How to draw a pencil cake in stages?

Draw a cake using this step-by-step scheme:

Step 1

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Step 2.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Step 3.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Step 4.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Your cake is ready!

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В 8 years ago drawing cake

It is necessary to show fantasy, because this kind of sweets have a lot of species, with various decorations. Here will be considered an example of a multi-tiered cake with a beautiful flower, like an ornament, with it and you need to start a drawing, gradually adding levels.

Step 10: Draw a soft lightingStep 10: Draw a soft lightingStep 10: Draw a soft lightingStep 10: Draw a soft lightingStep 10: Draw a soft lightingStep 10: Draw a soft lightingBelow everything is shown in detail: Peresvetik.


6 years ago

White pastel pencil is going through the illuminated areas of berries and syrup. It gives a soft lightening. And we add small clear glare with a white handle.

To draw a cake to you need a sheet of paper, erasing eraser and pencils. To draw one, we should first draw ellipse to draw.

White pastel pencil is going through the illuminated areas of berries and syrup. It gives a soft lightening. And we add small clear glare with a white handle.

Then you need to spend a vertical line on both sides of the ellipse, and then you need to connect them to the line curve, which will be horizontal.

White pastel pencil is going through the illuminated areas of berries and syrup. It gives a soft lightening. And we add small clear glare with a white handle.

Then hold the line the essence below the middle of the cake, in order to designate the cake layer.

White pastel pencil is going through the illuminated areas of berries and syrup. It gives a soft lightening. And we add small clear glare with a white handle.

Imagine that our strawberry cake and draw syrup at the top of the cake and the image of strawberries under it.

White pastel pencil is going through the illuminated areas of berries and syrup. It gives a soft lightening. And we add small clear glare with a white handle.

You can draw nuts and other decorations for the cake.

White pastel pencil is going through the illuminated areas of berries and syrup. It gives a soft lightening. And we add small clear glare with a white handle.

Then we will circle a black felt-tip pen, and the extra contours of the leather rubber band. And then cook markers or paints to make a cake bright.

It is desirable that the cake is painted bright and highlight strawberries on it, and lay the layers of two different colors at their discretion. Imperatable rain


More than a year ago

We draw such a mandatory product of the festive table as a cake phased:

1 Stage - draw a cylinder located vertically and separated by half, it will be the cakes of our cake.

Stage 2 - At the bottom of the cake, we draw a dish on which it is worth it. Draw it easily, just spend a parallel arcuate line, slightly retreating below the cake.

3 Stage - depict the cream, as if it flows the waves from each embers.

4 Stage - At the last stage, we draw candles (the number of them usually depends on the number of years of birthday). Then paint the resulting drawing. Here, show your fantasy, and choose the colors yourself, and if you like it as I painted, then, please, you can paint and so.




In my opinion, there is nothing easier than drawing a cake. After all, it is drawn very simple and easy. Below on video shows how it can be drawn. I'll try to describe it now.

So, take a pencil in the hand, prepare a clean sheet and proceed.

First draw a rectangle on a sheet (brick), then on top on this brick draw another rectangle, the height of which will be equal to the bottom, but its length is slightly shorter.

Here is a video showing how you can draw a cake




Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

7 years ago Cake :) Mm, Nam Yam. Draw cake easier than oven :)

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Here is a cute cake cake in the 6th stages even a child draws: First

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

- Describe a pencil a cross. Only lines should be "light", they will then erase the eraser: Second phase.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

At the top edge of the vertical line draw decorations - berries:

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Third. Along the horizontal line, we draw strawberry and draw the first cake tier, connecting the berry at the top with the strawberry:

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Fourth. Fifth. Draw the base of the cake:

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting


Sixth stage


- Just erase the cross eraser and enjoy the result: It remains only to decorate! Good luck !!! .



Very good idea - Draw a cake with the help of pencils in stages .

Today we will try to paint the cake very beautifully, with the help of ordinary pencils in stages. To do this, we need a video or photo scheme, multicolored pencils and of course white paper. Below I attached several photo schemes to make it convenient to choose and

Start drawing cake At the beginning you need .

Draw cross As we see in the diagram. .


on the cross draw an oval image Then start Draw a general view of the cake

Then add fruits (cherry in the diagram). At the end you need .

Draw candles on the cake

Step 10: Draw a soft lightingStep 10: Draw a soft lightingStep 10: Draw a soft lightingand paint as shown in the diagram.


