Skirt with your own hands - 120 photos of modern models and the features of their sewing

Often in life, spontaneous desires arise to do it with their own hands. Surely many girls wondered about sewing, because it is convenient and profitable.

There are two ways to implement idea: go to sewing courses or learn yourself at home. Start better with simple things that do not require great experience. This article will help learn how to sew a skirt with your own hands.

Necessary materials

For sewing skirts, the following materials will be required:

  • fabric (at your discretion);
  • needles and threads;
  • scissors and centimeter;
  • Paper for pattern.

Having this set can be safely started. As a supplement, you can purchase various decor elements.

Building pattern

In Atelier, experienced tailors do not use patterns for each model. Their experience will be allowed to cope without additional tools. If for the first time you take on the sewing, then purchase special paper for the patterns, it will help accurately and cut the right parts for the product without flaws.

Do not stand every time you make the pattern of the skirt for sewing with your own hands. It is enough to make one, to fit the shape under the parameters. It can be used constantly, complementing sometimes with various details.

Ideally make the pattern from the first time it is rare. Therefore, it is recommended to leave points on the seam at least 2 centimeters.

So, to build a drawing, you need to remove 3 measurements:

  • waist girth;
  • Girth of the widest part of the hips;
  • The length of the finished product.

If you want to do everything from the first time and without errors, you can see the video on the topic - how to make a skirt with your own hands, where there are gradual actions from the date of the pattern to the finished product.

Flow consumption

To calculate the required amount of tissue, the length of the product and the presence of additional finishing elements (pockets, ruffles, etc.) for the classic skirt, with a standard width of a 1.5 meter fabric width, will need a "one length" plus 10-20 centimeters.

Methods of decoration

To give a raisin product, use various decor elements.

For example:

  • Basket (perfectly emphasized the waist);
  • finishing buttons;
  • lace (give tenderness and elegance);
  • Various waters, stickers, etc.

Skuff models

Modern fashion is so promoted that today it is hard to decide on the choice of model for the skirt. Lush and smooth, long and short, classic and bass - all models can be found on the Internet and try to sew yourself. Let's analyze the easiest skirt models that can sew novice craftsmen.

Skirts from Fatin

The use of this material is suitable for women of any age category. Correctly picking up the style and accessories, you can create an ordinary casual or gentle romantic image.

For sewing, fuel skirts are not required special skills.

Necessary materials:

  • fatin;
  • threads and needles;
  • Lining tissue (perfectly suitable atlas);
  • rubber.

For sewing it will be necessary to measure the length of the product and the waist girth. First you need to start with the tailoring of the lining, then proceed to the main part. Already the belt is admonished to the finished product (you can apply from above or shoot from below).

Skirt on rubber band

The most simple and fast way is to sew a skirt on the rubber band with your own hands. For this option, newcomers are often resorted to, only the sewing on the trail. The style can be any (smooth, half, etc.).

An elastic band can be inserted in two ways:

  • consolidate the belt belt;
  • Shot a rubber band from above the line zigzag.

You should select the belt, considering the figure and model of the selected skirt.

Tailoring skirts for the girl

All girls from early childhood wear skirts and dresses. Each mommy can please her daughter and sew beauty with their own hands. For sewing skirts for the girl, you should stick to the same rules as for adults.

The most suitable option will be lush bright skirts that can be worn every day or on holidays. The main thing is to correctly draw the pattern and adjust it according to the figure.


Many women love to do needlework. Having learned to sew clothes with your own hands, you can not only save money, but also earn them by doing your favorite thing.

After reading all the details of the sewing skirt, you can proceed to more complex products.

Photo skirts do it yourself

We also recommend viewing:

Women's skirts were always considered the standard of elegance, graces and charm. The wardrobe of any representative of the beautiful floor is Pepit with cozy Maxi and causing mini, strict pencils and perky packs, stylish years and practical straight models. However, it is not at all necessary to spend impressive amounts on such a variety of outfits - it is possible to make a new thing and independently.

5 reasons to sew a skirt on their own

1. You can choose absolutely any fabric, model and coloring - from classic to mega-creative.

2. The style will take into account all the features of the figure, so you can advantageously present even an imperfect silhouette, correctly putting emphasis.

