Carrot juice for the winter at home using the juicer and without it

Carrots people eat almost every day. In the fresh form, in various dishes this vegetable is eaten with pleasure. This is not surprising - the carrot is not only delicious, but also very useful. Carrot juice use much less often, and in vain. It contains the mass of the necessary organisms of substances, vitamins. Previously, young children were basting with carrot and apple juice. Now people prefer to buy at all useful drinks in stores, although it is very easy to make carrot juice at home.

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Selection and preparation of ingredients

Make and harvest carrot juice at home for the winter is easy, it is worth only to attach a little effort. But, having drank such a Fresh, get a vitamin charge for the body. Calories in juice only 50, and a lot of benefits. The drink strengthens the immunity of a person has a beneficial effect on vision, useful in diabetes. In addition, it reduces cholesterol content, and hemoglobin increases. It has anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic effect on the body. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, rejuvenates the body.

The hostess in the fall make the blanks of this vitamin drink for the winter of the future. For drink to get helpful and tasty, choose high-quality root roots.

Only from high-quality delicious, sweet, juicy root roots will be truly useful and delicious juice. An ideal time for the harvesting of carrot juice is the harvest time of the root. Fresh, not less fruits have the maximum number of vitamins.

Prepare a drink from fruits that were not the best idea for a long time, because with time, the content of beneficial substances decreases. It is advisable to get a drink from its own harvest, then you can be confident in the environmental purity of the product. Carrots are needed sweet, fresh, without damage, with a bright pulp, the fruits of any varieties are suitable.

To understand how much the root is juicy, sink the flesh, the juice should be highlighted. It is better to choose carrots of medium size. Roots are well wash, clean the outer layer of the peel. Make it with vegetable, so waste will get less. Purified rooted roots are washed well with clean cold water and fold to moisture glass. After that, you can proceed to the preparation of a valuable drink.

Methods for producing juice at home

Previously, when the hosts had no such number of kitchen equipment, the process of producing juice occupied a lot of time and strength. Rub the fruits on the grater, and then press through the gauze, dubious pleasure. Now there are no problems with electric helpers in the kitchen. Perhaps every mistress has a blender, a meat grinder, even a juicer. If there is a juicer in your kitchen arsenal, then cook juice for winter from carrots will not be problems.

Through electrical or mechanical juicer

The fastest and most productive way to squeeze the juice from carrots - apply the juicer. With the help of the juicer, you can get a large amount of drink, retaining the largest amount of vitamin composition of the vegetable and, having received little waste.

Getting a carrot juice through the juicer
Getting a carrot juice through the juicer

Purified, washed and cut into pieces of roots, passed through the device. If you want to get Fresh without meakat, then it is necessary to strain it through a sieve with gauze. Carrot juice is very concentrated and in its pure form it is not very nice. Therefore, it is diluted with water, adding sugar, as well as some lemon acid for taste.

Homemade carrot juice for the winter for long-term storage requires sterilization. The divorced Fresh is poured into a saucepan, placed on the middle fire. Boils are waiting, the fire is reduced and 10 minutes are boiled on fire without drowning. Then sugar in small portions, citric acid, wait for their complete dissolution.

Beverage jars must be sterilized, otherwise it will scatter. After sterilization, hot drink bottled in them and covered with covers. Such blanks for the winter are kept in a cool place.

If you do not have this miracle appliance, then let's tell you how to make a carrot juice without juicer.

In Blender

Getting a mold juice with a blender
Getting a mold juice with a blender

It is not difficult to make juice in a blender.

  • Prepared vegetables, cut into pieces, no more than two cm thick. So the blender will be easier to cope with the rigid root. Fold out the chopped carrots with a blender, do not put big portions immediately, it will complicate grinding.
  • Grind carrots to a puree state. It is possible to add some water to the blender to facilitate the process.
  • In the obtained puree, add boiled hot water, at the rate of 1 kg of carrots - the floor of the liter of water. Mix thoroughly and give it up for half an hour. There should be no thick drink of a homogeneous species. During this time, crushed pieces of carrots will give their taste, as well as useful substances Fresh.
  • After that, the drink is filled through a sieve.