As a result, we will succeed here

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Beautiful cake

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

I wish you good luck in drawing.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting


Step 10: Draw a soft lighting


First draw the puck :), and then we make an outline of additional elements for our festive cake

Tappers draw our berries-fruits

And add our realism torture

And paint

All our festive torus is ready;)

Maria Muzja.


3 years ago

Cake to draw easily, but you can always decorate it to your taste and differently, depending on what mood you have.


Let's draw a straight line from the very beginning, first we will have a sketch, and it's easier to draw all the cakes and floors of cake symmetrical.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Let's start the drawing from the highest "floor", from the smallest.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Immediately decorate it with candles or flower, the line remains in the middle of the look.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Then we draw the following two floors / crushes, resembling oval / circle, the thickness of the crude is visible.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

We have a high festive cake, to paint it now with different colors.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting

Tanya Sun.

Step 10: Draw a soft lighting


Step 10: Draw a soft lightingTo draw a cake, you will not need a lot of time and work, as it is done very simple. Here already described drawing a plurality of beautiful cakes. I still found such a simple cake.


For began to draw such a figure.

We attach a rounded smooth form.

We delete too much.

Add candles.

And decorating the cake.

Remove the extra lines again and fall from above the chocolate cake.



Do you know the answer?

How to draw a pencil cake step by step - master class for beginners, learn to draw a birthday cake

Drawing is a creative process. He relaxes, can immerse us in pleasant memories, dreams and raise the mood. And even more great leisure for adults and children on weekdays and weekends!

It is not necessary to have a special talent to draw beautiful things. If desired, you can always know the basics with the help of various master classes. Our master class for beginners will help you easily do it.

For example, your child saw a magic cake in a favorite cartoon or a fairy tale, recently received the birth of a sensational miracle from mastic for the day, and wanted to realize it on paper. Do not refuse to him! Even if you are not an artist, and never did it, try it!

Or maybe you yourself always wanted to learn how to draw, but simply could not find the necessary tools for this and inspiration? There is a chance! Let's figure out how beautiful to draw a cake, even without having a special natural talent!

Simple drawing technique will make this process easy and interesting for everyone. The basis of our devices for such a creative process will be a simple pencil. You still need tools for coloring, white sheet of paper, eraser, black marker, twenty minutes of free time and good mood! So let's get down to the point!

Brief content of the article

Draw oval

In the center of the sheet, draw a big oval. Such a size is necessary that the berries will not run away for his edges!

Ask a child at this stage, what will fill a cake? Raspberry, blueberries, and maybe his favorite blackberry? We draw, but at the same time playing, asking questions to your baby.

By the way, the shape of the cake can be absolutely any. Connect your fantasy or fantasy of the child. Heart, Star, maybe a cloud? You decide!

Oval only helps newcomers in this matter are not confused, understand how to draw a cake easily, and the child is easiest to portray oval. "Dough is ready, now we bake the cakes!" This phrase from the cartoon "Magic kitchen".

You can include this colorful, cognitive cartoon, which will undoubtedly appreciate your baby!

Draw a vertical line

  • It's just, right? From two sides of our oval, swipe down, and then connect their line curve among themselves.
  • So step by step, slowly, in a pencil, our delicacy is charged. The basis is ready! This is our future field for berry or fruit vertices. True, it's easy?
  • Repeat the previous paragraph

Only lines down, draw a little more first that the lower layer looks a little wider upper. Thus, the cake will look bunk, voluminous and alive!

Surely when we prepare a cake, we bake a few cakes, which then combine each other! Something like that we draw on paper, isn't it? Moreover, children love big, multi-tiered cakes, as in their favorite magic cartoons!

Draw a straight line

The bottom layer of the cake divide the straight horizontal line in the center, as represented in the photo.

So uncomplicated way, our sweetness gained layers.

Ask a child, what will they be? Chocolate, fruit, and maybe just cream?

  • Call markers, color pencils or paints!
  • Suggest colors that use the color of this layer.
  • Just do not forget to make them different colors! Brown, pink, or white? For a long time, did not repeat the colors? It's time!

Draw a breaking syrup

Do not hurry! Draw a cake phased our task. On the upper bed, you will show the uncomplicated bliss with wavy edges. She will give the appearance of a vague, frozen syrup.

Solve the color yourself. Flight for fantasy in full swing. There are no special recommendations for this item. You can just feel free to srink with the photo.

Add berries and candles

So what will be the top of the cake? I propose to draw a blueberries! Round small mugs easily draws your baby.