3. Such a new thing will cost cheaper than the shop: first, the patterns and master classes for beginners and experienced craftsmen in the network is abuse, and access to them is provided free of charge, and secondly, you can use fabrics available at hand - for example, Alter old dresses, jeans and even curtains.

4. As a result, you will have an exclusive skirt made in a single copy and emphasizing the individuality of its owner. In addition, the risk to come to the office, for a walk or a party in the same with other ladies, the outfit is reduced to zero.

5. Sewing will help realize the creative beginning, show your own talent and get a lot of pleasure in the process.

The first step towards success is to correct the measurement

Perhaps the most important stage in modeling and sewing a female skirt is correctly filmed measurements. And although this task seems quite simple, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances:

  • It is better to carry out the measurements better in that lingerie, which is supposed to wear under the skirt - some tights and the more corrective bodies are tightened to the hips and the buttocks almost 3-5 cm, so subsequently the style may be widely.
  • The centimeter tape should fit tightly to the body, without dragging it - no one should be "bulges".
  • Ideally, if you can help someone else with measurements - when measured, it constantly has to spin and bend, which can affect the results.

So, what measurements will be useful in order to sew a skirt:

1. Waist girth (from). The measurement must be carried out by the narrow point itself, but it is not necessary to put the stomach specifically.

2. Girth of hips (OB). The measurement is carried out around the most convex parts of the buttocks. If the silhouette has the right rounded shapes, it will be enough, and if in the groin area in women, there is a "glife effect" (fat deposits on the hips), it is worth measuring this volume (OBH).

3. High height (WB). This indicator reflects the distance from the waist line to the lines of the thighs, measured on the side.

4. Product length. It all depends on the model of the future skirt and personal preferences. The starting point is the line of the waist, and the final can be located anywhere - from the sexual mini, slightly closing the buttock, to the fashionable maxodium at the level of the angle.

Remember: In the skirt should be convenient not only to stand! Therefore, the indicators in attempts seem slimmer - initially failed idea.

How to sew a skirt: step by step instruction

The selection of the model depends on many parameters: the experience and skill skills, the capabilities of the sewing machine, which is a tnancan and, of course, the features of the figure of the future model. For the manufacture of simple skirts, they will not even need any special skills - it can be sewed absolutely any girl who first holds the needle in his hands. Let's consider the features of the sewing of the most popular skirt styles.

Classic genre: direct skirt

Such a model can serve as the basis for most stylish skirts, since its pattern is considered the base for other styles - a year, pencil, bells, trapezium, etc.

To build a framework scheme, you should stock:

  • paper format is not less than a1 (best with a millimeter scale inflicted);
  • simple pencil, and better than a few;
  • Soft eraser, which will gently wash out the outline of the future pattern, without breaking the paper;
  • Rule (the longer, the better).

Having correct measurements of volumes, it is easy to calculate their half of the indicators - half-coupling the waist (sweat) and hips (CC). For tailoring, you need to add 1 cm to each of these indicators. Now we will build a simple pattern:

one. Draw classic rectangle Abcd. where the long sides (AD and BC) will be equal to the length of the product, and short (AB and CD) are half a hollow (CC).

2. Divide the rectangle on 2 equal parts horizontally line, perpendicular to AB and CD - this will Boc Line (Suppose TX).

3. From points a, t and in measure the points l (l1, l2) down the distance equal to the height of the thighs. Connecting these points you get Thower line .

4. Calculate the size of the extract. To do this, take away the size of the sweat. The resulting difference will be the total size of the extract. Half from this indicator, leave for the main side extract, and the remaining part divide the equally between the front and rear half.

Tip! If the difference between CC and Pot is more than 15 cm, a part allotted for the front and rear pulshes should be divided into 3. At the same time, 1 molding will be placed in front, and 2 remaining - rear.

five. Apply molding on the pattern. The starting point for the side extract will be the point L1, and for the front and rear - the middle of the distance al and Vl2, respectively.

Important! If the endpoints of the front and rear pulp will lie exactly on the waist line, then for the side cut, they must be 1-1.5 cm above, so that the skirt does not shine.

That's all! The base - base for sewing most stamps is ready. By adding certain elements, you can sew almost any model.

How to sew a pencil skirt?