On a note . If you want to flew in the drink, choose a sieve with large cells, if pure juice without pulp, then shit the sieve gauze.

To improve taste for carrots, add orange, apple Fresh, lemon.

Such a drink can be used immediately. If you want to keep it for the winter, it is necessary to boil it, adding sugar or pasteurely.

If the blender is not in your farm, then use a meat grinder to get a vitamin Fresh.

Through meat grinder

Carrot juice through a meat grinder
Carrot juice through a meat grinder

With the help of meat grinders get carrot juice with flesh. The electric meat grinder is done quickly, but the manual meat grinder will have to be faced, but the vitamin blanks are worth spending time and strength on them.

  • Purified, washed root crops through the meat grinder.
  • Deliver the resulting cleaner with water, otherwise the juice will be too concentrated.
  • 2 kg of carrots add liter of boiled water, 2-3 tbsp. l. Sugar, squeezed half of the lemon.
  • On slow heat, a prepared mixture is warm for 10 minutes, it must boil a little.
  • We spill the hot mixture to clean banks, twist.

The pasteurization process is the easiest way to do in Sokalovka.

In Sokovarka


The easiest and fastest way to produce carrot juice for the winter is to prepare it with a hooker.

For this method, you just need to prepare roots, cut into pieces, and then lay it into a hooker. In the wash, the required amount of water is poured into the washed, and then put on fire. From above set by a hustle collector, a basket with vegetable. The pipe for the removal of juice is placed in a jar, pre-sterilized. Under the influence of temperature, carrot juice from the Sokaloka is poisoned. As soon as the bank is filled, substitute another, and this is hermetically covered with a lid. The juice in a cower of carrots does not require cooking and pasteurization, it is immediately ready for rolling and winter storage.

However, if you make it in other ways, then thermal processing of the beverage before conservation is required.

Conservation methods (hot bottling and pasteurization)

There are two common ways to make the product so that it is stored without problems all winter.

Процесс пастеризации заготовок
The process of pasteurization of the workpieces

First method - It is hot bottling. To do this, first prepare banks for blanks. They are thoroughly wash, sterilize in boiling water along with the lids. Then turn the neck down, leaving the drink to fill. At this time, squeezed Fresh, diluted with water mixed with sugar, a small amount of lemon juice boiled on a slow heat. For a long time, cook the delicious drink is not needed, it is important to preserve the vitamin composition of carrots as much as possible. The boiled juice is hot spilled by banks and immediately roll with covers. Then turn upside down, leaving in such a form to cool.

Second way Canning passes without sterilization of carrot freasses. Cooked Fresh is bred by water to the desired consistency, sugar, citric acid are added, possibly other juices, heated to dissolving sugar sand, but do not boil. They spill on sterilized banks, they are immediately covered with covers, then put pasteurize into a saucepan with water. The water temperature is kept within 90 degrees, do not boil. Billets are at this temperature of 20-30 minutes. The greater the tank of the cans, the more time pasteurization. With this method in Orange Freche, the maximum amount of benefit is preserved.

Cooked blanks can be enjoyed until spring, if you store correctly.

Conditions and timing of storage of blanks

The main problem in saving juice is not subject to long heat treatment, do not add a lot of sugar, as in jam. Therefore, the right conservation of the product is important. To find out how much you did everything right, leave the workpiece at room temperature, but necessarily in a dark place for a week. If during this time they did not climb, and the covers did not swell, then the conservation was successful. Such a blank will be stored for a long time. After such a check, the blanks are transferred to a cool place.

Ready for long-term storage juice
Ready for long-term storage juice

To enjoy a vitamin miracle all winter, banks with billets are kept in a cool place, where no higher than 10 degrees of heat. Penetration of sunlight into place storage is unacceptable. Ideal if it is a basement or cellar. You can also store blanks in the refrigerator. If the banks are hermetically closed, and the drink is high-quality sterilized, then useful blanks without problems will preserve until spring.