For coloring, mix the color of indigo with black.

And here it is bright, juicy blueberry berry. Everything is like in life, only on paper! Another important detail of this drawing will be a candle!

Candles - small rectangles with wavy tails from above. Often, our kids are waiting not only to sweetness itself, but also the main attribute of all cakes - candles!

After all, it is so magical and romantic looks cake with candles! After all, in life, we are not only enjoying the delicacy, but we also think of them, guessing the desire!

Do not forget to decorate the added details: Lemon, Malachite, Punchy ... We continue to remember colors, along with this, apply them to business in our picture!

Add nuts and marmalade

Arrows around the berries and marmalade. Here, too, everything is simple. Nuts -Owls, marmalade - hearts. Surely, adults and children will cope with such figures.

Do not forget about the color! Feel yourself with a designer or can be a confectioner? Play with flowers! Marmalade can be all the colors of the rainbow, but the nuts are better to go in the color of the ocher.

Remove the contour

The whole drawing and all its components, circle a black marker. It will give it the volume and make a drawing more artistic and professional.

There is nothing complicated, take a black color and get every detail.

Eat pencil

And finally, we take an eraser and erase a simple pencil. Cake ready!

This is a simple, step-by-step instruction for children and adults! She is really simple and interesting, it remains to be convinced of this.

It would seem that to draw one or another object for those who do not have artistic skills, or children who only learn to draw, causes puppiness: I do not know how, I can not, I do not know how. Do not be dressed, take a pencil and try!

  • Drawing contributes to the development of creative thinking, develops imagination and favorably affects the nervous system. Children learn to display the world on paper. With the drawing, you can know the inner world of the child.
  • How to simply draw your favorite things around, will help such instructions! Let this cake be the beginning to the creative development of your Chad, inspires the creation of future masterpieces, and at the same time, and adults will bring peaceful comfort from the artistic process and joint pastime with your child!
  • Now you know how to draw a cake with a pencil, just without effort!
  • Photo of the drawings of the cake
  • Beautiful and delicious cakes love all adults and children, and learning them to draw, you can also create original postcards. At the same time, it is not necessary to spend money on a purchasing congratulatory card, and made with your own hands the present will be valued much higher.
  • Learn how to draw a cake will not be difficult or an adult child, and the learning process itself does not take much time. To implement your idea, you can use simple sketches and step-by-step instructions, creating a drawing that is easy to decorate with pencils, wovers or paints.
  • Simple cake for postcard decoration

For the creative process, a pencil and paper will be required, and a little bit of imagination and a cute cake will decorate the blank for a birthday card:

The top layer of glaze is drawn in the form of a thin oval, the lower part of it is drawn by the waves, imitating the cream flowing from the cake;

Under the glaze, the main part of the cake is depicted, the corners are better made by rounded, and it is not necessary to draw perfectly smooth walls;

  • A openwork napkin is drawn under the cake, and then you can already draw an oval plate, to complete the composition;
  • On the cake you can depict festive candles, these are several unfinished ovals with a drop-shaped flame over them;
  • The main part of the cake is disappeared with yellow, the glaze can be pink, candles in blue, and their flame bright orange;
  • The original cake will look, if you decorate it with eyes, for this, on its sidewall, two ovals are drawn with points inside;
  • The decorative picture is easily cleaned with the use of color pencils or shallow for the creativity of pastel tones.
  • Against the background of the greeting card, you can add any drawing, it can be colored confetti or multi-colored serpentine.
  • Beautiful festive cake with tiers
  • Such a drawing can make even a child, the main thing is to pass all the stages and drawing of the template, and at the end it turns out an excellent coloring for the kid:
  • The height of the future cake is planned on the leaf, for this, the restrictive lines connected by vertical segments are drawn at the top and bottom;
  • Horizontal lines dividing sheet needed in order to mark future cake tiers on the sketch and they must be the same height;
  • Each tier is drawn separately and starting better from the bottom, sharing an unfinished oval, located horizontally and not leaving the marked markings;

The second oval of the same size will help complete the lower tier cake, two parallel, horizontal lines are drawn in the center of the workpiece, where it is convenient to place decorations;

Similarly, several more cake tiers are drawn, with a gradual decrease in the diameter of oval, so the cake will acquire a neat and completed view;

Using an eraser, it is necessary to remove all the extra and restrictive lines, after that, you can proceed to decorate the finished pattern of the cake;