Such a model today rightfully occupies one of the top positions not only in women who prefer a discreet office style, but also from those who focus on femininity and romanticism. Skinny yard can be worn with vividly with anything: a strict jacket will make it an excellent option for official events, a silk blouse with ruffles or Jabs will turn into an air-festive outfit, and Longsli and shoes without heel will complement the casual outfit.

Sew the pencil skirt is better from the fabric, which will be good to keep the shape - a dense costume, twide, flax, viscose, cotton and dense knitwear. And for those who dream of a bright image, can choose artificial skin, which will benefitly emphasize the silhouette and becomes an excellent addition to any image.

Having on the hands of the starting pattern for the skirt, you can quickly and effortlessly turn it into an actual pencil. For this, it is enough to add only one element - Supported pulp . To do this, retreat from the thigh line about 5-8 cm down (depending on the roundness of the forms) and draw a line 1-2 cm depth (the longer the skirt, the greater the depth of the sweep). Thus, it is possible not only to sew a new skirt, but also to last an old direct model in a modern pencil, an emphasizing silhouette and making the image graceful and elegant.

How to create a festive mood from scratch, or a tutu skirt for yourself and girlfriends

Today, packs have become a permanent symbol of fun and celebrations. They are dressed in bachelides and birthdays girlfriends to create a single image and decorate a festive photo session. Yes, and young mothers often put on this element of the wardrobe within the framework of the Family Look with their little daughters.

However, to wear it every day, not every fashionista will die - such a model will be appropriate not everywhere. Therefore, many simply regret the purchase of a magnificent fate skirt, to wear a couple of times. However, it is not at all reason to deny himself in small joy! You can also sew such a skirt itself, and in just a couple of hours. And if you make some identical copies and dress up girlfriends in them, you can give an atmosphere of unrestrained fun to any holiday.

So, What will need for a pack :

  • tissue for tailoring;
  • about 3 meters of a fate (the more cutting will be, the stringener will be the skirt);
  • 2 meters tape for belt manufacture.

To pick up each element to the tone or use contrasting shades is a matter of taste. The main thing is that all the details are harmonized with each other.

To sew an original magnificent skirt, take advantage of the following algorithm:

1. Sisting the Pottery. To do this, simply connect 2 of the same trapezoid piece of fabrics in accordance with your parameters. Too much to customize it in a figure is not necessary - afterwards, all imperfections will be disguised as layers of a fate.

2. Mark the stripes to sewing the ruffle. To do this, draw on the line of the line approximately at a distance of 15 cm from each other.

3. Prepare ruffles. Cut from the fate of rectangles about 3 m long and 25 cm wide. Collect each of them on the thread so that the volume corresponds to the width of the attitude. They should turn out 3-5 pieces.

4. Sew all the details. Take ruffles to the lines marked on the attitude so that the top layer covers the seam from the bottom.

5. Create a belt decor. To do this, the tape in the middle of the back, H fixing the ends (so that in front you can start a bulk bow).

Festive outfit for party ready. It remains to choose a cheerful top with a print and stiletto shoes - and attention from the opposite sex is provided!

Lush skirt "Tatyanka" on a gum

Find the model is popular and at the same time it is almost impossible! More our grandmothers dressed in such tricky skirts to fight the cavaliers. And today, the magnificent "Tatyanka" did not lose their popularity - they are worn with sports jerseys and kedy, and with romantic blouses and shoes on a low heel, and with a strict vest and lofields ... In short, there is no such style in which Tatyanka would have been Inappropriate!

To sew such a skirt, it is not at all necessary to even shoot measurements - it is enough to know the length of the product and the desired puff. If you dream about the "solar" model that will wave from the slightest movement, cut the rectangle from 2-2.5 m long, and if the glue should be small, you can stay by 1.5 m. And the width of the pattern will serve the length of the product +4 CM - 2 for each chance.

Just become a cloth to get a circle. Then turn the cloth on the bottom and strive, and take a small stem view from above, in which you can have an elastic band. Voila! Fashionable update is already waiting for its time!

Each of these models can be considered universal - they are suitable for almost any type of figure, and variations of length and colors can be limitless. Complete your wardrobe stylish and simple in the manufacture of new items, without spending no penny - and you will always be at the peak of fashion!