On a note ! If you do not want to spend time on cooking and sterilization, you can freeze carrot juice for the winter. To do this, run it into clean bottles, such as one and two storage in the freezer. Just keep in mind that if in the future you the product is defused, then it must be fully used and not allow repeated freezing.

Despite all the benefits, many do not like carrot juice. How to make it is even tastier, it is more useful and more attractive to talk further.

Recipes of carrot juice

The taste of carrot freasses is not to taste. But here if you add other juices to it, you will get a beautiful delicacy. Such a mixture will appeal not only to adults, but also for children. And the benefits will be doubly. Fresh can be done in its pure form or with the flesh.

Classic and with flesh

Juice from bright vegetable makes a different taste. Someone loves drink without pulp, and someone more like the pulp. Clean juice is easy to get using the juicer or strain through the gauze. In this case, the taste of these drinks is not very different, only a consistency. But when adding fruit juices or frams of other vegetables, the drink becomes much more tastier. The most loved by the owners of the workpiece with the addition of apple, orange, pumpkin, beet frisha.

The easiest and most tasty recipe for carrot juice for the winter

With an apple

The taste of carrot drink acquires other shades, if you add a freshly squeezed apple to it. The ratio of carrots and apples adjust yourself.

Mix of carrot and apple juice
Mix of carrot and apple juice

Tastier when apples are twice as much carrot, then a balanced taste of a good drink is obtained. In addition to carrots vitamins, there are many iron, vitamin C, magnesium. Such a mix with pleasure will drink children.

  • Apples cut on a quarter, cleaned the seeds, juice gets through the juicer. Give it to be broken, daring foam.
  • Purified carrot is also passed through the juicer. If you do not want a drink with the flesh, then strain through a couple of gauze layers.
  • Freasha are mixed, sugar are added, cooed well.
  • The amount of sugar is your taste, it depends on the sweetness of the fruit and vegetable. Preferably at least 200 grams per 5 kg of products. Sometimes lemon juice or citric acid are added.
  • The resulting mixture is definitely boiled on a slow fire for 10 minutes. The mixture is spilled by hot on sterilized banks and immediately covered with covers. Even more vitamins, save if the mix can be preserved by pasteurization.

The following drink is very useful for vision, since carotene in it is twice as much as in just carrot.

Carrot juice with apples

With pumpkin

Carrot and pumpkin mix are prepared by a completely different way.

  • Pumpkin washes, cleaned from the peel, cut out all seeds.
  • Carrot washes, cleaned, removing the thin layer of the peel, rinse again.
  • Prepared vegetables cut pieces, add some water, tomatov on fire until soft vegetables.
  • After that, they are wiped through a sieve or grinding in a blender.
  • A sugar, lemon can be added to the mixture and boiled 5 minutes on low heat.

Beverage proportions are as follows:

  • Pumpkin and carrots 1 kg,
  • Sugar 200 grams,
  • citric acid - approximately 10 grams,
  • Water is 1 cup.

The amount of sugar, water adjust depending on the sweetness and juiciness of vegetables.

The finished drink is hot spilled by banks. This mixture is perfect for children's, diet food. Pumpkin contains such rare Vitamins , as К- affecting blood clotting, Vitamin T. - Improves metabolism. In addition, pumpkin contains a large amount of iron, surpassing apples in it.

Pumpkin-carrot juice for the winter

A very interesting carrot juice will turn out when adding orange.

With orange

To obtain this delicious juice, it will be necessary:

  • Carrots -2 kg
  • Orange - 500 grams
  • Water - 1 liter
  • Sugar - at least 100 grams, depends on the sweetness of products.

Carrot-orange juice
Carrot-orange juice

Having squeezed carrot, leave the juice to appease. Meanwhile, squeeze oranges. Pre-oranges wash and scatter boiling water. In the mixture you can graze a little orange zest. We mix juices, fix, add sugar, water. We bring to a boil, but it is not necessary to boil so that citrus vitamins remain. Spilling mix for sterilized banks and hermetically closed, put them on pasteurization for half an hour.