  • Separating line tiers with cherries, for this, on their perimeter, neat circles are located about the same shape, not necessarily perfectly smooth;
  • The top of each tier will be decorated with icing, so under the top line of tiers, we draw a smooth line similar to the outlines of the flowing cream;
  • On the top of the cake will be placed candles, these are some identical rectangles located on the end, we decorate them with a drop-shaped flame;
  • For coloring, you should choose a certain color palette, which can be turned into an interesting and fascinating lesson with the baby;
  • The process of deactivation and selection of several colors will provide an opportunity to learn several colors or consolidate the knowledge already received by the child.
  • The finished sketch can be punished independently, and another of it will be excellent coloring for kids who will like to decorate a festive cake.
  • Appetizing piece of cake
  • A large and beautiful cake, after it is cut, turns into several pieces of treats, which can also be painted independently:
  • The lesson must begin with drawing on a leaflet of a triangle with an acute angle, and its rays on the right side must be combined with a convex line in the outdoor side;
  • from the acute angle and the point of connecting the lower part of the piece of cake and the circumference of the down, two parallel lines of the vertical orientation and are connected together;

Sketch a piece of appetizing cake is ready, it remains only to draw its details, such as internal layers and outdoor glaze, and you can choose candles for decoration;

One candle is drawn as a rectangle, you can put parallel lines on it, located under the tilt so the candle will become striped and decorates the cake;

The middle of the sketch, the largest triangle must be divided by half two parallel lines, these will be two embers and cream layer in the center;

The top of the cake piece can be decorated with icing, for this, just entering the edge. It is necessary to draw a wavy line with imitation of the chappers of the glaze;

The side is best to decorate with a few cherries, they are usually used for the decoration of culinary products, these will be several round parts;

Cherries on the cake are disappeared with bright red, so the picture will get a special brightness and attractiveness, and the cake will be realistic;

Candles are disappeared by different colors alternating shades, so they will be really striped and similar to festive accessories;

The cream is better to leave white, but the cakes make milk or brown, the glaze to draw a light yellow, perfectly contrasting with red cherries.

Drawing in advance and cutting out several such pieces of the cake from them you can make a garland that will decorate the holiday.

Each master class can be started with the study of the finished image that it will help to quickly and simply draw even the most difficult sketch. If a simple template is selected for the drawing, then visual pictures will allow you to choose different techniques to decorate the finished pattern, which will become a real masterpiece!

Photo ideas and examples for drawing cake pencil

With this simple lesson, you will learn how to draw a cake. There are only 10 simple steps, and you will have a stunning bright pattern with a pencil or paints, and even children will easily cope with such a task. Earlier, we have already learned to draw yummy, a birthday card, now let's try to cope with a big and beautiful cake.

To begin with the sheet. We plan to draw an elegant birthday cake, so it will be great and three-tier. We draw three rectangles, one less than the other. It should be approximately true, but this is only a base for future drawing, so make lines light, because later we will get rid of them with the help of an eraser.

We start drawing the top of the cake, covered with appetizing icing.

Similarly, we do with the second tier of the festive cake. The upper part partially covers the bottom. Fans of the game Minecraft can draw a cake from this game.

Step 11: Draw glare and shadow on the cake

Draw the base of the second tier of the cake. Lines - smooth and clean, from extra incratuctive strokes and unnecessary bands we get rid of immediately so that the drawing does not get dirty. We draw a bulk glaze of the very first tier cake. It flows rather uneven, so drops must be obtained quite intense. In the same way, we draw a base, rounded from below.

We remove the extra lines and get a wonderful form of the drawn festive cake. Since the cake is intended for a birthday, add a candle on top.

Thanks to the details, the drawing will look more interesting - draw strips on candles. By the way, the site also has a lesson for drawing a realistic cake.

Add cherries to the lower tar of cake. They should be approximately one size. Again, you need to post extra lines where the berries overlap the foundation. Learning to draw cherries, too, on our website.

Part of the glare is overlapped with a marker V41 to make them less bright. Enhance the shadow under the syrup markers BG30, BR53.

We are almost finished! Now it remains to paint the cake. We chose a brown and pale yellow shade for cakes, pink for glazes, added colorful decorations to the lowest tier, painted candles with blue and purple. Berries will paint a red-pinkish tint.

You can try different variations and come up with drawing a drawn cake to your taste.

Step 12: Obligate the contours of the cake

In this lesson, we learn

How to draw cake

In the last stage, we supply the drawing along the contour of a thicker liner. If in the process of drawing somewhere drunken the hand and the contour floated, then just the second stroke can be corrected or reduced. But you can not do this - to whom it is like more. When the cake illustration is ready!