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Skirts - the most feminine piece of clothing. In the wardrobe there should be several of them, in which case it will be easy to change images depending on the situation. But not always purchased products are well sitting on the figure, especially if it is characterized by non-standard parameters. Therefore, many women won't ask how to sew the skirt like a style. The model-created model without a doubt will have a lot of advantages over ready-made clothing - exclusivity, the ideal match of the type of shape, taking into account all its advantages and disadvantages, the ability to form a unique style and organically enter the thing in the existing wardrobe. The complexity of the implementation depends on many points - the style of skirts, selected material, master skills, the ability to correctly remove the measurements and build a pattern. In any case, the independent tailoring is a fascinating task and useful life experience.

Selection of style

The selection of a style is the first stage on the way to creating a skirt of your dreams. It is worth considering the task as responsibly as possible by assessing the available skirt models from different sides. The choice depends on the type of shape, the time of year, the style of clothing, situations. Each style has its own characteristics:

  1. The mini skirt almost completely opens his legs, visually lengthened them, so it is not recommended at high growth, and it also emphasizes all flaws of the figure.
  2. Straight to the knee - universal. This is a classic style that is suitable for almost every woman. But such a skirt should be well sitting on the figure.
  3. Pencil - length below the knee, which can "shorten" growth. Makes focus on carax, so such skirts are not recommended to wear with full or too thin legs.
  4. The model of a-silhouette balances the proportions of the shape and makes a slender leg. It has a different length, the maxi skirt of such a model can visually reduce growth.
  5. The year bales the thigh line and makes a shape slimmer.
  6. Multilayer skirts with folds, plizes or swans are not suitable for complete women.
  7. The model Sun emphasizes the waist, but more appropriate in the wardrobe of slender women.
  8. Skirt to the floor perfectly hides the flaws of the legs and slightly slightly. The straightforward form of long products is not recommended at low growth, and wide or folded is suitable for thin louds and high women.

In order to sew a skirt with their own hands, it is necessary not only to determine the advantages of the figure, but also to understand the features of the manufacture of each model. Some of them require sewing skills. These are such styles, as a year, a balloon, a bell. It is also very difficult to sew a skirt with a smell or multi-layer, for beginners of masters such work may be unbearable. Therefore, they are recommended to start with simpler models. It can be a direct silhouette, a trapezium, a bundle, a skirt-Tatyanka or the sun. Some of them are easy to cut, even without having sewing skills.

Mini skirt
Straight to the knee
Multilayer Fold Skirt
The sun
Floor skirt

Fabric options

Choosing a style, the next step is very important to choose the right cloth for tailoring skirt. Since they all have different properties, it is necessary to trace that the selected material was comfortable, practical, retained the form and created the desired silhouette. It is also worth considering the features and ease of working with a tide. Inexperienced craftswomen is better to start with cotton, viscose, silk, denim, gabardine or knitwear. It is more difficult to work with chiffon, jacquard, velvet, velvet, wool.

When choosing a fabric, it is also necessary to take into account the style and skirt model, so that the finished product does not stretch and do not frown, and the folds kept well the form. What materials are suitable for different models:

  • from chiffon, silk, batista, thin wool wonderful skirts sun and haltering;
  • The "Tulip" model is created from soft tissues that are well draped, for example, from viscose, satin or silk;
  • The straight skirt is better to sew from a dense material that keeps the shape, it can be tweed, velveteen, wool, flax, cotton, knitwear;
  • For tight models, elastic knitwear and elastane are suitable;
  • Pleats and Plistes are perfectly held by suitable fabrics containing synthetics;
  • Skirts in the floor sew from lightweight materials.

The choice of fabric depends on the time of year, to which the finished product is supposed to be worn. Winter short and long skirts are sewn from wool, gabardine, venels, velvet. For the model for the summer, cotton, flax, silk, chiffon are suitable.

From chiffon there will be an excellent seaside skirt
The Tulip model is created from soft tissues, such as viscose
The straight skirt is better to sew from dense material - Velvet
Elastic knitwear suitable for tight models
Pleats and Plistes are perfectly held by costume fabrics

How to remove the measure

Proper definition of the size of the finished product is an important stage of work. The task seems simple, but there are some nuances, non-compliance with which can negatively affect the results. It is important to remember that measurements need to be removed:

  • In that lingerie or pantyhose, which will be put on the finished product;
  • Santimeter ribbon, tightly putting it to the body, without dragging it.