The next mix is ​​not so tasty, but very useful.

With beets


Beneflated Fresh has a very rich taste, so it is necessary to add it to carrot in small proportions. Approximately three pieces of carrots and one piece of beet. To balance the taste, add one more part of the cucumber juice.

  • All vegetables are thoroughly clean. Beets, carrots are cleaned from the peel, cut slices.
  • Through the juicer squeeze Fresh from vegetables. The resulting mixture is praised, after which they are filled after several layers of gauze.
  • Vegetable mix brought to a boil, and then spilled in pure, boiled banks.
  • Closing the sterilized covers, put pastenerize. It is enough to get the blanks in water at a temperature of not more than 90 degrees. Boiling water can not be allowed.
  • After the bank, turn the neck down, leaving cool in this form. The cooled blanks are cleaned into the cool, dark place.

On a note ! If you do different types of blanks, try to sign them to know exactly where what kind of juice.

there is Another delicious recipe Vegetable mix.

  • This is carrots, tomato, Bulgarian pepper, salt.
  • For 1 kg of tomatoes take 3 large carrots, a couple of peppers and salt to taste. T.
  • Outs are pre-cleaned from the peel. Washing tomatoes are caught with a cross and whipped with boiling water. After that, the skin is easily removed from the vegetable.
  • Peppers are cut on slices, cleaned all seeds.
  • With the help of the juicer get juice from vegetables. They are drained into a saucepan, put on the middle fire.
  • After the start of the boil, the fire is reduced to a minimum and boil without drowning within 15 minutes. The resulting foam must be removed.
  • Hot juice is spilled by pre-sterilized banks, immediately roll. Such a mix of vegetables is pretty thick, with a rich taste. It is not only drinking, but also used as sauces and gravy.

With carrots make other vegetable and fruit mixes, the main thing is that they all carry the body.


Canned blanks diversify your winter diet. Half-friendly carrot juice at home for the winter is a good vitamin feeding of the body during the deficit of vitamins.

However, even the most useful product must be taken correctly. In order for the body to receive a maximum benefit, carrot juice is used half an hour before meals, better if it is in the morning. Do not drink more than 3 glasses of vitamin drink per day. It is known that carrots are better absorbed if it is used together with some vegetable fat, for example vegetable, olive oil, sour cream, cream. Add some cream to the drink, it will not only further improve the taste of the product, but also improve the body digestibility.

Vitamin Carrot Juice with Mandarins

It must be remembered that even therapeutic funds have contraindications. Also carrot Fresh can not be consumed to everyone. Carrots contain a large number of carotene, for the processing of which the body requires a lot of energy, especially liver. For this reason, it is necessary to use it in limited quantity. You can not drink such a drink to people with gastritis, ulcer of the stomach and with diabetes mellitus.

In other articles on our site you can read about useful and therapeutic potato juice or cabbage Fresh

Calorie and beneficial properties of carrot juice. Beverage use for men, children and infants. Application in medicine and cosmetology: nutrient recipes.

How to cook carrot juice

For the preparation of a delicious juice, not any carrot is suitable. Choose fresh, juicy fruits with a bright orange flesh. The sluggish carrot for the preparation of juice will not suit. It is not possible to use vegetables too large, it is better to choose medium carrots. The fact is that large carrots are less sweet, in addition, it accumulates harmful substances that are treated with agricultural land.


Selected carrots need to be washed away, then clean. Clean the best with the help of vegetate, since this device cuts off a very thin layer of the peel. You can also raise carrots with a sharp knife. Cleaned carrot need to rinse again. After that, you can proceed to cooking juice.

Interesting facts: In some European countries, carrots are officially recognized as a fruit. The fact is that the Portuguese is prepared from carrots not only juice, but also jam, and the jam on European standards from vegetables is not boiled.