. We will draw a lot of diverse textures - porous dough, transparent syrup and shiny blueberries. I will tell in stages, as you can depict them with the help of markers. In fact, it is not so difficult, as it seems! That's what we need in order to draw a cake.

Required art materials:

So we drew our food illustration! Now you know,

✔ SkatBook for A5 format markers or paper markers; ✔ Markers Sketchmarker: V40, V41, R60, O61, O64, G23, G93, G62, B111, SG11, BG30, BR53, BR54; ✔ Copic markers: W3, W5; ✔ White gel handle GELLY ROLL SAKURA✔ White pastel pencil; ✔ Black waterproof Liner Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen (XS, S); ✔ Blender (colorless marker).

So, proceed to the study of how to draw a cake to markers. For drawing a cake as a reference, I use two images: one more for the composition, and the second is for specific details. It is more complicated than syrupted from some one photo, but the result of the work turns out more individual.

markers. In general, it took me about 35-40 minutes to this drawing. It seems that it turned out quite appetizing :) so little time and so much pleasure from the process and the result! By this principle, you can draw any cake or cake, which color or shape. All this is limited to only your fantasy! Creative success!

Step 1: Draw a pencil sketch of the cake

First consider how to draw a cake in a black and white version. We make a drawing of a cake with a simple pencil, then we supply it with a thin black liner and remove all pencil lines with an eraser.

Showing text

Step 2: Draw a souffle of cake by markers

Now consider how to draw a cake with markers in color. We draw the top layer of Cake "Cheesecake" with a marker BR54. This is best suited for a wide marker tip. For a more uniform fill, it is better to walk with a marker twice. Do not reach the contour with the right and left side of the cake, so that the edges are more brightened. Then we chose them blender. To do this, we will spend several times the tip of the blender on the pouring or its border, the paper will immediately darken a little from moisture, but when the alcohol evaporates, the result will become noticeable. This technique attaches to our cake. On top of the fill, add the shadow under the syrup on top of the BR53 marker. Texture adds small strokes. Smoothing it by the previous marker BR54.


Step 3: Draw Dough Cake Markers

The bottom of the Cake "Cheesecake" is planning horizontal strokes, creating immediately the desired texture of the test (I use the O61 marker). Then we pass from above the lightest tint of the O64 marker to combine the entire area and smooth sharp transitions.

How to draw a cake markers in stages 1

Step 4: Draw Blueberry Berries on Cake Markers

The B111 marker is pouring blueberry berries, leaving thin strips of white paper on the left, from where the light drops. With the help of a blender, we blur their borders. The darker marker V40 add dimming to berries. To get realistic, focus on the reference with blueberries. The boundaries of dark areas of berries soften the previous tint (marker B111).

How to draw a cake markers in stages 2

Step 5: Draw the syrup on the cake by markers

The basic fill for the syrup will make two colors. First - the red layer (R60 marker). We go around the areas of glare, focusing on the second reference. Then pour the second layer with the V41 marker. Thus, it turns out a more complex shade. Red breaks down a little bit from below, but it covers it on top and quench the dull purple.

How to draw a cake markers in stages 3

Step 6: Draw a soft color transition between berries and syrup

At this stage, the V40 marker is applied dark purple, immediately and in blueberries, and on syrup, visually as if combining them. Glare flashing a blender. You can repeat this process several times for a stronger effect.

How to draw cake markers in stages 4

Step 7: Deeisure the shadows in the illustration

We draw even deeper shadows on blueberry berries. To do this, use a dark gray marker SG11, and from above again we go through a purple marker V40, erring sharp transitions. Gray marker BG30 enhance the shadow under the syrup and pretty the dough.

How to draw a cake markers in stages 5

Step 8: Draw a sheet and shadow on the cake by markers

Add a green leaflet. With the help of two G23 and G93 markers, we make the basic fill. The G62 marker is stronger than the top half of the sheet and draw a streak. Shadow We do in two stages: a lighter gray marker W3 pour out the shadow contour. Then the darker marker W5 add a narrow strip right below the objects. Next, soften its borders.

How to draw a cake markers gradually 6

Step 9: draw the cake dough in detail. We draw a bulk glaze of the very first tier cake. It flows rather uneven, so drops must be obtained quite intense. The dough seems still insufficiently worked out. Add a layer of the texture of the O61 marker. And the liner is small points.

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