The results will turn out to be more accurate if the measurements hold another person, as it is necessary to stand straight, without tilting and not stuck. You should not pull the belly or to understand the results from the desire to seem slimmer - there will be no comfortable in such clothes.

Patterns skirts are different, but there are basic measurements that are required for all models. This grab of the waist (from) and the length of the product (di). For some styles, you still need to know the girth and the height of the hips (OB, WB). Since many women in this area have fat deposits, the girth of the hips is measured in two places - on the buttocks and slightly lower. To build patterns, a greater value is used.

Tools and consumables

Before you start, you need to prepare everything you need. The experienced needlewomen has sets for sewing, beginners will have to be assembled from scratch. You will need:

  1. Sewing machine. It is desirable that she had a speed controller and the functioning function of the seams.
  2. Good iron. We are needed to disappear seams and smoothing the finished product.
  3. Scissors. It is better to purchase special for cutting fabric. Separately need a paper tool and small scissors to circumcise the threads.
  4. Santimeter tape and several lines for building patterns.
  5. Carticle or finished pattern.
  6. Portnor pins for fastening parts, English - to make gum.
  7. Portnovsky chalk, a slice of soap or a special disappearing marker to translate the drawing on the fabric.
  8. Disintector or narrow knife to remove low-quality seams.
  9. Needles of different lengths and thickness for handmade and for machine.
  10. Threads of different colors and thickness.

From materials, except fabric, lightning, buttons, rubber bands, braids, lace and other decorative elements may be required for designing the finished product.

Stages of work

Often, the newcomer does not quite understand, in which sequence it is necessary to perform work. Before sewing your own skirt to the floor or any other model, it is very important to learn instructions. The correct sequence of actions:

  1. Remove measurements.
  2. Build a pattern (if the dimensions allow you to use the finished).
  3. Transfer the drawing to the fabric, make a breakup of the seams.
  4. Remove the details.
  5. Sew details together with a corresponding seam.
  6. Tighten the product, make the necessary adjustments.
  7. Start everything on a typewriter.
  8. Process seams.
  9. Smooth the finished product.

Depending on the complexity of the LED, the number of parts and decorative elements, the steps may be greater. Sometimes it takes a speaker several times to fit the product according to the figure. On some models you need to sew the swallows, sew wedges, swans.

Building-based patterns

Pattern base is a universal basic drawing, on the basis of which you can create different models of clothing. It can be built on millimeter paper, cottage. Most often it is done immediately in a natural value, it remains to simply transfer it to the fabric. To take into account all the features of the physique, you can make a pattern from an unnecessary material, sew items and adjusted according to the figure. Then resurrect and transfer the items obtained on paper.

The basis is the usual pattern of a straight skirt with two side seams. It is usually 4, sometimes 6 extracts. In some models with rear cut or slot, the rear part is separated into two parts. The pattern is built like this:

  1. The main mesh is performed. This is a rectangle whose height is equal to the length of the product (di), the width - half of the girth of the hips (OB). From above, you need to retreat at the distance of the thighs (WB), in the middle vertically in half it divides the BOK line.
  2. Next, you need to properly find the place of the dot. In the rear cloth, they are symmetrically located, at the same distance, in front - shifted by 2 cm.
  3. Properly built pattern of skirt has a waist line, descending to the middle.
  4. Both sides of the pulling should be the same length, the side line is a bit convex, and the upper slice is concave. At the top of the midline of each part should be a straight angle.

When building a pattern, you need to make an increase in free felting. On the waist, it is 1-1.5 cm, through the thighs - 2 cm. They can be excluded if the narrow skirt from elastic tissue is sewn.

The main mesh is performed
Find the place of Vytachek
Building Vytachek
Finished pattern


Using simple patterns, you can sew a lot of different models. It is important to know how to properly transfer the drawing to the fabric and carve out the details. To do this, first determine the facial and irons, all lines are drawn from the inside. Fabric need to be decomposed correctly, given the direction of the equity thread and the location of the picture.

The easiest of the Sitz or another similar material, which does not lift, is easier. Beginners are better to follow step by step leadership:

  1. Fold the fabric in half along the share thread.
  2. Lay out the details on the fabric, pinch pin.
  3. Observe first along the pattern line, then again, retreating 1-2 cm on the seam.
  4. Cut over the seams.
  5. Remove pins and remove the pattern.