Chemical composition

Carrot juice - a source of beta-carotene, inferior to concentration only by sweet peppers. When entering the body, this substance is influenced by the liver enzymes (in the presence of fat) turns into a full-fledged vitamin A.

With regular use of a glass of fresh carrot juice, a nervous system is strengthened, the symptoms of stress are reduced, insomnia passes.

The drink does not contain alcohol and cholesterol, provides a special value for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It reduces the symptoms of toxicosis, improves the intestinal operation, removes slags and toxins, improves the entire digestive tract, eliminates heartburn, strengthens bone tissue. The juice is opposed to the development of anemia, it charges in vigor, gives strength, improves the condition of the teeth, nails, hair. Thus, the drink "from the bed" is on guarding the health and beauty of a woman in such a difficult period when the basic reserves of the body are aimed at keeping and developing the fetus in the womb.

Table # 2 "Chemical composition of Fresh from carrots" (cooked house) [4]
Name Concentration of nutrients in 100 g of raw product, mg
Beta carotene (A) 9,303
Ascorbic acid (C) 8.5
Niacin (B3) 0.386.
Alpha Tokoporol (E) 1,16
Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.228.
Pyridoxine (B6) 0.217
Riboflavin (B2) 0.055
Tiamine (B1) 0,092.
Potassium 292.
Phosphorus 42.
Calcium 24.
Magnesium 14
Sodium 66.
Iron 0.46
Zinc 0.18.
Copper 0,046.

Given that the caloric content of carrot juice does not exceed 56 calories, the drink is successfully used for weight loss. A diet on this nectar helps how to start the fat burning process, and to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and sorcesses of the skin (as evidenced by numerous reviews). However, to obtain the desired effect it is important to abandon sweets (replace the cake to salad), as well as consume a minimum of 2 liters of water per day.

Composition and caloric of carrots

Calories 41. Kkal

  • Fats:

    0.2 g

  • Proteins:

    1.2 g

  • Carbohydrates:

    9.6 g

  • Water:

    88 g

  • Ash:

    1 g

  • Cellulose:

    3 g

Minerals (100 g):




200 μg



99 μg



25 mg


* Mercury

0.6 μg



20 μg



23.5 μg



140-690 μg



2 μg



225-380 mg


Other important compounds:

Carrots in large quantities contains toxic ultramic-element mercury (in 100 g - 60% of the daily norm!), Can accumulate arsenic and strontium.

1. Celery, apple and carrots

СМУЗИ С МОРКОВЬЮ. Два простейших рецепта для бодрости и здоровья!
  • Middle carrot
  • Celery stem
  • glass of water
  • Green Apple (you can and other varieties)

Carrot wash, clean.

Celery wash and remove the top layer. So it will be tastier and the consistency is more homogeneous will turn out. Clean the apple, remove the middle and bone.

Cut into pieces of arbitrary size so that the blender is easier to cope.

Purple into the bowl of the blender, add the floor of a glass of water and turn on the middle power. Then add the remaining water and set the maximum mode by 1 minute.

Smoothie from carrots and celery ready! Just and useful :)

СМУЗИ С МОРКОВЬЮ. Два простейших рецепта для бодрости и здоровья!

For those who have not tried vegetable smoothies taste will be unusual, of course. But here the benefits are very exciting! A huge amount of fiber, low calorie. And the sea of ​​useful substances that the body fell entirely and completely.

Carrot juice for the winter (through the juicer)

The easiest way to prepare carrot juice, skipping roots through the juicer.

  • 1 kg of carrots;
  • 200 gr. cold boiled water;
  • 100 gr. Sahara;
  • 2 gr. citric acid.

Purified and well-washed carrots skip through the juicer. We merge the resulting juice to the bank and let him stand for 40 minutes. Then we take a sieve or a colander, we swell its boiled gauze, folded twice. Fix the juice through the gauze.

Juice is quite concentrated, so it is recommended to be diluted with cold boiled water. We transfix the diluted juice into the pan, we put it on fire and bring to a boil. We strongly reduce fire and Tom's juice for 8 minutes. Liquid in no case should be boiled violently. Then add sugar and citric acid into juice.

