method will be ineffective. Men with such indications need to contact the doctors, and not to look for devices that increase sex potential.

  • venereal diseases;
  • Fractures of the penis in the past;

working diameter - 56 mm;

Yazv, RAS or irritation in groin;

Mental diseases.

Before the acquisition of a male vacuumator, make sure that he does not have such contraindications:

  • Pain during the procedure is one of the contraindications. For men over the age of 60 years old, it is even more carefully tracking the body's reaction to the use of vacuum pump.
  • How to apply

Working length - 215 mm.

Over the past decades, various techniques have been applied. To select the desired technique, you should understand which results are needed.

    Discovery Light Boarder.

    There are two options: Classical.

    Paking. Classic method It is recommended that men who most want to increase the length and volume of the penis, as well as make an erection of rigid and long. The method is considered universal. Select the models with widespread flasks. This contributes to the expansion of sexual tissues in all directions. Paking

    It solves only two main tasks: the elongation of the phallus and its alignment during anatomical imperfections. Despite the limited task parameter, it copes with them better than the classic.

To do this, devices with a long and narrow cylinder are used. When expanding the cavernous bodies, a member will strive in the walls of the flask and take their shape. Once at once the effect will be noticeable more and more. With this technique, the moistening of a member of the member is especially important, otherwise it is possible to face cracks and micro-gras.

Device with manual control type. In this case, not only functionality attracts, but also a stylish design. The flask consists of darkened plastic with shockproof properties. At the hose connecting the cylinder and the pump, the corrugated structure, so the rejugation during operation is almost never observed.

Important advice

If you follow the rules and instructions, the process of vacuuming will be pleasant, and the effect of it is maximum.

Here are the main advice:

Before first use, you read the instructions in detail. Even if a man used to use such products, a new one can have some important nuances inherent in this model.

Before the start, the poorer is disinfected. First, the cylinder is washed away with soap solution, then wash off the remains of the soap with water. Then, from the inside, the material is treated with cotton wool moistened in alcohol, miramistine or other disinfectant substance. When washed out, the use of hot water is prohibited, as the plastic can deform.

Penis for heating is lubricated to the means to increase the sexual organ. So the procedure will be more pleasant and more efficient.

The skin contact zone with the rubber seal is also lubricated with gel. This will ensure the density of adjacent in the area of ​​the pubic and inguinal hair. It is impossible to use creams and oils for this, as they will lead to the destruction of the seal.

Member are injected inside the flasks, after which the male pump is pressed against the skin. The eraser scrolls a little back and forward in one place to evenly distribute lubricant.

  • Include air pumping or pump it manually. For 10-20 seconds we can cut the atmosphere, and then the air back through the trigger valve. So the effect of constant expansion and narrowing of the member will be created.
  • The first session continues somewhere 5 minutes, and then duration gradually increases to 20 minutes. Vacuum intervals also become longer: 20, 30 and 40 seconds.
  • After the procedure, the energone is again washed. Those parts that can be removed, wash separately, after which they are completely dried and collect design. In this form, the vacuumator is stored until the next time.
  • During the washing, the water does not in contact with parts where batteries or batteries are.
  • Security
  • People who have not received the expected effect and experienced pain during the procedures with vacuum pumps, with detailed analysis detect that the security requirements violated. In order not to harm the sexual system and health in general, you need to familiarize yourself with them in advance.

internal diameter - 58 mm;

In order for the application to be completely safe, focus on such moments:

If a pain syndrome has appeared, you do not need to expect a second. Through the check valve immediately descends the pressure inside the system. Until the cause of discomfort, re-vacuum pump not to use. In most cases, simply less pumping power is required.

The signal to the instantaneous stop is the appearance of any amount of blood in the cylinder. This means that the skin or mucosa cracked. Before the wound will completely heal, it is impossible to continue.

In the first time you need to try the minimum vacuum. Pumping is carried out smoothly, especially when manual mode.

No need to be guided by feedback from other users about comfortable pressure on the instrument manometer. Each norm is individual, the fact that for one - barely a tangible effect, another can provoke problems.

Too strong vacuum is prohibited. It does not lead to the activation of blood supply, but to the deterioration of blood flow in the tissues of the penis, which causes the dying of individual zones. Moderation is the main principle.

You can not bind longer than 20 minutes not to cause complications.

Do not apply the eraser more often than indicated in the instructions.

The testicles can not be placed in the cylinder, they must remain outside. If this is not possible, it means that the size of the device is incorrect.

The main recommendation is moderation and adequacy. Unpertured pursuit of results, contrary to common sense, is not just ineffective here, it is dangerous. For comparison, it is necessary to remember the sensations arising from the natural sexual act: it does not go about the insane vacuum.

Types of structures

There are different groups of vacuum pumps. They have differences for use and construction solutions.

Manual with rubber pear.

The pear is compressed in the palm of palm, and by pumping it. In such models, the vacuum is created relatively long, so they are recommended by beginners. First, the design is extremely simple, secondly, it is safer for beginners.

Manual with pump.

Also require pumping manually, but you need to click on the pump. It is designed so that it is convenient to keep his hand. At the same time, the vacuum is created faster than when using models with a pear.


It works from rechargeable batteries, mechanical effort is not needed. The only thing that will have to control the man - reset the pressure through the check valve. Such structures are more expensive hand.

Internal length - 222 mm.


Due to the broken bearing, the pump shaft jars. From the jerk drive belt flies or breaks.

. In this case, inside the flask is not air, but water. Use usually occurs in the bathroom. The appearance of microtrams and cracks in this case is almost excluded. We will not have to use lubricant either.

Pump for head.

Miniature structures in which only the penis head are placed. They are mobile, but the effect in terms of equalizing the phallus or a significant increase in parameters is not observed.

  1. Before deciding, a man needs to understand their goals and determine the final result.
  2. Size definition
  3. From whether the size of the vacuum erector is determined correctly. To return the device to the seller does not always work, but throwing money on the wind - annoying. Therefore, it is better to pay the time to study the selection rules.

In this case, such two points are important:

The length of the flask is calculated as follows: the length of the penis in the excited state + 5 cm and more. If a man has overweight, it is necessary to change not 5, and 7 cm.

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