If there are strips, geometric shapes or other parts of the painting of the front and rear panels, it is necessary to place on the tissue with lower sections in one direction. Cells and strips must match the seams. If the drawing is very large, it should be in the most prominent place.

Fold the cloth in half along the share thread, decompose the parts on the fabric, pinch pin
Discussion on the line with a breakup on the seam, cut off the seams
Remove pins and remove pattern

Starting details

Before starting sewing, it is desirable to handle edges overlock or seam "Zigzag". Even simple models are not recommended to sew on the typewriter. First you need to become the details of the corresponding seam. They are folded by the front side to each other, carefully combining all the edges. After that, it is stitched manually by following the sequence:

  • start with extachuches that are sewn from a narrow edge up;
  • Then mint folds, cuts, other details;
  • Side seams, carefully combining all patterns of patterns, is made from the waist line down the front panel side;
  • Cut and replete the upper and lower cuts.

When the stitch width is noted, there should be no more 0.5 cm so that they do not diverge when fitting.

Sew cropping from a narrow edge up
Note folds, cuts, other details
Fit the side seams, carefully combining all lines patterns
Send and take the upper and lower cuts

Fitting product

Before sewing parts for a typewriter, fitting fitting. She will help to fit it on the figure. Even if this step seems unimportant, it is necessary. How to fit:

  • without turning on to wear a skirt, clasp a fastener;
  • accurately arrange lateral seams;
  • If the width of the product is more than it is necessary, to remove more superfluous;
  • If the skirt turned out to be a narrow, suture and sew with correction;
  • Specify the size and location of the dying, if they are incorrect, divert and lay them again.

All fixes are carried out on the right side of the product, then transfer to the left. If there are many changes, it is necessary to re-fit.

Without turning to wear skirt, clasp a fastener
Accurately position the side seams
Remove excess width of the product
Clarify the size and location of the lamp, if they are incorrect, uptake and lay them again

Final assembly

After all the corrections were performed, sew the skirt finally. To do this, you need to properly choose strong threads on the color of the fabric, set the width of the stitch on the machine. When putting off, it is recommended to apply the items so that the facial cloth was on top. Step-by-step instructions for a straight long skirt simple:

  1. Machine line You need to lay 1 mm from a mixture seam toward cut.
  2. Stitched middle seam behind, if it is. If necessary, the incision is immediately done and zipper is treated.
  3. Then you should firm the molding on both items.
  4. Only after that the side seams of the product are connected. You need to start from the waist line.
  5. The belt is facing or the upper edge is processed for gum.
  6. At the end you need to strip the bottom edge of the product.

Preferably after each seam renewed it, it will facilitate the next steps.

Slutchtachi on both items
Sew a middle seam from behind, make a cut and handle zipper, connect the side seams
Try the belt or process the top edge for gum
Side the bottom edge of the product

Production Nuances Taking into account the model

Based on the bottom pattern, you can create many different models. For example, a crosslinked long skirt can be wide or narrow, with or without cut. For each LEDD there is their manufacturing nuances that need to be considered:

  1. The direct model is sewed easier. It takes a pattern of the base that you usually do not need to redo. With the help of extracts and fitting, the product is adjusted according to the figure. A little different pattern of a pencil skirt. Its feature is the presence of additional extracts under the buttocks and the narrowing of the book.
  2. Newbies will easily figure out how to sew a summer skirt on a gum. Most often it is done long, since the shortened version looks good only on a slim figure. The fabric must be tight enough, with easy. The pattern should be adjusted on the bottom depending on the desired product width.
  3. Beautifully looking summer longline skirt. It can be tailored from any number of strips, alternate contrasting colors or combine the same shades. Sew this model is best made of cotton, silk or chiffon. The pattern of the product is simply built: these are separate rectangles, different in length, sometimes in height. When crossing, the top of each tier needs to be a little doubt. An elastic band is sewn from above, and at the bottom you can sew a bright volant.

Inexperienced craftswomen, it is better to start with models that are sewed without pattern, for example, the sun or Tatyanka.

More complex models are: tulip with several divergent folds, tulip on a coquette with assemblies, bell, year, skirt with wedges, with folds, plizes. Such work is under the power of only experienced masters.