Tip! You should not pour out all sugar in juice at once, add it parts by adjusting the amount to your taste.

We continue to keep juice on fire until the sugar crystals are completely dissolved. Then we spread it on more hot sterilized banks. We cover the boiled covers. Sterilize juice in boiling water 25 minutes (1 liter banks). Then close hermetically.

Carrot juice

You can prepare carrot juice in a snowar, in this case, it is used not by pressing, but temperature processing. The big advantage of this method is that the Sokalka prepares juice itself, the permanent presence of a person is not required.

Carrot must be flushed, clean and cut into pieces. Sokalokka wash the hot water, put the bottom pan on fire, install the hike collector on it. The hose put on a hikeboard pipe and fix the clip. Top of installing a basket filled with chopped carrots. Cover the design with a lid and turn on the heating.


As soon as water boils in the bottom capacity, juice will begin to stand out. In the process of cooking, you do not need to interfere or put the fruit. Under the sloping nozzle, we put the jar where the juice will be fluffing. The bank must be pre-sterilized. As soon as the bank is filled, it immediately ride hermetically lid.

Carrot juice with flesh

Морковный сок на зиму: 5 рецептов, советыWhat do you need :

  • carrots - 2.5 kg;
  • Sugar - 0.25 kg;
  • Water - 2.5 liters.

How to cook :

  1. Cook a syrup from a glass of sugar and two liters of water.
  2. Carrot Stodita, pour the remaining water and put on fire.
  3. Carry 20 minutes.
  4. Wipe through the sieve, mix with syrup and return to the stove.
  5. After the mix will boil, check for 10 minutes. After the specified time, run off carrot juice over sterilized banks, tightly encourage them.

Juice will be tastier if when cooking add juice from one lemon to it. Due to the significant heat treatment, the drink, cooked according to the prescription, is good under normal conditions. For this reason, if you live with your family in an ordinary city apartment and do not have a cold cellar, preference should be given to this recipe, and not classical.

Recipe for carrots and beet juice

Some people wonder why it is better to make juice than to use fruits in a fresh form. The fact is that for digesting solid food there is a lot of energy, and there is only a fiber in the drink that performs only one function - cleans the body. It should be noted that such juice is not only useful, but also has certain contraindications.


The drink is nothing more in the drink, while it is rich in useful substances.


  1. We prepare vegetables. That is, we rinse under running water and purify;
  2. Separately skip through the juicer;
  3. Mix the carrot mixture with beetroot, in the ratio of 3 to 1.

Drink, recommended in a fresh form, so make it as needed. Once again I want to note that such juice has contraindications, in the presence of chronic diseases, consult your doctor. Never engage in self-medication.

Rules for the storage of carrot juice

Store juice, which was squeezed out of fresh carrots, is better not more than half an hour, otherwise it will lose all nutrients. If you cook the juice immediately before drinking it, the person does not have the opportunity, it is possible to put it as follows: for preservation it is necessary to prepare sterilized banks. The juice heated to 80 degrees passes through the gauze, then rolled. Maximum benefit carrot juice will bring at the end of summer and during the autumn period. The representatives of the fine floor may not worry about their figure, because this juice is considered low-calorie. If you stick to the golden middle and, knowing the measure, competently use carrot juice, you can have an invaluable service and transformed into your body.

This article is informative, for details, please contact your doctor! Ask your doctor about contraindications and side effects.

Application in folk medicine

For therapeutic purposes, carrot juice is used as a common, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. Especially useful vegetable drink for children lagging behind in mental and physical development.

Treatment with carrot juice:

  1. Vitamin composition from cough. Mix carrot juice (250 ml) with milk (150 ml), honey (30 ml) and bold cream (20 ml). With a dry "barking" cough, it is advisable to take 100 ml of the mixture at least 5 times a day. The minimum course of treatment is 7 days.
  2. Means for the treatment of runny nose. Active ingredients: carrot juice (50 ml), olive oil (50 ml), garlic juice (10 ml). Components are connected immediately before use, and then poured into each nasal passage of 3 drops. The nose should be bought at least 4 times a day after preliminary cleaning with sliced ​​solid. If the need for garlic juice can be replaced with onion nectar.