Direct skirt
Summer skirt on elastic
Summer tier

How to sew without pattern

Women are often wondering how to quickly sew a skirt without a pattern. For this, only a piece of fabric and a sewing machine for several simple seams will be required. Such new things are available even beginners, you just need to choose the right thing. There are several models that make it easy enough:

  1. The simplest skirt is the sun. For her you need to know only the waist girth and the needed length. It is possible to make it from staples, silk, batted. It is necessary to decompose on the floor a large piece of fabric, in the middle to draw a circle, the radius of which is equal to the girth of the waist, divided in half. Retreat from the circle distance equal to the length of the finished product. Cut is needed taking into account the allowance for the seams. After that, it will only remain processing the edges and sew a rubber band on top.
  2. It is very easy to sew a long skirt on the rubber band. This is the perfect option if you need to hide the imperfections of the legs. The fabric is cut into two rectangles. Width is the girth of the thighs multiplied by 1.3-2 (depends on the pomp of the finished product). 5-6 cm on the seams are added to the desired length. After stitching parts and processing, the seams will remain only insert a rubber band.
  3. Making a simple skirt-pack is also easy. She is more suitable for a little fashionista, although young girls can also wear her party or holiday. You will need only fatin and a wide gum. The fabric is cut into pieces of 30 cm wide, and 2 times longer than the length of the finished product. In total, it should be 40-50 bands. They need to be fixed on a belt from a wide gum, wrapped around it and fixing. Having distributed all stripes, fabric need to beats.
  4. A simple skirt without a pattern is a straight mini. So that it does not seem too boring, it is recommended to make it from the strips. Each of them provides a width of 7-8 cm, and the length is equal to half the girth of the thighs. After stitching the strips with each other you need to connect the halves to the seams coincide, handle edges and insert a gum from above.

For those who do not know how to schedule on a typewriter or does not want to mess around with the cutting fabric, the easiest way to figure out how to sew a skirt from denim pants. They must fit in size, then nothing to customize. It is necessary to cut off the pants on the required length, the internal seams. If jeans were wide and straight, you can just sew these seams. Otherwise, you will have to insert clinia into these places, it is possible from another material.

Any clothing made by your own hands looks original and gives the image individuality. Even a simple stente skirt can become a stylish decoration. And you have learned to sew more complex models, competently pick up fabrics and style, you can also diversify or even completely update your wardrobe.

The sun
Long skirt on elastic
Mini of the bands
Jeans skirt


It is the skirts that are most often remembered from labor lessons. Then one of us mastered the basics, and someone decided to start it only now :) And it still happens - we draw our image of a dream, and a skirt becomes important part of it. And just this skirt we cannot find anywhere. It remains only to sew it.

We collected 10 master classes for any level and in different styles - choose! At the end, as we promised, you are waiting for a bonus, which is especially useful for romantic agents :)

Share the plans and results in the comments - pleasant creativity!

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo № 1

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo № 2

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo number 3

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo № 4

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo number 5

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo № 6

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo № 7

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo number 8

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo № 9

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo № 10

Bonus for those who love tier skirts

How to sew a skirt with your own hands 10 master classes + modeling bonus, photo № 11

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How to sew a skirt on a rubber band with your own hands: Learning step by step

The skirt on the rubber band is a universal object of a female wardrobe, because it is harmoniously combined with any shoes and is suitable for many cases. It is not difficult to sew it: the main thing is understands the desired length of the product and pomp.

For the "Sun-Clash" model, cut the rectangle 2-2.5 m long, for a small skirt 1.5 m will be enough. For the pattern you will need the length of the product + 4 cm for each socitation and gum.

Making skirt

  • It is necessary to hold the cloth to get a circle.
  • Turn the tissue on the bottom and simpleness, take a small sceress for the gum from above.
  • Insert the gum and saush it both edges with each other.
  • Close the scene. Ready!

How to sew a straight skirt with your own hands: learn step by step

The classic model, the pattern of which can be the basis for the manufacture of other styles skirts.

You need a pattern:

  1. A1 format paper (with millimeter scale);
  2. Pencil;
  3. Eraser;
  4. Line (long).
Direct silhouette skirt never comes out of fashion

Direct silhouette skirt never comes out of fashion

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