НасморкBefore driving the nose to the kids, some water is added to the composition (in order to avoid burning the tender mucous membrane).

  1. Parasite drug. Connect 80 ml of carrot juice (can be chopped on a blender), 50 ml of phenhel branch (15 g of seeds per 100 ml of boiling water) and 50 ml of insurgent infusion (20 g of dry per 100 ml of water). Take a solution three times a day 10 minutes before meals. Duration of anthelmint therapy - 7 days. After 10 days, the course of treatment is repeated. The use of this drug helps in the struggle with both protozoan and bacterial flora.
  2. Means from infertility. Dissolve 0.2 g mumion (1 tablet) in 125 ml of fresh carrot juice. To stimulate the reproductive function, it is important to drink twice a day: in the morning (on an empty stomach) and in the evening 20 minutes before meals (both partners).
  3. Carrot juice with constipation. To stimulate the intestine peristals 200 ml of the drink, you need to drink in the morning before meals, and in the evening eat 300 g of any vegetables. In addition, throughout the day it is important to consume at least 2 liters of pure water (preferably 700 ml to breakfast).

For infants, the ideal dosage of nectar (which is slack) is 15 ml twice day.

  1. Composition to reduce pressure. In hypertension, a mixture of carrot juice (200 ml), Khrena root (180 ml) and lemon (100 ml), will help. After mixing beverages into concentrate, 200 ml of natural honey is poured, and then the composition is stirred by a wooden blade.

In order to save vitamins, and reduce pressure, the drug is prepared immediately before use (it can not be left overnight).

The reception scheme: 15 ml of the composition of drinking three times a day (2 hours after eating or 60 minutes before meals).

  1. Solution for the irrigation of the throat. Carrot juice is an excellent antiseptic, which includes a huge amount of antibacterial substances (phytoncides, organic acids, mineral salts). For rinses of the oral cavity, you can use carrot fers in pure form and with the addition of several droplets of geranium essential oil, tea tree, eucalyptus or tincture of garlic.

Боль в горлеThe solution is shown for the treatment of pain in the throat and the relief of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (especially with angina, gingivitis and tonsillite). To eliminate children's stomatitis, mom needs to wrap its finger with a sterile bandage, and then richly mixed it in carrot juice. After that, the finger is introduced into the oral cavity of the baby, carefully processing, gums, throat and zev. Doing the procedure is better 3-4 times a day in the intervals between feeding. For each processing, you should use a new bandage and a fresh portion of carrot juice. Storage of the composition for further use is prohibited, as the drink is quickly oxidized. This method of treating the throat is shown both a monthly baby (located on breastfeeding) and for preschool children (3-5 years) [10].

Carrot and apples juice

Another popular blank is apple-carrot juice.

  • 3 kg of apples;
  • 2 kg of carrots;
  • 200 gr. Sahara.

We wash apples, cut them on the quarter and cut the seed boxes. We skip apples through the juicer. We drag the juice into the pan and leave it to be. A dense layer of foam will rise to the surface of the liquid. We remove the foam with a spoon and shift into another container. Focusing juice after 4-5 layers of gauze, well press the sediment. The result of the work should become a slightly turbid juice without pulp in the amount of 1.5-1.7 liters.

Tip! The amount of sugar depends on how sweet you have apples and carrots. Perhaps you have to increase or reduce its quantity. If necessary, you can add a little lemon juice or acid to juice.

Clean the carrot, also skip it through the juicer. Ready carrot juice is filled with a sieve to get almost transparent juice. Carrot juice from the specified number of vegetables will be around a liter.

We mix both varieties of juice in a saucepan, add sugar to taste. We put on fire and bring almost to the boil, but we do not let down. We break over the sterilized banks and closed the boiled lids hermetically. Cool "under the fur coat."

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